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Which Disney Cruise Ship Has The Aquaduck

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First Place: Disney Fantasy

AquaDuck Water Coaster POV on the Disney Dream – Disney Cruise Line

Disney Fantasy is the winner in our ranking, although, to be perfectly honest, it couldve just as easily have been a tie with Disney Dream! Disney Fantasy shares almost identical water features with its sister vessel Disney Dream , but it also has the AquaLab play area so were sayin its just a tad better!

Disney Fantasy also has Donalds Pool, Mickeys Pool, Nemos Reef, Quiet Cove Pool, Satellite Falls, and the Funnel Puddle a family wading pool which is also found aboard the Disney Dream.

Disney Cruise Line News

CELEBRATION, Fla. Disney Cruise Line debuted the cruise industrys first-ever shipboard water coaster AquaDuck on the Disney Dream and now guests can ride the Duck aboard the new Disney Fantasy. Guests have the opportunity to get swept away on an exhilarating flume ride above the upper decks of the ship and even out over the ocean.

Stretching 765 feet in length and spanning four decks in height, AquaDuck utilizes powerful water blasters to propel guests, creating an experience that is a combination of a water coaster and a not-so-lazy river, says Peter Ricci of Walt Disney Imagineering.

AquaDuck Experience

From high atop the aft funnel, on Deck 16, guests begin their voyage by boarding a specially designed two-person inflatable raft.

Almost immediately, AquaDuck quickly takes an exciting turn. Following an initial drop, guests glide through a swing out loop that extends 12 feet over the side of the ship. Surrounded only by the clear acrylic flume, guests get a breathtaking view of the ocean surface about 150 feet below.

The excitement amplifies as riders experience the up-and-down sensations of a coaster, defying gravity in a torrent of gushing water, with high-powered water jets accelerating guests upwards and forwards via some of todays most advanced water coaster technology.

AquaDuck Fast Facts

As a convenience to guests, a conveyor system lifts rafts up from Deck 12 to the ride launch on Deck 16

The length of the river rapids is about 335 feet

Disney Wish Water Slides

Disneys newest cruise ship, Disney Wish, will feature the AquaMouse water ride. More than just a water slide, the AquaMouse is hailed as the first Disney attraction at sea. It will feature lighting, special effects and show scenes.

Disney Wish Water Slide Requirements:

  • AquaMouse: Requirements are yet to be confirmed
  • Slide-a-saurus Rex: Requirements are yet to be confirmed
  • Toy Story Toddler Slides: For young children

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Disney Fantasy Water Slides

On board the Disney Fantasy cruise ship there are two water slides. The AquaDuck is a thrilling 765-foot long water coaster with inflatable rafts. Theres also Mickeys Water Slide which is a smaller waterslide thats only for kids aged 4 to 14.

Disney Fantasy Water Slide Requirements:

  • AquaDuck Guests must be at least 42 inches tall
  • Mickeys Slide: Must be 38 and 64 inches tall and aged 4 to 14
  • Mr Rays Slide: Kids must be aged 8 and under

The waterslides on Disney Fantasy are identical to those on Disney Dream. You can read more about them in the Disney Fantasy section above.

Disney Dream Water Slides

Aquaduck onboard Disney Dream (Photo: Disney Cruise Line ...

The Disney Dream cruise ship has two water slides the AquaDuck and Mickeys Slide. The AquaDuck is a thrilling 765-foot long water coaster that ends in a lazy river, whereas Mickeys Slide is a smaller water slide thats just for kids.

Disney Wonder Water Slide Requirements:

  • AquaDuck Guests must be at least 42 inches tall
  • Mickeys Slide: Must be 38 and 64 inches tall and aged 4 to 14
  • Mr Rays Slide: Kids must be aged 8 and under

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Disney Fantasy Aquaduck Video

This is a great video of the Disney Fantasy Aquaduck which gives you an idea of just what it is like to experience it.

The entrance to the Aquaduck is on Deck 12. Guests climb the stairs to Deck 16 which has the launch platform for the ride.

Lines for the Aquaduck can be long. Very long. A lot of the line is not in the shade so be aware that if you are in the hot sun you really should be wearing sunscreen.

There are 69 steps up from Deck 12. Often it is a slow climb! Once you reach the top you will wait until called by the Cast Member and then approach the raft.

We have tried many times and there really is no elegant way to get into the raft. They are built so that either two or one people can ride at a time. The best technique to get into the Aquaduck raft is to turn around and sit in it!

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The Aquaduck Disney Cruise Ship Water Slide

Did you know that there is a Disney Cruise Ship Water Slide? It is called the AquaDuck. It was one of the many things we were hoping to experience on our Disney Crusie. The AquaDuck is very popular which means long queues. Ethan gets very distressed when it comes to queuing but we had a plan of action that we hoped would help.

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Aquamouse Disneys First Attraction At Sea Coming To Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Disneys first attraction at sea will be the AquaMouse, coming to Disney Cruise Lines Disney Wish when it sets sail next year.

The 760 foot water ride takes guests above the decks of the Disney Wish. Not only is it a water slide like the familiar AquaDuck, but it will take guests through a brand new story.

Guests will float through show scenes of Scuba Scramble, an original story in the world of Mickey Mouse shorts.

The AquaMouse will include lighting, special effects, and more surprises. The two minute long ride is twice as long as the AquaDuck.

The entire family pool district will be themed to Mickey and friends, with six pools staggered among the tiered decks.

A Toy Story-themed district will also be available for families with toddlers and young children. It will include a splash zone, wading pool, family waterslide, and smoothie bar.

As for the adults, they can relax in the Quiet Cove. Set away from the bustle of family activities, this secluded adults-only district will feature a luxurious infinity pool, poolside bar, and chic cafe.

Check out more announcements regarding the Disney Wish below.

An Introduction To Disney Cruise Line Ships

Riding Aquaduck Water Coaster on Disney Dream Cruise Ship! Multi-Angle POV Day and Night Ride

As noted above, Disney Cruise Line is a relatively small player in the cruise world even smaller than it might at first appear.

Not only does Disney have far fewer ships than the big cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian that dominate the cruise business, but Disneys ships also arent as big as the biggest ships operated by those brands, and they dont carry as many passengers.

That makes Disney Cruise Line an even smaller brand, relative to the big lines, on a passenger capacity basis.

For instance, cruise giant Royal Caribbean has six times more ships than Disney. But on a passenger capacity basis, based on double occupancy, Royal Caribbean is 10 times larger than Disney Cruise Line.

That said, Disneys cruising division is about to get a lot bigger, fast. After going a decade without adding a new vessel, Disney Cruise Line is in the midst of building three more ships that will debut over the next four years. The new ships will nearly double the lines size when measured by passenger capacity.

The new ships also will give Disney fans an entirely new class of ships to get to know, as they wont be sisters to any of the lines existing vessels. Disney already has come up with a name for the new group: The Triton Class.

Still, for now, Disney has just two classes of ships in its fleet. Disneys two oldest vessels, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, make up its Magic Class. Disneys two newer vessels, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, make up its Dream Class.

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Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

  • Disney Fantasy Overview

Disney Fantasy the sister ship of Disney Dream was launched in 2012 as Disney Cruise Lines latest ship. Guests can choose between a seven-night Eastern or Western Caribbean cruise. This ship has a length of 1,114.8 ft and a gross tonnage is 129,750, and, like Disney Dream, the cruise ship has an onboard guest capacity of 2.500 and 4,000 with a crew of over 1,400.

We love Disney Fantasy and so do other Guests!

  • Disney Fantasy Dining

Disney Fantasy offers Rotational Dining between the always entertaining dinner show named Animation Magic at its Animators Palate restaurant. The ships other dining locations include the magical Enchanted Garden and fairytale dining room of Royal Court while the casual dining options include Cabanas, Flos Café, and snacks at Eye Scream and Frozone Treats. The Northern Italian cuisine of Palo and French-inspired Remy provide a few upscale and intimate options for adults.

  • Disney Fantasy Entertainment

Disney Fantasy onboard activities include a water roller coaster called the AquaDuck, the nightclub district called Europa, several pools, pubs, theatres, and more!

  • Disney Fantasy Activities for Kids

Like the other Disney cruise ships, Disneys Fantasy cruise ship has plenty of individual and instructor-led activities geared to kids of all ages.

Size Of Ship And Amenities

Disney Cruise line has only two sizes of ships to choose from which makes decisions a little easier. The Magic and Wonder are smaller and the Dream and Fantasy are larger. Remember, each pair are mostly identical in size and the amenities onboard.

Both ships have:

  • Infant, child and tween clubs
  • Buena Vista Movie Theater
  • Live Shows in the Walt Disney Theater
  • D Lounge family nightclub
  • Senses Spa and Fitness Center
  • Outdoor sports court
  • Pool Deck with two family pools and Twist and Spout Waterslide, and Nemos Reef
  • Funnel Vision screen
  • Counter-service food on pool deck
  • Beverage Station and Eye Scream on pool deck
  • Adult night-life, Dance club, Live Music, Sports Bar, Pool bar
  • Adult-only areaQuiet Cove has lounge area, pool, cafe, and bar
  • Coffee Bar
  • Magical Portholes in Inside Staterooms

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Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

  • Disney Wonder Overview

Disney Wonder is the second ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet and made its maiden voyage in August 1999. She is constructed in a nearly identical fashion as Disney Magic, although the ships interior is decorated in the Art Nouveau style rather than Art Deco. Disney Wonder has 11 public decks, 875 staterooms, a crew of roughly 950, and can accommodate 2,400 passengers. This Disney cruise ship has a length of 974 ft and a gross tonnage of 83,000.

Routes: The routes include the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Alaska, and the USAs West Coast

Still an excellent cruise ship .

  • Disney Wonder Dining

Disney Cruise Line uses a dining rotation where guests rotated to a different restaurant each night. Guests are seated at the same table number with the same table guests and wait staff for every night they are on board. This creates less confusion and a friendly commodore among the guests.

  • Disney Wonder Entertainment

Some of the entertainment and lifestyle highlights of Disney Wonder include Crown & Fin Pub, an adults-only British style pub, Frozen, A Musical Spectacular, and the relaxing and rejuvenating Senses Spa and Salon. Check here for a list of all onboard activities.

  • Disney Wonder Activities for Kids

Take A Virtual Ride On Disney Cruise Lines Aquaduck Water Coaster

AquaDuck Water Coaster on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Cruising may be on hold for now but Disney fans can still experience the very first water coaster at sea virtually thanks to Disney Magic Moments.

Available onboard Disney Cruise Lines Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, AquaDuck has been a beloved attraction by guests for years, combining the physics of a roller coaster with the splashing of a water slide all on top of a cruise ship.

This week, Disney released a special Ride and Learn video placing viewers on the raft for the length of the 765-foot ride and sharing some interesting facts along the way. For example, you might be surprised to know that AquaDuck riders are propelled by approximately 10,000 gallons of water per minute.

Travelers can continue to experience the best of Disney Cruise Line from home by using the hashtags #DisneyMagicMoments and #DisneyCruiseLife on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Disney Cruise Water Slides: The Ultimate Guide

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Disney cruise ships feature some fantastic water slides for kids and adults alike. From small slides that are just for kids to thrilling water coasters that whizz over the edge of the ship and drop down as many as four decks, Disney cruise ships have a slide for everyone.

But, the slides are different on each ship. If youre wondering which water slides youll find on each Disney cruise ship, youll find all the info here.

Ive also included the height and age requirements to ride on each of the slides, as well as some videos so that you can see what to expect before you board your cruise.

Disney Magic Water Slides

Disney Magic has two water slides The Twist n Spout and the AquaDunk. The Twist n Spout is a relaxing, kid-friendly waterslide, whereas the AquaDunk is a thrilling body slide that extends over the side of the ship.

Disney Magic Water Slide Requirements:

  • Twist n Spout: Guests must be at least 38 inches tall
  • AquaDunk: Guests must be at least 48 inches tall

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Second Place: Disney Dream

Remember the AquaDuck we let slip earlier? Well, here it is! Youll only find it on the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. The 765-foot-long water coaster gushes up, down and around four decks of the ship, even going over the side! Youll see the ship as youve never seen it before from the unique perspective of the uncovered and translucent sections of this state-of-the-art water coaster!

While aboard the Disney Dream, you can also dip your toes in Donalds Pool, Mickeys Pool, Nemos Reef, the Funnel Puddle, the Quiet Cove Pool, and Satellite Falls another exclusive adults-only pool area where you can sit behind a curtain of water and sip a delicious cocktail at the very tippy-top of the ship!

Youll only find the private paradise of Satellite Falls onboard Disney Dream and our number one cruise ship which is

Disney Magic Cruise Ship

POV ride on the AquaDuck Water Coaster onboard the Disney Dream cruise ship
  • Disney Magic Overview

Disney Magic had its maiden voyage on July 30, 1998, and has been in service thereafter. It boasts a length of 984 ft, a gross tonnage of 83,338, and has 11 public decks, 875 staterooms, a crew of 945, and enough capacity for 2,700 guests.

The interior of Disney Magic is decorated in an Art Deco style while the ships exterior color scheme is black, red, and white with 20 yellow lifeboats . Disney Magics horn blasts a tune from Disneys famous When You Wish Upon a Star. The ships Godmother is Patricia Disney, the wife of Roy E. Disney.

Routes: 4 Night Caribbean Cruises 5, 6, 7 and 8 Night Western Caribbean Cruises 2, 3, 4 and 8 Night Bahamian Cruises 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 night Mediterranean Cruises and Special Cruises

Simply put, Disney Magic is.magical!

  • Disney Magic Dining

Disney Magic offers two dining times early and late. The Disney Cruise Line uses something they call Rotational Dining to ensure that guests have a chance to experience each of the ships themed restaurants. As far as dining options go, Disney Magic has several restaurants and all three participate in the Rotational Dining schedule. Disney Magics dining locations including Lumieres , Rapunzels Royal Table , and Animators Palate. Disney Magics Palo restaurant is located on the aft deck and serves Northern Italian fare at dinnertime .

  • Disney Magic Entertainment
  • Disney Magic Activities for Kids

-Its a Small World Nursery is a play area for infants.

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Faqs About Disney Cruise Line Water Slides

What Disney Cruises have the AquaDuck?

The AquaDuck water slide features on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships. Be sure not to confuse this with the similarly-named AquaDunk which is only on Disney Magic.

Will the Disney Wish have an AquaDuck

The Disney Wish will not have the AquaDuck water slide. Instead, it will have a new high-tech water ride called the AquaMouse, a Toy Story-themed slide called Slide-a-saurus Rex and two small toddler slides.

Can you wear swimming goggles on Disney cruise water slides?

You can wear swimming goggles that fit only over the eyes on all Disney cruise ship water slides except for the AquaDunk on the Disney Magic.Swimming masks that cover the eyes and nose and snorkel tubes are not allowed on any waterslides on Disney cruise ships.

Can kids wear arm bands on Disney cruise water slides?

Arm bands, water wings and floatation vests are allowed on all Disney cruise ship water slides except for the AquaDunk on the Disney Magic.Floats, rafts and pool noodles are not allowed to be brought on to Disney cruise ships and cannot be used n the pools or on the water slides.

Are floatation vests provided on Disney cruise ships?

On all Disney cruise ships, kids are offered the complimentary use of flotation vests. These are similar to life jackets and can be used on all water slides except for the AquaDunk.

Disney Aquaduck Height Requirement

To ride the Disney Aquaduck you have to be at least 42 tall. If you want to ride alone you have to be 54. If children under 7 meet the height requirement, they have to ride with someone 14 and over.

The first part of the Aquaduck takes you over the water.

The see-through tube is positioned 12 feet out over the side of the ship and 150 above the water.

It all happens so quickly you arent particularly aware that you are above the ocean in a tube! You are traveling at 20 feet per second so you dont get much of a chance to think about it.

The raft is propelled by 10,000 gallons of water per minute.

The rafts are at least 30 seconds apart to make sure that there are no collisions! There is a lifeguard at the top controlling the launch and one at the bottom to help you off the ride.

The whole Aquaduck ride is 765 feet long. From the time that your raft starts to the end of the ride is around 45 seconds. We have been on the Aquaduck many times and we think there is a slight difference in speed depending upon who you have in the raft.

If you want to go slightly faster on the Aquaduck, pick a lighter companion to travel with! Around two-thirds of the Fantasy Aquaduck is in the transparent tube, but some of it is enclosed.

If you suffer from claustrophobia this is probably an attraction to avoid. One of the portions, towards the end of the Aquaduck, is reminiscent of the lights in Space Mountain.

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