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Why Go On An Alaskan Cruise

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# 1 You Cant Image More Beautiful Scenery

Why This UNDERRATED Meal Was The BEST Meal I Had On My Alaska Cruise

While we absolutely love the scenery of a river cruise in Europe, there is nothing quite like the stunning scenery of an Alaskan cruise.

Youll never forget a cruise of The Inside Passage, a tremendous assortment of Islands, fjords, and bays between northern Vancouver Island and Skagway. You can enjoy the leisure of our VIP services at the Port of Vancouver as you depart on an unforgettable journey where you will view some of the most stunning sights known to man.

Popular stops include Glacier Bay National Park and the beautiful town of Sitka.

What To Wear For Excursions On An Alaskan Cruise

Your Alaskan Cruise Excursions are really where it gets tricky. You want to be well prepared because you cant just run back to your room to change clothes like you can while you are on the ship.

This is why I recommend bringing a small backpack on all your excursions. Not only for snacks and souvenirs but for any layers you may need to take off.

Traveling in Alaska is all about comfort. You are going to be out and exploring so make sure your outfit fits your day planned. But its totally ok to look cute too! Here are some of my suggestions that work for both!

Things You Need To Know About Taking A Cruise In Alaska

Ill admit right off the bat: during my recent cruise/land tour of Alaska, I failed to see any whales, bears, or Sarah Palin . Still, my trip to Americas biggest state was a bucket list-level vacation. And summer is a great time to take an Alaska cruise: the weathers mild, the wildlife is out and about, and several cruise lines offer a variety of Alaska itineraries.

A summer cruise through Alaska could be one of the more scenically pleasing voyages you can take.

My Alaska trip consisted of a three-day Princess Cruises land tour followed by a seven-day cruise aboard the Star Princess. In that 10-day introduction to Americas 49th state, I learned a variety of lessons, some the hard way, that you might be helpful on your first Alaska journey. So if youre planning a summer cruise in the state once called Sewards Folly, here are some tips to maximize your time at sea and on land:1.) On the day you leave for Alaska, its perfectly acceptable to wake your sleeping travel partner by blasting the theme to Northern Exposure.

I checked and the courts dont consider it legal grounds for divorce.

2.) It can got real hot and a little chilly!

But youll also need to be prepared for cool weather, especially if you decide to tour glaciers. So also pack jackets, long-sleeved tees, or maybe even a sweatshirt. Remember: layers are your friends.3.) On an Alaska cruise, a balcony stateroom is a worthwhile upgrade.

Speaking of wildlife

5.) Bears and moose are all the rage.

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Go On A Luxury Alaskan Cruise Heres Why

When you think of popular cruise vacations you may think of cruising the Caribbean or indulging along the stops at all of the cruise ports in France. But we here at AssistAnt Global Concierge Services are here to tell you why you should consider a luxury Alaskan cruise.

The truth is a cruise is a perfect way to see everything!

Click here to learn more about amazing vacation destinations to take in the end of the summer.

Just dont forget, your ideal cruise itinerary may depend on which exact time you choose to go. We can help you pick the perfect option for your individual travel goals. After all, our motto is Make a wish and well make it happen.

If you have been following our luxury travel blog, you may remember that we have already discussed the many reasons why your cruise liner may not be able to provide you with all of your luxury travel needs while on shore.

Thats why we are here!

Whether you are interested in adventure or relaxation, we will make sure you receive the personal VIP treatment you deserve.

Now, onto our favorite things about going on an Alaskan cruise.

Live The Life In The Haven

Ten Reasons You Should Go on an Alaskan Cruise This Year

Want to swim while it is cold outside

If luxury is what you are looking for in a cruise, look no further. The Haven is an exclusive cruise option that unlocks the uppermost portion of the ship, granting access to the finest, most elite experience aboard. From 24/7 butler service and a private concierge to priority boarding, dining, and entertainment, The Haven provides an experience unlike any other.

The Haven includes private venues such as lounges, pools, open-air decks, and restaurants that are only accessible to Haven members. The restaurant is private and beautiful with the style of a modern vista and both indoor and outdoor dining. You will be able to dine here morning, noon, and night. Luxury awaits! It is truly the most incredible way to experience a Norwegian Cruise to Alaska.

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Why Do You Need Travel Insurance For An Alaska Cruise recommends Travel Insurance. The purpose of the Travel Insurance is to provide protection for travelers against the covered unique risks associated with travel, before trip departure and during the trip itself. Read more about Travel Insurance below: Should I buy Travel Insurance or shouldnt I? Is it worth it?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska To Avoid Crowds

Shoulder season is also the best time to go on an Alaska cruise if you prefer fewer crowds while exploring the historical and cultural aspects of Alaskan cities and towns.

Shore excursions are easier to book, so take full advantage of roomier whale-watching cruises and less crowded restaurants.

Schools are still in session in May and September, so fewer families are traveling. Also, many cruise passengers prefer to travel to Alaska in the warmer weather, so crowds on both sea and land tend to thin out.

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Get Serious About Wildlife Spotting

If you play your cards right, an Alaskan cruise is the perfect time to spot the Alaskan Big 5: moose, bears, Dall sheep, caribou, and gray wolves . There are also plenty of options to see Orca whales, dolphins, seals, humpback whales, and bald eagles. Wildlife spotting is better in the summer, but you can still see some awesome animals in September and beyond. Whales and dolphins are often swimming alongside cruise ships, while otters and seals are usually hanging out on ice floes. Bald eagles are quite literally everywhere, so keep your eyes open. Moose and bears can be a little trickier, but your best option is a hike or tour through Denali. If you want to guarantee a sighting, be sure to book an excursion like a whale-watching adventure in Juneau or a tour through grizzly bear country in Ketchikan.

You’ll Experience Unparalleled Access To Ice And Wildlife

Why You Should Choose Princess For Your Next Alaska Cruise | Alaskan Cruise Guide

If you can reach out and touch an iceberg or come within feet of a brown bear fishing for salmon, we’d call that pretty close and personal. In Alaska, there’s an abundance of glowing blue glaciers and wild animals patrolling the land, air and sea — and you can see them from the comfort of your cruise ship. Don’t believe us? Check out 10 Pictures of Alaska Cruise Wildlife.

Of course, encountering a moose on a hike or an otter by kayak is arguably more thrilling, but for the less adventurous or able, the wildlife viewing from the deck of your ship is equally satisfying. As a bonus, most if not all Alaska itineraries include scenic cruising days where your sole intention is to whip out the binoculars, grab a coffee and scour the horizon for any sign of a whale tail or bald eagle’s white head. On Glacier Bay cruises, a national park ranger is required to board in those protected waters, and provide informative commentary about what you’re looking at and what to look out for. Glaciers are receding at a rapid rate, so visit before the landscape is forever changed .

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Best For Families With Younger Kids

Carnival, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean all have extensive kids clubs aboard their ships. Disney kicks that up a notch with meet-and-greets with its beloved characters on board. You can hang with Dr. Seuss characters when sailing with Carnival and there are DreamWorks personas aboard Royal Caribbean ships.

Splurge On A Balcony Room

Yes, I know balcony rooms are significantly more expensive than the inner staterooms, but I think they are worth the extra money and here is why:

An Alaskan cruise is all about the scenery. Whales swim by your boat at 6 AM, icebergs float along and insane sunsets turn the sky purple in the evening.

Yes, you can see most of these things from out on deck, but there is something completely zen about sitting on your own private balcony, sipping a glass of wine and watching some of the most beautiful scenery in the world float by.

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Unwinding In An Incredible Spa On Your Alaska Cruise

Its time to take some you time. During your Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian Bliss, book a massage, mani-pedi, or other luxurious treatment in the onboard spa! This spa features two unique rooms: the Salt room and the Snow room.

In the Salt room, enjoy a European-inspired wellness treatment known as halotherapy. In the Snow room, experience an arctic environment that brings multiple benefits. And when we say an arctic environment, we literally mean snow! Of course, the heated loungers and incredible ocean views dont hurt either. Dont miss the other amazing spa perks, such as a heated waterfall, dry sauna, and heated lounge chairs.

Can I Go On An Alaskan Cruise With A Dui

10 Reasons Why Your Family Should Go On A Disney Cruise ...

My boyfriends family recently invited me on an Alaskan cruise. Princess Cruises is the company. It is a seven day cruise that begins in Seattle, goes to Alaska and then returns with stops at several ports along the way, one of which is Victoria, Canada. I am aware that I can not enter Canada with a dui conviction. Does this mean I can not go on the cruise at all, or would it be possible to just stay on the ship during that part of the cruise? I dont want to miss out on this opportunity because of a dui that happened years ago. I have been sober for 18 months and have turned my life around. If someone knows any information regarding this topic I would appreciate it.

Generally cruise passengers are “pre-cleared” by CBSA from the ships manifest. Staying on the cruise ship is neither here nor there. If the Canadian authorities find out about your DUI you can be denied passage or entry.

If you want to be completely certain that you will be admissible to Canada it is best to apply for rehabilitation and/or a temporary residence visa. if it is summer next year you have plenty of time.

I have this vague memory of someone asking this question previously, and the consensus was that as long as you don’t get off the ship then it’s okay. Can’t find the thread, but it was likely in one of the

I would suggest asking this question on the Cruise critic boards.

Edited: 3 years ago

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Reasons Why Cruising Is A Great Way To Experience Alaska

Jenny Peters

Everyone really does need to visit Alaska at least once in a lifetime. And unless youre made of very strong stuff, like Running Wild star Bear Grylls or Expedition Wild naturalist Casey Anderson, touring Alaska on a cruise ship is an easy way to go, at least for your first trip. There are a number of choices for cruising The Last Frontier, ranging from major cruise lines to smaller ones. Here are five reasons to see Americas 49th state from the sea.

1. Sometimes, you just cant get there any other way.Alaska is the biggest, wildest state in the U.S. Take a look at a map and the first thing that jumps out are the vast tracts of wilderness and the complete lack of roads. Juneau, the state capital, is easy to fly or sail to. To drive? Not so much. In fact, all of the vehicles you see in that scenic city have come there on a boat. Likewise, the best way besides flying to reach Sitka , Ketchikan , and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is by ship.

3. Theres as much adventure as you can handle.There are plenty of thrills to be had in every Alaskan cruise port port. Passengers can either book excursions directly through their cruise line or through local vendors . Adventures include guided mountain hikes, dog sled runs, and ziplining. You can also go fishing, go sea kayaking, or scuba diving.

Cruising Is Best Way To See Alaska

Cruising is the best way to travel and see Alaska as you see it from the sea and the land. Each day in port gives you a taster from each town.

In every port you can pack in a lot, either by choosing tours that show the highlights or by going further afield. Whatever you choose to do tours or just wandering around the small towns you will have a great time.

The best part of the day after packing in a lot is going back to the luxury cruise ship and being wined and dined or just ordering room service and relaxing in the cabin while you sail to the next port.

On the days at sea, there is never a dull moment as there is so much to do onboard. But if you love nature wrap up warm and sit on deck to spot some wildlife as you never know when a whale is going flip its tail.

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What If You Can Only Do One

When it comes down to it, picking between an Alaska cruise or visiting Denali is almost impossible, which is precisely why we decided to do both.

For a deep dive into nature with animal sightings as a second thought, a visit to Denali may be a better choice.

If you have your heart set on a specific activity or wildlife sighting then taking a cruise and an appropriate excursion will significantly increase your chances of meeting your goals.

In nature, nothing is guaranteed- we cannot stress this enough. And likewise some animals like moose and caribou are only found in Denali and bald eagles are most often found Anchorage southward. But all things being equal we had better animal viewing experiences from tours at the cruise ports versus simply getting lucky at the park.

Will the same be true for you? It is hard to say.

Personally, these two spots are so different that the best thing we can say is that they are independent trips on their own right, so we are simply comparing apples and oranges in this guide. As soon as we left our cruise and made our way north to Denali it felt like we were in a distinctly new region, with new things to do, see, and even eat. We called it part two of our trip, and it was really a night and day difference where the only common ground was that everything was stunning.

Alaska has that effect on people, and it’ll likely have it on you too.

Looking to book your next trip? Check out the following services we use!

Types Of Alaska Cruises

Why You Should NEVER Cruise To Alaska In October | Ovation of the Seas

Inside Passage, Misty Fjords | Photo By Pat W. Sanders

There are three main types of Alaska cruises: Inside Passage, Gulf of Alaska and expedition cruise.

Inside Passage Cruises

These usually last about a week and depart from Vancouver or Seattle. They follow a sheltered waterway between a number of Pacific Coast Islands. Main ports of call usually include Ketchikan, Skagway and Juneau.

Gulf of Alaska Cruises

These are one-way journeys between Vancouver/Seattle and Whittier/Seward. Most of these cruises will also visit Skagway, Kethikan and Juneau, as its necessary to pass along the Inside Passage to get between the gateway ports for Anchorage.

Expedition Cruises

These are usually offered on relatively small ships, which can reach off-the-beaten track destinations. The focus here is less on city life and more on wildlife and nature. On more than one of these cruises, passengers will use kayaks and Zodiac rafts, and go on hiking trips to get closer to wildlife and glaciers.

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You Will Be Paying For The Experience

Regardless of the ship and cruise line you choose, cruising to Alaska is going to be more expensive than other cruises. Starting with the cruise fare, which usually runs anywhere from 50% to 200% more than what you would pay for a similar cabin on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. Transportation to and from the cruise, especially airfare, can also be more costly. This is especially true if you choose to do a one-way cruise that begins and ends in a different location as opposed to a round-trip cruise.

The Best Months To Cruise Alaska And Why

An Insider Guide to Planning Your Alaskan Cruise

A visit to the Last Frontier is an experience every nature lover should have at least once during their lifetime. Alaskan cruises offer a unique combination of wilderness and luxury, making them an ideal way to see the state — and for much of Alaska, the only way. Alaska’s Inside Passage is a magical string of pristine emerald islands that can’t be accessed by road. You’ll glide through still waters teeming with aquatic life while Alaska’s cruise season starts in May and lasts through September. Although peak season is during the months of June and July, the months before and after peak season also have their benefits.

So what’s the best time to cruise Alaska? The answer isn’t going to be the same for everyone.Here’s what you can expect during different parts of the cruise season.

The Month of May

May is when cruise ships return to Alaskan after an absence of seven months. The weather in May is a little colder than in June and July, and the ships won’t be as full of passengers as they are during peak season, making May a good choice for those seeking a less crowded cruise experience. Whale watchers in particular are rewarded by deciding to cruise in May because this is when the pods of orcas are migrating and it’s easy to spot them jumping through the waves from the deck of a cruise ship.

Peak Season: June and July

Autumn in Alaska

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