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7 Day All Inclusive Cruise

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Some Factors Affecting7 Day Cruise Cost

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First off, we must note that certain factors will affect the cost of your Caribbean cruise package: 1. The Caribbean cruise line you choose – Carnival Cruise Line generally offers the least expensive 7-day cruise packages to the Caribbean. 2. The time of year you travel – Your 7 day cruise cost will be somewhat less if you travel during certain seasons, such as fall and winter and will always cost more during the summer and around any holiday. 3. The type of cabin you choose – An inside cabin will cost less than an oceanview or balcony cabin, and much less than a suite. Additionally, an inside cabin for 2 with a pair of bunk beds, will cost less than any other inside cabin. 4. The number of people in your family – Your 7 day cruise will cost more if there are 4 members in your family sharing 2 cabins than if all 4 members share the same cabin.

Yes, I understand that age matters. If the members of your family are of certain ages, it may be tough to have everyone in one cabin.

However, aim to keep family members in one cabin to minimize your 7 day cruise cost.

Note: Caribbean cruise liners have a minimum number of cabins that hold 4 or 5 people. Therefore, if your family numbers more than 3 you should plan to book early to ensure that you grab one of the available cabins for your 7 day cruise ship vacation.

Viking World Horizons Cruises

Best for: Retirees

Do you have a third of the year to explore the globeand a sizable pension and retirement nest egg to pay for an adventure like this? If so, book this all-inclusive cruise. Theres a lot to love about Viking Cruise Lines: a contemporary, Scandinavian style smaller ships that can get into ports larger ocean liners ships cant reach no casinos and no kids under 18. You also wont find umbrella drinks or intrusive photographers roaming the decks, or any interior stateroomseveryone gets a room with a view and a veranda to sail the world for more than 100 days.

Whats included: On its all-inclusive 136-day World Cruises and 119-day World Horizons sailing tours in 2022, Viking offers free round-trip, business-class airfare and transfers to and from port, visa services, and a $2,000 shore excursion credit. Youll also get 48 guided tours during the stops in 22 countries, a $1,000 onboard credit, 24-hour room service, one shore excursion in each port, and a culture curriculum. After seeing the world, you may be ready to dial things down with an intimate romantic cruise.

Where you can cruise: The Viking World cruise will take you to 27 countries, and World Horizons visits 22, leaving Los Angeles and arriving in London 119 later. Along the way, you will experience just about half of the globe, including New Zealand, India, Jordan, and Greece.

Prices For Different Types Of Cruises

Prices for different types of cruises vary widely, depending on the type of cruise, the destination, and the level of luxury. But generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $5,000 per person for a cruise. One tip is to try to calculate the price of the cruise on a per-day basis. When doing this, try to come up with an average total cost of a cruise from each of the different cruise lines you are considering. This will give you a realistic view of the cruise prices. For example, That budget cruise might not be such a good deal when you add up all the extra costs or add-ons. You may find a better value with a different brand with a higher upfront cost, but you save more overall when the extras are included in the price.

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No Surprises On Your Bill

For a luxurious vacation at sea that wont deliver a shocking bill on disembarkation day, focus your search on all-inclusive cruises. While most of the best cruises can, at times, feel all-inclusive if you eat in the main dining room and drink only tap water on the rocks, thats not always the case. Many restaurants on the bulk of cruise ships, even on the most trusted cruise lines, carry an extra fee , and soda, wine, beer, and cocktails are going to cost you. And if you want to try a spinning class in the fitness center or do yoga on the deck, expect to see a charge added to your folio.

True all-inclusive cruises, on the other hand, offer guests nearly everything they could dream of while at sea . Of course, the per person fare will be higher than your usual stateroom on the big cruise ships, but youll get so much more included and have no surprises on your credit card statement. How much higher will depend on the specific ship and how luxurious it is!

If youre traveling as a family, consider one of the best cruises for kids, but for an all-in grown-up experience, try these all-inclusive cruises that cover all meals, even at the specialty dining destinations on board, as well as all activities. Many of them will also cover your alcoholic drinks, gratuities, laundry, shore excursions, airfare, and more. Read on to find out whichand to book your next trip! If you decide that youd prefer to be pampered on land, head over to this list of the best all-inclusive resorts.

Everything You Need To Know About All

Seven Shores Cruise from Barbados

Donna Heiderstadt

You unpack once, enjoy port calls on five or six islands or cities in a single week, and go from casual cocktails at the pool bar to dining in an elegant specialty restaurant. What could be easier than a cruise? An all-inclusive cruise, thats what when the price you pay upfront for a week or more at sea covers all or most of your onboard expenses.

All-inclusive pricing takes the nickel and diming paying for every bottle of water or cappuccino out of cruising, but there are still differences among cruise lines that place themselves in this category. All-inclusive pricing on ocean cruises includes some or all of the following: unlimited beverages , free wifi, gratuities, port taxes, airfare, and even airport transfers.

Of course, you should expect to pay extra for the privilege of not taking your wallet out during your sailing. However, a fully all-inclusive cruise can be cost-effective if you travel during peak season , enjoy more than one or two cocktails a day, and plan to take an excursion in every port. But if you dont drink and prefer to explore on your own, you may end up paying more than you need to. In that case, an almost-all-inclusive cruise or even an a la carte sailing might be a better fit.

Here are the lines that offer all-inclusive cruises, and what you need to know about their policies.1. High-end cruises are the most likely to be fully all-inclusive.

2. There are a few small-ship options.

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How To Book A Cruise

The best way to book a cruise is through a professional travel agent specializing in cruise travel. Travel agents are familiar with the different cruise lines and can help you choose the one thats right for you. They can also often get you discounts and perks you wouldnt be able to get on your own.

If youre booking a cruise on your own, the best way to start is by researching online. Read reviews of different cruise lines and compare prices to find the best deal. Once youve found a cruise youre interested in, call the cruise line or book online.

On A Cruise Theres Adventure Around Every Corner And A New City To Explore In Every Port Book Your Cruise With Costco Travel

Were proud to offer our members added values like a Costco Shop Card or shipboard credit with every sailing. Plus, look for Kirkland Signature and Buyer’s Choice sailings for exclusive events and amenities. Whether you are looking to island hop through the Caribbean, marvel at natures beauty in Alaska, or experience a culture-enriching tour of Europe, a cruise vacation has you covered!

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Day Cruise All Inclusive

Sale pricePrice$0.00Regular price$3,495.00Unit price/ per

Explore the beauty of the Bahamas on our private and luxurious solar-powered ship. All cabins are double occupancy at $3,495 per person and include breakfast, lunch, dinner, fresh juices, water, and sodas. Claim your travel dates today for our limited cabin availability and pay later. Full payment must be made within 30 days of the ships departure.

Let us worry about all the details over your 7 days of paradise and the only thing you need to think about is transportation to our port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This private cruise ship will have a maximum of 8 passengers and 2 crew members. Your private chef and captain will ensure all your needs are met during your 7 days exploring less-known areas of the Bahamas where larger cruise ships are unable to visit.

Whats Included In The Price

all inclusive Resort vs Cruise which is best?

The price of a cruise includes transportation, accommodations, and most meals in the cruise fare. It also often includes activities and entertainment, as well as access to the ships facilities. Some cruise lines also offer special deals that include extras like airfare, hotel stays, or wine tastings.

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Ancient Ephesus Through The Ages Hellinistic And Roman

Up to 4 ½ hours

Our Ancient Ephesus bus tour is a journey through the golden ages which shaped a pivotal center of commerce and spirituality. Built 3,000 years ago, Ephesus shaped the history of Greek, Turkish and Christian civilizations from its privileged location, chosen by the oracle of Delphi. A site of pilgrimage, due to its proximity to the Temple of Artemis and the presence of major Christian figures within the city walls, Ephesus is currently one of the largest Roman archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. The splendour of its golden age is visible throughout its streets and exceptionally well-preserved ruins. As we explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site you will have the opportunity to breathe in the centuries of cultural effervescence, visible in the Ephesus Agora, Odeon, the Houses of the Patricians, the beautiful Temple of Hadrian and the astonishing Library of Celsus. You will also have the opportunity to bargain and shop local merchandise such as carpets, leather goods, souvenirs etc.

Cruise Line Specialty Items And Dining

Most cruises come with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, coffee, and even snacks included in the basic cost of the cruise. However, They now offer specialty restaurants and even items ranging from coffee, desserts, and even pizzas. If you want room service this may be included at some times of the day but, many cruise lines now offer items for a fee or have a service fee. On more inclusive cruise room service and many items are included in the price of the cruise.

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Whats Not Included In The Price

The price of a cruise does not generally include airfare, ground transportation, or shore excursions. You will also need to budget for incidentals like tipping, souvenirs, and laundry. Some cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages that include these extras, but they tend to be more expensive. Cruise prices can vary so much in terms of what is an add-on and what is included.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises


Best for: People who can afford to splurge

Making the claim of having the worlds most luxurious fleet is bold, but year after year, Regent Seven Seas delivers on that promise on each of their five ships. The fares wont be within everyones reach, but everyone who is on board will be treated to a truly first-class experience with practically everything covered under Regents expansive all-inclusive program.

Whats included: Round-trip airfare , pre-cruise overnight hotel stays, airport-to-ship transfers, 24-hour room service, open bar, gratuities, Wi-Fi, laundry service, and unlimited shore excursions.

Where you can cruise: Regent Seven Seas cruise ships sail to exotic destinations all over the globe, from Alaska to the Caribbean in North America, and Europe, Australia, and Asia. Perhaps best of all, this cruise line offers two-for-one fares, making once-in-a-lifetime luxury possible on an all-inclusive cruise. Just be aware, though, that there are a few things you wont be able to do on cruises in our post-COVID world.

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Choose A Less Popular Departure Date Or Destination

This can save you up to 50% off the regular cruise rates. For example, booking a Caribbean cruise at certain times of the season can save you a lot. That same cruise priced at its highest in July can be had for much less if you are flexible when its much cheaper in the months of September, October, and November.

Experience The Best Of Alaska And The Canadian Rockies By Land And Sea On A Celebrity Cruisetour

On an Alaska cruise, youll journey along the states southeastern coastline aboard award-winning ships experiencing the beauty of glaciers, natures ever-changing and fragile masterpieces. But, with a Celebrity Alaska or Canadian Rockies Cruisetour, youll explore that and so much more.

With one of our 9-to-13-night Alaska Cruisetours, you can combine your seven-night Alaska cruise with an exciting land tour where youll stay in authentic lodges and travel remote roads and railways in deluxe motor coaches and on a luxurious train with domed glass ceiling. A Cruisetour will offer opportunities to take you to destinations like cultured Anchorage, folksy Talkeetna, and wild Denalia visit to these inland areas truly give you a feel for the diverse beauty of the 49th State. Or journey into the heart of Canada on a Canadian Rockies Cruisetour. From the colonial charms of British Columbia to the dramatic wilderness, alpine lakes and snow-capped mountains of the Canadian Rockies, youll enjoy some of Canadas most extraordinary destinations.

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The Pros And Cons Of Cruising

Cruising has two main advantages over resorts. The first is the obvious one — cruise ships move. That means on one weeklong vacation, you can visit multiple destinations without figuring out transportation logistics or packing your bags several times. It also means that ships can seek out the best weather. Cruise during hurricane season, and your ship will alter its route to get out of a storm’s way book a resort stay, and you’ve got nowhere to go if a hurricane is bearing down on your island.

The other is that modern-day cruise ships are packed to the gills with onboard activities. The newest ships sport rope courses, water parks, mini-golf, movie screens and rock climbing walls and crazy attractions like ziplines, bumper cars, surfing and skydiving simulators and other thrill rides.

Daily schedules are filled with wine tastings, dance classes, educational programming, trivia games and other activities. Evenings bring Vegas-style shows, Broadway musicals, comedy, magic acts and a variety of live music and dancing. Cruise ships also have dedicated youth areas with kid-specific and family-friendly programming, for tots to teens, day and night. It takes work to be bored on a cruise ship.

While cruise fares appear all-inclusive, however, that is misleading. Your cruise fare will generally cover onboard accommodations, meals in a few onboard eateries, select nonalcoholic beverages , pool use, daytime kids’ programs and port stops in multiple destinations.


Day Caribbean Cruiserecommended For

KERALA AYURVEDA Experience | Ayurveda Treatments, Massage Therapy & Food in KRISHNENDU AYURVEDA ð?

Now for the hard part: I believe that a 7 day Caribbean cruise is best suited for past cruisers. This is my humble opinion.

“Why would you say that?” you may ask.

Well, based on my family’s experience, I am led to think this.

Like everything else in life, this does not apply to all cruising families. However, for my family I believe that saving the 7 day Caribbean cruise for the second sailing ensured that we came to enjoy Caribbean cruises in particular and cruises in general.

Now, family-friendly cruises to the Caribbean are my family’s favorite all-inclusive vacations!

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The Benefit Of All Inclusive Cruises

Some cruise lines attract with low price offers, but it rarely stays at the original cruise price. Enormous additional costs such as gratuities or drink prices mean that you have to pay constantly and its often hard to remember at the end of your trip, what you have actually spent on your trip. To avoid the nasty surprise and to give you a completely carefree holiday, many cruise lines offer all inclusive cruises. The biggest costs are already included in the price, like drinks, tips and food. Depending on the cruise line, the included services vary, but all fulfill their purpose of showing a transparent cruise price. For example, Regent Seven Seas Cruises also includes the arrival and departure in the travel price, which is the case for long-distance travel, eg Caribbean cruise, already makes a big difference.

Make Room For Romance

Taking some time alone with your other half can be an incredible way to connect though its not always easy on a family vacation. But nothing says romance quite like exploring the world with the love of your life. So with the kids excitedly checked into AO, you can spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool deck. The main pools are always popular, but the Solarium is a great getaway from the bustle with cozy nooks overlooking the ocean and a more tranquil pool vibe.

Or if youre doing date night onboard, dine in style with a romantic dinner. There are all kinds of specialty restaurants serving cuisine from around the world every night of your cruise if youre craving something in particular. But the complimentary dinner at the Main Dining Room never skimps on special, with a wide selection of spectacular dishes in an upscale setting. The nightly menu consists of some staples you can expect every night, like prime rib and escargot, while others comprise a rotating cast of international flavors and every one is guaranteed to please your palate.

After dinner, no date night is complete without entertainment, and youve got plenty of curtain calls to choose from. Full-scale productions of Broadway blockbusters and West End hits. Ice skating spectaculars. High dive shows that will have you on the edge of your seat. Plus a downright dizzying number of places and parties to do some dancing. And best of all, its all included.

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