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Why Are Great Lakes Cruises So Expensive

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Special Galapagos Law And Restrictions

Why Great Lakes Cruising is on the Rise

In the Galapagos Province, there is a special law, by which not all the inhabitants of Ecuador can live or work on the Islands. The reason why the labor force in any job is limited and exclusive for the colonists or permanent residents.

However, there are certain exceptions only and exclusively only when it is shown that there is no qualified labor for a certain job, companies can hire people from Continental Ecuador.

Likewise, due to this law, each year a study of the consumer price index is carried out, which allows setting the salaries of the province, which in consequence of what we have explained about supply and logistics, and due to other circumstances, they are higher than in mainland Ecuador.

Regarding the restrictions, it is important to mention that there is a list of products that, due to conservation issues, or for the protection of the island producer, are not allowed to be transported from the mainland. The list is long, however, we can mention some of them: coffee beans, fruits with seeds, dairy products, any type of meat for human consumption, among others. More details here.

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Lake Ontario: History Lovers

Lake Ontario is the eastern most of the Great Lakes and attracts about 13 million visitors a year. It is the smallest on a map, but its water runs so deep it holds four times the volume than its neighbor, Lake Eerie. Historically, it has been used as a trading hub for centuries. Also, several Native American communities, including the Huron and Iroquois, still call the area home their history is displayed in many of the local museums.

Toronto is on Lake Ontario, as is the Thousand Islands, both popular places of interest on Great Lakes Cruise itineraries. Cruise ships often sail from Lake Ontario to the St. Lawrence River towards Quebec, or vice versa.

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Horse Riding In Honora Bay Canada

At the north of Georgian Bay, in Honora Bay, Manitoulin Island is a real delight with its tree-filled landscapes, waterfalls, calm waters and houses edging the lake. Choosing to roam through this landscape on horseback is about getting off the beaten track, through forests, fields and over hills, meandering along the Niagara, with a stunning view over the La Cloche Mountains. Its also the opportunity to see white-tailed deer, foxes, hares and even bald eagles.

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Sailing Americas Inland Oceans

Great Lakes Cruise Company defines luxury adventure with enticing destinations, stunning scenery, and exquisitely designed maritime experiences. Aboard the fleet of ships you can expect personalized service, enriching activities, fine dining and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You will be immersed in the beauty of the Great Lakes, and experience the magic of the hand-picked destinations. From historic charm of Mackinac Island to breathtaking shorelines and French Canadian villages, you are sure to soak in every ounce of the fascinating local cultures and spectacular wildlife.

With many itineraries, you will find a cruise that will provide a life-changing experience. As the only travel company in the world to specialize in Great Lakes cruises, we offer unforgettable adventures on these legendary waters. Our team of experts is ready to plan your trip at a pace that suits your taste and needs.

River Cruise Lines Have High Crew Costs Due To High Standards Of Service

Why Knot

River cruise ships typically only have around 100-150 passengers.

For a ship of this size, there will be around 50 crew members which mean that the crew are able to give a very high standard of service to all guests.

On some of the most luxurious river cruise lines, each cabin will have a butler who is on call for guests whenever they need anything.

On a river cruise, the same crew members may have multiple jobs to complete.

For example, the waiters in the main bar may also work as waiters in the dining rooms during dinner. This is one of the reasons why you really do get to know the crew on board, you see them all day every day!

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When Should I Make My Travel Arrangements

Unlike an airline, you cannot call your travel agent on a Friday evening and expect to leave on Monday . Allow several months to plan your trip. I usually start early in January to arrange for a mid-April departure. However, some routes are very popular and you may have to arrange for your voyage many months ahead of your desired departure date. While some freighters depart on exact date and time, others have a window for departure. Be flexible.

New offerings are becoming available every month, so it is possible you can schedule a trip on short notice, but it is better to plan far in advance. Remain flexible with your travel plans. I recently booked a voyage only to be notified the ship I was to board in Los Angeles had grounded and would be unavailable for more than a month after my planned departure date.

Luckily, I was able to hop another ship leaving a few days earlier than I had planned.

Why Are River Cruises So Expensive Or Are They The Best Cruise Value Out There

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We rave about small ship cruises all the time . And one of the questions we often get asked about river cruises when we tell family, friends, and even strangers we love them is, Why are river cruises so expensive?

Well, that depends on how you look at it.

When you break down the cost of river cruises compared to large cruise ship vacations, we would argue you get more bang for your buck in a more special setting and environment.

The short answer for us is easy and can be summed up in two statements:

  • Money is relative. What is pricy or expensive to one person may be incredibly affordable to another.
  • There’s a lot more included with river cruises than with big ocean ships. While river cruises may look like they are expensive at first glance, they are a great inclusive vacation with very few additional costs upon further examination.
  • Let’s dive into all the reasons why.

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    A Marvel Of Engineering Two Centuries In The Making

    Comprising eight locks that enable ship traffic to travel between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario by bypassing the Niagara River and Niagara Falls, the Welland Canal is a 200-year engineering marvel that actually represents four successive canals. Originally designed and built in the 1820s, a second canal replaced it in the late 1840s, and a third opened in 1887. The construction on the fourth and current Welland Canal which your ship on Cruising the Great Lakes will traverse in about 11 hours, accompanied by an expert guide began before World War I was not completed until 1932 and expanded some 40 years later.

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    River Cruise Lines Dock Centrally And Pay For The Privilege

    The Worlds Most Expensive Cruise Ships

    On ocean cruises, youll often find that the port where you dock is miles away from the place that you want to visit.

    For example, if you are visiting London on a cruise youll probably be visiting Southampton which is around 90 minutes on a train away from London.

    Actually getting into the city can be an added expense that can really add up, especially if there are multiple people in your family or group.

    One of the main advantages of river cruising is that the ships dock right in the center of the town or city.

    You very rarely have to commute to visit your destination and youll usually be able to just wander off the ship and wander back whenever you wish.

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    Can I Take A Segmented Cargo Ship Trip

    Many people do not like to take a roundabout freighter travel voyage, having neither the time nor the money. Segmented trips are possible with a stopover in port for as long as you want. You can resume your voyage or fly home by plane. These kinds of voyages are popular with people who only have a couple of weeks to travel, and only want to spend some it at sea.

    Here Are The Details Of The 2022

    • Undiscovered Great Lakes From Northern forests to pristine lagoons, encounter the natural splendor of the Great Lakes. Visit bald eagle and bear habitats that abut charming frontier towns in this remote region of North America and pass between Lake Superior and Lake Huron via the impressive Soo Locks. Multiple sailing dates between May and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $6,695 per person, with free airfare within North America.
    • Great Lakes Explorer Embark on a true expedition along the nations fourth seacoast, from Georgian Bays granite islands to Thunder Bays towering cliffs. Experience the car-free idyllic Mackinac Island, and learn about indigenous cultures and frontier life along the way. Multiple sailing dates between May and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $6,495 per person, with free airfare within North America.
    • Niagara & The Great Lakes From urban skylines to uninhabited islands, discover the wilderness nestled in the interior of North America alongside world-class cultural attractions in Detroit, Toronto and Milwaukee. Witness the majesty of Niagara Falls, and enjoy scenic cruising past North Americas busiest border as you cross Lake Huron. Multiple sailing dates in April, May, June, July and September 2022. Inaugural pricing starts at $5,995 per person, with free airfare within North America.
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    Sail Away On These Spectacular Lake Superior Cruises

    Lake Superior takes its name from its northernmost position in the Great Lakes and from its size. This is, after all, the largest body of fresh water on Earth. But for many Michigan natives, Superior truly equates to the best, and a Lake Superior Cruise at this maritime vacation destination is unlike any other in Pure Michigan and beyond. Splashing the northern shore of Michigans Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior covers an amazing 31,700 square miles and reaches to a depth of over 1300 feet. And while the lake is awe-inspiring from every anglefrom beachcombing spots beneath a historic lighthouse, from the wooded paths of the North Country Trail and from its brisk swimming beachesLake Superiors power and beauty may be best enjoyed from the deck of a boat. Here are a few of our favorite Lake Superior cruises.

    Why Is Galapagos So Expensive

    Six great reasons why you should take your family on a one ...

    First off, if you are on the fence about Galapagos, let me say this: Galapagos is one of the best experience I had in South America and even though, it was expensive, there is no other place on earth like it.

    The reason why it costs so much is because most of the money we paid goes to the protection and maintenance of this fragile ecosystem so that the future generations can experience the true beauty of nature unaffected by mass tourism. There are few places on earth that shows that we can really both enjoy and protect wildlife sustainably and Galapagos is one of the best example. The animals there perceive us as simply guests, and go on with their days without being interrupted and that is how we should be traveling.

    Imagine the south of Thailand with all the beaches, marine life and nature but without the crowds, loud parties, obnoxious tourists and trash all over the place.

    Galapagos is not for everyone but if you have a chance to do, do it proudly and without regret!

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    Fly Over Georgian Bay By Helicopter Canada

    You might think that youre in the Mediterranean, but the coniferous forest edging the cliffs that fall into turquoise waters remind you that youre in Canada. On the northeast branch of Lake Huron, Georgian Bay has the clearest waters of the Great Lakes. To admire these incredible landscapes, nothing is better than a helicopter tour. Isolated creeks with sheer drops, lush vegetation clothed with golden tones in autumn the scenery is exceptional!

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    What Is A Tramp Voyage

    Tramps are cargo ships that have no fixed schedule or ports of call they go where the cargo is and drop it off where its supposed to go. Often, tramp voyages have passenger rooms and travelers can book them. The advantage is that you can get a cheaper voyage to a remote destination at the last minute.

    The downside is that you might not be able to get away from that port until another tramp comes along. Tramp voyages are often listed in booking agencys Last Minute Specials.

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    All Staterooms Are Outside Cabins

    You’ll pay extra on an ocean cruise ship for an outside stateroom in most cases, that faces the water as opposed to an inside cabin without real windows.

    But on river cruise ships, all staterooms face the water no matter if you’re on the starboard or port side of the ship. The only difference in price would be something like upgrading to a suite, or if you’re on the first deck versus the third deck, or if you’re closer to midship.

    River Cruises Include Daily Walks

    HOW MUCH DOES IT COSTS to sail from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean

    In addition to the included excursions, there may be the opportunity to go on other included activities like guided walks or hikes.

    During our Emerald Waterways river cruise, we tried to take part in as many activities as we could and ended up with at least one tour, or usually two tours, per day.

    The daily walks were a great opportunity to get to know the other guests. Im not sure why but the people on the river cruises are just so friendly.

    Its one of the main reasons why its almost impossible to get bored on a river cruise, to find out why river cruises definitely arent boring, and to learn what you can expect to get up to onboard, check out this post:

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    Which Cruise Line Is Best Value For Money

    #1. Celebrity Cruises. #1 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. #2. Holland America Line. #2 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. #3. Royal Caribbean International. #3 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. #4. Norwegian Cruise Line. #5. Carnival Cruise Line. #6. Princess Cruises. #7. Costa Cruises. #8. MSC Cruises.

    Where Can I Go By Freighter

    You can travel from just about any major port in the world to any other port. Some freighters also go to places youve never even heard of. Most lines have regular routes and transatlantic crossings. Frequently you can catch a tramp that has no fixed ports of call. Americans cannot travel between one U.S. port and another. From South America to Asia, the ships cross all of the worlds oceans.

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    Voyaging The Great Lakes

    When 19th century city-dwellers yearned to flee summerâs noisy heat in the crowded neighborhoods of Detroit, Chicago or Cleveland, they headed for the docksâ¦and sailed into the blue.

    Wooden steamships transported them north to golden beaches, towering dunes and deep, cool forests. At one time, these busy ships â oftentimes loaded as well with commercial goods including coal, wood, grain, iron ore and fruit â rivaled the railroads for both ease and affordability of travel, said Kenneth Pott, executive director of the Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven.

    Such early voyagers built not only vacation traditions, but contributed to the Midwestâs rich nautical heritage by strengthening economic and cultural ties. Passenger steamers enabled vast trade throughout the state and turned it into a hub of many Great Lakes-based industries.

    âMichigan is, without question, the most maritime state in this nation, historically,â Pott noted.

    But while the regionâs shipbuilding, recreational boatbuilding, and commercial shipping industries were larger than those of the eastern and western seaboards combined, the Great Lake Stateâs shoreline also offered wealth of another kind.

    Swept with beautiful landscapes and punctuated by picturesque ports, Michiganâs coastlines beckoned those seeking an extraordinary escape, and cruise ships designed to provide it began their grand leisure runs on the Great Lakes.

    Trends of a New Era
    Charting a Niche Course

    And it has been.

    Are Cruises Cheaper In 2021

    Cruising the Great Lakes: More ships, more passengers ...

    Few Cheap Cruise Deals Will Be Available for 2021. During the summer its easier for families to sail with kids out of school, meaning more demand and higher cruise prices. Throughout this pandemic, cruise lines have said that demand for cruises has remained strong despite limited advertising and no trips sailing.

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    Wine And Beer Are Included With River Cruises

    There are many big cruises that don’t even include soft drinks in the cost of your vacation let alone alcohol. That means if you want a soda, you’ll pay for it every time you order one. And don’t even think about getting beer and wine included in your big-ship-cruise-cost unless you add on a drink package or pay per beverage.

    Most river cruises include the cost of beer and wine during lunch and dinner. The staff aboard the Emerald Destiny was very generous with keeping our glasses filled during meals. So much so, we usually had a full glass to take from dinner to enjoy in the lounge afterwards.

    Additional drinks could be a significant cost if you like to enjoy adult beverages, especially, on vacation. And why wouldn’t you if they help you relax and enjoy life? You’re on vacation!

    The expense of river cruises includes drinks. Which might make you think twice about calling river cruises expensive, when you factor this in.

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