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What Is Included On Msc Cruises

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The Msc Cruises Easy Package

MSC Grandiosa – Ship Visit

The Easy package includes all drinks up to 6 euros. MSC want you to savour the freedom to satisfy your thirst at any moment with a dedicated selection of alcoholic drinks. Choose from house wines by the glass, Heineken beer , selected spirits and cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails. Soft drinks include fruit juices by the glass, bottled mineral water. Hot drinks include, expresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, tea, coffee and chocolate delights. You use this package in all onboard bars including the self- service buffet and restaurants. This package excludes the specialty restaurants.

Cruise drink package prices have risen this year and can only be viewed when logged in to your cruise.

Msc Types Of Cabin/staterooms

With the help of below details, you will find a perfect cabin or suite for you and your loved ones. All the cabins/suite will offer you different type of experience such as Aurea, Bella and Fantastica. Even there are connecting suites to ultra-luxury cabins to make the passengers more comfortable.

Suite with Panoramic Sealed Window are specially designed to offer fascinating views of ocean and sea with Fantastica and Aurea experience.

Duplex Suite is present aboard of Virtuosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, and Grandiosa with Aurea Experience.

Two-Bedroom Grand Suite offers Aurea experience for its passengers only on MSC Seaview and Seaside.

Grand Suite offers a large balcony with a private sitting area or separate living area onboard MSC Seaside and Seaview.

Suite with Private Whirlpool bath and Aurea experience onboard of MSC Virtuosa, Grandiosa, Bellissima, Meraviglia, Seaside, and Seaview.

Suites are accommodated by up to 5 people with a sealed window or balcony for the views. You can find this type of suites across all the fleets of MSC with Fantastica and Aurea experiences.

Balcony staterooms are found on all fleets of MSC with Bella, Fantastica, and Aurea experiences.

Ocean View has a window that gives breathtaking sea views and is available across all fleets with Bella and Fantastica experience.

Outside with Partial View has a window with sea view and is available across all fleets with Bella and Fantastica experience.

The Msc Cruises Fleet

MSC Cruises has grown enormously in recent years. As recently as early 2017, the line had just 12 ships in operation. However, its added new ships at a rapid pace and it now operates 19 vessels, with two more on the way this year. The ships fall into five distinct classes, and ships within a class have similar sizes and onboard attractions.

As a result of the growth, MSC Cruises recently passed Norwegian to become the worlds third-biggest cruise brand when measured by passenger capacity. Only Royal Caribbean and Carnival are bigger.

Not including pulldown bunks and pullout sofas, MSC Cruises 19 ships have 62,262 berths about 13,000 more than Norwegians fleet. By the end of the year, that number will grow to 71,901.

At its current pace of growth, MSC Cruises could soon pass Carnival to become the worlds second-biggest line.

As noted above, the MSC Cruises fleet includes five of the worlds 20 biggest cruise vessels MSC Virtuosa, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Bellissima and MSC Seashore. All built in the last five years, these five ships arent quite as big as Royal Caribbeans giant Oasis-class vessels, but theyre right up there when it comes to size, amenities and passenger capacity.

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The other two ships, which date to 2019 and 2017, respectively, can carry more than 5,600 passengers with every berth filled.

Add those in, and MSC Cruises operates seven of the worlds 30 biggest cruise ships.

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Everything You Need To Know About Msc Cruises

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If MSC Cruises has its way, itll eventually be as well known in North America as brands like Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.

Although MSC is far better known in European markets, it has slowly but surely been grabbing the attention of American cruisers, especially since the splashy arrival of MSC Seaside back in 2017.

With prices that are often considerably lower than the competition and ships which have significantly raised the companys profile, MSC is definitely making a splash with North American cruisers.

Its worth noting, however, that the Swiss-based line has encountered a few growing pains along the way, especially in regard to the differing needs of an American audience.

Where Can I Purchase A Drinks Package

MSC Poesia Cruise Ship 2021 / 2022

If you have not purchased a package with your cruise they can also be purchased at the promotion desks during the embarkation and also in bars and restaurants. Prices do fluctuate and you can purchase your package onboard up to two days in to your cruise. If you purchase onboard drinks will incur a service charge of 15%. If you purchase prior to cruising you normally get a cheaper deal.

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Msc Drink Packages Menus With Prices For 2022

These are latest MSC drink packages and menus 2022. MSC cruises drink packages are available on all MSC cruise ships. Whether you are sailing on the latest MSC Virtuosa or the MSC Seaside you can find the perfect all inclusive drink package for your stay. We have also downloaded the very latest MSC Virtuosa drink menus too you can find them in this post

For a MSC drink package to be worth the money you need to work out exactly what you would drink. For instance a coffee in the morning sodas or cocktails by the pool, a wine paired with dinner and a few beers in the evening would easily cover the daily rate and work out cheaper than purchasing drinks separately. You can log in to your cruise booking to get your cruise drink package price. But read on for some more guidance on the rough prices of the drink packages and prices of the drinks to gauge whether you will need a package.

Will you be getting off of the ship and going ashore? Use this guide on MSC cruise Ship packages and also the menus to see what is included? This also includes what drinks you get if you travel in Yacht club.

Overview Of Msc Yacht Club Cabins

There are several different cabin options within the MSC Yacht Club, although it varies from ship to ship.

MSC Yacht Club cabin categories:

  • MSC Yacht Club Owners Suite is one of the best suites in the fleet, with an expansive 1,055 square feet of space, including a separate living and dining area. Its 269 square foot balcony has a private hot tub and lots of room to lounge.
  • MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite has 667 square feet of space, with separate living and dining space. Its spacious balcony is 355 square feet with a private hot tub.
  • MSC Yacht Club Duplex Suite has two levels, with separate dining and living areas. It is 635 square feet, in addition to a 248 square foot balcony.
  • MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite varies from 269-463 square feet, has a separate living area, and a balcony .
  • MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite ranges from 269-366 square feet, plus an 86 square foot balcony.
  • MSC Yacht Club Interior Suite has a sitting area with a total of 226 square feet of space.

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What Is The Lowest Cruise Experience I Can Buy And What Does It Come With

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The Bella Experience is the lowest tier. It comes with no inclusions beyond the always-included dining venues on each specific ship, all onboard performances and most, but not all, activities.

Bella cruisers can request early or late seating for dinner, but priority will be given to higher-level cruisers, with the set time confirmed once onboard. Bella cruisers can choose from inside, ocean-view and balcony cabins on lower decks.

Msc Cruise Health And Fitness

MSC Seascape: Truly connected to the sea

Make yourself felt relaxed and comfortable by looking best at your sea vacation. Here are some facilities that the MSC Cruise Line offers for their fellow cruisers.

Barber Shop is inside the MSC Aurea Spa that will make you look best during your cruising. It is mainly available on MSC Seaside, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Seaview, MSC Bellissima, and MSC Meraviglia with some additional charges.

Beauty salon on MSC aboard has the experience and well-qualified staff for aesthetic treatments to offer you excellent results and a relaxing cruise journey.

Hair Salon offers different packages, including a haircut, hair wash, and a single color treatment process. Buy that package and get ready for your formal evenings onboard.

The Atmosphere Pool is poolside on the MSC Bellissima and offers some stunning views. It has a large screen, beautiful lighting, and atmospheric design that makes this main pool area even more alluring after dark.

Arizona Aquapark is the most exciting water parks at sea with all type of fun and water activities according to age groups.

Horizon Pool is stunning outdoor spot for dancing and onboard entertainment.

Inside Pool is the most significant indoor pool area that features a different deck over and around the pool.

Le piscine & children’s spray park is a pool area specially designed for kids and teens with a separate childrens Spray Park.

Power walking is a jogging track on the top deck of all MSC Cruises savoring outstanding ocean views.

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Msc Cruises Reveals Dining Details For Msc Seashore

MSC Cruises announced more dining experience details about its upcoming MSC Seashore ship.

Debuting on July 31, MSC Seashore will feature 18 bars and loungesincluding 12 indoor and six outdoor venuesfive specialty restaurants and four main dining restaurants. The re-designed and overhauled eateries include the Marketplace Buffet, the MSC Yacht Club and more.

The ship will also introduce a new location for the Chefs Court, where guests will find the five specialty restaurants on Deck 8, including HOLA! Tacos & Cantina, Butchers Cut, Kaito Sushi Bar, Kaito Teppanyaki and Ocean Cay.

We have taken the dining experience on MSC Seashore to the next level with carefully considered new options, both outdoors and in, that are fit for this spectacular flagship vessel, MSC Cruises Food & Beverage Vice President Jacques Van Staden said.

The goal of our talented in-house culinary team is to create something for every palate and preference, providing a diverse array of outstanding international culinary experiences, Van Staden continued. We are sure that the new dining concepts and incredible array of restaurants and bars will make for a truly memorable gastronomic experience for MSC Seashore guests.

Other returning favorites include Venchi 1878 Gelato and Venchi 1878 Chocolate and Coffee Bar, as well as the Champagne Bar, Shine Bar and Seashore Bar, all situated in the main social hub of the ship, the Atrium.

How Much Does An Msc Cruises Voyage Cost

MSC Cruises is known for some of the most affordable ships at sea. Its not uncommon to find MSC Cruises voyages to the Caribbean and the Bahamas from under $75 per person, per night, including all taxes and fees at least in the off-season.

For instance, at the time of publication, four-night sailings from Miami to the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean for the summer start at just $129 per person, not including taxes and fees of $110. That works out to just $59.75 per night, per person, with taxes and fees for a package that includes your lodging, transportation and meals.

As you might expect, pricing for ships will generally be lower during off-season periods such as September, October and parts of November.

The timing of when you book can also matter. Cruises book up much further in advance than airplanes or hotels, and many cruisers will tell you the best pricing for any given sailing often is available when cruises first go on sale . Booking far in advance also gives you the best chance of getting your preferred cabin type and location on a ship.

Once on board an MSC Cruises ship, youll pay extra for most drinks, extra-charge restaurants, spa services, shore excursions, internet and a few other amenities unless youve paid up for a more inclusive package.

With the even pricier Aurea experience, youll get an unlimited drinks package, a complimentary massage in the ships spa, complimentary access to the spas thermal area, priority boarding and other perks.

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When Msc Provides You With Vouchers:

These are valid for the South African market and for packages that have limits on them, eg: 5 ice creams / mineral water.

For any non-alcoholic pre-booked packages, such as ice cream and coffee packages, the cabin steward will deliver the vouchers to your room on the first day of your cruise.

In the instance that you have purchased alcoholic packages, you will need to collect them from the front desk and sign for them.

If You Have Vouchers:

When MSC Cruises Ships May Start Sailing Again

You are free to do anything you wish with your vouchers, use them yourself or donate them to a family member or a friend.

For unlimited packages:

The official answer from MSC Cruises is that all persons travelling together have to purchase the same packages.

When sitting together at the table, the MSC crew members will not allow you to purchase the wine on packages when no one else around the table has one.

If some of the travellers are minor, a non-alcoholic drinks package will have to be purchased.

Blackberry smoothie onboard MSC Preziosa

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Msc Premium Drink Package Options

There are two additional alcohol drink packages offered by MSC Premium and Premium Plus.

The Premium Drink Package includes drinks up to $12 and is available at an average price of $47-$63 per person, per day.

The Premium Plus Drink Package advertises no price or consumption limits and varies in price between $66 $79 per person, per day. The price per day varies based on the sailing itinerary and is based on a 7-day sailing.

Drinks Packages Exclusively For The South African Market

A majority of the cruises in the South African waters are 3 and 4-night itineraries.

So MSC Cruises has a range of packages catering exclusively to the South African market cruising the Southern African waters. These are not applicable to itineraries going to or coming from Europe.

All drinks packages can be enjoyed on Portuguese Island and Pomene if included in the itinerary.

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Which Msc Ships First Visited At Ocean Cay

During the 2020 cruise season, four MSC ships had a full day at Ocean Cay in their itinerary. These select cruises ranged from 3 nights to 11 nights with most being part of a 7-night cruise. The MSC ships were MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside, MSC Divina, and MSC Armonia. Visiting ships spent all day docked at the pier from arrival to midnight.

Dont Overpay For Your Msc Cruise

MSC World Europa – The future class of cruising

Heres how I get the lowest price when I book a cruise

2. Choose a trusted travel agent with a best price guarantee.

Please dont book with any old company just because they have a cheap deal. I recommend that you find the best price and then take it to a trusted travel agent who will beat it, as well as giving you the best service.

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What Drink Packages Are Offered On Msc

Following a revamp in late 2021, MSC has a total of five drink packages. Of these, three are alcoholic packages and two are non-alcoholic.

Alcoholic PackagesMSC offers several different options for those wanting to drink their fill of cocktails and beer on the ship. This includes the Easy Package, the Easy Plus Package, and the Premium Extra Package.

Easy Package: This deal offers selected drinks aboard the ship that are priced up to $6 per glass. At a limit of $6, your options are somewhat limited, but it does include some beer, well cocktails, house wines, soft drinks, juices, bottled mineral water, and coffees.

Easy Plus Package: A step above the Easy Package is the Easy Plus Package. This package offers drinks up to $9 per glass. Here youll find a much wider selection with cocktails, wines, and beers, as well as sodas, juices, energy drinks, and more.

Premium Extra Package: MSCs top-of-the-line package is called Premium Extra. With this package you get drinks by the glass up to $15 each. This package is the most similar to drink packages found on other lines where you have the widest number of options across the ship. If you want a beer, cocktail, wine, specific brands of liquor, water, coffee, energy drinks, juices, and more, its almost surely included in this offer.

Msc Yacht Club Benefits

The MSC Yacht Club experience offers a wide arrange of benefits, most included in the cruise fare:


  • Dedicated priority check-in and check-out, along with priority departure and return on port days
  • 24-hour butler and room service as well as a dedicated concierge
  • MSC for Me wristband
  • 1 free cruise booking change
  • Custom experiences including onboard shopping and port excursions
  • In room welcome package
  • Memory foam mattresses, selection of pillows, bathrobe and slippers
  • Complimentary mini-bar
  • Luggage packing/unpacking service, newspaper directly delivered in cabin on request

Packages / Services

  • Premium Extra Drink Package
  • Premium Internet package
  • 20% discount on a dedicated specialty restaurant prepaid package

Private Venues

  • Dedicated, private area of the ship accessible only to MSC Yacht Club guests
  • Panoramic Top Sail Lounge with bar, afternoon tea service, snacks and live entertainment in the evening
  • Private and spacious pool deck, whirlpool baths, sunbathing area and an outdoor bar
  • Gourmet, Yacht Club restaurant with a la carte dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner

MSC Aurea Spa MSCs Balinese style spa

  • Complimentary access to Thermal Suites at MSC Aurea Spa
  • 40% discount on a dedicated Spa prepaid package
  • 10% discount on all spa treatments purchased on board

MSC Aurea Spa MSCs Balinese style spa

  • Complimentary access to Thermal Suites at MSC Aurea Spa
  • 40% discount on a dedicated Spa prepaid package
  • 10% discount on all spa treatments purchased on board

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