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Best Shoes For Alaska Cruise

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Shoes for Your Alaska Cruise – One Pair or Many?

Our Alaska Packing Playlist features packing and planning videos for your cruise to Alaska. From clothing, outerwear, and gear, to packing carry-on only , weve gotcha covered.

You can also shop our , specificifally curated for Alaska, OR shop our latest packing video to have you safe and comfortable on your cruise and flight!

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Your Alaska Cruise Itinerary Can Determine What To Pack

Inside Passage Cruise

The overwhelming majority of ships for seven-night round-trip cruises to Alaska depart from either Seattle or Vancouver, Canada. A one-week Alaska cruise spends two days northbound and the same back plus three or four Alaska cruise ports, all in the Inside Passage.

On any seven-night round-trip Inside Passage cruise from the Lower 48, you wont have the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Alaska before or after your cruise.

On the other hand, choose a small ship adventure cruise and your ship will probably embark and disembark in either Juneau or Sitka. In this case, you can easily spend a couple of days on land before or after your cruise.

Alaska Cross-Gulf Cruise

These Alaska cruises can also be seven nights with departures northbound from Vancouver and Seattle or southbound from Seward and Whittier, Alaska. A cross-Gulf cruise will give you the time to spend in Alaskas interior before or after your cruise.

The clothes youll need can vary, too. Especially if you cruise early or late in the season in May or September.

My Alaska packing list covers everything youll need to pack for a 7-day Alaska cruise, like my Holland America Eurodam Inside Passage cruise. If your cruise is longer or youve chosen a cruise and tour, I also include how and what to pack.

Basically, you would pack the same but plan on either sending out a load of laundry on the ship, doing a sink wash or hauling it into a town to a laundromat. But theres more to know.

What I Wear In Alaska On A Shore Excursion

Heres what I might wear on a shore excursion in the Inside Passage, especially to Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Up close at Mendenhall Glacier may not only be icy-chilly but theres also spray off the water.

First, I layer a silk or silk-like top underneath a crew neck or turtleneck sweater or sweatshirt . Then

Over the lightweight sweater or sweatshirt, Ill either wear a thin, loose-fitting waterproof rain jacket or my usual water repellent puffy jacket with hood, depending on if its a sunny or rainy day.

Then I either wear or bring along a sleeveless puffy vest with a zipper.

This is almost a must-have item to pack. It comes with its own little carrying bag to squish the vest into for travel. You can also loop the little satchel around your carry-on bag handle.

Plus, puffy vests are great to toss on in the morning to go to the Lido buffet or for a summers morning walk around the deck with a cup of coffee.

Make sure that it has outside zip pockets and maybe an inside pocket or two. You can put your room card in the zippered pocket and not worry about it falling out when you sit down for breakfast, too.

Tunic Tops

These are great for a multitude of reasons. You can wear them over anything and at any time. Get tunic tops for Alaska with enough room in the arms so you can wear a layer or two underneath. Thats another reason why I love my tunic crew-neck tops theyre great for layering.



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Are They Really Waterproof

Once I had my Vessi shoes, I tested out their waterproofing properties. In fact, I enjoyed rainy day activities in Vancouver. A first for me, I might add.

Instead of dodging puddles, I found myself walking through them. Water cant leak through the shoe opening without the conventional tongue and laces.

After one week, I was in love with these waterproof shoes. Not only are they waterproof, but they resist staining. So, five months later, my pale grey shoes still look brand new.

While I cant wear the Weekenders, I love the styling of the Everyday Move. They have a great unisex design, making them perfect for men and women.

I wasnt content with just wearing my shoes in Vancouver. I wanted them to be my go-to travel shoes. Vessi claims their shoes are sand, slush, and snow- proof too.

So, I took my Vessi sneakers to the Canadian Rockies in winter and on an Alaska cruise in May.Even in deep snow , my Vessi footwear lived up to its promise of keeping my feet dry.

Now, the sneakers arent meant to be completely submerged in water. Theyre shoes, not submarines! But in Alaska, three of us stood in the gushing water of Nugget Falls at Mendenhall Glacier, and we came away with completely dry feet.

In Sitka, our port day consisted of frigid temperatures, rain, a downpour, and more rain. Did I mention it rains a lot in Alaska? Yet, after eight hours of sloshing around in the puddles, we returned to our cruise ship without wet socks and feet.

What Should I Pack For A 2


It can get cold on the boat. Pack clothes that are warm. Bring long sleeves and long pants to stay warm during the night. Its important to remember that you might go months without rain in the lower continental United States.

But Alaskan cruises usually start from locations where it is often raining. You need to pack a raincoat.

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What To Pack For Alaska Cruise

Alaska cruise packing list can be one of the trickiest ones. We have recently written an article on the Caribbean cruise packing list. Packing for Alaska cruise cannot be straightforward as such.

You know why?

Alaska is different from the rest of the United States because it has glaciers. The weather in Alaska varies. It changes day by day. One day its warm and sunny. The other day it rains and chilly. The humidity rate is also high when it rains. And it rains a lot.

Nonetheless, Alaska is one of the most popular destinations of the United States of America. Its the place the most booked cruise vacation for Americans in 2019.

I met an American videographer on Golden Princess. Its no secret, but Princess is one of the industrys major cruise lines for Alaskan cruises. She told me that Alaska is her best favourite.

I agree with her. Alaska holds one of the most beautiful scenic landscapes in the world. If you havent visited yet, you need to add Alaska on top of your next cruise list. You can trust us. We are both visual experts. We have experienced countless cruises around the world.

The weather is the very reason why you need to get some information about what to pack for an Alaska cruise. No worries, and no need to get stressed. This is why we have written this article to help you out. Finding things to pack for a cruise is fun.

What To Wear On Your Days At Sea On An Alaskan Cruise

If you board out of Seattle, its impossible to say what the weather will be like. Seattle can be cold and rainy or warm and sunny. You may not know until a few days before travel. Either way, definitely plan to bring a bathing suit.

Skip the colorful bikinis, just a good one-piece or something comfortable is fine. Youll mostly be using it for the hot tubs on the rest of the trip, not to sunbathe in. Oh, and a pair of slip-resistant flip flops youll thank me later!

This cover-up was perfect for my cruise! It still looks cute and kept me warm enough to get from the hot tub to my room. Even appropriate enough to wear to the buffet.

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Alaska Cruise Packing List: Clothing

Since the weather in Alaska can vary from warm to cold on a daily or even hourly basis, its important that your clothing choices include items that can be layered on top of each other for warmth, or easily removed if the weather is hot.

Aside from varying temperatures, you might book Alaska shore excursions that are more adventurous than sightseeing and beach-oriented activities. For this reason, youll need to pack specific activewear clothes in your suitcase for a variety of experiences, such as kayaking through fjords, spotting wildlife outdoors, and ziplining through forest trees.

What Boots Are Best For Alaskan Cruise Excursions

The Alaskan Sneaker | Alaska

Boots! No matter where you go in Alaska, you need a good pair of boots. I highly highly recommend Hunter Boots. They are SUPER comfortable and obviously waterproof.

Pair your Hunter Boots with some wool socks and they kept my feet warm and dry even on the coldest days. I loved having a pair of rain boots because they worked everywhere we went whether it be snow or rain or lakes or streams.

They also have a great tread on them and made hiking easy. My Hunter boots were hands down my best pick for an Alaskan Cruise!

When we visited the Mendenhall Glacier, everyone was standing on the solid ground and I was the only one walking around and splashing through the water because I had on my rain boots!

I was worried these wouldnt be comfortable enough to walk around all day in but after wearing them 2 days in a row my feet never hurt.

You will also need a good pair of winter boots. I love these boots by Sorel. They are warm, waterproof and easy to walk around in. These boots are definitely a must if its really snowy or you walk on a glacier.

If you choose to go hiking, youll need a good pair of hiking shoes. Something water-resistant is best as most of southern Alaska is a rainforest and very wet.

I loved these hiking shoes, they kept me dry and were great to hike in. I also purchased a pair of these pants for my hiking trips. They are flexible, lightweight, and perfect for outdoor adventures. Not to mention the camo ones are super cute!

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Best Packable Flat For Alaska: Rothys

The Flat from Rothys is a much-loved style that readers say is super comfortable for strolling around in. Theyre also ideal for travel, as theyre lightweight, durable, and super cute.

A traveler says, I took them on a two week land and cruise trip to Alaska. They were great for walking around the quaint little towns, and perfect for dressy dinners on the cruise. Theyre just so comfortable and took up almost no room in my suitcase!

What Should I Pack For An Alaska Cruise In June

A to Alaska is popular for two reasons: the long daylight hours and the low chance of rain. In June, daylight lasts between 18 to 20 hours and the average temperature varies from a high of 40 degrees to mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bring along at least one pair of polarized sunglasses and a good sleep mask .

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What To Pack For A Cruise In July

Summer peaks in July and you will encounter the warmest temperatures a great reason to plan your trip for July.

When packing for an Alaskan cruise in July, carry a mix of long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts and waterproof pants that you can convert into shorts if it gets extra sunny or warm on the cruise.

There will be a higher chance of rain as the summer months go by, so pack rain-related gear and a light waterproof jacket.

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Dont Leave Your Shorts At Home

Best Layers to Buy for Your Alaska Cruise

On our first cruise to Alaska back in 2005, we arrived to a major heat wave in our embarkation port of Seattle. Were talking 90+ degrees Fahrenheit, and NONE of us had packed the proper clothing for summer weather that youd more typically find in Southern California. What did we do? Mom, myself, and my husband headed to the mall and we ALL bought a pair of shorts!

It was pretty hilarious, but since that little incident, weve NEVER left for an Alaska cruise without a single pair of shorts in our suitcase . You never know when youll have an 80+ degree day, even in the Last Frontier!

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What To Wear For Daytime Activities On An Alaskan Cruise

The month of September in Alaska is considered the best season with reduced hotel and travel costs, fewer visitors, no mosquitoes, and northern light sightings by the middle of the month.

The days are shorter, and may also be rainy and chilly.

Wildlife and the natural environment can be found in abundance in Alaska.

Year after year, tourists swarm to this northern state to view its immense glaciers, majestic mountains, and seaside views.

The most well-liked activity is taking a cruise to explore the region.

Getting off the ship and exploring is one of the nicest things to do while on an Alaskan cruise.

The most popular shore trips include hiking and wildlife viewing. You can also explore the following things:

  • Take a ride on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway
  • Visit majestic glaciers
  • Take a ride in a helicopter
  • Explore dog sledding
  • Observe the Native American Community

So what should you wear for a cruise trip to Alaska?

People spend a lot of time worrying about it and are kind of stuck thinking about what to bring. Weve got you covered.

During your trip to the Sea, women can wear leggings, activewear, and comfy shirts, but with layers as it gets quite chilly.

Men can also wear activewear with jackets or sweaters.

To avoid packing too many shoes, just go with flip-flops, sneakers, and hiking boots.

For other activities, you can also wear the same clothes, but for hiking, make sure you bring the appropriate hiking gear.

The Perfect Alaska Cruise Packing List For Any Time Of Year

May 6, 2022

Are you scouring the internet for an Alaska cruise packing list? Are you excited about your upcoming cruise to Alaska? Look no further because I love Alaska!

I visited there several times, and have put together a packing list for your cruise to Alaska. It is important to bring the proper clothes and shoes and extras in order to be prepared for all the unpredictable Alaskan weather.

Choosing what to put on your Alaska cruise packing list does not need to be difficult or overwhelming. You simply want an idea of what you need. And for your convenience, just about everything can be purchased online.

If this is your first visit to Alaska, or even if not, read aboutthe 9 things to know before traveling to Alaska!

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What To Pack For An Alaskan Cruise

Every review you will read will tell you to wear layersand this is so true!

My Alaskan cruise ranged from 85 degrees and sunny to bitter cold and freezing. You just never know what the weather will be like, and its drastically different in the towns then it is on the ship.

Im a list person and I found it to be very helpful to make a few lists of what youre doing or where youre going and plan your outfits from there.

Start a list of 4 categories

  • Ship Attire

Make a separate list for each place you stop. One for ship attire, and then one for each port .

Hopefully, by now youve chosen what excursions you are going to do or what your plans are for each port. This is almost necessary before you can choose what to wear!

Walking around town doing some light shopping will require WAY different clothing than taking a helicopter to a glacier and playing with sled dogs

Dont forget to follow on for more cruising tips and advice!

Packing For An Alaskan Cruise You Need To Bring All The Things

What to Pack For a Alaska Cruise – Clothes Edition

Packing for my Alaskan cruise was one of the hardest things I had to do! Every review you read talks about how it can be hot, it can be cold, it can be rainy, etc. And thats just at the ports.

Then you need to think about what to wear on the ship which includes everything from casual wear to dressy dinner attire.

So where do you even start!?!? And thats just the clothing. Then theres a whole list of essential items you need to bring on your Alaskan cruise too! Arrgghh!!

I got you covered there too! For packing tips on what items you NEED to bring on your cruise, check out: Cruise Packing Essentials.

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What To Pack For An Alaskan Cruise: 10 Essential Packing Items

Categories Alaska

It can be quite tricky to figure out what to pack for an Alaska cruise. Compared to other cruises, Alaskan cruises are quite different. With other cruises, you can expect consistent temperatures throughout the trip, but on an Alaskan cruise, the climate can vary dramatically and youll want to be prepared for those changes as well as any activities youre interested in.

During the cruise in the Last Frontier, youll come across a drastic change in the temperature from morning to night. Hence, it is best to be prepared for different types of weather.

When packing for the cruise, start with the essentials you would need for any other trip, including casuals, accessories, dinner attire, toiletries, and technology accessories. If you are leaving soon and dont know what to wear, heres a list of things you should pack for the cruise.

Remember to buy travel insurance before you embark on the journey.

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