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Captain Andy’s Dinner Cruise Kauai

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Capt Andys Star Na Pali Dinner Sunset Sail

Star Na Pali Dinner Sunset Sail – 2021 – Captain Andy’s Sailing

After checking in and being assigned a color, the staff told us to wait around the office until they called our color. Two trips were leaving, and you wanted to make sure you got on the correct boat.

Once our group was together and we had one last chance for a bathroom break, we walked to the dock. If youre concerned, there are two full bathrooms onboard which are very nice.

Before leaving, we received the safety speech and a breakdown of what the afternoon would be like. The first 2 hours of the trip would be a sail around the Kauai coast until eventually reaching Na Pail. The seas were a little choppy so they wouldnt serve any food or drinks until we got to calmer water.

Sharon and I grabbed bench space at the front of the boat. While the southwestern side of Kauai is mostly former plantations, it provided a lovely backdrop with the blue skies.

As we got towards the northern turn, the waves got higher. The people standing against the rail were in the splash zone and some other guests headed to the stern while some of us stayed up front for the ride. We stayed well clear of where the waves were breaking before the shore.

Eventually, the ride evened out and we caught our first look at the coast.

We did turn towards the coast to get a closer look. You can see the other boat already there. Thats how large the mountains are.

We stayed for a while, looking at the scenery, and headed back. While the waves were down, the dinner service started.

Captain Andys Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail

A four-hour trip along the Napali Coast on a 55-foot catamaran delivers gorgeous views of the afternoon sun, dusk and twilight as sunset paints the sky in golden, pink and purple tones throughout your boat ride. Captain Andys Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail includes a full dinner onboard, and youre likely to spot plenty of sea life. With daily departures from Port Allen and suitability for kids age 3 and up, this tour is great for families.

The Most Popular Tour On Kauai: Captain Andys Napali Coast Catamaran Snorkel Tour

In the past Ive been pretty vocal that the Zodiac ocean rafts that leave from Hanalei are the better way to see the famed Napali Coast. But the catamarans that leave from Port Allen are sooooooo recommended and Captain Andys Napali Coast Catamaran Snorkel Tour is hands down the most popular tour on Kauai. So I decided that on my last trip to Kauai, Id go sailing with Captain Andys so I could really compare the two.

Well I wont leave you waiting longthe north shore boat tours are still my favorite way to see the Napali Coast, but the Captain Andys cruise was really fun and there are definitely times where its a better option.

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Options For Na Pali Coast Boat Tours

Something important to note when booking your Na Pali Coast boat tour is that tours depart from different locations even though they are going to the same place.

Tours depart from the North Shore and West/Southwest Kauai in summer. Plus, in the summer or during calm conditions, you can snorkel and visit caves along the coast. Some companies offer sunset snorkel tours, but this is rare in winter.


Boat rides only start from Port Allen in Eleele in winter the season typically goes from mid-September to mid-May. The waters are too rough to depart from the North in the winter so they depart further down the coast.

To get to Port Allen, it is a long drive from the North Shore of Kauai because you must drive around the island. There is no road directly from the North to the West of Kauai.

Consider the location of your accommodation when booking a Na Pali coast tour in winter. You should either schedule your boat tour while on the South Shore or be willing to make the long drive over.

Combining a morning exploring Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park with a Na Pali sunset dinner cruise would be a great way to get to know the island of Kauai.

Additionally, you should book your Na Pali Coast boat tour early in your trip in the event it is rescheduled due to bad weather. In the winter, this is a common occurrence.

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Napali Sunset Cruise Review

SouthwesternWineGuy: Captain Andy Sunset Wine Cruise

As I mentioned previously, I went on Captain Andys Napali Sunset Dinner Cruise , and it was an incredible experience. The Na Pali sunset tour was well organised and the crew were faultless.

As we set off on our way towards the Na Pali Coast the crew started serving beverages, such as wine, Sneaky Tikis and soft drinks.

Enjoy the views of Niihau, another Hawaiian island, as you leave the port and head up the coast. Along the way, you pass Polihale State Park, which is a beach only accessed by 4x4s on a remote dirt road. Therefore, the boat ride provides a unique opportunity to see Polihale beach that is normally difficult to access.

There was plenty of space on the catamaran for those who wanted to sit at the calmer back of the boat and for those who did not mind the bumps and getting a bit wet at the front.

Upon approaching the Na Pali coast, the captain will tell stories of the area so you can learn about movies filmed there and the coasts history. This point is the moment to get your cameras out as you pass closely by the Na Pali Coast and then on the way back you may get a panoramic view.

The scenery is unlike anything you will have ever witnessed and certainly something you will remember for years to come. The jagged rocks frame the white sand beaches at the foot of its lush valley.

The boat will dock shortly after sunset and that is the end of your Kauai sunset cruise to the Na Pali Coast.

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Kauai Sea Tours Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour

If your idea of a good time involves drinks on deck while enjoying gorgeous views of local wildlife, the Kauai Sea Tours Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour, available from December through March, may be the Kauai boat trip for you. The luxurious 40-foot express catamaran departs from Port Allen and can reach speeds of up to 30 knots. Kids age 3 and up can count how many dolphins they spot from the deck as parents enjoy a cocktail during the ride. Complimentary beer, wine and snacks keep you relaxed during your journey.

From exploring the dramatic cliffs off Kauais Napali Coast to snorkeling near a forbidden island, Kauai boat tours satisfy your need for adventure. Start planning your trip by booking a Kauai ocean-view villa at Koloa Landing Resort.

Na Pali Pirates Rafting Tour

Designed for Kauai visitors who like their adventures wet and wild, the Na Pali Pirates Rafting Tour takes you in a 14-guest Zodiac boat all along the Napali Coast, stops for snorkeling in pristine Pacific waters and delves deep into mysterious sea caves that larger boats cant reach. You might even dip underneath a waterfall. This tour leaves from Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor and is suitable for kids age 3 and up for an exciting family adventure.

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Kipu Kai Cruise Photos

Beautiful Lawai Kai Beach is part of Allerton Garden.

Some of the many resorts in Poipu.

The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa.

A unique perspective of the cliff at Shipwrecks.

Mahaulepu Trail

Approaching Kipu Kai

Another Capt. Andys boat. The waters can be choppy headed towards Kipu Kai. For the return trip its smoother sailing with the sail up. Bring a light jacket as it can get cool, wet and windy during the cruise.

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Dinner Cruise On Napali Coast

Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail – 2021 – Captain Andy’s Sailing

Four of us went on the sailing/dinner cruise to the Napali coast. the boat, crew and food were fantastic. This was the second time we did thistle cruise and we highly recommend it. The food was good, and they were very attentive! Kudos to the company.


Signed up for the “Star Dinner Sunset Sail” and arrived at the designated check-in time. When we signed in at the office there was an issue with the sign-in that our guide wasn’t aware of. After 10 minutes, it turned out the sail had been cancelled due to issues with the boat.- We received multiple texts and emails leading up to the day, but when it was cancelled there was no advance notice. We wasted an hour driving there.- No back-up options for the sail, other than to reschedule.- The guide didn’t have an alternative options for us in the area to do, so we wound up going home.It’s easy to provide good service when everything is working, but Capt Andy’s failed when they encountered an issue.

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Captain Andys Napali Coast Catamaran Snorkel Tour

Here are the details from my trip with Captain Andy:

The excursion I did with Captain Andys was the 5.5 hour cruise leaving from Port Allen on Kauais south side. It took roughly 20 minutes from the Grand Hyatt to get to the dock.

Our cruise left at 8AM and returned at 1:30PM, but we were advised to check in by 7:15AM.

At the rendezvous point, theres plenty of parking and a huge shop with water, sunscreen, merch, bathrooms, etc. Its a big time operation, folks. And they have all of the amenities you would expect.

We scanned a QR code from a sign in the parking lot to check in and at 7:30 they texted or emailed out boarding passes. The boarding passes were really just colors that sort everyone onto the right boats. There were 3 catamarans loading at the same time so it was a LOT of people milling about. Our color group followed a guide down to the dock where we left our shoes in a bin and boarded group by group.

For this tour, Captain Andys sails huge catamarans with 3 crew members plus the Captain. We boarded quickly and then the captain gave one of the most extensive safety/procedure speeches Ive ever heard on a boat trip.

We set sail right at 8AM. From Port Allen we sailed clockwise around the island. It took us ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES before we even reached the tail end of the Napali Coast, which is generally considered to be Polihale Beach. We mostly sailed past the dry, not super scenic part of Kauai .

Blue Dolphin Charters Niihau And Napali Coast Snorkeling Tour

If your family is just as fascinated by whats under the water as what you can see from deck, the Blue Dolphin Charters Niihau and NaPali Coast Snorkeling Tour offers plenty of access to underwater fun. The 7.5 hour tour takes you to the forbidden island of Niihau, where you can swim or snorkel offshore in water that has up to 150 feet of visibility. A tropical continental breakfast and deli-style lunch come included to help fuel your under-the-waves adventures. Boat trips on Blue Dolphin Charters set sail from Port Allen and accommodate kids as young as age 5. Mai tais and other drinks are available onboard for guests over age 21.

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Catamaran Kahanu Kauai Whale Watching Tour

From March through December is prime whale watching season, and theres no better way to spot these gentle offshore giants than from a catamaran cruise. The two-hour Catamaran Kahanu Kauai Whale Watching Tour takes you out on the water, where you can see humpback whales breach and frolic off the coast. Youre also likely to spot dolphins and sea turtles during your journey. The tour leaves from Port Allen, and snacks are available during your trip along the Napali Coast. Kids age 5 and up are welcome onboard.

Where To Take A Sunset Cruise On Kauai

Capt. Andy

Kauai offers endless beauty and plenty of activities for all who grace its shores. On Kauai, you might find yourself dipping your toes in the soft sands and crystal-clear waters, mingling with the locals over some authentic Hawaiian cuisine or picking out a unique souvenir from a shop near your Kauai rentals. At the end of a long day of sightseeing, though, theres no better way to finish off the evening than with a sunset tour on Kauai! Here are a few of the most popular local services for you to consider, all near our Kauai rentals.

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So Should You Do A North Shore Boat Tour Or A South Side Catamaran Tour

Do a north shore zodiac tour if 1) youre going April to October-ish when theyre offered 2) you can drive up to Hanalei early or youre staying in the area 3) you want the very best Napali Coast boat experience including see the whole things, going into the sea caves, etc. 4) youre okay with more of an adventure experience instead of a day cruise experience. Read more about the north shore boat tours here.

Do the south side catamaran tour if 1) youre staying in Poipu and cant handle driving up to Hanalei early 2) youre going with kids who want to snorkel, swim, jump off the boat, bounce on the trampolines 3) youre okay with seeing the highlights of the coast and dont need to see the whole thing 4) you want a more relaxing experience although thats debatable and be prepared for a rough ride either way

Now, there are quite a few options out of the Port Allen area including other companies and other Napali versions that Captain Andys offers , but the trip I took with Captain Andys was VERY recommendable.

You can find the exact trip that Ive described here. It cost $185/adult and $165/child. And dont forget to take cash to tip the crew!

Plan Your Next Adventure

During your trip to Kauai, be sure to set aside an evening to enjoy one of these sunset excursions! Then, return to your Waipouli vacation rentals to wind down and get ready for another incredible day of sightseeing ahead tomorrow! Ready to make your dream vacation a reality? Contact us today to get started!

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Holo Holo Charters Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel And Sail

Visit secluded sea caves, wind your way along the Napali coastline and spot gorgeous waterfalls tumbling from 4,000-foot cliffs on this sailing adventure. Known as one of the top three boat tours on Kauai, the Holo Holo Charters Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel and Sail tour departs from Port Allen and takes you on a 50-foot sailing catamaran along Kauais coast to find the perfect snorkeling spot, where you can enter the water via the vessels onboard waterslide. After the snorkeling session, the catamaran spends some time sailing by wind power alone, eschewing the engines to give you a classic sailing experience. This trip is suitable for children age 5 and up.

Makana Charters And Tours

Capt. Andy’s Na Pali Sunset Dinner Cruise

Get an intimate view of the Napali Coast on the Makana Charters and Tours 12 Passenger Catamaran Tour. You spend 5 hours on the water, including time snorkeling in the pristine waters off Kauais Napali Coast. Because the tour is limited to 12 guests age 9 and up, you get a less crowded, more personal experience. All Makana Charters boat tours leave from Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor on the west side of the island, so you spend more time exploring and less time traveling from the home port to your destination.

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Kauai Sea Tours Napali Coast Snorkel Tour Raft Adventure

Get up close to everything from marine wildlife to coastal formations on the Kauai Sea Tours Napali Coast Snorkel Tour Raft Adventure. The raft vessel is designed to navigate into places where larger boats cant travel, so this tour takes you into hidden sea caves and under a thrilling waterfall shower. This tour also includes time spent snorkeling under the waves. The company, which provides daily trips out of Port Allen, also offers a raft adventure to Nualolo Kai Beach, an isolated location that only a few Kauai boat tours are permitted to visit. Kids as young as age 3 are welcome on this raft tour along the Napali Coast.

Which Boat Is Best For A Na Pali Coast Tour

Hopefully, the above sections have helped you decide which type of Napali Coast tour is right for you, out of morning and evening, and winter and summer.

Once you have made this choice, you need to decide on the type of boat. There are boats such as zodiacs/rafts and varying sizes of catamarans.

I chose the Star Dinner Sunset Sail with Capt Andys, which uses a 65 luxury catamaran. The benefit of a large catamaran is that it does not feel the bumps of the waves as much as a raft does. Additionally, there is more space to spread out around the boat, so it is not too cramped.

I chose not to do a Na Pali snorkel tour because I wanted to go on an afternoon tour that would offer optimal light to view and photograph the coast.

For more information on Capt Andys boats, click here to read their Frequently Asked Questions. Read on to learn more about the Napali sunset cruise and my review of Capt Andys.

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