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3 Or 4 Day Cruises

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What To Expect On A 4 Day Caribbean Cruise

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1. Accommodations on a 4 Day Caribbean Cruise

As you might suspect, your cabin will not be as big as your bedroom .

Therefore, sleeping in a cruise ship cabin with three of four family members , will take some getting used to. .

You are better able to survive those accommodations on a 4 day Caribbean cruise than on a 7 day family cruise.

If you choose a cruise suite for your family, you will have more spacious accommodations.

2. Fellow Guests on a 4 Day Caribbean Cruise

Inclusive family Caribbean cruises tend to be crowded. While you will not stumble over each other, you will “run into” hundreds of fellow passengers. For those of you and your family members who may have an issue with too many people in one place – repeatedly – it will be easier to get through 4 days at sea than a longer sailing.

Please do not misunderstand me – the cruise experience is great and Caribbean cruise ships are big. Therefore, you will have adequate space to get around. However, the fact is that there are hundreds of guests onboard cruise liners – bigger ships now carry thousands – and you will definitely notice the number of people on board, especially at the pools or the buffets.

3. Food on a 4 Day Caribbean Cruise

If you have not read my webpage about Cruise Food, then you should. There is an abundance of food. Some cruise ships have several restaurants conveniently located in several spots onboard your Caribbean cruise liner.

4. Ports of Call on a 4 Day Caribbean Cruise

Ready to book?

Royal Caribbean Cruises Highlights

  • An incredible company that has been in operation since 1969.
  • A well-known name in the cruise line industry, with service standards that accompany their length of time in the industry.
  • Winner of a plethora of service awards, including “Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean,””Best Cruise Line Overall,” and “Best Cruise Ship Symphony of the Seas.”
  • Amazing rooms in various sizes available for all of your accommodation needs and party sizes.
  • Breathtaking views, offering you uninterrupted views of the water, the shores, and all of the beautiful sights of each destination.
  • Unmatched customer service to make your trip a relaxing and unforgettable experience.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides to accompany you to places that you might have never heard of.
  • Lots of space to explore and get to know the ship.

Find Your Perfect 3 Day Cruise

Your best 3 day cruise is closer than you think! Take advantage of our peerless price prediction to get clear recommendations on whether you should book now or wait for fares to decrease. Found a sailing you love? Set a free price alert to be notified in real time if prices change. Or explore our library of cruise tips and expert advice to get the most out of your next short cruise!


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Should I Pick Allure Of The Seas

Allure of the Seas stands apart from the other cruise ships offering weekend sailings in that she is an Oasis Class ship. The Oasis Class ships are the largest in Royal Caribbeans fleet and are famous for their Central Park neighborhood, open-air Boardwalk, countless dining venues, and unique onboard activities and entertainment.

A 3-night cruise on Allure of the Seas will almost certainly be the type of sailing where the ship is considered the destination. Whether dining outdoors in Central Park, watching impressive acrobatics and diving in the AquaTheater, or zip lining over the Boardwalk, its unlikely a weekend will be enough time to explore the entire ship!

One important distinction to note before booking a weekend cruise on Allure of the Seas is that she has a few differences compared to other Oasis Class cruise ships. While she was scheduled to be amplified in 2020, her amplification has been postponed. Therefore she does not have many features you will find on other ships offering weekend cruises, including water slides, an upgraded pool deck, and new restaurants and bars.

Shorter Cruises Often Have A Younger Crowd


Cruises are often mistaken for being nothing but older folks. Maybe that was the case decades ago, but its not the case now. Youll find a wide variety of ages on any cruise.

One of the big factors that will determine the age of your fellow passengers is the time of year you sail. Sail during Spring Break and youll find a number of families and college students. Sail when school is in session and there are fewer younger folks.

Its similar with shorter cruises. Because they often cost less and mean taking less time off, you will often find these trips appeal to a younger crowd who have less money to spend on a vacation.

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Best Weekend Cruise Itineraries

If youre looking to hop a ship for a few nights, you cant just sail from anywhere to anywhere. Its not like booking a hotel. Thanks to the complicated Passenger Vessel Services Act, foreign-flagged cruise ships cannot leave port, sail in circles with their casinos, shops and spas open, then return back to port two nights later. Nor can they hop from one U.S. city to another. Ships need to call in another country before heading back which limits where you can sail on a weekend cruise.

The most popular weekend cruises sail from Miami, Port Canaveral or Palm Beach in Florida, to the Bahamas, with one or two stops in Nassau, Freeport or the cruise lines private island. Consider it a quick dash to the beach ironic because you have to get to a warm-weather, coastal area to meet your ship in the first place.

On the Pacific Coast, weekend cruises from Los Angeles, San Diego or Long Beach in California head to Ensenada, Mexico for a quick getaway. Farther north, you might find a short repositioning sailing between Seattle or San Francisco and Vancouver, British Columbia at the beginning or end of the Alaska cruise season.

Weekend cruises from New York or other East Coast ports like Boston or Baltimore dont really exist because two or three nights is not enough time to get to Canada, Bermuda or the Bahamas and back again.

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Weekend Cruise Departure Ports

Most of Royal Caribbeans regularly scheduled weekend cruises leave from the ports of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, or Los Angeles.

Due to the Passenger Vessel Services Act , all foreign-flagged ships departing from the United States must include an itinerary stop in a country other than the United States.

This severely limits options for weekend cruises, as any US port offering 2 and 3-night cruises must be able to travel to and from a secondary country in a short amount of time. Cruises departing from New York , for example, often visit northeast Canada, but this tends to require a 4-night minimum travel time round-trip.

Therefore, you will see weekend cruises leaving from ports closest to other countries. In Royal Caribbeans case, Florida ports have quick access to the Bahamas whereas Los Angeles is just a short distance from Mexico.

On some occasions you may find weekend cruises leaving from other ports around the world, such as Southampton, England and Haifa, Israel, although these tend to be more of a one-time cruise than a weekly itinerary choice.

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Will There Be A Sea Day

The majority of weekend cruises departing from Florida do not have a sea day, although you may occasionally run into an itinerary with one day at sea. Weekend cruises tend to be port-intensive, meaning they stop in a new port each day.

The exception is with cruises departing from the Port of Los Angeles on Navigator of the Seas. Weekend cruises on Navigator of the Seas have a full day at sea prior to a port day in Ensenada, Mexico. A sea day is perfect for trying the newly amplified ships upgraded features, including the longest waterslide at sea and The Lime & Coconut Bar.

If your weekend cruise itinerary does not include a sea day, that does not mean you have to disembark the ship in each port you visit. Many passengers opt to spend one of the port days onboard instead of in port so they can make the most of the cruise ships activities, dining, and amenities.

A Quick & Easy Escape

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The Margaritaville at Sea Paradise is the only 3-day and 2-night cruise sailing from the Port of Palm Beach to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island. On this floating island vacation, you can relax, unwind, enjoy the endless opportunities of entertainment, soak up the sun and cruise in casual-luxe comfort.


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Which Length Cruise Is Best

As you might have guessed, different length cruises have their pros and cons. Theres no set length that is perfect. If youre a younger passenger who wants to have a fun time that wont cost a fortune, then we think youd be better off with a shorter cruise. If, however, you want to relax and visit more exotic ports, then youll most likely be happier with a longer cruise.

Either way, there are some definite differences between what youll experience on a short cruise versus a longer one.

Pros And Cons Of Weekend Cruises

Weekend cruises only work if you live within easy driving distance of a departure port. That way, you can still work half a day on Friday and simply arrive back to work a little late on Monday .

If you need to fly or drive many hours to your departure port, youre looking at more of a long weekend with a day or two of time off from work required. However, if you have a flexible schedule or work off hours, a weekend cruise is definitely doable.

Weekend cruises have many benefits, the obvious one being they do not require missing much school or work. Theyre more affordable than a longer cruise, so they can be great for folks on a budget. You can tack them onto a longer vacation in Florida or California to combine two trips into one.

These short trips are also a great way to rack up points toward elite status on your favorite cruise line, especially if you book a suite that earns you extra points.

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The drawbacks are the lack of choice in destination and cruise line. You wont be able to try every restaurant or attraction on board your cruise ship because you simply wont have enough time.

If you party hard, get sunburned or wear yourself out with lots of active shore excursions, you might come home exhausted instead of well rested and not ready to return to the office on Monday.

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Pro: Ability To Splurge

A shorter cruise can be a great time to splurge on things like drink packages, shore excursions, and specialty dining. Knowing you dont have to budget for a full weeks vacation might make you more willing to pay for a few extras to enhance the cruise experience.

Spending $100 for a shore excursion in Nassau may not seem as bad when you dont have 3 or 4 other ports to visit. Likewise, booking a specialty dinner at Chops, Izumi Hibachi, or Jamies Italian can be a nice way to splurge while still having a fantastic weekend getaway.

Overview Of My Family’s Cruise Experiences

Charitybuzz: 3

Our first inclusive family Caribbean cruise was a 5-day Western Caribbean sailing out of Tampa, Florida. We visited Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Cozumel, Mexico and Nassau, Bahamas aboard the Carnival Sensation.

We were so impressed with our cruising experience that we wowed never again to sail for less than 5 days.

My family’s next cruise was a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise via Carnival Glory. What a “glory” it was! However, by day 6 of the cruise, we were ready to go home. That was strange!

I do not know what it was.

The ship was great and so was the food, activities and amenities. The ports of call were also fine. We visited Costa Maya, Cozumel, Belize City and Nassau. There was only one of those stops that we thought a little sad – Belize City – because we could not see what the government was doing with the tourist revenue.

The city, especially the roads, appeared to be in need of some much needed “repair.”

Anyway, our next cruise was another 7 day cruise – this time to the Eastern Caribbean – and we had a ball!

We did all of these cruises before the 4-day sailing.

Based on our experiences, I believe that if your family is cruising for the first time to the Caribbean, you should choose a 3 or 4 day Caribbean cruise.

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Travel Tips

  • A brand name that you know and can trust.
  • Industry master, with over 50 years of experience and operation in the cruise line sector.
  • They provide an incredible travel experience to all ages and have amazing amenities to help heighten your experience.
  • Rock walls, surfing, and even waterparks to offer you something unique that you won’t find on any other cruise ship.
  • Simply unpack and settle in once, then relax into your stateroom for the remainder of your trip.
  • Our fast processes for embarkation and disembarkation give guests even more time to explore and allow for quicker access to the ship to reach anything you may need from us or your room.
  • Incredible staterooms and suites to offer you the most relaxing experience while onboard.
  • Incredible personalized experience designed to provide a family-like atmosphere.
  • The industry’s most knowledgeable cruise managers and guides, providing you with the best guided experiences in the cruise market.
  • Varied excursions available including everything from walking tours to guided biking tours, hikes, and more.

Cruise Lines Sailing 2

You can count on Bahamas Paradise/Margaritaville at Sea for a quick weekend cruise fix, but thats a one-ship cruise line sailing an older, refurbished ship. From the major cruise lines, most of the big-ship lines offer a consistent schedule of three-night cruises. The higher-end, luxury lines rarely offer a sailing that short.

Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean all offer three-night Bahamas cruises from Florida to Nassau and/or the lines private island. Departure ports include Miami, Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale.

Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean also take care of West Coast folks with three-night sailings from southern California to Ensenada, Mexico.

You can count on those lines to offer entire seasons of short sailings. A few other lines, such as Holland America or Princess Cruises, will offer the occasional repositioning sailing along the Pacific Coast between San Francisco or Seattle and Vancouver. Sometimes those short cruises will fall over a weekend, allowing you that quick getaway without missing work.

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Bahamas Cruises From Miami

Get ready for fun in the sun when you cruise to the Bahamas from Miami for 3-days, aboard Norwegian Sky! Only Norwegian gives you more choices of what to do and see on your vacation with the freedom an flexibility of Freestyle Cruising. Whether you are looking for the perfect Labour Day Cruise or a reason to escape for the weekend, your possibilities are as open as the sea. Dress up or down. Swim with dolphins. Sip on coconuts. The perfect weekend vacation awaits. Interested in cruising longer? Try our 4- and 5-Day Cruises.

NEW! The Most Extensive Ship Refurbishment of 2019

Weve made extensive enhancements to provide you with an all-new, all-inclusive, elevated experience. From fully renovated staterooms to new dining options, bars and lounges, there is plenty to rediscover. When the sun goes down, head up to the top of the ship to the all-new Pinnacle Lounge & Sushi Bar for fresh sushi rolls, signature cocktails and gorgeous sunset views. Swing by the new, high-energy Bliss Ultra Lounge to show off your dance moves. Craving a Venti with an extra shot and double whip to keep you going all day? Well, now we have a full-service Starbucks® on board! So, come join the celebration and get to know the all-new, Norwegian Sky.

Great Stirrup Cay: Your Own Private Island

Carnival Cruise Ship Returns To Florida Port For 3 And 4 Day Cruises

Day 3 Royal Caribbean Cruise Bahamas

Carnival Liberty is back in Port Canaveral where the cruise ship will homeport and sail three and four day cruises to the Bahamas.

The Carnival cruise ship arrived at Terminal 3 in Port Canaveral earlier this week after sailing the past several weeks from the Cruise Capital of the World, PortMiami. Carnival Liberty had been replacing Carnival Horizon after the cruise ship needed an emergency dry dock.

Were so excited to finally get Carnival Liberty back to her home at Port Canaveral. Shes an important part of our guest offering from an important port in our network, said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy. Our successful restart is possible thanks to the support of our loyal guests and valued business partners like the team at Port Canaveral.

Carnival Libertys four days cruises from Port Canaveral will visit Nassau and either Bimini, Freeport, or Princess Cays. The three day cruises will have one port stop in Nassau.

Both the three and four day cruises will have two sea days.

Carnival Liberty is scheduled to sail out of Port Canaveral through at least April 2024.

Learn the cruise secrets most people don’t know and cruise like a boss. Check out Intelligent Cruiser here for a better cruise vacation.

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Pros And Cons Of A Short Bahamas Cruise

Pro You do not need to use up too much vacation time, as these sailings last only a few days. Many 3-day cruises run Friday to Monday, so you may not even need to use any vacation days if you have a flexible work schedule.

Con You may still need to fly or drive depending on your location, which could add extra travel days, so be sure to factor in travel to and from the port when planning your vacation.

Pro- You will not invest too much time if you do not end up liking the cruise, and you can always book another one while onboard if you become hooked!

Con- You might walk away from this short cruise wanting more. After all the planning, packing, and traveling to the port, three days might seem like too short of a vacation.

Pro- If you time things right, you can get a great deal on these short cruises. Cruise lines need to fill these ships every few days, so they do run sales and promotions frequently.

Con If you do not have flexible vacation time or need to plan around school breaks, the per day pricing for a short cruise will be on par to other cruises of longer length.

Pro You have the ability to test out a new cruise line with low stakes. Most major cruise lines now offer at least one or two ships that routinely do short sailings, so even if you are a cruiser, a short cruise might be just the ticket you need to try something new.

Pro Short cruises include most of the same daily activities, entertainment, and dining that you would find on a longer cruise.

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