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Is There Wifi On Cruise Ships

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Is There Any Discount On Royal Caribbean Wifi Package

Carnival Cruise WiFi – Is It Worth It?

You can purchase Royal Caribbean WiFi package, Voom, on the cruise ship or pre-purchased prior to the cruise.

You can purchase it online 72 hours prior to your embarkation day.

  • Log in to My Cruises at the Royal Caribbean web site
  • Go to the Cruise Planner
  • Click the Internet Package tab
  • Find the advertised discount
  • Royal Caribbean regularly offers a discount on its Voom internet packages via the Cruise Planner. The company says pre-purchase is up to 30% off .

    Pro Tip: keep visiting Royal Caribbeans Cruise Planner page and find the best price for you. You will find the inforamtion of RCCL internet packages.

    One thing I would like to tell you is the risk of the weather. When the typhoon hit, there was no internet access on the cruise ship. Voom internet works with satellite. It is affected by the weather.

    When there is no WiFi signal for any reason, you can visit the Internet Desk on the cruise ship. It is normally situated on the same floor as the reception. The Internet Desk manager will sort out the request you need to change.

    For family cruisers, Royal Caribbean occasionally offers kids cruise free promotions. Kids sail free cruises greatly help you save money on a family vacation.

    How To Use Royal Caribbean Wifi

    Setting up Voom internet access is fairly easy. First, you turn on WiFi on your device and select Royal WiFi login. You will find an option for creating an internet account. It enables you to select a particular internet plan. The internet access is integrated into the room number. It is also associated with the onboard personal account. The charge will be applied to the room account.

    And Its Becoming More Affordable

    At many lines, the old pay-by-the-minute system that could leave even modest internet users with sky-high bills is giving way to simpler and more affordable all you can browse plans. The highest-speed version of Royal Caribbeans Voom connection currently costs $19.99 per day for one device. In the old days of 75 cents-a-minute pricing, that same amount of money would have gotten you just 27 minutes of web time. Royal Caribbean also offers a slower-speed version of Voom that cant support streaming for $15.99 per day for one device. For both packages, there are discounts for adding more devices.

    Another line bringing down costs dramatically is Carnival. At the very low end, it now offers a Social Wi-Fi plan that allows access to all the key social sites as well as messaging services such as WhatsApp, for just $8 a day. A slightly more expensive Value Wi-Fi plan, at $12 per day, adds access to email and most websites. The lines top-tier Premium Wi-Fi plan, at $17 per day, triples the speed of the Value plan and adds access to VoIP calling on messaging apps and Skype . Passengers who pay for a plan in advance of sailing get a 15% discount. That knocks the price of the top-tier Premium plan to just $14.45 per day.

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    Companies Free Wifi Not Always Included

    Grand Circle

    Grand Circle does not specifically state that all of its vessels feature free or complimentary WiFi. The wording on Grand Circles website states the following:

    Whether or not youll have internet access depends largely on your hotels or ships. In general, however, your Program Director will be able to tell you where to find an internet café during your trip.

    Uniworld features free WiFi only on select ships.

    Service may be briefly interrupted in remote areas, while sailing, or when moving through locks, and the speed will likely be slower than what you are used to back home.

    Free WiFi is not available in China or Southeast Asia as mentioned above.

    Does Royal Caribbean Provide Wifi

    A 5

    Is there wifi on cruise ships or wifi at sea? The answer is yes! Royal Caribbean provides internet service through WiFi at sea. You can stay connected with your personal computer, iPhone, iPad and smartphone.

    VOOMInternet is wireless internet. Voom is Royal Caribbeans high-speed internet service. The company offers the industrys fastest internet service. Royal Caribbean internet package, Voom, is currently available on every Royal Caribbean fleets.

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    The Internet On Cruise Ships

    The situation is now changing. The cruise industry can no longer ignore increasing consumer demands . The demand for the cruise internet is increasing. We need getting connected even in the middle of the sea. Stay connected is inevitable for everyone these days. Some cruise lines have started making a change. Royal Caribbean, Disney and Carnival are the game-changers!

    Royal Caribbean is a pioneer in terms of WiFi service on cruise ships. Royal Caribbeans Voom, cruise internet, is innovative. It is a high-speed internet service. It is currently the fastest in the industry and is unlimited usage.

    The highspeed internet service was something unimaginable a few years ago. Royal Caribbean has turned something impossible into possible at sea!

    Prevent From Automatically Uploading On Iphone And Mac

    You can disable the certain setting on your iPhone. You can save money. If you do not work on the setting properly, you will finish 50 MB within less than 10 minutes.

    Once you get off the ship, turn them back as they were before. But please keep antivirus app on if you have.

    • Software Updates
    • My Photo Stream
    • iTunes Disable auto updates
    • Location Services
    • iCloud Backup Important: if you are using iCloud Backup, remind you to turn it back after you get off the ship. Otherwise, you would lose a lot of pictures.
    • Mac Book Automatically check for Updates

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    How Can I Get Internet Access On My Royal Caribbean Cruise

    Guests with Wi-Fi enabled devices may connect at any time for “stem to stern” coverage from anywhere, including your stateroom.

    Connecting to Royal Caribbean’s Wi-Fi is just like at anywhere on land:

  • Log on to the to the network “royal-wifi” using your device.
  • Open a web browser and attempt to visit any web site.
  • The Royal Caribbean WiFi login page will appear, with options to purchase an internet package or allow guests that already have a package to login.
  • Portable Hotspots: Who Should Buy One

    5 Tips For Cruise Ship Internet And WiFi

    A portable hotspot is perfect for those who are likely to travel a lot and be a heavy user of the internet. The initial cost is quite high but if used frequently this should be worth it for the majority of people. That said, its very important to remember that the hotspot wont work when out at sea.

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    A Guide To Staying Connected During Your Cruise Holiday

    Along with some of the most popular holiday items like sun cream and sunglasses, more and more people are bringing laptops, tablets and smart phones onboard their cruise in order to stay connected with friends and family back home during their holiday.

    Thanks to the ever-improving technology on cruise ships, Wi Fi is now a relatively common facility onboard. So whether you want to speak to someone from home or upload photos of your cruising adventure, this guide is designed to tell you about all the latest internet information onboard.

    Overview Of Each Cruise Line Wi

    Viking Ocean

    Viking offers free Wi-Fi across all its cruise ships, with a VSAT satellite connection which is one of the best solutions for ocean cruising. The Wi-Fi reaches an average speed of 50mbps download and 8mbps upload, though guests are advised to download content prior to your sailing as the bandwidth can not be fully guaranteed.

    Regent Seven Seas Cruises

    Free, unlimited Wi-Fi is included on all Regent sailings, with one login provided for each suite. These can be used across a number of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops for ease of use.

    The cruise line has recently increased its bandwidth to make internet more accessible, similar to a home network, with the average speed reaching 50 mbps.


    When sailing on-board the MS Europa 2 all guests will receive free Wi-Fi for one hour, after which they are charged 0.19 per minute. Those staying in selected suites can enjoy free internet at all times, with each guest able to have a maximum of two devices online at any time. Hapag-Lloyds Wi-Fi reaches an average speed of 5mbps.

    Silversea Cruises

    Silversea now offers free Wi-Fi to all guests on-board, with those booked into larger suites able to enjoy free, unlimited premium internet access for up to two guests. The average speed for Silverseas Wi-Fi reaches up to 2.9mbps.

    Crystal Cruises

    Crystal Cruises also offers complimentary Wi-Fi, however the speed only reaches 256bps, lending to its low place in the rankings!

    Seabourn Cruise Line

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    Ways To Get Free Wifi On Your Royal Caribbean Cruise

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Cruise ship wifi can be super expensive. Luckily, there are several ways that you can access the internet for free on Royal Caribbean cruise ships!

    So, put your wallet away and read on to find out how to get free wifi on your next Royal Caribbean cruise

    Internet Via Satellite Will Never Be As Reliable As Your Broadband At Home

    Is there WIFI on cruise ships?

    It’s the sad truth: Internet at sea, when provided by satellite service, is not going to be as reliable as on-land connections anytime soon. To understand why shipboard Internet isn’t comparable to the broadband you enjoy at home, you first need to understand the technology behind it. The big golf ball-shaped domes visible on top of cruise ships are protective shells that encase freely moving satellite antennae. These antennae transmit a signal from the ship to a satellite, which then sends a signal back down to earth.

    But the biggest limitation to reliability continues to be a clear path between the ship and the satellite. All the data being sent from the ship to the satellite and back has to traverse this pathway. In order for there to be a connection, the antenna needs to be pointing at, and have an unobstructed line of sight to, the satellite.

    But sometimes that pathway between the antenna and the satellite is blocked. In port, it might be that a tall building is directly in between the ship and satellite. In the Norwegian fjords, the tall mountains often block satellites, so don’t count on satellite reception there. It is also true that the ship itself can block a signal — on certain courses, the funnel or mast might be between the antenna and satellite.

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    Method One: Get Free Perks When You Book Your Cruise

    Royal Caribbean often offers free perks and incentives to encourage you to book a cruise. Sometimes, these special offers include free wifi packages and sometimes they include free onboard credit, which you can then use to buy a wifi package.

    Free onboard credit is a common incentive thats often used to encourage people to upgrade from an inside to an outside cabin, or from an outside to a balcony stateroom.

    If you happen to get free on-board credit when you book your cruise, its easy to use this to buy a wifi package just go to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and purchase the wifi with your on-board credit before you cruise.

    Its important to note that when free perks like free wifi are included in a cruise holiday, its often the case that the cruise fare is higher than if you were to book it outside of this promotional period.

    So, whilst it can seem that youre getting free wifi, you could actually be paying for it by paying more for your cruise overall.

    Verizon Wireless Mhs900l Ellipsis Jetpack

    As youd expect, the Verizon Wireless MHS900L Ellipsis Jetpack is offered through Verizon. That doesnt mean you need to have Verizon devices to use it, though you just need to purchase a monthly data plan through Verizon to use WiFi through the hotspot. The MHS900L Ellipsis Jetpack comes packed with 10 hours of continuous battery life and a black and white display to see all your usage information all in a small device that can fit in a pocket.

    • Needs an outside SIM card to connect to WiFi
    • Needs a plan through Verizon to utilise data
    • Relatively expensive compared to others
    • Limited connection amount
    • Limited battery life

    Although the MHS Ellipsis Jetpack needs a plan through Verizon to use data, its WiFi capabilities in hundreds of countries, coupled with its reliability, make it an excellent hotspot to consider.

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    The Race For Faster Wifi On Board Cruise Ships

    Top cruise liners are currently competing to offer the best high-speed internet connection to their guests who view on-board surfing a key necessity. But with connectivity at sea still patchy and expensive, who are the current leaders in speedy WiFi?

    ByEva Grey

    With summer approaching, the race between cruise lines in attracting passengers on their sunny decks is in full swing.

    Cruising continues to be a popular vacation choice for many, with demand increasing by 20% between 2011 and 2016 particularly from the US, China, Germany, the UK and Australia, according to a report by the Cruise Lines International Association .

    But the demographics of those who are taking new interest in cruising are fast changing as well. The same report found that 33% of those surveyed have a household income of less than $80,000, while river and small ship cruising continues to gain traction specifically among millennials.

    This, along with the expectation that 2018 will bring a rise in traveller-friendly on board technologies that enhance travel experiences, means it is easy to assume that customers now expect a reliable WiFi connection while on board, at an affordable price or even for free.


    AI related deals in the ship industry decreased in H1 2021

    On-board connectivity has been notoriously difficult until now. At sea, the Internet is provided mainly by way of satellites, and coverage so far has been patchy, slow, expensive, and a mainly a luxury associated with premium packages.

    Apps Offer An Alternative To Paid Wi

    Do cruise ships have good Wi-Fi?

    In recent years, a growing number of cruise lines have rolled out free apps for your phone that will let you make reservations for on-board restaurants, spa treatments and other services without ever leaving your Lido Deck lounge chair. On some ships operated by Carnival, you even can order beer and pizza to wherever you happen to be using an app.

    Many of these apps also will show you a schedule of daily activities, offer ship deck plans and sometimes port maps to help you get around, and let you check your onboard account statement in real time. On one of Celebrity Cruises newest ships, Celebrity Edge, you even can use an app to remotely open your cabin door, change channels on the television and turn off the lights.

    While all these apps work off the Wi-Fi systems on ships, the good news is they dont require the purchase of a plan to use. Nor do they come with any other sort of fee at least for most features. At Carnival, youll pay $5 per cruise to add a chat feature to the lines otherwise free HUB app that will let you communicate via text-like messages with other app-enabled passengers. Norwegian Cruise Line also requires passengers to pay a fee to use a messaging and calling feature of its Cruise Norwegian app.

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    Carnival Cruise Internet Cost

    • before the sailing convert your email settings to basic
    • if you’re planning to work online while sailing, discuss VPN limitations with your firm’s IT specialist .
    • packing checklist: WiFi-enabled laptop/mobile devices, power supply , data cables, headphones.
    • You can connect to a free WiFi when the ship is at call ports – ask some from the crew where. There’s also free WiFi on the ship, but it’s relatively slow .
    • phone calls from a Carnival ship cost $2 per minute . And remember:
    • 1 – the satellite Internet is a lot slower than the high-speed connection onshore . Tip: the onboard Internet speed is much better in the early morning and also around dinner times .
    • 2 – the onboard Internet access is not guaranteed at all times
    • 3 – “extremely slow”, “slower than dial-up”, “minutes are eaten pretty quickly”, “because of the connection sometimes not everything is sent”.
    • 4 – Verizon text message prices on cruise ships : sent and received .

    Carnival Wifi Fun Hub Website And Hub App

    The Fun Hub Carnival website can be accessed through Wi-Fi enabled devices. Guests must connect to the Carnival WiFi network and open an Internet browser. Fun Hub is also accessible at the complimentary Internet café locations with 24-hour access. Currently available on Carnival Breeze, Dream, Magic, Sunshine and Vista, the Fun Hub locations allow passengers free access to informative websites updated daily.

    The Fun Hub site details ships numerous activities, including:

    • daily events, youth programs, entertainment options
    • food and beverage offerings, venue descriptions, sample menus
    • itinerary and weather information
    • frequently asked questions.

    A filtering option assists in planning guests’ day. FunHub is available free of charge on any Internet Café Fun Hub computer or Wi-Fi device. Internet access to sites that are outside the Fun Hub is also available wirelessly and through all Fun Hub locations. Charges will apply.

    In August 2015, Carnival announced that the HUB app, offering passengers free access to onboard account balances, daily schedules, deck plans, dining info, and an innovative chat feature, had been so well received that it was scheduled to debut on all Carnival vessels by summer of 2016. Next in line, ready to welcome the HUB app, are Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, Carnival Pride, and Carnival Sunshine, by the end of 2015.

    At the following CruiseMapper link, you can compare the onboard Internet package pricing on Royal Caribbean and NCL vessels.

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