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How Much Is Wifi On Disney Cruise

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Wifi On Cruise Ships At Carnival

5 Tips For Cruise Ship Internet And WiFi

Carnival Cruises internet pricing is currently one of the best in the industry. Carnival currently has the worlds largest maritime satellite network. All Carnival Cruise fleets can provide internet service through satellite connection.

Carnival offers 3 WiFi plans .

The Social Plan To access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not for email, Skype or other internet pages to explore. Fees: $8 per day

Includes full website and email access.Fees: $16 per day

Fastest internet access. Skype and music streaming are available. Fees: $25 per day

  • If you only use WiFi for social media and do not need to check email and websites, the Social Plan is the best.
  • If you need to explore the websites and email, you need the Value Plan. The Premium Plan is 3 times faster than the Social Plan and the Value Plan.
  • If you purchase the WiFi plan Carnivals online in advance, you can save 20% off. You may receive this discount if you purchase the package on the embarkation day. Check it out with your cruise line.

*Prices are subject to change at any time.

Disney Cruise Tips Kids Club

The Kids Club on a Disney Cruise is out of this world! My kids begged to go to Kids Club each day. The space is huge and so creative on the Wonder, there was an Andys Room replica, a Wandering Oaks Trading Post replica, a Disney Junior room, a Marvel room, etc. etc. etc.

Even if you dont have kids, go to the open house on the first day and check it out! The whole space is amazing. This is also a great way to acclimate shy kids to the space. Youll get to go in with them so they can feel the space out.

And I briefly mentioned this earlier but the kids can eat in the Kids Club if theyd like to. Its the basic kid food . This is available for lunch and dinner.

There is also a Kids Club on Castaway Cay. My kids chose not to go, but it looked amazing almost like a water park. This is a great spot to drop-off if the adults in your party are doing the Castaway Cay 5K.

How To Stay In Contact On A Cruise Ship

If youre looking to unwind for a week or 2 aboard a cruise ship, you might not mind the idea of stashing away your phone or tablet in favor of a poolside paperback. But if you need to stay in touch while youre on board, the lack of a strong cell signal can turn your sense of secluded bliss into FOMO.

Dont worry: there are plenty of ways to stay connected while youre on a cruise ship. What option you choose depends on your budget, how much you need to use your device and whether you need to talk, text or go online. Follow these tips to create a cruise ship connectivity game plan that works for you.

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Disney Cruise Line Discounts

There are several other ways in which to get discounts on Disney cruises. For example, its possible to place a $250 placeholder fee that can be used on a cruise within the next two years. This lets you bank some of the costs ahead of time until you find a cruise within your budget.

Also, Disney will sometimes run promotions for Canadian residents, Florida residents, and military members. Each of these tends to be a flat percentage of the cost of the cruise.

These promotions are part of the special offers page on the Disney Cruise website, so be sure to check that out regularly.

How Much Data Will You Need

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise WiFi ...

Realistically, how many MB do you need to buy? With doing a quick email check and maybe posting a picture to Facebook every day, I could have gotten away with the free 50 MB. However, I ran into a little snafu with work and needed more data.

At first I bought the small package to fix my problem. That would have been sufficient, but then I ran into a bigger problem. The nice thing is that if you find you need more data, you can go back to the desk, and theyll add on a bigger package and you just pay the difference in package price. You dont have to buy an additional package.

After I told the nice cast member my problems, he took pity on me and gave me some more data for free. I really did visit him every day of the cruise, and he was a huge help. Hes only there during certain hours of the day, so check the schedule above. These hours are subject to change.

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Disney Cruise Navigator App: Everything You Need To Know

by Eric Freilich | Oct 5, 2021 | Disney Cruise Line

Learn how to use the Disney Cruise Navigator app before you embark.

A Disney Cruise is a magical experience for Disney fans of all ages. What better way to sail the high seas than with your favorite Disney characters? There is a lot to sea and do onboard, and the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app can help you plan and manage your trip, explore offerings on the ship, and stay in touch with your family and friends.

We most recently used the app during our last Disney Cruise in 2019, and while some features have changed since sailings have resumed, the Disney Cruise Navigator app is still a useful tool for cruisers to make sure they dont miss out on a moment of fun, especially as Disney casually moves us away from the printed versions of the daily Navigator.

Disney seems to be phasing out the printed daily Navigator. Photo by Bill Ryan

How To Connect At Sea Using Disney Cruise Wifi

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of my links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read the full disclosure policy.

Taking a cruise, but still need to connect to the real world? Take heart, Connect at Sea allows you to plug into your Disney cruise wifi. Here are some important details along with how to use it.

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How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost

Disney is one of the most iconic names in entertainment and vacations, being well-known for its high-quality service and all-inclusive experiences. This sterling reputation continues into their cruise line.

But, how much will a Disney cruise cost you? Are there any ways to help keep this cost down?

Lets look at what a Disney cruise offers for accommodations and what those accommodations will cost.

How Much Is A Disney Cruise Per Person

Explaining the Internet Packages on Disney Cruise Line

To find out how much you can expect to spend on the average Disney cruise, I had a look at the Disney cruises that are currently on sale. The new short cruises from the UK arent on sale yet, but Ill update this post when we have prices for those.

The price of a Disney cruise ranges from $705 per person for a two-night cruise from San Diego in an inside stateroom, to $10,440 per person for a 14-night Christmas cruise along the Panama Canal in a concierge stateroom with a verandah.

The average cost per person for a seven-night Disney cruise is $2,950 . This is based on two adults sharing a room with a verandah. If more than two people share a room, the per person cost will be less.

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Disney Cruise Wifi Cost

As of November 2019, wifi on the pay-as-you-go package is 25 cents per megabyte. If you are not certain how much wifi you will use, this could be a good starter. You have the option of purchasing a package at any time.

A small data package of 100MB is available for $19. This would be the optimal choice for someone that still wants to stay connected by checking email every so often.

The medium package provides 300MB for $39. If you plan on posting your vacation photos to Facebook or Instagram, this plan may be for you.

If you need to do more data-intensive work, the 1000MB plan at $89 would be your best choice. Data can be shared, so if there are several of you that want to stay connected, this plan may be sufficient.

Disney Cruise Organization Tips

This pains me to report but there were two big cruise organization hacks that I normally love that are more difficult on a Disney Cruise. They are still usable though!

a) I love using an over-the-door shoe organizer on closet doors, but the way the closet doors in your cabin are made just doesnt support this. I ended up putting it over the bathroom door, but I learned later this *technically* isnt allowed . Never fear though it can still be used! Just use a very strong set of magnetic hooks to hang your organizer on a door or use a couple of hangers to put it on a door or in the closet.

b) If youve seen my other cruise hacks post, you know I LOVE using cheap magnetic clips on walls to store artwork, daily navigators, receipts, etc. Something I didnt know before we went on this cruise the walls on Disney Cruise cabins arent magnetic! Just the doors so use those as much as possible. We had a ton of stuff on the back of our cabin door.

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Look Out For Special Offers

Now and again, Disney will do promotions for their cruises. These promotions might be centered around a particular type of cruise or a holiday discount.

The best way to keep abroad of the special offers is to pay attention to their website. Disney will post on the website when theyre offering special offers and what dates those special offers can be used on.

Disney Fine Dining Hacks

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise WiFi ...

I highly recommend Palo . We tried this out one night and were incredibly pleased. This is an adults-only dinner, so youll need to make sure your kids are ok with the kids club that night. They do have the option of eating in the kids club though, so timing really isnt a big deal.

One thing we didnt know before we boarded was that there was an option for a prix fixe menu at Palo. Instead of ordering from the basic menu , you can pay an additional $65 per person for a 6-course dinner thats paired with a glass of wine per course. Its a LOT of food and wine, but we totally enjoyed it. It was a treat that we normally wouldnt have done Im so glad we did!

I could kick myself for not taking a picture of the menu Im sure you could google it if youre interested. Here are a few of our dishes

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Wifi On Cruise Ships At Disney

Disney offers 3 WiFi plans. Disney WiFi costs:

Pay as You GoYou can set a spending limit to prevent overspending or prevent to turn off the WiFi after the usage. Fees: $0.25 per minutes

1000 MBFees: $89

I tried a data usage calculator. It says you can explore website browsing for 4 hours with 100 MB .

Disney gives you 50MB for free on the first night of the cruise as a trial. So sign up for it before you leave home.

Why before you leave home?

There are two important points you need to keep in mind:

  • You need to add Disneys app for the WiFi connection on the ship. While you set up the app, you use the megabytes you purchased or free service for it. While you enjoy websites or checking out your emails, you are wasting megabytes you bought for setting up. So do the set up not on the ship but at home.
  • 50MB will end less than 10 minutes if you did not set up your iPhone properly in advance. Work on it while you have WiFi at home. I will also show you how to do it little later in this article.
  • *Prices are subject to change at any time.

    Disney Cruise Hacks Cove Cafe

    This is one of the most underrated parts of the ship! Its a little coffee shop in the adults-only part of the boat that we loved and yes, some parts of it are free.

    There are little pastries during the day that are included in your cruise price. You can also get a charcuterie-type appetizer here at night perfect to have with a glass of wine before dinner. Nobody tells you that these are free, but just ask!

    If you do decide to pay for their coffees , there is a way to save. Get a punch card on your first visit and youll get your fifth drink for free.

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    Pricing Is Going Down

    The satellites used for at-sea Internet connections cost hundreds of millions of dollars. A single cruise line can’t afford to put a satellite up but they are teaming up with maritime communications companies that either own their own satellites or rent such large amounts of bandwidth that they can bring prices down.

    Prices are being driven down even further as some cruise lines begin to use hybrid systems that combine the more expensive satellite connections with cheaper land-based links. Using the hybrid system, Carnival cruise ships offer passengers a social media package that gives cruisers access to all social media sites for a mere $5 per day.

    But social media does not require a lot of bandwidth cruisers who want to use bandwidth-hogging applications like FaceTime and Skype will usually have to pay a lot more.

    Additionally, updating cruise ships with modern technology takes time, and it will take a couple of years for entire fleets to be updated. And that’s only for cruise lines that have chosen to prioritize Internet connectivity.

    How much will you spend? Traditional onboard Internet prices are about 75 cents a minute, though you can buy packages offering anywhere from 60 minutes to 300 hours that work out to be cheaper on a price-per-minute basis.

    How Much Are Gratuities On A Disney Cruise

    Top 18 Disney Cruise Tips YOU NEED To Know for 2018 | ChynnaRaymundoTV

    The suggested gratuities to pay on a Disney cruise are $13.50 per person, per day. In addition, a 15% gratuity will be automatically added to your bill for each drink and an 18% gratuity will be applied to all spa services. You may tip extra if you wish.

    On a 7-night Disney cruise, a family of four would be expected to pay $378 in gratuities. These are split between dining room servers and stateroom hosts. Tips for drinks and spa services will be extra and you may also wish to tip for room service and shore excursions.

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    How Much Is A Disney Cruise For A Family Of Five

    The average seven-night Disney cruise for a family of five costs around $10,474 for a room with a verandah.

    Cruising as a family of five is always tricky as most cruise ship cabins can only accommodate four people. However, unlike some other cruise lines, Disney Cruise Line does at least offer some rooms that sleep five.

    On Disney Cruise Lines newest ships, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, youll find more cruise cabins for families of five than you will on the older ships, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder.

    Depending on the ship, you might need to upgrade to a deluxe stateroom to accommodate your family, so Disney cruises for five can cost considerably more than cruises for four. If this is the case, you should consider booking two rooms, as this can actually work out cheaper!

    You care read more about Disney Cruise Line accommodation for families of five on

    Turn Your Cell Phone Off To Save Money

    Cell phones are a particularly easy way to rack up expensive charges very quickly, as the caller is essentially billed by two companies. The satellite provider sets up a mini-cell tower on the ship and charges for the transmission that takes your voice and sends it to the satellite and back down to land. In addition, your cell phone provider also charges a roaming rate. While you don’t see a separate line in your bill from the satellite provider, rest assured it is getting a cut.

    If you’re looking to minimize costs, beware of incoming text messages. Keep your cell in airplane mode to prevent these charges, and don’t use the mobile network provided by the ship to download messages. Data costs while roaming on a mobile network can be very heavy, so if you didn’t bring your laptop and want to use your phone to surf or check messages, you are better off using the ship’s Wi-Fi service. The rate is the same whether using a laptop or a cell phone, and those that want to quickly check messages need only log on for the few minutes it takes to download messages before signing off. Those who want to surf are still better off since they are not being charged for both data and minutes while roaming.

    The best bet for smartphone users, however, is to find that free Wi-Fi hotspot ashore — and download all your emails at no charge.

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    Verizon International Plans On A Cruise Ship

    Verizon offers a new $20 International Monthly Plan for travelers interested in using data on select cruise ships and airplanes. Should service be available aboard, customers will receive a SMS offer for a 50 MB allowance. After that, youll just need to respond yes to get started. Please note that this a non-recurring plan.

    Talking and text messaging are available on more than 400 ships from well over a dozen different cruise lines. Check whether texting and calling service is available on your cruise ship and whether your device will work.

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