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Cruise Around The World 2023

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The Best World Cruises In 2023 2024 And 2025

MSC World Cruise 2023 on board MSC Poesia

As countries across the world continue to open up and Covidtravel restrictions fade away, the appeal of a world cruise hasonly grown, and it’s not uncommon for itineraries to sell out theday they go on sale.

It’s no surprise at a time when overseas travel still feels alittle bit difficult. What could be more appealing than planningahead for the ultimate holiday of a lifetime, ticking off yourwhole ‘must see’ bucket list in the course of one trip – andwithout having to pack and unpack. Your secure bubble is going tobe one of the safest environments in the world.

The ships we prefer, with a small passenger complement of under1,000 guests, are perfect if you enjoy lots of space, no queues andhigh standards of attention to detail in all aspects of your trip.As a full World Cruiser , youwill also find that lots of extra treats and bonuses are thrown in,to make your journey extra special.

Don’t wait for prices to go down – they won’t! So book as earlyas you can to get exactly the accommodation to suit you for allthose days away. You will get the best fares, and often there arelots of extra inclusions, such as business class flights.

Not all ‘World Cruises’ are circumnavigations, and there is asurprising variety in itineraries, so take the time to work outyour priorities, and have your expert Mundy cruise consultantadvise you on which will be perfect for you – this is an investmentafter all, so you need to choose well.

Cultural Delights & Colorful Traditions At Taman Bhagwan

Bali , Indonesia â February 27, 2023Enjoy an evening of lively dances, music and the colorful lights of traditional Balinese performers at Taman Bhagawan, a stunning tropical garden setting by the sea. The smiling faces of beautiful Balinese children will welcome you with music and lights as you arrive for an evening of entertainment. During cocktails, take in a fascinating show by local dancers depicting the Kecak, also known as the monkey dance, which tells the mythical story of the fight between Prince Rama and the evil King Ravana. Your delicious, Balinese-inspired dinner will be accompanied by additional Legong dancing, the magical Barong Dance and Beleganjur music. This unique event will conclude with a special gift from your Balinese hosts as a souvenir of your special evening among friends.

Can You Book A Segment Of Any World Cruise

No. Not all world cruises are offered in segments. Those World Cruises that sell out quickly will likely only be sold as full world voyages.

Additionally, even if you want to book a segment of a world cruise and its offered as a segment, it might be sold out.

Some parts of itineraries are more popular than others. These segments will sell out quicker.

The ideal is that if one guest books a cabin for the first half of the cruise then another guest booking a segment will book for the other half of the cruise. If youre ever searching for segments and find the segment you are looking for is sold out but the other end of the cruise is still available this is whats happening. Basically the more full a ship is the more profitable the ship is for the company.

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A Look At Whats To Come

In a break from the deluge of announcements, Disney representatives took a few moments at the end of the presentation to share some blue-sky, 30,000-foot-view, what-if ideas theyve been working on behind closed doors. They didnt announce anything definitive, but they shared concept art for what could become of Dinoland U.S.A at Disneys Animal Kingdom as well as currently undeveloped areas at Magic Kingdom.

They are exploring concepts such as Zootopia and Moana-themed lands to replace Dinoland U.S.A. For Magic Kingdom, they discussed both Coco and Encanto as possible themes for expansion. While none of these are confirmed and Disney could go a different direction entirely, getting a rare peek behind the curtain to see Disneys biggest, wildest dreams made the parks future feel hopeful and exciting.

Top World Cruises For 2023

Princess Cruises 2023 World Cruise to 50 must

If your ideal vacation involves spending months sailing around the world exploring storied, faraway lands and learning the mysteries of ancient civilizations and cultures then you should consider booking a world cruise. These epic voyages transport guests around the globe to some of the world’s top historical and cultural attractions. You’ll sample locally inspired cuisines from Asia, Europe and other diverse regions, plus enjoy special events on the ship and in port, including expert guest lectures, cultural programs and memorable themed nights. And best of all: You’ll only have to pack and unpack once. Read on to learn why a world cruise may check all the boxes for your dream getaway and get started on planning your next vacation.

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The Centenary World Voyages

Cruise aboard the Queen Victoria on this 105-night round-trip journey departing from Hamburg, Germany. From Germany, the ship will sail to Southampton, England, and then travel on to New York City before reaching the Caribbean and sailing the Panama Canal. Stops in Mexico, San Francisco, and Hawaii come next, and later ports include Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Egypt, Portugal, and more before arriving back in Germany. Fares start at $21,699 for this 2023 sailing.

Unpack Once In Your Floating Hotel

One of the most unpleasant parts about traveling is having to unpack, get settled, and then re-pack for every new destination. Especially when youâre traveling to multiple countries, it gets pretty inconvenient. Since the cruise ship doubles as your hotel at each overnight port, a world cruise is one of the only ways you can visit 20+ countries and only have to unpack your suitcase one time. Youll be able to focus more on exploring your destinations instead of trying to zip up your over-stuffed suitcase and hoping it will fit in the overhead compartment!

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Around The World In 80 Days


*On Board Spend: Free spend amount varies per cabin category, from £150 per person based on an interior cabin, up to £500 per person based on booking a Suite, valid for new bookings made from 02/03/22 on cruises S2305 or S230405. E& OE.

*FREE door to door transfer: This door-to-door transfer offer is up to a maximum of 200 UK mainland miles, for new bookings made from 06/09/22 to 31/10/22, on cruises S2303, S230405, S2305, S2309, S2321, S2324, T2302, T2316, T2326, M2314, L2301 & L2316. Any additional mileage must be paid to the transport provider at the time of booking. Guests may be required to share the transport for all or part of the journey, when an appropriate vehicle will be provided. Once the complimentary transport has been confirmed by the provider, charges will apply if fail to take this arrangement without cancelling with the transport provider. The door-to-door service is one transfer per booking for all guests, from the lead guest address. Outbound and inbound mileage cannot be combined should you only require transfer one-way. No deviations en-route are permitted. This offer is not combinable with free on board spend offer or any other offer, including Saver fares, unless stated otherwise. E& OE.

0800 035 5130

New Character Added To The Haunted Mansion

Princess World Cruise 2023 | 107 nights around the world PLUS Australia Deployment 2022/2023

OK, its storytime. When the Haunted Mansion opened at Disneyland, a character called the Hatbox Ghost was among the mansions 999 happy haunts for a short time. The effect of the ghosts head disappearing and reappearing in his hatbox never worked quite right, so staff removed the ghost.

Fast forward to 2015. Technology caught up with the imaginations at Disney, and staff restored the Hatbox Ghost to his rightful home in Disneylands Haunted Mansion. He has never visited Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion, but that is all about to change. Next year, he will materialize in Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion, as well.

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Dinners And Drinks Out

This expense is completely dependent on your lifestyle and where you are. Do you currently indulge in dinners out and drinks a couple of times a week on land? Then itll be hard to change this habit completely, especially when you visit seaside towns with delicious-smelling restaurants by the quay.

It can be hard to resist when its sunny and warm and the promenade is filled with tanned tourists enjoying an indulgent dinner out. So go on and add dinners out and drinks to your budget. Make sure to take into account that restaurants can be more expensive in some countries . The worst case scenario is that you save some money.

Shore Excursions Allow For Culturally Immersive Experiences

If you think a world cruise means youd be spending 90% of your time on board your cruise ship, youd be very wrong! Cruises offer some of the best excursions around says Adam, even letting you disembark for days at a time for a truly immersive experience.

Another benefit of a world cruise is the ability to disembark the ship for in-depth, multi-night shore excursions, either during an overnight call or by re-joining the ship in its next port. These types of bucket list excursions can add a lot to your experience and give a nice break from shipboard routine.

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New Attraction And Character Coming To Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus opened at Disney California Adventure in June 2021 with two attractions, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout and Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. The newest attraction coming to the Marvel-themed land does not yet have a name or an opening date, but it does have an original storyline and a supervillain from the multiverse. Riders will join the Avengers in a battle against bad guys from everywhere and everywhen, including King Thanos an all-new multiverse variant designed specifically for Avengers Campus.

Since the lands opening, Disney has consistently added new meet-and-greet characters this is thanks to new Marvel movies hitting the theaters and series such as Loki and Moon Knight debuting on Disney+. During the presentation, representatives introduced the newest Avengers Campus walkaround character: a life-size Incredible Hulk. Hulk isnt a robot or animatronic. Instead, Disney developed a full-body exoskeleton, allowing a performer to assume the identity of everyones favorite big green guy while walking through the parks and interacting with guests. Hulk will be making appearances at Avengers Campus for a limited time beginning in mid-September.

Msc World Cruise 2023

MSC Cruises opens sales for 2023 World Cruise: A Journey Of Discovery ...

The MSC Magnifica will take guests to 43 destinations on this 117-day cruise starting and ending in Genoa. Countries visited during this journey include Argentina, Chile, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, and Jordan. When youâre not exploring each port, you can relax in the swimming pools and hot tubs, visit the many restaurants, bars, and lounges, or go to the spa. Fares start at $15,549.

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Book Your World Cruise With Us

Founded in 1993, The Cruise Line is a family-owned business and is considered one of the UKs original luxury cruise specialists. If you are considering embarking on a World Cruise or just like advice regarding the options available, we would be delighted to assist you.

You can browse World Cruises that are available to book now below. Alternatively, please call one of our Voyage Consultants on 0800 008 6677 for further information and our best special offers.

Best For Ex Uk: Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises have launched two new sister ships, Spirit ofDiscovery and Spirit of Adventure, which they refer to asboutique ships, with just under 1,000 passengers each.Purpose-built for the British market, they sail year round from theUK. Special features include private transfers from your home tothe ship, interesting dining options, and insurance included inyour fare. All cabins have their own balcony, with dedicated singlecabins for solo travellers.

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Leg : 66 Days Manila To Puerto Vallarta 06012024 10032024

Experience the variety of the island state of the Philippines from the water. Visit the most delicious mountains in the world on Bohol and discover why Bali is quite rightly known as Island of the Gods. In Indonesia youll meet giant lizards, and in Australia youll encounter kangaroos, koalas and the colourful submarine world of the Great Barrier Reef. In the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean you realise your island dreams on the Cook Islands and the Society Islands, as well as sunbathe to your hearts content en route to the Mexican Pacific Coast.

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An Illuminated Evening By The Bay In Singapore

World Cruises 2023

Singapore â March 29, 2023As the sun sets over Singapore, the dazzling Gardens by the Bay will light up the night to welcome you into a truly magical evening. Experience the beauty and engineering marvel of the largest glass greenhouse in the world, the Flower Dome, exhibiting an incredibly unique display of plant species from the far-flung regions of the world. Enjoy cocktails in the Waterview Room for breathtaking views of Singapore, overlooking the gardens. Then, the highlight of the evening begins: an extravagant dinner held at the elegant Flower Field Hall. Enjoy a wonderful selection of local dishes accompanied by a lively multicultural show lit from above by a luminous field of flowers.

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World Cruise 2022 / 2023 / 2024 Cruises

Options removed due to no results:Search:

Cruise and Stay

These include several nights stay in a hotel or a land tour before or after your cruise.

Fly Cruise

These cruises require a flight. On some of these cruises you have the option to book just the cruise only.

No Fly Cruise

No Fly Cruises start and end in the UK. No flights are needed.

Want To See The World In Luxury Here’s You Chance

Spending half the year sailing around the world sounds like the dream life, and one cruise company can make it happen in 2023.

Oceania Cruises has just announced its 2023 Around the World in 180 Days voyage is officially open for booking.

The voyage departs from San Francisco on Jan. 15, 2023 and takes travelers on a whirlwind, around-the-world tour of 96 destinations within 33 countries, spread across four continents. In addition to spending nearly six months on a luxury cruise ship and experiencing many fascinating places, guests will also be able to access over 60 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

“We now know how irreplaceable these experiences are and cherish the privilege of travel more than ever,” stated Bob Binder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oceania Cruises, in a statement. “Travel connects us through shared experiences, creates lifelong bonds, and enriches us in ways we never would have imagined. That was the mindset that guided us in crafting this epic around the world voyage for our guests.”

Travelers also have the ability to extend their voyage up to a total of 218 days, embarking from San Francisco and Miami and disembarking at either San Francisco, New York, or Miami. Some of these longer voyages begin on Dec. 28, 2022. Fares begin at $41,599 per guest.

For more information on the 2023 Around The World Voyage, visit the Oceania Cruises website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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Around The World In 6 Months On The Vasco Da Gama

Around the world in 80 days? Well leave that up to Jules Vernes fictional character Phileas Fogg. On our grand world cruise well have all the time in the world 183 days to be precise to take you to the most beautiful places on Earth with our VASCO DA GAMA! This six-month cruise is a unique opportunity to experience the worlds fascinating abundance and uniqueness.

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Why Would Cruise Lines Offer Segments

Princess Cruises reveals 2023 Australia

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is to provide more options to guests.

  • A full world cruise voyage is long at minimum about 3 months, but most average in at just over 4 months long. Thats a long time to be away from home and for most a long time to be away from work.
  • A full World Cruise voyage is also pretty expensive. The least expensive start around $13,000 but that doesnt factor in port fees, gratuities onboard .
  • The last reason from the guest side of it is itinerary options. Cruise lines rarely offer the same World Cruise itinerary twice, taking different routes each year, and these itineraries go to some truly incredible and uncommon cruise ports. A segment of a world cruise might go to a section of the world that cruise line doesnt go to any other time during the year. Offering the option to book a segment then keeps those guests happy .

Lastly, from a business perspective it also makes sense. While it is best to have the ship full from day 1 to day 128 its often not realistic. So, there are a handful of cabins that they sell as segments.

As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn a commission from qualifying sales at no additional cost to you.

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