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Cruise Shirt Ideas For Groups

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Men’s Anchor Print Button

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If you’re in need of something a little more dressy, perhaps for a special dinner or to impress the ladies at the late-night disco, try this

. It comes in nine colors, so you’re sure to find one to match whatever you’re planning to pair with it. It’s lightweight and made from 100 percent cotton, so it won’t cause you to overheat in the muggy Caribbean air.

How Much Do The T

The t-shirts are available as a classic tee , womens comfort tee and a pullover hoodie . The designs will also be available on mugs/phone cases and can be put on kids clothes too. The t-shirts are printed and shipped by Teespring who have factories in Europe and the US which means that delivery times shouldnt be too long. Mine came within a week .

Plymouth Mum’s Cleaning Hack Keeps School Shirts Looking White And Gets Rid Of Stains

A Plymouth mum has come to the rescue of parents nationwide after providing a simple cleaning hack for ensuring children’s white shirts stay white. It’s an issue a lot of parents are struggling with, particularly parents of children who have just started primary school.

It’s often the case that kids will return their once gleaming white shirts to you with stubborn stains that simply won’t wash out. But when that happens what do you do?

Well, one parent who was keen to find out was Rachel Cook, from Doncaster. On the hunt for answers she turned to the FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS on .

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She wrote: ”So now the kids are back at school, can someone please give me your tips for getting whites back to white when they come home like this.” She added: ”To clarify am all for playing out and having fun but I just cant seem to fully get the marks out.”

Luckily, Plymouth mum Julie Poole was on hand to dish out her words of wisdom after coming with a pretty nifty hack. Advising Rachel, she said: ”For mud I put biological powder in a bowl with kettle full of boiling water to dissolve, put washing up liquid on the stain then leave to soak in the boiling water stirring a couple times.

”Rub it together a bit then put on a 60 degree wash with the other whites. Should come out clean! If its paint I would soak in cold water first.”


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Cruise Mode #16 Best Cruise Shirt

Dont ask me to make you breakfast. Dont ask me to put down the toilet seat. Dont ask me for help with the groceries. Do not ask me to finish my expense report by 4pm. Do not ask me if I paid the water bill. And dont even think about asking me to do the dishes. Why? Because Im in CRUISE MODE. Did you not see my shirt?

Whatever Floats Your Boat Unisex T

Cruise Group Shirt, I Love It When Were Cruising Together T


is great for wear onboard or back at home. It’s designed to be soft but durable and cut to be a bit less boxy than a traditional T-shirt, making it flattering for both men and women. Its more lightweight feel means it will breathe better in warmer climates. You can feel great about your purchase, too, as this shirt is printed in Michigan using U.S.-made materials.

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Get Ready To Apply Ship Faced

Now is a good time to preheat your EasyPress 2. I used my large one so that I could do 4 personalized koozies at one time. For the glitter iron-on, I preheated to 330F and set time to 30 seconds. For regular iron-on, I dropped the temp down to 315F.

I also have a post on how I made personalized koozies with a heat press. I used to always use my heat press, but once I got an EasyPress, it is my go-to press now

Once your iron-on is cut, its time to weed it out. Im not gonna lie, weeding glitter iron-on isnt always easy. It takes patience and maybe some wine!

I find having the right light or using a Cricut bright pad helps.

The Ship Faced lettering is also a little tricky to weed with the glitter. I had to cut two more out because some of the thin lines ripped. The regular iron-on was super and quick to weed even with some of the intricate letters.

Best Cruise Shirts For Hardcore Cruising Fans

I Always wear funny cruise shirts when I sail. Last trip, I had on my Muster Station: disrupting bar service since 1972 shirt on. It was Day 1 as I made my way to my emergency station. While climbing up the stairs, I had two fellow passengers and one cruise staff member comment on my shirt. And, countless others smiled as they passed me. During the drill, my next-door-muster-neighbor smirked when he read my funny cruise shirt. We got to talking and hung out five of the next seven nights.

Why do we love cruise shirts? Not just because theyre funny, inspiring, or sentimental. The main reason we buy and wear cruise t-shirts is for the attention. Weve met countless friends by wearing ice-breaking cruise wear.

This is true both on and off the ship. While our success rate is much greater while aboard, weve made several friends wearing our cruise shirts around town. Just recently, I found out that my direct neighbor is a hardcore cruiser because hed seen my cruise tee while I was walking around the block.

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Below weve included our absolute favorite cruise shirt ideas. Some will make you laugh aloud and others will make you start itching to book your next cruise. All are essentials for hardcore cruisers and make for great gifts for the cruising fan in your life.

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Resting Beach Face #12 Best Cruise Shirt

An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. In our case, these outside forces include sun, sand, calypso music and margaritas. Those four factors produce our best face. That face deserves to rest. That face also deserves this funny cruise shirt. A wise man once said, you must dress for success. These are the steps that you need to succeed at vacation. 1) Get this shirt 2) Get your best face 3) Rest 4) Win.

Cruising Isnt Just For Old People Cruise Tshirts

What Cruise Crew Members Really Want for Gifts with Chris Wong

We all love a good cruise related t-shirt, dont we? Im wearing one of mine right now which reads if its not a cruise, Im not coming which I love. I designed these t-shirts myself and Im really excited to be able to finally share them with you.

Check out the t-shirts here: Cruise TShirts. ** All designs are available in a number of different styles and colours! **

Cruise Tshirts Design 1

This first design is a no brainer. I am SO happy to be able to wear Cruising Isnt Just For Old People on a t-shirt! This is by far the most popular tshirt on the store and I LOVE seeing members of our community wearing them. It feels like being in a special club.

Cruise Tshirts Design 3

This is definitely one of my favourite designs and Im wearing it right now! I decided on the womens comfort tee because I like my tshirts to be slightly fitted. Im sure youll see me wearing it in a lot of my upcoming YouTube vlogs and if you follow me on Instagram Im sure youll see a lot of me wearing this one on .

Cruise Tshirts Design 4

How many times have you had to tell your friends or colleagues its not a boat! Its a ship!. It happens to me all the time. When I come back to work after a cruise Im often asked how was a boat. I think its a bit of a running joke now but all I have to do is point at my tshirt. Easy!

Cruise Tshirts Design 6

Cruise Tshirts Design 7

Cruise Tshirts Design 8

There isnt too much I can say about this one! Haha.

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Personalized Family Cruise Shirts

We sell Personalized Family Cruise Shirts that print with your familys name, your cruise destination and the year of your trip! Personal shirts like these make fun photo opportunities as well as memorable trip keepsakes. A sailing cruise liner and palm trees come with this design. We will take your custom text and situate it around these images. Your family surname will print on the first line. The text family cruise is also replaceable by filling out imprint lines two and three. To include your destination, please fill out the special instructions box.

Already have a design? We accept your ready-to-print files as well! Simply upload your image and provide any additional text. We want to help make your next family cruise special! Our team is willing and able to help you customize the perfect cruise shirt.

This is a one color design, however, its still pact with personality! We offer a variety of shirt colors and ink options so that you can create the perfect combo! We even have regular t-shirts, long sleeves and polos. Click here to see more options for family cruise shirts!

Product Overview:

  • Industry: Personal shirts, Family Group Shirts, Cruise Shirts
  • Size: Small 5XL
  • Styles: Tshirts, polos and long sleeves

Mums Share Their Hacks For Making Their Childrens White School Tops Bright Again & Why A Kitchen Staple Is The Answer

  • 11:09, 19 Sep 2022

PARENTS have shared their go-to tricks for making their kids’ school tops bright like new again – and turns out, it’s all about using a kitchen staple.

Children returning back to school couldn’t be any better news to many parents – after all, you finally get a few hours to yourself.

However, the joys very quickly disappear as you pick up your small one and realise their once bright, white shirt is covered in stubborn stains.

No matter how vigorously you scrub them, the dark marks just won’t come off.

This is a common problem that most mums and dads struggle with, and Rachel Cook, from Doncaster, is no exception.

Desperate to find cleaning hacks for her daughter’s messy school tops, the mum took it to the popular parenting group, FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS on Facebook.

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Fabconic Yay We Are Going On Vacay Matching Family Vacation Shirts

These sweet matching family shirts will get everyone hyped up for the vacation ahead. And trust us, youll all need a morale boost at the airport or wherever the actual traveling happens. Theyre also valuable when it comes to finding your family at said busy airport.

Buy it: Starting from $14 each,

Lets Get Ship Faced #7 Best Cruise Shirt

Cruise Shirts Family Cruising Shirt Here To Get ShipFaced Group Cruise ...

Your new Lets get shipfaced funny cruise t-shirt lets others know youre there for a good time. Youre almost guaranteed a drinking buddy within an hour of wearing this tee. Heres how itll go down youll be headed to the lido bar, feeling fly and whistling your favorite tune when youll hear a hey I love your shirt. Have you ever tried a shot of dirty iguana? Because Im about to buy you one. Its fate fate and your new, sweet t-shirt.

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Diy Personalized Koozies & Cruise Shirts With 2 Free Svg Files

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Make your own personalized koozies and Cruise shirts with 2 FREE cruise SVG files. Using blank koozies and iron-on vinyl, youll have them done in no time!

Cruising does the soul good. Do you agree? Are you a cruise lover?

I have to be honest, Ive only been on one 3 day cruise to Ensenada about 20 years ago. So, I cant tell you how excited I am to be going on a 7-day Alaskan cruise in less than two months!

Last year my hubby and I sat down and wrote down our bucket list for the next 10 years. We had just had a sermon at church saying to do it and to make at least one of the things a reality. I had about 10 things and my hubby had 2.

And one of them was to go on an Alaskan cruise. So I said, Lets make it happen next year for your 50th birthday.. And he agreed!!!

Whats even more exciting is we decided to ask a few friends , and 4 of our best friend couples said they were in.

So after months of planning, we are getting closer which means I needed to make some fun favors for our friends. I made a couple of fun cruise SVG files which turned into cute personalized koozies and matching cruise shirts.

Lets get started!

Boat Hair Dont Care #10 Best Cruise Shirt

Were not out there to win beauty pageants. We cruise to breath in that salty air, let the sun do its thing, allow the ocean have its way, and to embrace our situations at the end of the afternoon. This funny T-shirt is for the cruiser that doesnt give a ship about the messy situation shes got up top. Shed rather kick back and relax and embrace the chaos.

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I Love Cruising #1 Best Cruise Shirt

I love to cruise, so I made this shirt. Then a few people said to me, hey, whered you get that shirt? And I said, I made it. One guys replied, I dont believe you I didnt bother arguing and left to get some pizza. But, the other two asked me to make one for them. So I did. They later asked me to make more to give to friends and family. Thats how our brand, Cruise On started. Once you get your shirt, youre part of our small community of cruise lovers! We have a Facebook page and everything, so you know that were legit. Dont tell too many people, though. We want to keep our secret club small for now! Once you buy yours, well follow up with a video tutorial of the secret handshake.

How To Design Your Own Koozie


If youd like to download and use my ship faced cut file, make sure to scroll down to get it. You can easily use any file in Cricut Access too. I found the anchor in Cricut Access and added our names in the banner. Put the name and anchor in the same square with your cursor and click attach.

After you click make it, make sure to select the mirror setting tab since we will be using iron-on vinyl.

Place the shiny side of the iron-on face down on your mat. Upload and click go. If you need additional help with this step, make sure to check out my cutting and weeding HTV post.

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Cruise On #15 Best Cruise Shirt

Picture this you wake up at 6:30am to room service knocking on your cruise cabin door. You answer it and collect your hot coffee and a tropical fruit plate that smells like vacation. You slide open the balcony door to hear the sounds of waves and seagulls as you pull into port. Its a bit chilly, so you grab your Cruise On t-shirt. You slip the comfortable, long-sleeve item over your head, sit down and have that first sip of coffee. You think to yourself wow, I love to cruise.

Kidz N Me Apparel Happy Camper Family Shirts

Going camping? First, get your child a kids camping chair to roast smores from. Then, buy these matching family tees, which come printed with the words happy camper, plus your familys name and the year of your vacation. We love cute customization. We also like that they come in various colors and infant-through-adult sizes.

Buy it: Starting from $20 each,

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Top 10 Best Group Cruise T Shirt Ideas Reviews Comparison

Looking for the best group cruise t shirt ideas? We have evaluated 71683 reviews from top experts. Here are our top-ranked picks, including top-selling group cruise t shirt ideas.

Having trouble buying a great group cruise t shirt ideas? We understand this problem because we have gone through the entire group cruise t shirt ideas research process already, which is why we have put together a comprehensive list of the best group cruise t shirt ideas available in the market today. After hours of researching and using all the models on the market, we find the best group cruise t shirt ideas of 2022. Check out our ranking below!

Celebrit Personalized Family Vacation Shirts 50th Birthday Cruise Shirt Group Matching Vacation T

Celebrate everyones unique travel personality with these custom Disney shirts for the family, based off Snow Whites seven dwarves. The funny Disney family shirts are sure to get some chuckles, especially if your tired baby gets Sleepy and your frustrated tot gets Grumpy.

Buy it: Starting from $16 each,

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