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How Long Are Cruise Trips

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All About The Destinations

10 Things You Shouldnt Do On A European River Cruise. And Why

On the cerebral side, Viking cruises are “designed for discerning travelers” with an interest in art, cuisine, history, science, culture and exploration. Itineraries are aimed at attracting this type of traveler, and a destination-focused approach underlies all activities.

“For more than 20 years we have been committed to connecting travelers to culturally immersive experiences that allow them to explore the world in comfort,” said Hagen.

To this end, one included tour is available at every port some better than others, it must be said in addition to a variety of payable excursions. As a result, almost every passenger goes ashore. Guest lecturers on various topics provide plenty of cultural enrichment, too.

What Is The Best Length Of Time For A Cruise

If youre already planning a cruise, you know how much fun can be packed into a cruise vacation. But, what is the best length of time for a cruise? The good news is there is no right answer, and with Carnival Cruise Line, you have many options to choose from.If you only have a long weekend to spare, a 3 day cruise could be your perfect match. If youre bringing the whole family, a 5 or 7 day cruise might be the best way to make sure everyone has an awesome getaway. And for those lucky folks with even more time to spare, a cruise of 10 days or more will give you an incredible experience of all the best things a cruise has to offer.While Carnivals sailing itineraries vary from port to port and date to date, here are just some examples of short cruises and longer cruises you may want to consider.

25 Day CruisesShort and sweet, but packed with adventure both onboard your Fun Ship and in port, cruises from 2 to 5 days in length make for quick and easy getaways. Examples of short cruises on Carnival include sailings from Long Beach to Baja Mexico and cruises from Miami to The Bahamas or the Caribbean.

Why Book A Long Duration Cruise

Setting sail on a long duration cruise allows you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and enriching experiences of each region. Whether it is the Caribbean and the remarkable archipelago or the many ports of the Mediterranean, adventuring around each destination over a few weeks is sure to bring out your inner explorer. Long duration cruises also give you more time in each port, meaning you get the authentic experience of the towns and cities you visit.

Many cruise lines offer world cruises as a result, sailing for over 100 days in some cases! Why not explore the coastlines of Europe, Asia and beyond on-board some of the best-loved cruise ships, navigating the waters of the world and enjoying every stop along the way.

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What Do You Like Most About Long Cruises

The small surprises that we dont anticipate are the most fun for us. It might be the cultural entertainment that greets us on the dock as we step down the gangway.

On one cruise, the captain arranged a rendezvous with a container ship. The crews hooted and hollered at each other as both ships blasted music across the small expanse of ocean that separated us.

But mostly, Alan and I appreciate the connection we make with the crew, who become like family to us.

Thinking about a luxury cruise? Start your planning at our luxury cruise travel resources page.

Do you have any tips for surviving a long cruise? Or would you like to ask a question about long cruises? Join the conversation at the or send us an email.

No Us Bailout For The Cruise Companies

Carnival Panorama: See the new ship sailing from Long ...

While they employ many Americans, the major cruise companies are all incorporated abroad and were ultimately left out of the $2 trillion federal stimulus known as the CARES Act, with lawmakers chafing at the prospect of bailing out foreign corporations largely exempt from income taxes. Environmentalists lobbied against the aid, citing the industrys poor track record on climate issues. And criticism over how the companies handled early virus outbreaks on board ships sapped any remaining political will to help. Huge losses mounted as questions swirled about whether cruise lines could avoid bankruptcy.

All our conversations here were, At this cash burn rate for each of these companies, how long can they survive? said Pete Trombetta, an analyst focused on lodging and cruises at Moodys.

Cruise lines were forced to send most cruise workers home, keeping small skeleton crews on board to maintain their ships. After months without work or an income, many of the workers, who are frequently drawn from countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh and India, fell into debt and struggled to provide for their families.

Its been a very difficult 15 months and we had to make some very tough cuts along the way like the rest of the industry, said Tom McAlpin, president and chief officer of Virgin Voyages.

There has yet to be a ruling in the case.

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Should I Take A Short Or A Long Cruise

Does it make more sense to go on a short cruise or is your money better spent on a longer sailing?

Royal Caribbean offers cruises of various lengths, with short 3 or 4 night sailings all the way up to cruises that exceed 14 days. Which is the right choice for you and what are the differences between these cruises?

Here is a breakdown of why you might want to take a short or a long cruise.

Alaska Lures Tourists With Its Stunning Landscapes And Free Covid

The epic round-trip cruise will depart from Miami in January 2024. The company also has round-the-world cruises slated for 2022 and 2023, but it says the tickets for its 2024 trip sold out faster than for any other year.

High-end accommodations brought some of the most intense interest, the company says. That trend aligns with the new economic reality imposed by the pandemic, in which well-off customers have snapped up big-ticket products and services, and even homes, even as millions of other Americans struggle to pay for housing and essentials.

The Seven Seas Mariner will circumnavigate the Earth, taking passengers on a cruise that lasts more than four months and spans 34,500 nautical miles. Regent Seven Seas Cruises hide caption

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The Seven Seas Mariner will circumnavigate the Earth, taking passengers on a cruise that lasts more than four months and spans 34,500 nautical miles.

“Remarkably, we’ve found that interest hasn’t just come from our past guests, and we have seen a strong increase in first-time travelers,” said Jason Montague, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ president and CEO.

Many of those new customers, he adds, “were keen to book the higher end of our suites.”

Living quarters aboard the Seven Seas Marinerrange from the deluxe veranda suite, whose bed and adjacent sitting area resembles what you might find in a nice boutique hotel, to the master suite, which add a full dining table and living rooms with polished floors and armchairs.

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Whats A Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic cruises are cruises that sail anywhere across the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to another. Most cruises that travel across the Atlantic either depart from Europe and end in the United States, or the other way around. Some transatlantic sailings also travel to and from South America, too.

In the cruising industry, transatlantic sailings are also called repositioning cruises. Repositioning cruises are cruises that sail from one region of the world to another after the tourist season in one area has ended and the ship then relocates to another area, most often with a warmer climate.

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Do You Get Tired Of Living In Such A Small Space

Carnival Cruise Ship Takes Off From Long Beach Port For First Time In 18 Months

No, not at all. On Regent, and most other small luxury ships, all cabins come in a roomy, suite arrangement that includes a balcony. Theres plenty of storage.

As long as we stay organized to eliminate clutter, were fine. Alan and I spend most of our time out and about doing things, although we do love our time on the balcony.

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How Long Does It Take To Travel Around The World On A Cruise Ship

How Long Does It Take to Travel Around the World on a Cruise Ship

Traveling around the world by cruise ship solves many of the logistical problems that a similar journey by air would entail. It is not necessary to worry about finding accommodations since there is always a cabin to stay in, there is a savings in packing and unpacking time, and endless security checks are avoided, flight delays and weather cancellations. Sightseeing with the same travelers and staff also can add a comforting touch of the familiar to unknown destinations.

Does My Ship Dock Right In Town

That depends. Some ships will dock or tender passengers within a few steps of major sites and attractions. Others might dock at a large industrial port and require you to walk a distance or take a shuttle or taxi to restaurants, shops and other places of interest. Still others will dock in a city or town that is an hour or more away from the marquee attractions, such as Livorno, which is over an hour from Florence, or Port Canaveral, about an hour from Disney World and Orlando.

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Memorial Day Weekend Calls

Many of the best Memorial Day cruise destinations are interchangeable with places you might go over the Labor Day holiday. Memorial Day activities for the whole family, such as letting loose on CocoCay private in the Bahamas, are just as enticing in late May as they are in early September.

On the other hand, some important advantages present themselves to travelers who are able to cruise during the Memorial Day holiday, no matter who you’re traveling with or where you sail from. If you’re looking for Memorial Day weekend getaways for couples, keep in mind that school tends to be out during May. Therefore, while family-friendly destinations such as the Bahamas and Mexico will be on the crowded side, romantic escapes to St. Kitts and Nevis or even Bermuda might have more availability. Have a private, romantic moment at Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos, widely considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Couples might also consider dipping into their paid time off hours, since extending a weekend cruise to include Thursday or Tuesday will reduce the number of other travelers able to take the trip.

As is the case for general long weekend travel or even trips you take over Labor Day, many of the best cruises are the most adventurous ones. Why not head beyond the comforts of Cancun to the lesser docked-at cruise ports of Belize? Whatever you do, allow your brainstorming and research to be fun. After all, Labor Day is meant to be a break from work, not create more of it.

How Long Is A World Cruise

Spend the winter on a cruise ship  snowbirds discover ...

How long is a cruise around the world? The answer has changed with time, but it used to take three years or so. Depending upon your perspective that might have been preferable to todays faster journeys!

The first known circumnavigation of the Earth was a Spanish expedition that set out on August 10, 1519, to find a western route to the East Indies. A fleet of five ships, led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, set sail from Seville with high hopes.

A bit more than three years later on September 22, 1522 just one of the ships was able to return to Seville after sailing around the world. The ship was full of valuable spices but was without Magellan, who had died in the Philippines. We regret his demise, but what a journey this must have beenjust imagine weeks rather than days in port!Today, the speed record for circumnavigating the globe is 45 days, 13 hours, 42 minutes and 53 seconds, achieved in 2012 by French skipper Loïck Peyron on the Banque Populaire V, a sleek trimaran yacht .

Most world cruises are three to four months longThe length of an average world cruise lies between those two extremes.

The luxury of time to explore whats onshoreSailing the world with fellow passengers, sure to become new friends, can add another level of fun to the voyage.

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Places You Will Visit

Going on a cruise means visiting various ports of call around the world, and you will absolutely see more of them on a longer sailing.

Short sailings might have one or two ports to visit, while longer sailings can visit significantly more ports during their voyage.

Moreover, longer sailings means your ship has the ability to visit more exotic destinations. The more nights of a sailing, the further out your ship can potentially sail.

If you are interested in visiting places out of the ordinary, a longer sailing will get you there.

Shorter sailings do have an advantage of being generally close enough to very popular ports of call, including a cruise line’s private destination. Nearly all of Royal Caribbean’s short sailings visit Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas.

How much importance you place on the ports your cruise will visit may play a significant role in picking a short or long cruise.

Are There Certain Times Of Year That Are Better For Certain Cruise Itineraries

Absolutely. In fact, there are certain itineraries you can only sail at specific times of year. Alaska is a great example, as the vast majority of Alaska cruises take place from May to September, with a few stretching to late April and early October

The most popular cruise destinations — the Caribbean and Mediterranean — can be sailed year-round, though Caribbean itineraries can be impacted by hurricanes from June through October. Find out more about the best time to cruise.

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Why Take A Cruise Vacation

If you have a place on your bucket list, chances are, a cruise will get you there. Cruises cover the world, taking millions of passengers each year to destinations like the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska, Europe, the Mediterranean and even Antarctica. Cruising offers a tremendous value, with trips that include your lodging, meals and entertainment, all rolled into one. Some cruise lines even offer fully inclusive vacations, which cover drinks and tours ashore. Cruising means seeing the world while unpacking only once.

Cruises also provide a wonderful option for families, with many ships offering things like waterslides, mini-golf courses and fun clubs for kids and teens — all for free. Planning is easy: Pick your destination and the right ship for you. The cruise line makes it simple, offering packages to help you save on extras like alcohol, shore tours or even airfare.

Travelers say they choose to cruise because cruising often costs less per night when compared with staying at a hotel, where they’ll have to book — and pay for — all their extras.

Is A Short Or Longer Cruise Better

Tips for Your Hawaii Cruise Vacation (7-day Norwegian)

Ultimately, the decision to do a short or longer cruise depends on what you want from the vacation.

Short cruises are budget friendly, offer a fun atmosphere, and will fit nicely into a long weekend.

Longer sailings will mean more time to explore the ship, more exotic destinations and potentially cheaper per-night costs.

Depending on what factors are important to you, there can be clear decisions for either type of cruise.

In general, I advocate longer cruises simply as a means to enjoy a longer vacation. Short cruises seem to go by in a flash, and while they are better than no cruise at all, all things being equal, a longer sailing feels more fulfilling.

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How Long Can A Cruise Ship Stay At Sea For

Generally speaking, cruise ships can only stay at sea for around twelve days before they need to refuel. Despite this most cruise ships will refuel every few days as they stop at different ports. Just because a cruise ship could in theory stay at sea for 12 days, this doesnt mean that they do.

Cruise ships often sail for days across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, when they do this they must make sure that the journey is carefully monitored so that the ship does not run out of fuel.

Repositioning cruises which start and end in different places such as a transatlantic or transpacific cruises are some of the best value for money cruises on the market, to find out why, and how to find the cheapest cruises, check out this post: 7 Benefits of Repositioning Cruises

In this post we look at what would happen when a ship runs out of fuel while at sea and how the type of ship affects how long it can be at sea for.

What To Know About Cruise Insurance

Dont skimp on cruise insurance. Its always been true, of course, but in a travel sector where so much more is in flux, its essential Baker recommends Seven Corners, which has reasonable prices for comprehensive coverage that can also include COVID-related cancelations.

If youre flying to the embarkation point, plan to arrive the day beforethat ship wont wait if youre snarled in air traffic congestion all morning. In the past, there might have been a way to rejoin the voyage at one of its ports, but the logistics of pandemic protocols make that virtually impossible right now. Yet another reason to ensure youre insured.

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