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Do Cruise Ships Allow Pets

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Is There Visitation Time During The Cruise

What Are The 6 Cruises You Can Take Your Pets On?

Of course! While animals are not permitted in guest staterooms or public areas , owners may visit their pets at four scheduled times every day of the voyage. In addition to the outdoor, off-leash doggie area, there is also an indoor play space where the dogs can romp around off-leash, too, should inclement weather prevail. Visiting hours are:

  • 8:00am to 10:00am

Are Service Animals Allowed Onboard A Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship What About Emotional Support Animals

Service Animals

Yes, we accept service animals on all our ships. Please see our Service Animal section for more details about our service animal policies.

Guests traveling with a service animal should contact Accessible Shore Excursions to review guidelines and arrange special accommodations on tours.

Emotional Support Animals

Weve recently changed our policy on emotional support animals onboard our ships. Our policy now differentiates emotional support animals from service animals that are trained to perform a function for a person with a disability. Service animals will continue to be welcomed onboard for guests with disabilities. We will no longer have emotional support animals onboard.

We know this may be disappointing to some, but our decision was made to ensure we consistently deliver a great vacation experience for all our guests. As we transition into our new policy, guests that already processed a request to bring their emotional support animal on or before July 30th, 2018, will be allowed to do so on their existing cruise.

The Goodtime Ii Seattle Washington

For 65 years, Seattless Argosy Cruises has hosted a Christmas Ship Festival. Its the largest Christmas floating parade in the world, and theyve now added a pet-friendly cruise to their ranks.

Puppers and their humans can enjoy champagne, buffet gourmet meals , and pictures with Santa Paws. Theres no better way to celebrate the holidays than by enjoying a 5-star dining experience with your pooch!

Its important to note that The Goodtime II is only a pet cruise during the festive season, so dont book in July thinking your fury-friend can come along for the ride.

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Cruises That Allow Pets

Both cats and dogs are welcome on one major cruise line.

Pet-friendly travel is more commonplace than ever, so much so that one major cruise line and several smaller companies allow passengers to bring well-behaved pets on cruise excursions. Pets must have a current license, up-to-date vaccinations and remain leashed while cruising.

Which Pets Can Travel On The Queen Mary 2

Float away this summer with this pet

Cunard has recently redone the ship, so the Queen Mary 2 has doubled the kennel space capacityfrom 12 to 24. As you can imagine, those spots go very fast. The kennels are split in half by size and weight .

Certain dog breeds are not allowed due to size or other issues. Disallowed dog breeds include:

  • Afghan hound
  • and more

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Pet Related Services Amenities And Accommodations

Generally, if any kind of travel business allows for pets, they will have policies and services in place to ensure that the animals can be safe and relatively comfortable. However, some cruise lines are more accommodating to animals than others. For example, a truly pet-friendly cruise will provide amenities like baggies to help clean up after dogs, as well as designated areas for animals to play.

That said, when it comes to your animals specific needs, most cruise lines leave the responsibility to you. Most cruises will provide you with information related to items that you must bring with you before you board the ship.

Potomac Riverboat Canine Cruise Alexandria Virginia

The Potomac Riverboat Company hosts a one-hour sightseeing tour from Port Alexandria for you and your canine. The howling experience is a local treat, and this pet-friendly cruise line welcomes aboard passengers with or without their pup.

Keep an eye on their website, as they host special dog cruises near Halloween and Christmas, where everyone , dresses up for the occasion. If youre looking for something a little extra from cruises with dogs, this is the perfect one for you!

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Why Are Pets So Unwelcome On Cruise Ships

Is there a reason that animals arent allowed on cruises?

First, there are the obvious concerns with passenger comfort and safety. Cruise ships can pack a lot of people into a relatively small area. If a guest is allergic to animals, then having one on board can hurt that passengers experience. And if a pet were to bite a guest, then the cruise ship could come under fire.

But what many people dont think about are the legal issues of having a pet on the ship as it visits different foreign ports. Just as you wouldnt carry live animals with you on a flight, the same customs rules will apply to cruise ships. Youd have to have the proper documentation and approval to allow the pet to disembark.

Scenic Cruises With Dogs

5 Most Asked Question When People Meet My Assistance Dog On A Cruise Ship

Now that Ive probably squashed your dreams of sailing the ocean with your dog, you can focus on more a realistic, and achievable goala scenic cruise. Many regional river cruises are a few hours long and do accommodate your dog.

A few of these include the Potomac Riverboats Canine Cruise, a 45-minute ride in Alexandria, Virginia in the South, you can go on BayWatch Dolphin Tours in Galveston, Texas, in Seattle, Bring Fido lists five dog-friendly boat tours, including the Fremont Sunday Ice Cream Cruise.

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Can I Take My Pet Dog Or Cat On A Cruise

Most cruise lines do not allow pets on cruises, with the exception of Cunards Queen Mary 2. Cunard cruisers can take their pet dog or cat on transatlantic sailings from New York to Southampton or Hamburg, provided theyre able to book a spot in The Kennels, the special pet area on the ship. No other animals, such as birds or ferrets, are allowed onboard.

Potential cruisers should note that Queen Mary 2 only has 24 kennels, and cats and larger dogs require a double kennel, which severely limits the numbers of passengers who can cruise with their pets. The waitlist is incredibly long. Dogs and cats do not cruise free rates range from $800 to $1,000 for a single kennel, and twice that for a double.

Pet owners should understand that their cat or dog will not be sleeping in their bed with them. Pets will spend the entire cruise in The Kennels and are not allowed in cabins or public areas of the ship. Owners can visit with their pets only during specified visiting hours. As a Cunard transatlantic cruise typically has no port calls , you will not have the opportunity to take your pet off the ship for walks on land.

Learn more about Queen Mary 2s kennels and pet policy.

Can You Bring Cigarettes On A Cruise

Yes, you can, along with e-cigarettes, also known as vapes. Per the rules, you can bring cigarettes onboard with you. Whether or not you’re flying to your embarkation port, we recommend that you adhere to TSA rules when deciding where and how to pack your cigarettes and lighters.

You can pack an unlimited number of cigarettes in your carry-on bag, checked luggage or both, but you’re limited to one fueled lighter in your carry-on. If you want to pack lighters in your checked bag, you’re limited to two, and they must either be unfueled or stored in a DOT-approved case.

You can also buy cigarettes in port or by the carton, duty free, in many ships’ onboard shops. However, if you want to smoke while you’re sailing, you should bring your own, as some vessels hold duty-free items purchased onboard until disembarkation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Take A Dog On The Queen Mary 2

Dont think Fluffy cruises for free. Owners pay per kennel. The shorter upper kennels cost $800, and are meant for cats or animals weighing 25 pounds or less. While each cat requires two kennels, one for Kitty and the other for the litter box, two cat siblings can share a double kennel at no extra charge. The taller lower kennels cost $1,000 each, so a large dog requiring two will be charged double.

Can I Take My Dog On A Cruise


As it becomes harder and harder to travel with your dog by plane, you might be looking for other ways to travel with your favorite furry companion. Many dog people opt for road trips, while others are taking their small pets on Amtrak, but some dog lovers really want to sail away with their pet.

But the answer to the question, Can I take my dog on a cruise? is, with one major exception, no.

The vast majority of cruise ships and cruise companies have a very straightforward no pets policy. That said, well walk you through the options that do exist for going on a cruise with your dog.

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Southwest/south Central Us Cruises

BayWatch Dolphin Tours in Galveston, Texas, offers hour-long sightseeing cruises on the Galveston Harbor. Pets are welcome on every dolphin cruise and private charter, and they always ride free. Dolly Steamboat operates out of Apache Junction, Arizona, cruising along Canyon Lake’s waterways and the Apache Trail. Pets are allowed on both nature and astronomy cruises, but only if they are potty trained, non-aggressive and do not bark.

Mercurys Canine Cruise Chicago Illinois

Cruise through Chicagos waterways on the Mercury Canine Cruise while taking in all the sights and smells the city has to offer! Your pooch can take a seat on your lap, at your feet, or amble around the boat while you listen to the narrating tour guide.

Theres plenty of safe outdoor seating, water bowls for your pup, as well as a newspaper lined bathroom where your doggo can do their business.

This is one of the best cruises that allow dogs, as you get to spend a great deal of quality time with your little animal while learning about the rich history of the city!

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Can You Take Service Dogs On A Cruise

Most cruise lines do allow travelers with disabilities to bring service dogs onboard. A service animal is one that is specifically trained to perform tasks related to helping a human, such as leading a blind person or protecting a person having a seizure. They are working animals typically dogs and not pets.

Note that Cunard keeps service dogs separate from its kennel guests. Working animals cant access The Kennels and their facilities kind of like how crew get separate dining and lounge spaces from passengers. Service animals are allowed in cabins and public areas as long as theyre on a leash however, theyre banned from swimming pools and hot tubs, the ships galley, and areas specific to kids or crew.

Unlike pets, service animals cruise for free. If you want to learn more about taking a service dog on a cruise, we recommend checking out Molly Burkes video about her experience bringing her guide dog along on Celebrity Edge.

How To Reserve A Queen Mary 2 Kennel

CRUISE NEWS: âPET FRIENDLYâ? Cruise Will Be Here In 2023!

Its important for you to reserve your Queen Mary 2 kennel as soon as possible. Usually, this can be done up to two years before the sailing. If you should request a particular sailing date and the kennels are already reserved, ask to be placed on a waiting list. People tend to reserve the kennels way ahead of time in the hopes of taking their cruise. Plans change and people end up canceling their reservation and theres a chance youll get a kennel.

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Anything Else To Keep In Mind

  • Only dogs and cats and ferrets are allowed.
  • There is no veterinarian onboard.
  • Dogs may be walked onto the ship or in a kennel.
  • Cats must be brought onboard in a kennel.
  • Pets in the upper kennels must weight 26 lbs. or less
  • Lower kennels occupants are 26 lbs. and more

Its easy to arrange for you to travel with your pet between England and the United States. However, it is extremely important to follow the instructions exactly as Cunard states or your pet may not be allowed to even board the ship. Prices may change over time so consult Cunard for the most up-to-date kennel prices.

Why stress out your pet when Fido or Fluffy can travel aboard the Queen Mary 2 and be a four-legged, pampered passenger for a week.

Note: Information here is from Cunard Customer Service, the department in charge of Queen Mary 2 kennel requirements.


Scenic Cruise St Augustine St Augustine Florida

St. Augustine hosts a variety of scenic cruises that allow you to see all the most beautiful sights in the area. The best part is that all of these cruises are pooch-friendly! The ship has been cruising the area since the early 1900s, and its captain knows all the best sightseeing spots around.

You wont have to leave your fur-child at home for this scenic trip, as well-behaved dogs are welcomed with water bowls and treats!

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What Else Do I Need To Know About Pet Cruises On Cunard

Even with cats and dogs on cruises regularly, Queen Mary 2 does not carry a veterinarian onboard. Pet owners cruise with their animal friends at their own risk.

Another Queen Mary 2 pet policy is that animals cannot visit their owners in their cabins or public areas of the ship. They must stay in The Kennels area the entire time theyre onboard. As transatlantic cruises do not have port stops , you will not be exploring in port with your pet.

Preparing For The Trip

Meet the cats serving on a Russian cruise ship

It goes without saying that your pet will need all kinds of paperwork before embarking on their journey. You must show that theyve been vaccinated, have a PET passport or certificate, have received tapeworm treatment, and have been fitted with a microchip.

Taking your pet on this Atlantic cruise is expensive, as well. Kennels are between $800 to $1000. Many people who take this voyage are moving their pets to another country. For more information, email . Complete Cruise Solution has more details as well.

Besides the Queen Mary 2, you wont find other ocean-going cruises that accept pets. However, there is another option!

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Can You Bring Cigars On A Cruise

Yes. Just like cigarettes, cigars can be brought onboard and smoked in select areas, although those areas tend to be more limited than those in which you can smoke cigarettes. Some ships even have designated cigar lounges, reminiscent of those found on 20th-century ocean liners.

Generally styled with dark woods, jewel tones and cushy chairs, these venues are usually outfitted with humidors and a selection of cigars for purchase , and there’s almost always a bar nearby. Cruisers can head there for a post-dinner smoke and scotch.

Cigars are also sold in the duty-free stores on most ships, in the same section where you’ll find alcohol and cigarettes.

Ships Where Dogs/cats Are Allowed

The one exception weve found? Its Cunards Queen Mary 2. This ship does allow dogs on the ship, but dont expect it to mean that the animal can be with you at all times on the ship. Instead, your pet will be kenneled in a special area. They arent allowed to join you around the ship or keep you company in the cabin.

According to a recent blog post on the cruise line website:

Even canine companions get the White Star treatment here: Queen Mary 2 is the only ship in the world to offer dedicated kennels at sea. There are now 22 luxury kennels in total, as well as a play area and dedicated walking route. .

According to the FAQ on Cunards website, cats are also welcome in the kennels. However, we cant imagine a cat being comfortable surrounded by so many dogs.

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Can I Take My Cat Or Dog On The Queen Mary 2

Yes. Dogs and cats are the only animals allowed to cruise with Cunard. Your pet hamster, parakeet, and snake need to stay home while you vacation.

But you cant take your pet on just any Cunard cruise. Cats and dogs are restricted to transatlantic cruises between Southampton or Hamburg and New York City due to U.K. restrictions, pets cannot sail on back-to-back cruises departing from and returning to Southampton. In order to bring your dog or cat on the cruise ship, you will need to book them a spot in The Kennels, the ships pet residences.

Queen Mary 2s pet policies include size restrictions on animals. Pets cruising in one of The Kennels smaller cages must weigh 25 pounds or less animals in the larger, lower cages must weigh at least 26 pounds. For one kennel, the maximum pet length is 35 inches from nose to base of the tail for a double kennel, the maximum length is 60 inches. For any kennel, the maximum pet height is 27 inches from top of the shoulder to the floor.

Travelers with disabilities are allowed to bring service animals, but they stay with their owner and cannot use The Kennels facilities. Emotional support animals are not allowed on Cunard. For more about traveling with service dogs, see our story on pet cruises.

Which Cruise Lines Allow Smoking

Service Dog on a cruise ship, what you need to consider

Cruise line smoking policies have become fairly uniform in recent years. Below, we outline what’s allowed by each of eight major brands.

Note that specific locations where smoking is permitted vary from ship to ship within each cruise line’s fleet, and unless otherwise noted, the rules apply to cigarettes, tobacco pipes, cigars, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.


Carnival Cruise Line limits the smoking to its casinos and casino bars, nightclubs and select outdoor spaces. In fact, it’s one of the only lines to permit nightclub smoking at all.

Cigars and tobacco pipes are limited to certain outdoor spaces only, and smoking of any kind is not allowed in cabins or on cabin balconies.

Here is a full list of Carnival’s designated smoking areas.


Celebrity Cruises maintains a non-smoking environment across its fleet, with the exception of designated areas. Contact Celebrity for specific locations on each ship.

Unlike other cruise lines, Celebrity does not allow smoking in its ships’ casinos, and smoking is not allowed in staterooms or on verandas. Violators face fines of up to $250 and other consequences.

You can read more under Celebrity’s smoking policy.


Disney does not allow smoking in any public areas or passenger rooms. It is also banned on stateroom balconies. Violators face fines of $250.

Disney does not have casinos on its ships, which effectively eliminates smoking there.

Holland America

See more in MSC’s onboard FAQs.



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