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How Much Is Cruise America Rv Rental

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My Rv Rental Company Choices:

Cruise America RV Rental Tips for first-timers

My personal choices of RV companies are Outdoorsy and RVshare. These two companies do a great job of giving you RVs that are affordable.

The great thing about these RV rental companies is that they offer their RV in all areas. You have a much better chance of finding an RV in a smaller area with one of these websites.

For me, coming from an extremely rural town, I have no chances of renting an RV out from a company with few locations. Yet, Outdoorsy and RVshare give me options for all kinds of RVs in my area.

In our modern day, we have been able to simplify everything to make things easier on the customer. This is the perfect example of that.

These two websites are so easy to navigate and will give a great RV renting experience. There is no hassle with calling or searching hard to find a good RV. All your options are laid out perfectly for you on this website.

Also, you will be given reliable RVs at a reasonable price. Most corporate companies charge more for their cleaning and high-quality RVs.

However, these RV owners have to apply for renting out their RV, and it shows. They take good care of their customers and make the RV look nice.

However, if I were going to be taking a trip with fewer people, I would choose Escape Campervans.

The reason I would choose Escape Campervans over Jucy is simply that they offer those 100 miles free per day.

Although this is not the same as an RV, they do a great job of giving all the things you would have in an RV.

Best Time To Book An Rv Relocation Rental

RV relocation deals are most plentiful in the spring and fall months. In the spring, rental companies need people to move RVs from snowbird hot spots, like Florida and Arizona, to popular summer vacation destinations. They also need people to pick up their new RVs from the factory.

In the fall, rental companies need people to move their RVs back to the snowbird hot spots, and they also need people to pick up their old RVs and drop them off at a facility where theyll be refurbished and sold.

That being said, there are still plenty of RV relocation deals to be had in the summer. During peak season, rental companies are constantly having to shuffle vehicles from one location to another to keep up with reservation demands.

If you want to snag one of those free or $1-a-day rentals that I mentioned earlier, wait and book your RV two to three weeks before your trip. Rental companies offer the best deals on short-notice trips, and will often continue to pile on extra incentives, until someone books the trip.

What You Need To Know About Cruise America

Cruise Americas bread and butter are found in its RV rental services. Cruise America is not loaded down with rental options but for rookie RVers, this may work for their advantage. Trying to decide between a Class C, fifth wheel or diesel pusher may be a little over the head for those not too acquainted with RV types but Cruise America makes selection much easier.

There are four rental options at Cruise America known as compact, standard, intermediate and large. The compact model is 19 in length and can sleep three people, the standard model is 25 and can sleep five people, the intermediate is 28 and can sleep six while the large model can sleep seven and is 30 in length. Despite the differences in sizes all models are Class C cover style motorhomes and are manufactured by Ford. Engines range from V8 to V10.

With this simple selection process, you can determine what type of RV you need to rent by looking at size and amount of people you need to sleep. You can find further details about the RVs on CruiseAmerica.com

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Things You Should Know Before You Rent Your First Rv

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In 2018, my husband and I packed up our two girls and flew to Las Vegas, where we kicked off an adventure of a lifetime. We would spend a week exploring the best Southwest national and state parks on our first RV trip. Spoiler alert: We became addicted and have gone on several RV trips since then. Theres a lot weve learned about RVing since that first trip, so Im sharing some tips to prepare you for your first RV adventure now that RV rentals are becoming a very popular activity in the era of socially distanced family vacations.

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Kitchen Space In Cruise America Rv

How Much Does it Really Cost to Rent a RV

The kitchen space had 3 drawers and 2 cabinets under the countertop. There was a small sink and a 3-burner stovetop. We used the stovetop once I think. Most of our meals were cooked either over the grill, or I had prepared before we left and only needed to be heated up in the microwave. I also had brought my griddle from home, so we hooked that up in the kitchen a couple of times, and then we moved it to outside to our prep table and ran an extension cord to the electric box. Above the sink, there was another cabinet that had our plates, bowls, and mugs secured in them.

We got the kitchen kit to limit the large items we would need to bring. This included: a broom, can opener, carving knife, coffee cups, colander, cooking fork, cooking spoon, cookware, dinner forks, dinner knives, dinner plates, flashlight, mixing bowl, paring knife, soup bowls, soup spoons, spatula, steak knives, tea kettle, teaspoons, and tumblers. I would recommend you go through this kit before you leave. Prior to the trip, I had asked how many of each item we would have and they said enough for 7 since that was what our RV could sleep. When we had everything cleaned and put together in the end we realized we had only gotten 6 of the items that were individually used. So, check before you leave. Better yet, take a picture so at the very end you know exactly what is theirs and what is yours.

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If You Don’t Return The Rv With Fully Emptied Tanks You’ll Face A Dump Fee

If you fail to completely empty your tanks before returning the car, you’ll be charged an $85 dump fee.

There’s also a cleaning fee of up to $150 if the vehicle isn’t returned “in the same condition as it was received.” Bypassing that was easy since, a) the RV wasn’t really as clean as we would have liked when we got it, and b) we sanitized the hell out of it ourselves.

While prices vary between rental companies, these fees seem to be pretty standard.

Best Rv Rental Companies: Rvshare Vs Outdoorsy Vs Cruise America & More

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Ever dreamed of hitting the road with your partner or family to see as many majestic U.S. sites as you can? Are pricey hotel and restaurant costs holding you back? The answer is simple and much more affordable: rent an RV.

Whether youre looking to rent an RV for your next vacation or want to earn money renting out the RV you own, weve got all the info you need.

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Get The Best Deals On Rv Rentals

Cut out all the hassle of scheduling flights, hotel stays and restaurant reservations with the rental of a fully equipped RV or motorhome rental. Have the convenience of traveling in comfort and style, with more time to spend with family and friends as you travel to and from your destination.

If you’re not familiar with the RV rental lifestyle, there’s no need to sweat it! You’ll find a wide selection of motorhomes and RVs of varying sizes and budget options available via our partnership with Cruise America. And our expert travel specialists are equipped to find the model that will best suit your needs – and your luggage!

Don’t compromise on comfort when you travel.

When you hear the word “vacation,” what comes to mind but comfortable accommodations and unfamiliar destinations? An RV rental offers the modern amenities you’d expect from any hotel stay, with the low maintenance and mobility to step from the front seat to the beach. Additionally, there are various advantages that are hard to find from your average hotel stay:

Imagine a one-of-a-kind cross-country RV rental vacation to your favorite North America destinations, without ever leaving the comfort of home:

How To Find Long

Renter’s Orientation

There are companies like Cruise America that rent stock RVs, but long-term rentals arent an option. Thats why many renters choose peer-to-peer rental services.

Peer-to-peer rentals let you rent out someones RV, giving you more choices for the type of rig you want. Youll also have more ability to negotiate the price, plus the option to rent for a longer time.

Companies like Outdoorsy and RVShare are also great tools to connect with individuals renting their RVs. Many jump at the chance to rent out their rigs long-term because its guaranteed income. Youll probably save money too, so its a win for everyone.

While you cant lease an RV in the traditional sense, you can get pretty close with long-term rental services. Sometimes long-term rentals make the most sense for the casual RVer. You get all the perks with none of the responsibility. Best of all, youll enjoy some amazing travels!

If you end up falling in love with the RV lifestyle and want to get your own RV, we highly recommend reading our blog on How To Buy An RV: Tips To Be Prepared.

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What Type Of Rv To Start With

The first thing to learn are your ABCs. All RVs are divided into A, B, and C classifications, which relate to the size and make of the RV. Settling on one will be your single biggest decision in renting an RV.

Limit yourself to B and C classes if youre a first-time renter, since theyre smaller and easier to maneuver than the bus-like Class A, says Jason Epperson of the popular podcast and website RV Miles.

Between 16 and 22 feet long, Class B motorhomes are basically camper vans, ideal for two people traveling together, Epperson says. Class C motorhomes, usually between 21 and 35 feet long, have an overhead cab area that provides extra space for sleeping, in addition to the larger interior spaceideal for families of four or more. Up to 45 feet long, Class A RVs are far largerthink rockstar tour busesand often come with upgraded finishes in the kitchen and bathroom.

While you don’t need a special license to drive Class A, Class B, nor most Class C RVs, theres a huge difference in how they drive. Class B motorhomes drive like a van or truck, which is easy for first timers. Driving a Class C RV is like driving a moving truckyou lose the rearview mirror function, since you’re looking into the back of the motorhome. Class A motorhomes drive like the big buses they are.

Faq About Cruise America Rv Rental N Sales Naperville Il

  • Why rent an RV from Cruise America in Chicago?

    The Windy City becomes a breeze to explore when you rent a Cruise America class C RV from our Northwest Chicago rental location. We can provide you with just the right motorhome to suit your needs. There are a host of things to do in Chicago, and even more things to do in the surrounding areas. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Where can I Park my Cruise America rental RV in Illinois?

    Just a few miles to the north of Geneva and located just one half hour west of Naperville sits St. Charles. This town has it’s own style of charm, and there is an abundance of RV parks in which you can station your Cruise America rental RV. There are numerous parks and trails for biking, hiking and picnicking.

  • Where can I rent a truck camper from Cruise America?

    Whatever your plans, the truck camper offers comfort and accessibility. There are more than 129 Cruise America rental centers in the United States, Canada, and Alaska from which you can depart. 2233 E. 223rd. St. 2915 N. Orange Blossom Tr. New Generation Rentals LLC.

  • Where can I rent an RV in Illinois?

    With RV rentals in Illinois, Cruise America offers several RV rentals in 60051, 60564, 60131, 60118, 60096 and much more. Kick-off your Illinois adventure with Cruise America today!

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What About The Poop

Everyone always asks us, Is it nasty dealing with the toilet? Its a fair question but, believe me, its not hard, nor does it take a long time. Most RV rentals come with gloves to use when touching the black tank hose. If not, buy some. It takes about five minutes to dump your tank and while the person you rent from should give you a thorough overview , most RVers are very nice and will help you if you find yourself lost. You can also check out this YouTube video to see the process.

Usa Rv Rentals Review

How to Drive an RV

USA RV Rentals is an online marketplace that consolidates corporate RV rental options from companies around the U.S. You can choose from 100 locations around the U.S., mainly in large metropolitan areas. Companies include Cruise America, El Monte RV, Road Bear, Sunshine, Britz and more.

There are benefits and downsides to using this type of marketplace. It gives you a central platform to compare different companies pricing and availability in major markets. On the other hand, you dont know the reputation of each company and the quality of their RVs.


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Rv Storage And Dump Stations In California

Between all the fantastic attractions, California has extensive facilities to keep things convenient for RV travelers. If youre going to spend a few days in a city, you might want a safe place to stash your RV for a few days. No matter what, youll also need somewhere to get rid of your waste and graywater, either at standalone RV facilities or at dump stations connected to national parks. Some of the best RV storage sites in California:

  • McBrides RV Storage in Chino, near Los Angeles
  • Island Park Storage in San Francisco
  • American River RV and Boat Storage in Sacramento
  • Campland on the Bay in San Diego

Some of the best dump stations:

  • Fawndale Lodge & RV Resort in Redding
  • Circle RV Resort at El Cajon
  • Ramblin Redwoods Campground and RV near Redwoods National Park
  • Mesquite Spring Campground at Death Valley
  • A Country RV Park in Bakersfield

Why Rent An Rv

Our customers find lots of reasons to rent an RV:

When you want to travel, but a car, van, or SUV just isnt roomy enough, rent an RV.

Try before you buy. If youre considering purchasing an RV, rent one from us to see how you like the experience. Youll then feel much more confident about your decision.

Be a roadie for a while. Are you following a favorite band around? Rent an RV, and youll always have a comfy place to stay as you indulge your passion for music.

Weekend getaway. An RV makes a great option for a fun weekend. Schedule a meetup with family or friends at a campground and explore the local attractions.

Family vacation. Renting an RV gives you enough room to bring the entire family including your furry family members. Youll never have to worry about finding the next bathroom or restaurant because theyre always conveniently located right in your RV along with your bed.

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Pros And Cons Of Cruise America

While the Cruise America RV brand is well-known throughout the country, a big knock is that the company is growing faster than it can handle.

The shortened staff has weaknesses in the areas of maintenance and customer service. The maintenance team needs to work extra hard to have the vehicles ready for the next reservation, which can sometimes backfire. When it comes to customer service, an overwhelming amount of cause can sacrifice the joyous interaction that customers seek when renting an RV.

Because the company has a significant market share and presence, it can offer a better price than most of its competitors upfront. There are also promotions that customers can enjoy certain times of the year, along with individual insurance advantages.

Here are some more benefits when renting from Cruise America:

  • Competitive prices on the market due to a massive inventory and presence across the nation
  • Special offers for early bookings for customers
  • There are both 1- and 2-way travel options
  • There is a $0 deductible option if the vehicle gets damaged
  • Wide range of availability because of the massive fleet

Here are the drawbacks of the customer experience with Cruise America:

  • If there are a lot of people renting at once, customer service can be extremely lacking during peak times
  • There are limited models of RV
  • There are few unique options at the counter
  • No airport or extra transportation options available
  • The company is closed on Sundays

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