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How To Get From Rome To Cruise Ship Terminal

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How Do You Get From Rome To The Cruise Port

2019 (how to) Rome to Civitavecchia cruise port

How to get to/from Rome and the cruise port at Civitavecchia

  • Take the free shuttle from your ship’s pier to the cruise terminal.
  • From there, buy a ticket for the Argo bus at any bar or newsstand. It’s only a 10-minute ride.
  • In this regard, how much is taxi from Rome to Civitavecchia?

    How muchtaxiCivitavecchiaRomeTaxispricerates

    Furthermore, how much is a taxi from Rome airport to cruise port?

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    Is there Uber in Civitavecchia Italy?


    How long does it take to get from Rome cruise port to airport?


    Others Ways To Get To Rome From The Cruise Port Of Civitavecchia

    There are many others ways to get in to Rome on your port day in Italy here are a few other option if you do not want to get the train

    Private tours from Civitavecchia to Rome

    Other alternatives to visit Rome from your cruise chip are to book a Rome in One Day Private Tour. There will be people in port holding up placards should you wish to do this you may need to barter with prices but generally they are quite reasonable.

    Alternatively book a private transfer before you go on holiday. Taking a private shore excursion into Rome is useful as you will get to see a lot in one day but can be pricey. There are also private tours that cover a range of itineraries from Rome Vatican tours to Rome food tours.

    Take a Taxi from Civitavecchia to Rome

    There will be lots of Taxis in port should you wish to be taken from Civitavecchia to Rome. Taking a taxi could set you back around 120 so it is not always the cheaper option.

    Ship Bus transfer Civitavecchia to Rome

    Many ships offer shore excursion transfers. These transfers are simply a coach trip for you to enjoy the city at your own leisure but they also guarantee that you will get back on the ship. They can cost around $60 per person and they are bookable with your cruise line.

    Ship shore excursion from Civitavecchia to Rome

    If you are unsure of getting in to Rome alone you can book a shore excursion with your cruise line. There will be lots of choice if you book with your cruise ship including things to do with children.

    How To Get A Train From Rome To Civitavecchia

    Coming back from Rome to Civitavecchia, the last express train from Ostiense leaves just after midnight at 12.11am and gets into Civitavecchia at 12.15am. The last direct train from Termini leaves at 11.27pm and gets you to Civitavecchia at 12.44am.

    If you miss the last train back to Civitavecchia from Rome, youre going to have to hang around until 5.26am when the first train from Termini leaves for Civitavecchia .

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    From Civitavecchia Train Station To The Piers

    Once at the Civitavecchia train station you will be able to get a local Argo bus or walk towards the port.

    The Argo buses leave from the area in front of the station, running every 20 minutes, getting you to the port in less than 10 minutes. The ticket costs 2 and can be bought at the news-stand or at the bar inside the station.

    Important: the autobus from the station will take you to Rome Cruise Terminal, the ports hub for cruise lines. From here you can take one of the free shuttle that run regularly and that will take you to your terminal or departure quay.

    Alternatively it is possible to reach the port by foot from Civitavecchia Station. The entrance of Varco Fortezza is actually located 600 metres away. Once outside the station go towards via Giuseppe Garibaldi and, walking along the sea, you will find the pedestrian entrance. Go in and on your right you will find one of the free shuttle stops. Wait for few minutes and you will be taken to destination for free.

    Rome To Civitavecchia By Train The Cheapest Transfer

    How To Get From Rome Cruise Port To City / Rome Fiumicino ...

    There are no direct scheduled public bus services between Rome Fiumicino airport and Civitavecchia, but there is a frequent rail service between Civitavecchia and Rome Fiumicino airport that requires a change of train on the edge of the city of Rome.

    Train is the cheapest transfer option by far, for a transfer between Civitavecchia and Rome Fiumicino Airport.

    What is the downside of using the train for cruise transfers?

    Civitavecchia railway station is about a mile/ over 1km from the cruise port.

    The Rome to Civitavecchia train service is frequent but punctuality is not a strong point and delays are frequent.

    At the interchange station where you change trains you may well have to carry your luggage up and down several flights of stairs.

    Most trains are commuter style with no seat reservations, no luggage porterage and dedicated luggage storage within the carriage is designed for small bags. Much smaller than a typical aircraft cabin interior.

    Most of the day the trains are not very full, but at peak commuter times you may not get a seat and have to stand.

    So if you are old/frail or are travelling heavy a cruise transfer by train may not be a great way to start/finish your cruise.

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    Least Favorite Way To Get To Rome From The Cruise Port

    First, you need a shuttle to get out of the cruise port area. Hail a taxi, load your luggage and take the taxi to the train station. You can buy your train ticket to Roma Termini at the station. Quickly load everything onto the train, and keep an eye on your belongings.

    From Civitavecchia, youll arrive into Rome Termini station within an hour. From there, youll need a taxi to your hotel. If youve never been to Termini, this is not the option Id recommend. But if you do, the taxi rank is directly outside the front glass doors. Be prepared for a long line, but it quickly moves.

    If money is an issue, this is the cheapest but not the easiest way to get to Rome.

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    Is There A Shuttle Service Available

    One of the least stressful ways to spend some time in Rome is to hire a shuttle or private car service. You can either book a seat in a shared van that brings a group of people into Rome or hire a private car that oftentimes includes a tour guide. Companies include Civitavecchia Cab Service, Zelit Limousine, and My Cab in Rome.

    Even though it’s much pricier than taking the train and usually slower due to Roman traffic, the convenience of having a car waiting for you at the port and not worrying about train stops is well worth the extra cost to many. If you choose a private car service that includes a guided tour, it’s an efficient way to get the most out of your few hours in Rome.

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    Train To Rome From Civitavecchia

    It is fairly straightforward to take the regional train between Civitavecchia and Rome. The train line is the same one which runs between Rome and Santa Marinella .

    The train station is about a 15-minute walk from the port, right on the edge of the center of town. Your cruise ship will likely provide a shuttle bus service to drop you closer so that you do not need to walk the entire way.

    The train between Civitavecchia and Rome does not require reservations and you cannot book a seat ahead of time. You can purchase tickets at the machine inside the station, but be sure to validate them in the machines before boarding the train. In 2019, the ticket cost 4.60 each way and you can pre-book these online if you are ready to select your train departure time. Virtual tickets do not need to be printed or validated. Here is more information about buying train tickets in Italy.

    Coming from Civitavecchia, after traveling down the coast and stopping in small towns, the first Rome train station you will reach is San Pietro about 40 minutes after leaving Civitavecchia. Exit here for the Vatican . Continue on to Trastevere Station if you want to explore that Rome neighborhood.

    Port Of Civitavecchia: Cruise Passenger’s Guide

    (best new route) Civitavecchia guide Train station to cruise terminals

    Are you going on a cruise to Civitavecchia? Here you can find a useful and downloadable guide with all information about connections to the main destinations.

  • Useful information
  • If you bought a ticket for a cruise to the Port of Civitavecchia, maybe now you are wondering how to get around and how to get to Rome and see the main monuments. Don’t worry, here you are the Cruise Passenger’s Guide of the Port of Civitavecchia!

    Destinations, connections and useful suggestions in a unique guide designed, created and produced by Port Mobility freely distributed at the Information Point in Largo della Pace.

    Cover of Cruise Passenger’s Guide

    We have made a paper brochure, available in Italian, English and Spanish, to provide all tourists arriving at the port with useful advices, since they often don’t know how to feel disoriented and stressed for having little time available. Port Mobility is at the service of cruise passengers and visitors of the Port of Civitavecchia”Edgardo Azzopardi Special delegate for institutional relations of Port Mobility

    The guide also includes the map of the Port of Civitavecchia with all the useful information to visit the port and to orient yourself among all accesses , shuttle buses, parking facilities, information points. You’ll also find information about how to get to the main monuments of the Historical Port.

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    Civitavecchia Station To/from Cruise Ship

    Civitavecchia public bus Free cruise shuttle buses at Largo della Pace

    There is no direct public access to cruise ships in the port. You have to use free shuttle buses between individual ships docked and a cruise ship reception area called Largo della Pace just outside one of the dock gates, from here there is a local bus to the railway station or you can walk or take a taxi.

    How To Take The Train To Romes Fiumicino Airport

    Fiumicino, Romes international airport, is about 40 miles from the port. Inexpensive regional trains from Civitavecchia station go to Roma Trastevere station, where you can change to a regional train for Fiumicino. This is the least expensive option .

    If you take a fast, frecce, train from Civitavecchia to Termini, Romes central train station, you can take the Leonardo Express train to the airport.

    To find train times and prices, go to Trenitalia and enter Civitavecchia and Fiumicino. Passengers of cruise ships trying to avoid the cost of a cruise shuttle or private shuttle to the airport often wish they had gone with a shuttle. While the train is less expensive, the changes make it inconvenient for passengers with much luggage.

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    How To See The Colosseum

    Go to the Colosseum first, while its cooler. Take the express, high speed train from Civitavecchia to Rome Termini station , then the metro to the Colosseum .

    The most important thing to know is that the Colosseum ticket also includes admission to the Forum and the Palatine Hill, and vice versa. They are adjacent to each other, and once youre in, you can go from place to place freely.

    How to skip the line at the Colosseum: To save time, one shortcut is to book a guided tour. They will always have pre-booked tickets and will take you directly to the Group Entrance . These would work well:

    If you dont want to book a tour, walk from the metro station to the Roman Forum entrance at the end of Via Cavour. Clear the security line there, then head toward the Forums internal entrance to the Colosseum.

    Added bonus: You get to see the Forum en route and its a lot of fun walking amid the excavations!

    How To Get Between The Civitavecchia Train Station And The Port/cruise Terminal

    How to get Civitavecchia Port from Rome and from Airport ...

    If Civitavecchia is your embarkation or debarkation port , you’ll have all your luggage and might not want to haul it along the five-block walk betwen the port and the train station . In that case, it can be well worth the 9 to 15 for the quick taxi ride .

    NoteNuova Banchina Commerciale 24 25

    There are sometimes shuttle buses between the train station and the port, but those are usually timed to coincide with local ferries to Sardegna, not cruises.

    If you do choose to walk: Head to the base of the loooong pier, around the Renaissance castle that serves as the port authority, and through the exit . Cross the street to turn right down Via Garibaldi. The train station will be on your left after about a five-block, 10-15 minute walk.Here’s a map showing the route.

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    Cruise Passenger’s Guide: How Long Does It Take To Get To

    Here we want to give answer to a question that often worries cruise passengers: if I visit this city or this monument will I be in time to go back to the Port of Civitavecchia before my cruise leaves? Well, next to the info- graphic How to get to we have written the short guide How long does it take to get to with times and transports to use in order to get to the main points of interest in Rome:

    Cruise Passenger’s Guide: how long does it take to get to the Colosseum, Imperial Fora, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Piazza Navona

    So, leaving from Civitavecchia Train Station you can get to:

    • COLOSSEUM AND IMPERIAL FORA in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Get off at Roma Ostiense Station, go on foot to metro B line stop Piramide and get off at stop Colosseo.
    • ST. PETER’S BASILICA AND THE VATICAN in 1 hour and 5 minutes. Get off at Roma San Pietro Station and walk 15/20 minutes to St. Peter’s Basilica.
    • PIAZZA DI SPAGNA AND TREVI FOUNTAIN in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Get off at Roma Termini Station and take metro A line and get off at stop Spagna.
    • PANTHEON AND PIAZZA NAVONA in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Get off at Roma San Pietro Station, take bus 64 for 12 stops and get off at Largo Argentina, from there, walk 5 minutes to the Pantheon.

    How Do I Get From Rome To The Cruise Port

    Planning to spend at least three days in Rome before your cruise and do some sightseeing? One of the easiest ways to see the glorious sights of the city and get to the Rome port at Civitavecchia in time to embark on your cruise is to book a Celebrity Private Journeys excursion, a personalized destination experience created especially for you.

    Your personal guide and driver will time your hotel pick-up and your sightseeing to ensure that you arrive at Civitavecchia with plenty of time to check in for your cruise.

    You can also book a shared shuttle service or private car service from Rome to the cruise port. These services will pick you up at your hotel or other destination and deliver you directly to the Civitavecchia cruise port for a cost of about 65 per person.

    Traveling by train from Rome to the cruise port is the fastest and most economical option, though not as convenient if you have multiple pieces of luggage.

    To do so, board the train from the Termini station to Civitavecchia. The trip will take about an hour. You can walk to the cruise port from the train station in Civitavecchia or hail a cab outside the station that will take you directly to the cruise terminal.

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    A Note On Cruises In Italy

    I understand that cruise ships have their appeal and in this case, they absolutely help support the economy of Civitavecchia. However, Venice is another matter and I strongly urge you not to take a cruise that includes Venice as a stop.

    Venice is a city that deserves so much more of your time, and the cruise ship industry is really proving to be dangerous in this special Italian city as proved by the recent cruise ship crash.

    These big boats may be fun, but they pose a huge threat to Venice and I urge you to do research before deciding to take a cruise which includes La Serenissima as a stop.

    Please note: This post may include affiliate links to services which I personally use and recommend. Should you choose to book using these links, I may receive a small commission but you are under no obligation to do so.


    Natalie is a food and travel writer who has been living in Rome full time since 2010. She is the founder and editor of this blog and prefers all of her days to include coffee, gelato, and wine.

    Getting To Civitavecchia From Rome Ciampino Airport

    Day 2 – Getting Lost on the Way to Civitavecchia Cruise Port – Rome

    Rome Ciampino airport is connected with the Ciampino station by shuttle bus ATRAL, also making it easy to get to your ultimate destination. Board the ATRAL that connects the airport to the station.

    Once you arrive at the station, board the train for Roma Termini. Once you arrive at Roma Termini, board your final train that will take you to Civitavecchia port. This last part of the journey takes around 45-minutes for a Freccia Bianca train and 1 hour 20 minutes on the Intercity.

    As above, private transfers are also an option, but they will be more expensive.

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    Getting To Rome From Civitavecchia

    All cruise lines will offer a direct transfer to Rome on a bus, but at a steeply inflated rate .

    The good news is, you can get to Rome on your owncheaper, and sometimes even faster.

    In fact, with the train station only about 15-minute walk from the port and the fast trains making the trip to Rome in 45 minutes, you can easily beat the folks taking the overpriced cruise shuttle to Rome.

    • – Priciest option . Takes about 6080 minutes.
    • – A private transfer still takes 6080 minutes, but will often be cheaper than the cruise line’s service. Book one via our partners at for $30 .
    • – If you’re just in port for the day but still want to see Rome, you don’t have to sign up for the ship’s crowded tour bus consider a private tour of Rome in one day offered by our partners at
    • – There are two to three direct trains every hour between Civitavecchia and Rome’s main rail station, Roma Termini. Most local trains take 6080 minutes and cost 5 each way . Hourly Frecciabianca trains take 4045 minutes and cost 915. You still have to get from the Civitavecchia train station to the cruise terminal at the port see below.
    • – If you have the 125150 for a private transfer, please just book the same exact service for 30 from and then send me the extra 100 that is clearly burning a hole in your pocket.

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