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Norwegian Cruise Port In Copenhagen Denmark

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Cruise Itineraries To And From Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark Port Overview | Europe Cruise | Princess Cruises

Follows a list of destinations visited by cruise ships leaving out of Copenhagen:

  • Roundtrip Baltic cruise itineraries leaving from Copenhagen visit Norway , Scandinavia and Russia , Iceland . Most round-trips from Copenhagen are to Norway operated during summer.
  • Transatlantic crossings on repositioning cruises from Copenhagen to USA and Canada-New England are one-way itineraries offered at the end of the season . These are westbound ship relocation routes and often include stops in Iceland and Greenland, also in UK and end in NYC New York.
  • Relocation cruises leaving from Copenhagen are offered mostly by Costa and MSC ships, repositioning to their turnaround ports in Italy .

Must See Attractions In Denmark Copenhagen

There are a number of attractions in Copenhagen accessible to cruise passengers from their vantage point of the two cruise terminals in Copenhagen and accessible before and after any cruise based in this city.

Tivoli Gardens: Founded in 1843, the Tivoli Gardens in the center of Copenhagen is a mix of amusement park, museum and outdoor theatre that attracts millions of visitors each year. Tivoli is currently the most visited theme park in Scandinavia and the 3rd most visited in Europe.

The Little Mermaid Statue: The first stop for cruise passenges on their way to downtown Copenhagen, because The Little Mermaid, reclining on a rock at the harbor mouth, is actually not in the center of town but about two miles from downtown Copenhagen not far from the Copenhagen Cruise Terninal at Langlelinie, the Little Mermaid statue is an icon of Copenhagen for many travelers to Denmark.

Amalienborg Palace: Home to the Danish royal family, the 1794 palace is made up of Christian VII’s Mansion, Christian VIII’s Mansion, Frederik VIII’s Mansion and Christian IX’s Mansion all around a stunningly beautiful octagonal square with Saly’s equestrian statue of Frederik V in the middle. The changing of the guard takes place every day at noon.

Culture & History Of The Copenhagen Cruise Port

In the 11th century, the first settlement was built on the shores of Copenhagen. Over the next few centuries it grew in prominence, particularly after Bishop Absalon came to Copenhagen and led the city as one of its foremost politicians and church father in the 12th century. He was also the closest advisor to King Valdemar I of Denmark. In the 13th century, a stone wall was built around the city, which helped protect Copenhagen from several attacks over the coming centuries. The city grew significantly under the rule of Christian IV of Denmark in the early 1600s and became the principal fortification and naval port of the country.

Today, the three things that most define culture in Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark is simplicity, politeness, and equality. Bragging is considered rude, and high incomes are not to be coveted. Instead, living a life of simple pleasures is desired. Hygge is the word given to the idea of finding moments of coziness and contentment, particularly through relaxing and eating together with friends.

The local economy is thriving and healthy with a strong tourism sector, which has helped to make it one of Europes fastest growing metropolitan destinations. Women and men are seen as equals in Denmark, and the maternity leave offered is one of the best in the world at 10 months.

Copenhagen Port Facilities & Location

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From Copenhagen Airport To Cruise Terminals

Traveling from Copenhagen Airport to the various cruise terminals on public transportation is fairly simple, fast, and relatively cheap. A three-zone ticket DKK36 covers all forms of public transportation from the airport to any of the terminals.

The fastest and simplest option is to take the metro or train from Copenhagen Airport to downtown Copenhagen and then change to the bus or walk. The main transfer stations are Kongs Nytorv and 4 and at Nørreport .

If traveling directly to the terminal with luggage, a taxi may be worth the splurge but expect to pay around DKK500 the fare is by the meter unless pre-booked and pre-paid. Alternatively, shave around DKK250 off the taxi fare by taking the metro to Nørreport station and continue from there to the boat by taxi.

Cruise shuttle buses are often available for transfers but may not necessarily be cheaper than taxis and never as cheap as public transportation. Prebooked transfers add comfort but like taxis are not cheap in Copenhagen.

See Cheap Transportation to Copenhagen Airport for more details.

Find And Plan Your Next Cruise To The Norwegian Fjords From Copenhagen Denmark

Be Forewarned

Easily find and compare Norway Fjords, Baltic Sea & Scandinavia cruises from Copenhagen cruise port. Copenhagen makes a convenient base for cruises to the Baltic countries and their capitals, including Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. It is also an excellent departure point for cruises along Norways west coast to the North Cape and the midnight sun.

Ship schedule from Copenhagen, Denmark includes Norway and Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia, Baltic Sea and the Arctic cruises. Find out what to do near the port of Copenhagen, Denmark and get other tips.

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Opening Hours And Holidays:

Mon-Fri: 10 am-7 pm, Sat: 10 am-4 pm. On Sundays shops are normally closed but during the cruise season some department stores and malls are open.

Shops are allowed to open on the first Sunday of every month, as well as on all Sundays in December, preceding Christmas Eve. However, if the first Sunday in a month falls on a holiday or on Constitution Day, shops will stay closed. Please note that ordinary shops are closed on public holidays including Constitution Day, 5 June, and Christmas Eve, December 24. Kiosks, bakeries, station shops etc. are usually open on Saturdays after 5 p.m. and Sundays.

For holidays click here

Cruise Terminals In Copenhagen Denmark

Most of the cruise lines using Copenhagen as a port of embarkation or disembarking use the new Freeport Cruise Terminal which is in an industrial harbor area north of the center of Copenhagen.

The others use Langelinie , a pier just around the corner from the world famous Little Mermaid statue which is actually not in the center of town as one would expect, but about two miles from downtown Copenhagen. Langelinie is not a terminal as such, but a selection of shops and an information center lining the quay. Beneath the stone arches of Langelinie’s old warehouses, you’ll find shops that sell porcelain, amber, Danish clogs, jewelry, clothing, and other products.

Langelinie is within walking distance of most attractions, and most cruise lines offer a shuttle service to downtown Copenhagen. Also, the local bus #26 covers the same route in about 20 minutes.

Those starting and ending their cruise in Copenhagen will most likely find themselves using the Freeport Cruise Terminal.

Getting to and from the city center is relatively easy from the Freeport Cruise Terminal. An easy stroll takes about an hour, and shuttle buses and taxis take about 20 minutes.

Getting to and from Copenhagen International Airport, the primary hub for Scandinavian Airlines , offering daily non-stop and direct service to Copenhagen from gateway cities throughout the world, takes about 30 minutes by taxi or by cruise line shuttle services.

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Waste Management In Port Of Copenhagen Includes:

Oily residues – the discharge of oil must not take place in Danish territorial waters. CMP does NOT receive oily waste containing emulsifiers that prevent separation into oil and water phases.

Oily tank washings – must NOT contain petrochemicals

Exhaust gas-cleaning residues – Scrubber and AEP scrubber effluents

Cruise Port Of Copenhagen

NCL Norwegian Star leaving Copenhagen Cruise Port | 2016-06-25

Going on cruise ? Book the best aaccommodation situated near cruise port terminal of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Making reservations for a pre-or post cruise stay close at or near your port of embarkation is always the best solution. Major Cruise Lines depart from the sea port of Copenhagen like MSC Italian Cruises, Azamaza Cruises, Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Silversea Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises,

The main Copenhagen Cruise Terminal is located to the north of the city centre in Nordhavn, called Ocean Quay. Smaller ships dock close to the city centre at Langelinie or Toldbod.

Many cruises depart from the port to the Norwegian Fjords along Norways west coast. Copenhagen has also become a preferred embarkation port for cruises to the British and North Atlantic Isles.

Time zone GMT + 1

Currency The currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone .

Language The official language of Denmark is Danish although the majority of Danes do speak some English. The Danish people have long been used to learning and speaking other languages and are usually happy to do so. The Danes who are involved in the travel industry are likely to speak impeccable English and in many cases German too.

Electricity 220V, 50Hz

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Getting To And From The Cruise Terminals

Copenhagen has three cruise terminals: Langelinie, Nordre Toldbod and Ocean Quay. Here, you will find useful information on how to get to and from the three cruise terminals in order to reach Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen Central Station and Copenhagen City Center.

Use the journeyplanner to get detailed information on your trip with public transport. Simply just fill out your start and end destination and the online journeyplanner will figure out the fastest and easiest route for you.

Uncertain of which cruise terminal you will arrive at? You can easily find this information here – find your cruise ship by date or search by name.

Day 5st Petersburg Russia

When Peter the Great decided to found the city of St. Petersburg in 1703, his vision was for the new settlement to become the most lavish and spectacular in all of Russia. Among the most impressive of these is the world-famous State Hermitage Museum, which is housed within the iconic Winter Palace. Sitting on the bank of the River Neva, this is one of Europe’s most exquisite buildings, both inside and out.

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Cruise Ship Terminal Directions And Parking

  • Taxis are available at the Oceankaj Pier. The easiest way to get to the pier is by taxi. For call port stops at Oceankaj, the shipping lines usually provide bus shuttles to downtown . The shuttle service is the preferable choice since public transportation options at Ocean Quay are limited.
  • Bus line 26 has a bus stop in Sundkrogsgade – some 50 m / 70 ft outside the port’s entrance. Bus 26 service is not available on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The Free Port Terminals piers Levantkaj and Orientkaj are at 10-15 min walking distance from the Nordhavn S-Tog train station. Trains leave from Nordhavn Station every 5 min . Tickets must be bought at the train station.
  • In 2015 was opened a new Bus 25 route that runs only when cruise ships are docked.
  • Bus 27 route service is between 6 am to 7 pm and between 8 am to 6 pm .

From Central Station, the Copenhagen Airport is accessible via the regular rail network and the city metro . Take the metro to Norreport Station, then transfer to Bus 25 or take the S-Tog one stop to Osterport. Cross the tracks via the pedestrian overpass to the Bus 27 stop or take the S-Tog to Nordhavn .

Copenhagen Malmo Port , along with its cruise terminals also has passenger ferry terminals, container terminal and drydock facilities for major marine vessel refurbishments and shiprepairs.

Cruise ships usually arrive in Copenhagen in the early morning and depart from Copenhagen in the late afternoon or in the evening .

Ports Of Call For Ships Departing Copenhagen

Cruise Port Guide Copenhagen

Copenhagens ports are home to more than a dozen cruise lines and even more cruise ships so youre sure to find something sailing from this port that youd enjoy. For 2019 Azamara, Costa, Crystal, Holland America, MSC, Norwegian, Oceania, Princess, Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean, Seabourn, Silversea, Viking, and Windstar cruise lines will offer several ships with itineraries scheduled to include:

*Please Note: These scheduled ports of call are not guaranteed as the cruise line may make changes to their itineraries due to weather or other reasons.


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Day 4st Petersburg Russia

When Peter the Great decided to found the city of St. Petersburg in 1703, his vision was for the new settlement to become the most lavish and spectacular in all of Russia. Among the most impressive of these is the world-famous State Hermitage Museum, which is housed within the iconic Winter Palace. Sitting on the bank of the River Neva, this is one of Europe’s most exquisite buildings, both inside and out.

Cheap Transportation To Copenhagen Passenger Cruise Terminals

March 1, 2022 by Henk Bekker in Copenhagen, Denmark

Public transportation is the cheapest way to travel to the passenger boat cruise terminals in Copenhagen from the airport, station, or downtown. Self-guided port day excursions are easy and cheap by walking or using buses in Copenhagen.

Getting to the cruise terminals in Copenhagen is cheap and simple on public transportation from the city center, central train station, and the airport. It is also very easy and cheap to use public transportation to explore Copenhagen on cruise port days at a fraction of the price of cruise excursion tours. Taxis are a sensible option when arriving or departing with luggage but luggage transfer services from the airport are worth exploring for a baggage-free day of sightseeing in Copenhagen. From some terminals, it is simple to walk or cycle to the city. Hop On Hop Off buses call at the cruise terminals when passenger ships are in port. Uber and similar ride-share services do not operate in Denmark but private transfers are of course easily booked in advance. Get Your Guide often has tours aimed at cruise boat passengers but at far lower prices than the official shore excursions, while private tours are easy to adapt to the needs of boat passengers.

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Public Transportation To Ocean Quay Cruise Terminal

Most cruises departing or terminating in Copenhagen use the purpose-built Ocean Quay cruise terminals to the north of the city. The area is perfectly safe but a bit windswept and desolate with a lot of dusty building activity in the region. Distances are too far to walk to Nordhavn train station and Orientkaj metro station and cycling here is not particularly pleasant, even if there is a Bycyklen city bike rental station at the terminal.

Fortunately, public bus 164 stops directly at the Oceanskaj terminal. Take metro line 4 to Orientkaj and then continue from here by bus 164. During the cruise high season, there are often further bus services from Oceanskaj to Nørreport Station, which is the best option for walking into the town center, or for transfers to more buses, trains, and the metro.

Preferably, buy tickets at Town Shop or machines in the terminal before boarding the bus at the cruise terminal.

To reach Ocean Quay cruise terminal from the airport, the simplest option is to take the metro from the airport to Kongs Nytowrv, change here to metro line 4 to Orientkaj, from where bus 164 connects to Oceanskaj terminal. Thus bus runs around three times per hour, the metro every few minutes. Total traveling time is around 45 minutes but note that some walking will be required during metro changes.

A taxi from the airport to Oceankaj is by the meter expect to pay around DKK500. A taxi from Nørreport station to the Oceankaj cruise terminal should be around DKK250.

Copenhagen Distance From Ncl Cruise Port To Airport

NORWEGIAN GETAWAY Baltic Cruise 2017 – Day 1 Copenhagen

We will be staying in Copenhagen after our cruise and would like to know how far it is from Port to Airport. We are elderly and want to stay at a hotel that is close to the airport but close to sightseeing sites. Any help from people experienced would be greatly appreciated such as cost of taxi from port to airport and possibly economical hotel near airport.


The airport is approx. 15 mins from the city.

Taxi from the port to the airport would be approx. DKK 350.


Yes, staying in the city is recommendable due to the easy access to the airport – by metro, train or taxi. You´ll get a better feeling for the city in that way. Distances are generally short and walkable in the centre.

Some relatively inexpensive hotels that tend to get good reviews are

– Hotel Sømandshjemmet Bethel

I would not stay out by the airport. I would catch a taxi to a central hotel, and then catch another cab from the hotel to the airport. Cost would be about the same. However, if you chose to go to the airport, the Hilton out there is reasonable. And you can catch the train back to Central Station and go from there. Tivoli is near the Central station as well as other things that you might want to see.

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Northern Europe’s Preferred Turnaround Port

Port of Copenhagen is located in the capital of Denmark and conveniently in the Baltic Sea. The infrastructure in Copenhagen is advanced and well-functioning. The destination offers a well-connected international airport with many different flight connections, flexible turnaround facilities at the three cruise quays and, exciting shore excursions. Copenhagen also offers an established network of local partners, which collaborate to provide a memorable experience for every visiting cruise ship, crew member, and guest. The city has plenty to offer for a pre-and post-stay, and the Danish capital is large enough for every kind of life philosophy and small enough to bicycle in only twenty minutes from one end to the other.

Port of Copenhagen is one of the biggest ports in Northern Europe. The ports are flexible and sufficient to handle large cruise ships. Even the currently largest cruise ship in the world, “Symphony of the Seas,” can easily dock in Port of Copenhagen. The port facilities have been awarded the “leading European cruise ship port” 5 years in a row, mainly because of the excellent cooperation between stakeholders in the industry and the very dedicated crew.

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