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Are There Cruises To Alaska In December

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The Restart Is Underway


The restart of cruise operations is underway by multiple cruise lines already and more will begin resuming through the remainder of 2021. The two largest cruise lines for Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean have already restarted with a limited number of ships from the US as the situation theres is moving forward quickly.

The Celebrity Edge cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean group became the first to restart operations with regular passengers from the US which departed on June 26 out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Freedom of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean International, was the first cruise ship to be approved for a test sailing at the end of June. That was then followed by the vessel resuming out of Miami, Florida on July 2, 2021.

When it comes to Carnival Cruise Line, as of July 21, a total of three ships have already restarted sailings. Carnival Vista was the first to resume in the fleet when she departed Galveston, Texas on July 3, 2021. Carnival Horizon was then the second in the fleet to resume when the ship departed out of Miami, Florida on July 4, 2021. Carnival Breeze was then the third in the fleet and resume from the Port of Galveston on July 15.

In Canada, the situation has just recently made a major step forward towards reopening for cruise ships. On July 15, the government announced that from that have a capacity of over 100. As long as cruise lines follow the health protocols, then they will be able to resume from that date.

Winter Cruises In January

If you don’t mind the cold and want to see some of the most naturally beautiful destinations in;the world,;then head to Norway for a winter cruise along the coast. Not only will you see breathtaking sights of the famous Norwegian Fjords, but you may also be lucky enough to observe the northern lights, one of the Earth’s most awe-inspiring sights.

Further Changes Are Possible

The situation worldwide is changing weekly, and cruise lines are working with the relevant authorities for a safe return. Its all very fluid, and the restart dates may change even further. The CDC has been making some adjustments recently with relaxing masks and social distancing rules for vaccinated guests.

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Norwegian Cruise Line still plans to restart in August from Florida but parent company Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings recently filed a lawsuit against Florida on the states vaccine passport ban. The result of this could have an impact on any protocols the line implements.

The ongoing saga between the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Florida has still not been resolved. In fact, just recently, the CDC successfully got a hold on Florida being allowed to overrule its Conditional Sailing Order. On July 19, the Florida Governor said it will come out on top and could take its lawsuit against the CDC as far as the supreme court.

Cruise Hive will continue to monitor any new developments, so keep checking this detailed page for when cruises resume, not just this year but in 2022.

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Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Original Update: The UK-based cruise line has announced an extension on cancelled cruises just like many other cruise operators. However, the cruise line has not announced a return date and is keeping it open.

Update 1: Fred Olsen has now announced some return dates for its ships towards the end of the year and into 2021.

Update 2: A lot has been going on with the British-based cruise line with two new ships purchased from Holland America Line and new return dates.

Update 3: The cruise line has decided to cancel cruises into 2021 due to the ongoing uncertainty around the world.

Update 4: Fred Olsen Cruises has announced more specific return dates for three cruise ships starting from the end of Spring 2021.

Update 5: In the latest cancellation update, the cruise line removed specific return dates for each ship and now expects all its vessels to start resuming sailings up until the end of June 2021. However, Braemar will remain on hold for much longer until Spring 2022.

Update 6: Fred Olsen will follow several other UK-based cruise operators by offering residents UK domestic sailings to nowhere. Borealis will be the first ship to start from Liverpool on July 5. She will then be followed by Balmoral and Bolette out of different homeports.

  • Cruises Resume: End of June/Early July 2021
  • UK Domestic Cruises Resume:

So When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska

Cruise ship at port in Juneau, Alaska

Considering everything stated above, we advise travelers that June 15 through August 15 is the best time to go to Alaska. But not everyone can schedule their trip during this time and as weve noted, each season has its benefits. If you plan your trip during the peak season, then plan ahead and book early as these are the dates that sell out first.

For more information on when to visit Alaska, view our How to Choose Your Alaska Cruise guide. If you are still looking for advice on the best time of year to visit Alaska, just give us a call, our experts are ready to help.

This guide on the best time to visit Alaska is amongAdventureSmithExplorations extensive collection of travel guides; the content is regularly updated by our team for accuracy. Visit our Alaska Travel Guidesfor even more resources and inspiration in planning your Alaska trip.

Have a question about the best time to visit Alaska? Use the comments below and well answer ASAP.

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Flying To Alaska In 2021 Arrival Rules For Air Travel To Alaska

Arrivals into Alaska are asked to arrive with proof of a negative COVID-19 test in the past 72 hours.

If you do not arrive with test results, you can still take a test at the airport and will then be asked to follow strict social distancing until results arrive.

Visitors will also have the option to take a second test 5 14 days after arrival.

When Will Cruises Resume In 2021

When will cruises resume operations around the world in 2021? Find out return dates for each cruise line and the current situation.

The cruise industry is well and truly in comeback mode! Well take a look at when cruises will resume worldwide along with the situation in major cruise markets including the UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

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Alaska Cruise Weather In July

The late nights and early mornings can be very cold, but these are also the hours when most people are asleep in their cabins. Travelers cruising to Alaska in July should be sure to pack plenty of layers along with some waterproof outerwear, but they should pack light, removable layers to adjust to the warmer temperatures of the afternoons.

Which Cruise Lines Require Vaccinations

How To Choose An Alaska Cruise | Princess Cruises

For the most part, cruises will only be available to those who have been vaccinated.

In January, British operator Saga Cruises faced consternation when it became the first cruise line to introduce mandatory vaccination. But now, companies are recognizing it as the norm, said Tom McAlpin, CEO and president of Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s adults-only cruise line.

“We know this is the future,” McAlpin said. “As an adult-only cruise line, we’re able to offer a highly-controlled, safe environment for everyone on board.”

Crystal Cruises, Norwegian, P&O, Viking, and Celebrity Cruises, have all followed suit, introducing vaccine requirements for adult passengers. Royal Caribbean has made vaccines compulsory for some routes, including the Caribbean, while Carnival Cruises has yet to announce any such measures.

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Timing & Latitude In Alaska

While this Alaska by Month guide is a valuable resource for planning when to go, wildlife and weather can never be fully predicted, especially in a land as powerful as Alaska. Life in Alaska is greatly affected by latitude variances, as slight latitude shifts can result in big seasonal and light changes. The nature of small ship cruising is to be flexible and nimble, and this ethos should be applied to any trip in Alaska, by land or sea. After all, the surprise in what you experience while in Alaska is a big part of the fun.

Alaska Cruise Weather In September

September is the last month of the cruise season in Alaska and it is also one of the coldest, with temperatures staying in the low to high forties on average. As the month advances, the temperatures drop lower and lower, and the nights and early mornings can be bitterly cold.

The abundant cloud cover and frequent rain make the landscape all the more beautiful, but visitors should dress properly for a better overall experience. Travelers still get at least twelve hours of sunlight for excursions and deck activities, but they should pack thick pants, knit sweaters, and insulated shoes to combat the cold along with waterproof rain gear.

While Alaska might be colder than other summer vacation spots, it offers unique experiences that cant be found anywhere else. These include sightings of wild orcas, sea lions, and humpback whales and riding one of the worlds longest ziplines.

Youll also have a chance to visit the incredible Butchart Gardens, witness glaciers, pan for gold, hike through temperate rainforests, and much more. If youre prepared for the weather and pack the right attire for your destination, nothing can get in the way of having a good time.

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Panama Canal And Central America Cruises

Experience a voyage from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean or vice versa through the historic Panama Canal. A number of Florida and California ports serve Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Oceania Cruises vessels. A few December departure dates have passengers back home before the holidays and several are scheduled to coincide with Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Which Cruises Are Sailing And Where

Princess Reveals 2022 Alaska Cruise Season

At present, U.S. port departures remain a no-go under CDC guidelines, despite calls to restart by July 1. That includes large cruise excursions to Alaska, where governor Mike Dunleavy is threatening legal action.

The Caribbean, however, is full steam ahead so long as passengers depart from the isles.

From June, Royal Caribbean will run a series of routes around the region starting in the Bahamas and Sint Maarten. Crystal Cruises will commence from the Bahamas in June, while Norwegian will begin in August, with departures from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Europe, too, is cruising on.

Greece is the destination of choice for many operators, with Norwegian and luxury liners Celebrity Cruises, Seaborn and Ponant all planning routes with port calls around the Greek Isles this summer. MSC Cruises will also be running a series of itineraries across Europe from May, with calls at locations in Italy, Malta, France, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.

Venice is included in MSC Cruises’ routes, though embarkment from the city’s historic port will soon be a thing of the past as Italian officials have indicated cruise ships will be rerouted to the nearby industrial port under a new environmental ruling.

However, some operators including MSC Cruises cater only to passengers living within the European Union’s Schengen zone. International visitors should take note of any restrictions around residency and flying into the country of embarkment prior to booking.

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Prince William Sound View All

While it may not get as much attention as Seward or Whittier, Valdezwith five nearby glaciersis an excellent starting point for day cruises. Besides the glaciers themselves, this side of Prince William Sound actually has a lot more wildlife than the Whittier side. Prince William Sound is 5 hours east of Anchorage by car.

Checking The Weather Before Your Trip

Many travelers incessantly check the daily weather in Alaska as their trip approaches. We advise you to resist this temptation, it will only drive you crazy. Local forecasts in Alaska are astoundingly inaccurate and weather changes by the hour. Checking daily forecasts does little to help you prepare.

Stick to the broad guidelines above and as previously stated, follow the advice of your packing lists. Checking the weather before your Alaska trip will only serve to frustrate your preparations and offers little insight into what conditions will be like when you arrive.

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Liquid Adventures Wildlife Cruise & Kayak

Start with a;sightseeing cruise on a;custom build catamaran out of Seward, then load into a;kayak to;see

Season:$1193.75 hrs

Plenty of whale tours let you watch the orcas and humpbacks as they breach and spout from the waterbut not many also let you eavesdrop on the big mammals conversations. This 3.5hour tour out of Juneau is equipped with an amplified hydrophone system; listen to the whales underwater while enjoying the lush rainforest views. Onboard the North Stara 48-passenger jet boat with large windows, an outside viewing deck, and a;comfortable inside;…more

Booking Terms & Conditions

The First Princess Cruises Alaska Cruise of 2021! Was it Any Good?

PRICE GUARANTEEOnce you have paid in full for your trip, you are safe from any additional charges. Airfare increases, currency fluctuations, increased fuel surcharges, new government taxesnone of these will apply to you.

20212024 OCEAN CRUISE AND AIR FARES: Offer applies to bookings made from Sep 130, 2021. Special cruise fares plus FREE roundtrip airfare valid on 2021 departures of West Indies Treasures; Panama Canal & the Pacific Coast; Hawaiian Islands Sojourn; 2022 departure of Grand Hawaii & Polynesia. Airfare does not have to be purchased to get cruise\tour offer. All prices are in CAD dollars and for CA residents only. Additional restrictions may apply. Book by Sep 30, 2021. 2021: Pay in full by Sep 30, 2021 or time of booking if within 90 days of departure. 2022: Pay in full by Nov 30, 2021. 2023: Pay in full by Mar 31, 2022. 2024: Pay in full by Sep 30, 2022. Offer expires Sep 30, 2021.

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Baby It’s Not Cold Outside

All you want for Christmas is a tropical vacation? Get away from holiday pressure and expectations with a romantic December cruise to the Caribbean! Explore local traditions together, swim in secret waterfalls and unwind on powdery Caribbean sands. Romantic beach picnics are just the beginning of your holiday escape.

Best Time To Cruise Alaska

The Alaska cruising season begins in March and ends in September. The peak season with best weather and wildlife occurs during summer months. Generally, there is less rain in May and precipitation increases as the summer progresses. As Alaska small ship cruise experts, we advise clients that the best time to cruise Alaska is May 15 through September 1.

If we had to choose one, the best month for an Alaska cruise is July. Typically, there are no scheduled cruises from October through February, but special Alaska charter cruises can be arranged during this time with advanced notice. Families typically visit mid June through mid August. View the best Alaska cruises for families. See our monthly Alaska weather tips and travel advice below to find your best time to take an Alaskan cruise.

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Winter In Alaskadecember Through March

Winters in Alaska can be harsh and beautiful. Weather is extremely cold and storms are severe. Winter activities such as dog sledding, snow shoeing and skiing are possible. A popular attraction during Alaskas winter is viewing the northern lights . Specialty lodges offer comfortable accommodations for hearty travelers willing to brave cold long nights to witness this spectacle of nature.

Cruise Tips For Alaska Weather: Month By Month

Cruising in South East Alaska

If youre thinking about planning a summer cruise, Alaska may be the perfect destination for you. The Alaskan cruise season lasts from May to September, and the warmest months for travel are typically June, July, and August. Alaskan cruises may seem suited only for people who like extreme weather, but the truth is that the weather in Alaska varies widely based on the region.

Most itineraries cruise the Inside Passage, a section of the state that runs alongside Canada, and avoid the main territory. These cruises go nowhere near the Arctic zone, so you likely wont need your snow gear. Heres what you can expect each month on your upcoming Alaska cruise along with what you really need to pack. ;

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What The Onboard Experience Will Be Like

The emphasis on health and safety will extend to the onboard experience too. Buffets will be no more and entertainment may be limited, as cleanliness takes center stage.

“While traditionally, the act of keeping a ship clean would have been done in the background … ‘housekeeping theatre’ will be of greater consumer interest and hospitality brands will have their cleaning protocols front and center,” said Elle Kross, director of strategy at digital marketing firm Movable Ink.

Meanwhile, passengers can expect new technologies, from virtual queues and contactless payments to thermal temperature checks and UV sanitization, to reduce in-person contact on board.

“Operators have done a lot of work … leveraging modern technology, implementing new processes, and training employees to work with new policies and guidelines,” said Vijay Achanti, principal of hospitality for North America at global consulting firm Capgemini.

Winter Cruises To Alaska

My partner and I are heading to Canada for 6 weeks next winter and Im wondering if its possible to do a cruise towards Alaska during December? Is there icebreaker tours or something like that?

the pacific ocean along that coast does not freeze.

the cruise season is over for most cruise lines at the end of September but if you want basic ferry service you can do that but they are just that, a ferry service and no entertainment or luxury of any kind. and if you want to fly back there the only flights are to Seattle.

for BC portion there is and for Alaska

If you want to see the coast, a winter destination is Tofino which promotes the area as stormwatching season. We picked 4 nights in Feb hoping for some good a good ocean storm but came away with great sunsets but no storm so you either have to be lucky with your timing or stay longer.

The Alaska cruise ship season ends in October. By then the weather up there, not the best at any time, turns really ugly with torrential rain, storms and really long nights. December is much worse!

I have also never heard of icebreakers up there, but they may have them? Maybe on the Arctic Ocean?

Thanks for your responses, I’m thinking I have gotten the geography wrong and what thought was along that coast actually isn’t. Thanks for your help!

cruise ship season ends in October”

Actually the last sailing for 2016 will embark on 24 September.

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