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What To Pack Alaskan Cruise

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Tips On Packing For Alaska Cruise

What To Pack For An Alaskan Cruise
  • Dress in layers! Temperatures can change rapidly in Alaska and vary from day to day.
  • Inside temperatures on the ship are warm so you dont need to worry about having warm evening wear for the dining room.
  • Merino wool is lightweight but very warm and packs easily. Use it as a base layer and for your gloves, socks and beanie.
  • A lightweight backpack is essential for shore excursions.
  • Bring binoculars! You can read our post on the best binoculars for Alaska cruise here.
  • Dont forget your swimsuit & a coverup for the pool on sunny days or for the hot tubs when its chilly.
  • Not everyone will change for dinner on non-formal nights, particularly after busy port days, so dont feel you have to.

Short And Long Sleeved T

Since the weather can change drastically in the same day, especially during the Alaska cruise seasons summer months, bringing a mix of short and long-sleeved T-shirts will allow you to adapt to the days forecast easily. Those traveling during the shoulder seasons will want to bring a few more long-sleeved tees than short.

What Deb Would Have Changed

Should have brought:

  • 1 pair bum around pants.
  • 2 More casual/sharp shirts
  • 1 more fleece jacket or sweater
  • wool hat

Should have left at home:

  • Skirt
  • 1 pair of dress shoes
  • 1 pair of dress pants
  • dress boots, could have just used my dress shoes.
  • 1 trekking shirt. Didnt need two as the excursions are short and not strenuous.

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Hiking Shoes Or Comfortable Tennis Shoes

I read mixed reviews regarding the need for hiking boots prior to my trip. But, in my experience, a comfortable pair of tennis shoes worked just fine.

It would be optimal to have two pairs of tennis shoes in case one gets wet or damp when hiking.

I alternated between two pairs of lightweight tennis shoes and would choose that option for me again. Anything to save space in my bag!

But, as I’m writing this, I realize I forgot I also brought a pair of snow boots! I could have done without these, but I did wear them on cold days on the ship deck. We spent as much time as possible on the deck. It was just too beautiful to stay inside.

Alaska Cruise Formal Nights

Alaska Cruise Packing List {not your typical list ...

Although Alan and I love dressing up for formal nights, we leave the dinner jacket and long gown at home when cruising to Alaska. In fact, wed do the same on any 7 to 14-day cruise. During port-intensive cruises, theres not enough time on ship to make bringing the formal wear worth it.

Ill pack a pair of dressy black pants, sparkly top and shoes, especially if Ive adhered to the two pants/five top/1 par of shoes list I mentioned for casual nights in the packing list that follows. If you really want to cut down on clothing, wear the black pants from elegant casual night in place of an additional pair of dressy pants.

For an Alaska formal night, Alan wears a sport coat and dress pants or khakis, perhaps without a tie as they are usually optional. Hell bring one, though, just in case he changes his mind.

No need to worry about formal nights on an expedition cruise because there arent any.

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What To Wear At Sea

Days at sea are fairly relaxed and you will want to be comfortable. Adults may want to use the spa or fitness center. Kids may enjoy the kids or teen club, lounge, game room, or, maybe it will be nice enough to use the pool or hot tubs.

Just keep in mind that it may take a few hours for your luggage to arrive so if you will want to change right away to enjoy the pool or other areas, be sure to pack what you need in a bag that you can carry on.

  • Jeans / leggings / athletic wear
  • Warm cover up or loose clothing to cover up
  • Pajamas

Your Alaska Cruise Itinerary Can Determine What To Pack

Inside Passage: The overwhelming majority of ships for seven-night round-trip cruises to Alaska depart from either Seattle or Vancouver, Canada. A one-week Alaska cruise spends two days northbound and the same back plus three or four Alaska cruise ports, all in the Inside Passage.

On any seven-night round-trip Inside Passage cruise from the Lower 48, you wont have the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Alaska before or after your cruise.

On the other hand, choose a small ship adventure cruise and your ship will probably embark and disembark in either Juneau or Sitka. In this case, you can easily spend a couple of days on land before or after your cruise.

Cross-Gulf: These Alaska cruises can also be seven nights with departures northbound from Vancouver and Seattle or southbound from Seward and Whittier, Alaska. A cross-Gulf cruise will give you the time to spend in Alaskas interior before or after your cruise.

The clothes youll need can vary, too. Especially if you cruise early or late in the season in May or September.

My Alaska packing list covers everything youll need to pack for a 7-day Alaska cruise, like my Holland America Eurodam Inside Passage cruise. If your cruise is longer or youve chosen a cruise and tour, I also include how and what to pack.

Basically, you would pack the same but plan on either sending out a load of laundry on the ship, doing a sink wash or hauling it into a town to a laundromat. But theres more to know.

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What To Pack For An Alaska Cruise: 10 Must

Alaska cruises certainly aren’t anything like a day at the beach. So when it comes to packing, what ends up in your luggage likely won’t resemble the bikinis and Hawaiian shirts you’d choose for a tropical getaway. We were curious about what our members thought were the most essential items to pack for the unpredictable weather conditions and rugged terrain found on an Alaska cruise.

In a poll on the Cruise Critic Message Boards, we asked members — many who’ve already experienced a sailing in the scenic state — to vote for the most important things to remember to take for a cruise to Alaska. The results are in, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things you can’t leave home without.

  • Layers
  • Things To Pack On An Alaska Cruise

    What to pack for Alaska cruise


    With all the water around you and the number of documents you’ll be carrying, you’ll want some sort of protection from the elements. This document carrying pouch is water resistant and safe. I like this case for size and convenience and the fact that it carries around your neck. It also has plenty of room and organization capability to make storing and accessing those documents easy and fast.

    Any water resistant/proof pouch will do. It’s all about function.

    Don’t forget to download the app for your airline and store your boarding pass on your phone. Or if you’re like me and prefer “old school,” print your boarding pass out at home and take the paper copy. I would recommend not going through the hassle of printing it out at the airport kiosk. Save yourself some precious time and do it before you leave the house! Use a highlighting pen to highlight important information like gate number and loading time. The airport is stressful enough when you are taking a big trip, no one needs to worry about trying to decipher all the information on the ticket.

    Don’t forget this or you’ll regret it! Take it from a man who has made this mistake. Your extended visit with the security guys will not be pleasant. Strange hands are not meant to be in those place! Keep your ID easily accessible at all times as you make your way through the airport.

    Days inland are a ton of fun on your Alaska cruise! Plan wisely.

    Basic Clothing

    Click HERE for some options from Amazon.

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    What You Wont Need Or Cant Pack For An Alaskan Cruise

    Sometimes packing for a cruise isnt just about what to bring, but also what not to bring. On the ship there are a number of rules about what you cant bring and there are also a number of things that you dont need because the ship provides them already.

    Hair DryerYes, you can bring a hair dryer if you want to, but its not needed. Every cabin has a built-in hair dryer, similar to a hotel room. So if youre the type that has a fancy hair dryer that you cant live without, then you can bring it but most people will be perfectly fine leaving it at home.

    TowelsOf course, your cabin will have towels in the room but many people wonder about larger beach towels for hanging out by the pool or hot tub on their cruise. Were happy to say that these are provided on the cruise ship as well, so no need to bring them from home. Best of all, you are free to take these towels off the ship with you onto shore .

    Alcohol/BeerYes, you can bring wine or champagne in small quantities on your Alaskan cruise, but nothing else alcoholic is allowed aboard. That means leave the liquor and beer at home youll have to purchase it on the ship if you want a drink. You can buy bottles in port, but they will be held until the end of the cruise and returned the night before you arrive home.

    The Ultimate Alaska Cruise Packing List

    I recently wrote about what to wear on on Alaskan cruise, but then I realized that putting together an Alaska cruise packing list isnt just about what to wear, it is also what to bring along for the trip.

    Even if you are a pro at packing for a Caribbean cruise, an Alaska cruise is a different experience and you may have trouble deciding what to pack. It starts with trading the shorts for rain pants and the sundresses for sweaters. But dont worry, this packing list includes everything you should need for an Alaskan cruise based on our experience aboard the Norwegian Bliss last summer.

    Of course, some of what you pack will depend on which Alaska cruise excursions you choose, and your ports of call. It always pays to check the weather for your ports ahead of time, but the secret is to be prepared and this packing list will help!

    The other thing to keep in mind is that the weather in Alaska can vary greatly day-by-day. We cruised in late August, and it was pretty cool, windy, and rainy the entire time. I have a friend that cruised a few weeks earlier and they had some days where it was warm enough to need shorts and t-shirts.

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    Adventure On An Alaskan Cruise

    Our Alaskan cruise was a 12 day excursion. 5 days are traveling on land in Alaska and 7 days were at sea.

    During our cruise we took part in daily adventures from hiking through the Alaskan Wilderness to riding ATVs.

    The first portion of our trip took us overland by bus and train.

    It is a less formal and more rugged leg of the trip.

    Gala Night / Dinner On The Cruise

    Packing For An Alaskan Cruise

    We were a bit stressed with what to wear for our Gala night. It ended up being no big deal. The girls just wore skirts and blouses. You will not be going outside, so wear summer attire if you wish. I think our family was all over the board with level of warmth and it worked perfectly fine.

    The guys wore khaki pants with collared shirts. There were plenty of people dressed up a lot more, and there were those that were dressed down more than us. Don’t stress and enjoy trying food you might not normally try.

    My nephew and I both tried the escargot. We loved it!

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    Things To Do In Alaska

    Kevin E Beasley alaska cruisealaska packing listalaska vacation

    So, youve booked your cruise and youre ready to check off that next item on your bucket list. Now that you are a few weeks away, you are thinking about things to pack for an Alaska Cruise in July. Congratulations for thinking ahead! My goal is to help your Alaska vacation live up to all youve dreamed. The biggest danger you face going on this adventure of a lifetime is the potential for your dream vacation to drain your bank account.

    Our strategy at Things to Do in Alaska is to help you strike a balance. Having the quality gear you need without leaving you broke or in debt. Some of the items you use on your Alaskan Cruise will only be used once. Then you might shove them to the back of the closet never to see the light of day again. Thats why we encourage you to be wise as you begin to purchase your gear.

    The recommendations on our Alaska Cruise Packing List are the items youll need to make your Alaskan vacation an epic adventure. But we make sure to suggest items that are reasonably priced while not sacrificing the quality and durability youll need on your Alaskan cruise.

    Our strategy at Things to Do in Alaska is to help you strike a balance between having the quality gear you need without leaving you broke or in debt.

    Do Make Room In Your Suitcase For These

    There are two accessories you wont want to forget at home. We strongly suggest a travel size set of binoculars& a great camera for your cruise to Alaska. For us, a great camera can mean the latest version of our phone . But, if there were ever a time to bust out that fancy lens or DSLR camera, Alaska is that time. GoPros can be great too, if youre willing to keep up with the firmware updates, and learn how to use them.

    Wildlife spotting, distant waterfalls and glaciers also call for a nice, high quality set of binoculars. Travel size will do the trick, but if youre not worried about weight or bulk in your luggage, pack whatever you have on hand.

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    Best Camera Gear To Pack For Your Alaska Cruise

    Of course one of the top reasons to take an Alaska cruise is for the epic scenery! Those calving glaciers and wild animals you will encounter may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So you will want to be ready with your photography equipment.


    This Sony Alpha 6400 mirrorless digital camera is a significant investment for sure. However, this configuration has all the necessary accessories that you would ever need or think of.

    Go Pro

    When packing for your Alaskan cruise, consider bringing along a waterproof action camera. It may be misty on some of your tours, and you may also get splashed.

    So check out this GoPro Hero 9 Digital Camera with a Value Bundle Pack.Here you will have the latest technology in the Go Pro series with all the accessories you will need on your cruise to Alaska.

    A wee bit less expensive but still chock full of accessories is the GoPro Hero 7 Digital Action Camera. This particular configuration includes a top value bundle kit too.

    If you are planning to road trip Alaska here are 11 stops to include on the perfect Alaska itinerary!

    Selfie Stick And Tripod

    So sometimes it is just not feasible to ask others to snap a picture of us. This portable and very lightweight FugeTek Bluetooth tripod is certainly a consideration. My daughter gifted me this exact tripod for my birthday and I absolutely LOVE it!

    Extra SD Cards

    This San Disk 32GB memory card would be great to add to your Alaska cruise packing list if you intend to bring along a GoPro.

    Spring March April May:


    Spring is wet in most parts of Alaska. Its also still fairly cold, especially in the earlier months, so plan accordingly! Youll start to see more wildlife, but not many tourists brave this still-frigid time. If you have the right gear, though, youll be just fine!

    Plan ahead with moisture-wicking scarves, lightweight waterproof gloves, and a warm hat. Dont forget wool socks, waterproof hiking boots, and rain and snow pants depending on how much time youll be spending outside . Activewear is perfect during the spring, as it breathes and dries well. Avoid jeans which, while very much Alaskan in style, are a pain to dry once they get wet. Temperature averages vary widely based on region, but are generally around 35°F to 45°F .

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    What Should I Pack For An Alaska Cruise In June

    A to Alaska is popular for two reasons: the long daylight hours and the low chance of rain. In June, daylight lasts between 18 to 20 hours and the average temperature varies from a high of 40 degrees to mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Bring along at least one pair of polarized sunglasses and a good sleep mask .

    The Number One Most Important Thing To Pack For Your Cruise To Alaska

    Me! Prof. Cruise! Im compact enough to fit in a medium-sized roller bag, dont snore and will happily serve as your right-hand man, the Robin to your Batman, the Sam to your Frodo. Whadaya say? Ill interpret your wide eyes and dramatic shake of the head from side to side as an enthusiastic yes and declare

    Class Dismissed. Ive got a cruise to catch!

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