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Vacations To Go River Cruises Usa

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Smaller Ships Make Navigation Easier

River Cruising Wasn’t What I Expected. Heres Why

While capital cities feature large-scale amenities andofferings, often, it is the smaller towns and quaint villagesstraight out of the Middle Ages that make the biggest impressionduring your travels. And this is one of the best reasons to take aDanube River Cruise: It is easy to dock almost anywhere. Because ofthe compact size of the ships on which these journeys take place,there is no need to wait for elaborate ports of call. In manycases, the boats can pull up to the shore alongside the road,putting you near the heart of the city, even if anappropriately-sized harbor is not available.

Furthermore, your route is not restricted from tighter stretchesof the waterway, where, perhaps, dramatic cliffs close in on theriversides and larger vessels cannot pass. All of the luxuriousamenities river cruisers have come to expect are split between nomore than four decks on ships that are typically between 300 and400 feet long.

New Orleans To Memphis With American Queen Steamboat Company

If youve been dying to eat grits, drink iced tea and say yall as much as you possibly can, a voyage through the Mississippi Delta on an actual steamboat probably sounds just right. Youll depart from NoLa and from there, explore the romantic antebellum South, visiting historic mansions and towns as you head up to Memphis .

9 days fares from $2,999

What Is The Target Audience For Us River Cruises

While the primary audience for river cruises in the U.S. is older travelers who are retired or semi-retired, American river cruises are becoming increasingly popular with younger couples, families, and multigenerational groups.

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Younger couples often find that the activities available away from ship are exciting and not typically something that can be booked except through the river cruise line. Families traveling on a multigenerational vacation are drawn into river cruising because theres something for every age group, from family bike rides to lounging on the sun deck.

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Save Up To 50% On Usa River Cruises

Explore the United States on some of the nation’s great waterways, as intimate vessels carry you to fascinating river towns and port cities.

Passengers on a Mississippi River cruise will savor the soul of a nation, visiting some of its most renowned cities. Learn about Civil War history in Vicksburg or the origin of blues, country and jazz in cities like Memphis and New Orleans. Some of these itineraries will also sail the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Enjoy the gentle waters of the Ohio River as you sail past St. Louis’ legendary gateway arch or visit distinguished Louisville, Kentucky. Guests sailing the Tennessee River, a large tributary of the Ohio River, will see beautiful bridges and possibly pass through the Tennessee River Gorge.

The Hudson River traverses the State of New York flowing north to south, and sailings on this river will travel to famous Big Apple hot spots. Passengers can visit West Point Military Academy or stroll through New York City on a walking tour.

The Erie Canal links Lake Erie to the Hudson River, and guests sailing this waterway will observe its flourishing waterscape and beautiful birds.

Guests cruising the Columbia River will travel through Washington and Oregon. Discover Hells Canyon aboard a covered jetboat or view the Columbia River Gorge as you are immersed in the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

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What’s Included On A River Cruise

What to Expect on a River Cruise Vacation  Luxury Cruise Guide

Generally, a river cruise will include as many services as possible, giving you less to worry about. Your accommodations onboard the ship and access to all the ship amenities, most meals as per the itinerary, access to your dedicated Travel Director, and anything else specified in your itinerary. Also per the itinerary, certain sightseeing opportunities are also included: tickets to special VIP access to the most famous landmarks, skip the lines, and when available, access to a personal local guide for expert commentary.

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Wine Flows Like The River

The fertile land surrounding the Danube River springs to lifewith lush greenery during the spring and summer months. Mostnotable of these plants: grape vines. As the Romans expanded theirreach throughout central Europe, they brought their drink ofchoice, wine. As its popularity grew and spread throughout southernand central Europe, more and more countries planted vineyards andstarted producing fruitful blends highlighted by their localenvironments. Those ten countries that touch the Danube are nodifferent, with each offering rolling vineyards as part of theirappeal.

A Danube River cruise is a vinous adventure, passing throughmultiple wine regions during its course. One of the most popular isAustria’s Wachau Valley however, there are also fantasticproviders south of Budapest in the Danube Plains and tucked betweenthe river and the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Wine tastings,either onboard or as a shore excursion, are an excellent complementto your scenic adventure.

Immense History And Culture Are Bedrocks Of The Region

Centuries of trade, travel, and conquering gave birth to thebeautiful cities that line the Danube River’s shores. RomanEmperors took to the water to create their prolific empire, andkings, dating to King Richard I, sailed throughout Central andEastern Europe to travel and reign upon their lands. It is nowonder that history and the Danube go hand in hand. Look uponhilltop fortresses and strongholds ruined over the centuries. Enjoyshore excursions through cities whose buildings were constructedhundreds of years ago and whose narrow, winding roads uncoversecrets left behind by those before you. Whether your trip includesguided walking tours of the cities or visits to monasteries,ancient basilicas, or well-preserved castles, there is much todiscover along the banks.

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Nile River Cruise Prices

Nile River cruise prices aren’t cheap. On average, they start between $350 and $500 per person, per night. But Nile cruises come in a variety of itineraries. You might find a tour that couples a three-day Nile River cruise with seven days based in Cairo or vice-versa.

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Tauck offers Nile river cruises, as do other lines like Viking, Avalon, Uniworld, and AmaWaterways. Peak Nile River cruise season is between October and early January, with shoulder season spanning from mid-January through early April. Booking as far in advance as possible is necessary just to get a stateroom as these cruises are popular. Low season is between May and the end of September, but expect scorching temperatures.

Keep in mind that Egypt requires a visa, which can be obtained at the Cairo airport upon arrival for $25. It’s also worth noting that many Nile River cruises require a short domestic flight in Egypt between the Upper Nile and destinations like Luxor and Aswan

Columbia And Snake Rivers Cruise With American Cruise Lines

6 Best European River Cruise Lines. Which One Is Right For You?

Lewis and Clark did it 200 years ago, and now its your turn to see what the explorers saw on this epic routewell, we doubt they had a pit stop at a local winery. Youll take off from Portland, and visit places like Astoria, Oregon Mount St. Helens in Washington and the incredible Columbia River Gorge, ultimately ending your voyage along the pristine Snake River. Still, our favorite part of the trip might be the onboard musicians performing maritime songs and sea shantiesya know, to get you in the Lewis and Clark mind-set.

8 days fares from $3,725

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The Natural Scenery Along The Danube Is Glorious

As the blue-green waters weave through the continent, the shorespresent an interesting mixture of urban and rural scenery.Riverside towns give way to pristine landscapes seemingly untouchedby the hands of time. From river cruise ships, travelers can lookupon terraced vineyards and rolling foothills. Eventually, thesevistas become even more dramatic, with gorges, mountains, and thickforests framing the water. Soaring limestone cliffs add yet anothertexture to the panoramas. As some of the most scenic stretches ofthe river come into view, make your way to one of the window-linedlounges or the top decks of the vessels for the very bestperspectives.

Active & Discovery Cruises

Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. Avalon offers activities for travelers with varying interests and for all energy and fitness levels. From action-packed experiences and interactive discoveries, to traditional sightseeing, you can tailor a vacation to suit your interests and pace.

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See What All Of The Hype Is About For Yourself

Literary mentions of the Danube River, both of its beauty andthe offerings of those cities that line its shores, span centuries.Movies have been set on its shores throughout film history. Comesee why Europe’s second-longest river has inspired artiststhroughout the ages. We bet you will find inspiration, too.

When you are ready to embark on a Danube River cruise, contactone of our rail specialists. Our collection of Danube Rivercruises combines multi-night voyages with on-land expeditionsto quench your thirst for adventure.

The Mighty Amazon River

USA Travel: American Queen Mississippi River cruise a great way to ...

Embark on a journey to one of the world’s vastly unexplored regions, the mighty Amazon. Experience the Amazon wilderness where it originates in Peru. The Amazon Basin covers an area larger than Western Europe, but it’s in Peru’s Amazon where biodiversity is at its greatest and the rainforest is untamed. Imagine venturing deep into the Amazon jungle in search of elusive wildlife, taking a swim with pink dolphins, and visiting native communities, all while returning to an air-conditioned suite, hot shower, and an over-sized plush bed. Cruises on the Amazon River run through Peru.

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Envision Paradise Adventure And Relaxation With Usa River Cruises

Imagine exploring the ins and outs of the largest group of freshwater lakes on earth and then hop aboard our Great Lakes River Cruises.

Perhaps youve always wondered what it would be like to explore the Deep South in comfort and style. Our Mississippi River Cruises are the place to be.

Or maybe youve always wanted to experience Europe from a ships-eye view. Well USA River Cruises has those, too, with our sweet suite of European Cruises.

Theres so much for you to see and do. From the Great Lakes and the mighty Mississippi to the Columbia River and our Alaskan Cruises ports of call all the way to our cruises throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

USA River Cruises has been making travel dreams come true since 1999. Were experts at matching people with the experiences they seek. Theres something for everyone. Theres something for you.

This Columbia River Cruise experience was a total delight, very informative, educational, entertaining, and just a fantastic experience overall. Every port offered opportunities for exploration and learning. The on-board Riverlorian brought history to life, as did the local entertainment brought onboard. The cuisine selections and quality were top-shelf all the way.

Ohio And Cumberland Rivers

The great historic and hard-working rivers of the Midwest turn out to be great for river cruises. Itineraries generally include Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati, with stops in undiscovered gems like Madison, Ind., and Maysville, Ky.

Can you tour Churchill Downs on an Ohio River cruise, or take a side trip through horse-and-bourbon country? Why yes, you can.

The Cumberland River, which runs mainly through Tennessee but touches Alabama and Kentucky, is winding, picturesque, and full of unexpected pleasures. And any cruise that includes an excursion to Nashville cant be all bad.

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River Cruising With Amawaterways Events

Join us for an exciting event with AmaWaterways. With more time to explore, river cruising allows you to delve deeper into local culture with included excursions as well as time to explore on your own. Join us to find out more about river cruising and why AmaWaterways delivers the vacation of a lifetime.

Amazon River Cruise Prices

10 Things You Shouldnt Do On A European River Cruise. And Why

How much does an cost? Per-person, per-night fares start around $500 per person, per day for small chartered vessels. For example, an Amazon river cruise with Oceania starts around $500 per person, per day, while you can expect rates of well over $1000 with a line like Seabourn. Truth be told, Amazon River cruises are the most expensive river cruises in the world. You’ll also need to factor in transportation costs of getting to and from the region.

It’s essential to do an apples-to-apples comparison with Amazon River cruises. Lindblad, Avalon and even Uniworld charter small luxury Amazon river cruise vessels that were built to navigate remote areas of the river through and Aqua Expeditions and chartered by a myriad of tour operators. These small boat Amazon river cruises spend days on the river itself.


Seabourn and Oceania offer Amazon River cruises that are two weeks or longer. However, you should note that these take in far more destinations than the river-centric tours offered by Aqua Expeditions or Delfins. They also primarily offer Amazon-region exploration via shore excursions from oceanside ports. Additionally, Aqua and Delfins offer a more immersive style of travel and an experience more akin to a proper river cruise.

Amazon cruises take place all year long, and prices are generally steady throughout the year. The best way to snag savings? Look for wave season promotions at the start of a new year.

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Timeless Music Connects You To The Past

It is no secret that music plays a vital role in connectingpeople, and the piece that was composed in the shoreline cities ofthe Danube River is perhaps some of the most recognizableworldwide. Many notable classical composers have called its bankshome, specifically the city of Vienna, which, thanks to its idyllicposition, has been an important economic center since the 11thcentury. Artists like Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Strauss,Schubert, and Schoenberg composed in Vienna during their lifetimes.Their music lives on, with numerous places to listen to stringquartets and orchestras performing classical music.

Even beyond the beautifully composed notes of Vienna, Hungary’straditional folk music offers further insight into the sounds ofthe Danube. There is no experience quite like listening to songspassed down through generations while watching costumed dancersperform traditional dances.

On A Cruise Theres Adventure Around Every Corner And A New City To Explore In Every Port Book Your Cruise With Costco Travel

Were proud to offer our members added values like a Costco Shop Card or shipboard credit with every sailing. Plus, look for Kirkland Signature and Buyer’s Choice sailings for exclusive events and amenities. Whether you are looking to island hop through the Caribbean, marvel at natures beauty in Alaska, or experience a culture-enriching tour of Europe, a cruise vacation has you covered!

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The Top Reasons Why You Should Take A Danube River Cruise

From the Black Forest to the Black Sea, look upon beautifulscenes of ten countries from the calm waters of the Danube River.The Blue Danube, as it has come to be known, is one of the longestrivers in Europe and is a perennial favorite with cruiseenthusiasts. Is it the spectacular cities in the heart of Europe orthe astounding vistas? When you embark on an all-inclusive rivercruise, you can decide for yourself. Here are ten reasons why youshould take a Danube River cruise.

American River Cruises: Top Tours And Itineraries

Cruising on the American Song

American river cruises are poised to pick up right where they left off when the pandemic struck, as one of the most popular forms of travel for people looking to see the U.S. in a whole new way.

We may not always think of domestic river cruises when we think of this popular travel mode, but the fact is river cruises in the United States can literally take you from sea to shining sea.

Here are the most popular waterways for North American river cruises, and some of the sights you can see along the way.

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American Queen Steamboat Company

One of the most iconic rivers in the United States is undoubtedly the Mississippi, and this 8 Night Mark Twain’s Mississippi cruise from the American Queen Steamboat Company is an awesome way to explore this stunning river like never before. With rooms available for around $300 per night and plenty of different room types to choose from, this is a fully flexible cruise that can work with different budgets and desires.

This cruise lets you climb aboard the wonderful American Queen. Unlike any other cruise ship on Earth, the American Queen was designed to look just like the old Mississippi riverboats, offering a really authentic Mississippi River cruise experience. The ship has been lovingly crafted and decorated with Victorian-era influences and authentic furnishings. It even features its own saloon, where live music is played regularly, and also offers multiple dining options and plenty of other features.

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Hudson River With Usa River Cruises

No, were not just circling around Lady Liberty were boarding in NYC and heading north through the Catskill Mountains. Youll stop in historic towns like West Point, Kingston and Sleepy Hollow, taking in the sweeping views of the majestic Hudson River Valley . This cruise is perfect for anyone whos forgotten New York was more than the Manhattan skyline.

8 days fares from $4,415 sails September through October

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