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Cost Of American Cruise Lines

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Just As With The Ocean Cruise Lines There Is A Strata Among Brands

Cruise Lines Slash Prices By The Boatload During Summer Season

In the popular European market, according to industry observers, Uniworld is the luxury line, followed closely in that top tier by Tauck, Scenic and AmaWaterways. Avalon Waterways and Viking River Cruises are considered contemporary mass-market, and Grand Circle, known for its high-quality program directors and older ships, has a reputation for being the most affordable.

Do I Need To Tip Anyone Else While On The Ship

You would think that paying a hefty daily tip would cover everyone on the ship. In fact, there are a couple of instances where paying additional gratuity is recommended or automatic.

First, any time that you buy a drink from the bar, you will be charged an extra tip, usually 18%-20% of the menu price, depending on the cruise line. This happens automatically and will be tacked on to the price. So a $10 menu price on a cocktail is actually around $12.

Be aware that when you sign the receipt there will be another line for an additional tip. Unless you are feeling generous, theres no need to tip more.

Second, any time that you purchase anything service related such as dinner at a specialty restaurant or a service at the spa expect there to be a tip added on to the cost. Again, this normally runs around 18%, but can range from 15% to 20%, depending on the cruise line.

Finally, if you order anything from room service, then its expected that you give a couple of bucks to the staff member that delivers the food.

Other than that, your gratuity charges cover the housekeeping and dining staff. So when you leave the room you dont have to put down any extra cash . And when you leave the dining room, no need to drop down any money on the table.

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Summing Up The Total Cost Of A Cruise

So whats the grand total?

The chart below lays out the costs of taking a cruise, using the estimated amounts mentioned above. Weve also laid out the estimates for both a shorter cruise and the traditional seven-day trip.

Keep in mind that these are just estimates, per person. A couple would expect to double these prices.

As well, remember that what you spend will vary widely based on any number of factors, including your own budgeting for the trip and how much you let loose on your vacation.

Sailing in the off-season like January or February? Then your cruise fare can be considerably less than average. Are you a big spender on the ship? Then your vacation will obviously end up costing more.

But as you can see, on a per-person basis the cost for a 7-day cruise can run around $2,000 when you factor in everything youll spend. Shorter cruises will run around $1,500.

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Chose American Cruise Lines If You Want Or Need Large Spacious Cabins

The cabins on American Cruise Lines Mississippi ships are among the largest on the river, starting at a whopping 290 square feet on its newest paddlewheeler, America. On this ship, the majority are 304 square feet and even the solo cabins start at 203 square feet without a balcony and 230 square feet with one. Out in the Pacific Northwest, the cabins arent quite as big, but still large by river cruising standards Queen of the West staterooms start at 183 square feet for a double and 149 square feet for a single .

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The Crew Is Not Eating The Same Food As You

Holland America Cruise Deals departing from Sydney onboard MS Noordam ...

Even for crew members, theres no shortage of food on a cruise ship! Staff meals are prepared by dedicated crew cooks in a separate galley. These include regional dishes from the crew members home countries, fast food such as burgers and healthy options.

And in case youre wondering: No. Crew never eat paying passengers leftovers. As cruise ship vessels are manned around the clock, crew members have access to food and drink 24/7. The terms of their contracts specify break and meal times, so even the busiest crew members will always have set rest breaks when they have time for a snack or main meal.

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American Cruise Lines Dining American Style

Meals are served in a large dining room with open seating and panoramic views of the passing scenery. While each ship serves seasonal specials and recipes from the region theyre traveling, the focus is on American cuisine.

Special diets and allergy concerns are easily handled by the staff with advance notice. The Lines complimentary amenities include beer and wine with both lunch and dinner, plus complimentary full bar cocktails each night before dinner on board.

Holland America Drink Prices Spirits

Holland America Drink Prices Signature Drinks

Holland America Drink Prices Wines

Holland America Drink Prices Soft Drinks

Holland America Drink Prices Creamy drinks

Holland America Drink Prices

One thing that I did noticed the large amount of crafted drinks, I have really come to enjoy well done drinks after my Celebrity cruise on the molecular bar. There is really nothing that compares to siting down at a bar relaxing and trying to figure out the taste explosion that is happening with certain drinks. Some of the signature cocktails that Holland offer remind me very much of the ones aboard Celebrity. I look forward to the time that I finally get to cruise aboard a Holland ship and experience the cruise line for myself. For more information on Holland America Drink Prices you could try to contact HAL directly, but I think that they will give you this list since this one was given to me a few weeks ago.

Holland America ms Amsterdam, Holland America ms Eurodam, Holland America ms Koningsdam, Holland America ms Maasdam, Holland America ms Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland America ms Noordam, Holland America ms Oosterdam, Holland America ms Prinsendam, Holland America ms Rotterdam, Holland America ms Ryndam, Holland America ms Statendam, Holland America ms Veendam, Holland America ms Volendam, Holland America ms Westerdam, Holland America ms Zaandam, Holland America ms Zuiderdam.

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How Do You Book Drinks Packages On A Cruise

Most drinks packages can be bought online prior to the cruise. Its often cheaper to do this if you can. Most cruise lines will have an online portal that you can log into after youve booked the cruise, this is where you can look for things like drinks and excursions.

If you are unable to buy before the cruise this isnt a problem, there will be plenty of people onboard trying to sell you a drinks package when you embark. Ive done this on occasion and havent found any problems with it.

American Cruise Line Adds Flat Rate Domestic Airfare Option

Columbia and Snake River Cruises with American Cruise Lines

U.S.-based small ship cruise line American Cruise Line is adding a flat rate domestic airfare option to all of its U.S. cruises when its new season kicks off in late February.

Starting then, all guests sailing on ACL will be able to get to one of 19 cruise hubs spread across 16 states with a flat fare. The airfare can be selected at the time of booking and will not move based on any future changes in fares.

For ACL, the addition is an added convenience when booking small ship cruises with us, Carter Robertson, the EVP for ACL said in a statement announcing the news.

As a company, we are always looking for new ways to personalize our guest services from booking to boarding and the new flat-rate airfare will create a seamless experience for many of our guests.

The move is another one for the growing cruise line, which has doubled its fleet over the past 5 years and now boasts operations in 31 states from Alaska to Florida. Aside from that flat-rate option, its fare will continue to include complimentary pre-cruise hotel stays, shore excursions, private cruise coaches, and more.

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American Cruise Line Cruise Deals

American Cruise Line cruise deals open the door to explore American’s beautiful and iconic Rivers. American Cruise Line offers cruises on the Mississippi River, the Hudson River and the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Immerse yourself in the southern history and culture of the Mississippi from St. Paul to New Orleans. The stunning views and historical sites of the Hudson River are highlighted on a Hudson River Cruise. The Columbia & Snake river lets you explore the Pacific Northwest. Book now and get the best deals on your next American Cruise Line cruise vacation.

How Much A Cruise Costs In 2022

Wondering how much youll spend to take a cruise? We have specific estimates below.

Before we get too far, however, you should know that just like buying a car, you can spend as much or as little as you want for your vacation.

For instance, are you happy with the lowest-cost interior cabin or would you rather spend more for a balcony or a suite?

Or are you the sort of person who can only sail during the summer months , or can you sail during the off-season and save hundreds of dollars?

That means tracking down the specific cost of a cruise for each person is hard. But we can give you an idea of what a typical trip will cost based on averages and help you get an idea of what you can plan to spend.

We get into all the details of how much a cruise costs and exactly where youll spend money below.

In This Article…

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Cancel For Any Reason

So far, we only discussed what happens when you cancel your trip for a covered reason.

Although the generous list of cancellation reasons covers most scenarios, sometimes you must cancel your trip because of something else.

How can you recover the money if youre unable to travel because of a non-covered reason?

Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance solves this situation. It allows you to cancel your trip for literally any reason, not just the ones listed in the policy.

Although Cancel For Any Reason does not pay a 100% refund of your trip cost, it prevents a complete loss. Youll enjoy the most flexibility when you include this extra cancellation benefit with your travel plan.

American Cruise Lines focuses on Cancel For Any Reason above all other considerations.

American Cruise Lines does not have a list of covered cancellation reasons. Instead, the American Cruise Lines plan determines your refund based on when you cancel.

As mentioned earlier, if you 91 days or more before your trip, you are entitled to a full cash refund, less a $250 administration fee.

If you cancel between 10 and 90 days before your trip, you receive a 90% refund, less a $250 administration fee.

American Cruise Lines charges nearly 10% extra for the trip for the right to cancel but you only receive 80% back in cruise credit.

Also, note that the American Cruise Lines only covers the cost of the cruise. Therefore, all other prepaid expenses such as airfare and hotels are unprotected from loss.

Cruise Ship Total Value By Cruise Company

Carnival continues to optimize fleet  CRUISE TO TRAVEL

You may have counted almost 30 cruise brands included above. Dont be fooled. There arent that many big cruise companies out there. The chart below is likely to surprise you. The list of cruise companies is much smaller. Two companies own nearly 75% of the entire industry!

Many passengers have sailed Oceania or Cunard and had no clue they were owned by NCL or Carnival. Its always entertaining to hear a passenger make fun of Carnival as they proudly book their next Seabourn vacation. Carnival Corp. owns both brands!

These major cruise lines know what theyre doing. They want to own every cruise passenger, whether theyre cruise budget is $1,000 or $10,000!

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River Cruise Prices Are More Inclusive Than Ocean Cruise Prices

In 2011, Tauck became one of the first river lines to go all-inclusive, including beverages and tips. Others have followed suit, though inclusive doesnt always mean that all extras are included. Some lines include port charges, gratuities and alcohol in their base fares others do not. Still, ocean cruisers will likely be surprised at what river cruise fares do include.

The biggest difference between ocean and river cruising is that daily shore excursions are included, says Richard Marnell, senior vice president of marketing for Viking. You do not get nickeled and dimed once you are onboard. The vast majority of what you are going to do is paid for, so you can budget well in advance.

Wine and beer included with dinner? Imagine that. Complimentary airport transfers? Free Wi-Fi? On river cruises, these are staples.

Price Of American Cruise Lines Cruise Insurance

As an add-on, we can opt to include American Cruise Lines Cancelation Protection Plan For $570 per person.

As mentioned above, this plan is NOT insurance and to be fair it does clearly state this. There is no suggestion it is trying to be anything it is not. It simply provides a refund or cruise credit if you cancel. How much is refunded will depend on when the refund is requested. There is also a $250 per person Cancellation Administrative Charge which is deducted from any refund or cruise credit given. If you purchase this plan within 14 days of the deposit for the cruise, the Deluxe Protection coverage will apply. Otherwise, the Basic Protection coverage is used.

The difference between the Deluxe and Basic protection is the amount of money refunded. The Basic plan will provide an 80% refund up to 9 days prior to the trip departure, whilst the Deluxe provides a 90% refund up to 9 days prior to the trip departure as shown below in the summary.

For our two travelers, adding the Cancel For Any Reason Protection Plan to the cruise will cost an additional $1,140 to our cruise cost. This brings the total cost of our cruise and the protection plan to $12,450.

At Cruise Insurance 101 we know we can get a better option at a lower price with far more coverage. Lets see what those options look like.

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Passenger Shipping Pause 2020

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, ACL suspended its entire fleet’s passenger shipping operations canceling all voyages with pre-scheduled departures in the period March 14, 2020, through May 2021.

Fleet’s operations resumed on the following dates in 2021.

  • MS Independence
  • Queen of the Mississippi
  • Queen of the West
  • American Constellation
  • American Constitution
  • American Spirit
  • American Harmony
  • American Melody

Note: Under CERTS , in August 2021 the company received USD 42,7 million grant from the USA’s government. The CERTS provides grants to eligible passenger transportation companies that have experienced 25% or more annual revenue losses due to the COVID crisis.

ACL boats initially operated with reduced passenger capacity. All affected bookings were fully refunded . With rebooking is offered 125% FCC based on the fares paid for the canceled cruises. The FCC must be used before December 31, 2021.

American Cruise Lines Job Reviews

American Cruise Lines Ship Sets Sail

If youre not going for a cruise on the American Cruise line, you may be wondering if you can do a job there or not. From work environment to employee satisfaction, you may have a lot of questions in your mind. For that, you should go for the reviews for American Cruise Lines.

We have got for you some of the best American Cruise Lines employee reviews to let you decide whether to work there or not.

When going through the American cruise lines jobs reviews, we found these reviews to be pretty bland. Some ex employees were greatly praising the company while others were calling it an awful experience. Weve selected some reviews for you with the link to them. Lets mention them here.

Safety concerns, liars, decreasing care of coworkers.

As you can see from the American Cruise Lines Career reviews, some workers are satisfied with the company while others have a list of complaints. So have a look at these American Cruise reviews and decide accordingly.

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How Much Do Soda Packages Cost On A Cruise

The average price of a soda package on a mainstream cruise line in 10 dollars per person per day. This ranges from around 8 dollars up to 15 dollars and the what is included in the package does vary. Some soda packages will include only fountain soda whereas others will include cans.

Below is an example list of the current prices of soda packages on cruise lines. Be aware though that these do change frequently and cruise lines will often have sales or increase their prices without warning.

Not Available

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Can You Remove Or Adjust Autogratuities On A Cruise

On most cruise lines that collect automatic gratuities, youre able to remove or adjust the charges by visiting the passenger services desk. One notable exception is Norwegian Cruise Line. On NCL, passengers who dont want to pay autograts need to file a claim for reimbursement after the cruise.

For other cruise lines, youll be able to adjust your autogratuities at the Passenger Services desk. You can raise them, lower them, or remove them altogether.

What you cant do is adjust or remove automatic gratuities for a specific crew member.

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