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Should You Buy Travel Insurance For Cruise

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What Isnt Included In Australian Cruise Travel Insurance

Should you buy trip insurance for your holiday travel?

We are not able to cover the following:

Medical Cover

As you can use your Medicare Card or private health insurance to cover your medical expenses or hospitalisation, theres no medical cover for domestic cruises .

Delay of luggage and personal effects

If your luggage is delayed, misdirected or misplaced by your airline or cruise operator, you should contact your airline or the cruise line as soon as you can.

Lost or stolen credit/debit cards or fraud

You should notify your bank immediately if your credit or debit cards are lost, stolen or damaged.

Cruising that does not follow the coastline

We can only provide cover for domestic cruises that follow the Australian coastline, along rivers and estuaries. Any domestic cruises which take you out into open waters away from the Australian mainland are not able to be covered under Australian cruise travel insurance, including cruises that cruise in the region of or stop at:

  • Ashmore Reef
  • Norfolk Island
  • Thursday Island

You do not need Australian cruise travel insurance if you are only taking a river cruise. For river cruises, you can purchase .

For cruising in open waters away from the Australian mainland, you can purchase .

If youre unsure if your domestic cruise can be covered, contact us now via email or phone to confirm.

When Is Travel Insurance Not Necessary

Travel insurance primarily covers two aspects of your trip your reservations and your medical expenses while traveling.

If all of your reservations can be canceled without penalty, then trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage isnt necessary. But even if your trip isnt 100% refundable, insurance may not be necessary. For example, a cheap flight and hotel stay may not be worth covering, though you may still want to purchase travel insurance for medical situations.

Medical coverage typically is not necessary if you have a U.S.-based health insurance policy and you’re traveling within the U.S. In those cases, you probably already have adequate coverage for illness or injury.

When To Purchase Coverage For Canadian Customers

Only a few travel insurance companies on InsureMyTrip offer plans that cover medical emergencies and evacuation as well as cancellation, delay, and baggage. Some companies offer cancellation-only plans as well. All plans available on InsureMyTrip must be purchased before you leave Canada, you cannot purchase any of these plans once you have departed. Importantly, you cannot purchase coverage for only a portion of your trip you must fully insure it. If you do not, then the plan would be considered invalid and not provide coverage.

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Are All Travel Insurance Policies The Same

Travel insurance is state regulated, but the policies do not have to conform to an industry standard like your homeowners or automobile policy.

Every travel insurance policy is unique and has different restrictions, and who you buy it from and what you pay can mean a world of difference.

Its vitally important to read and understand whats included in the policy youre purchasing, and make sure it meets your needs.

Even two policies that seem to offer the same essential benefits at first glance could be very different once you read the details.

The amount youll be reimbursed for a particular incident, the specifics of what constitutes a covered reason for a cancellation, and important details like if youll need to pay upfront for an airline ticket to catch up with the ship or even a medical evacuation can make a big difference in stress levels and initial out-of-pocket costs.

As mentioned above, Travel Protection sold directly by the cruise line may not offer all the same benefits as an actual travel insurance policy sold by an insurance company, so its important to do your homework before you agree to a slick sales pitch or bargain add-on when you book your cruise.

Though its costly and may be hard to find, some travel insurers offer Cancel for Any Reason add-on policies in all states except New York.

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There Are Three Primary Ways To Purchase Travel Insurance For Your Cruise:

Should You Buy Travel Insurance?  Luxurybackpacking

1. Directly from the cruise line

Every major cruise line offers Trip Protection or similar coverage to protect your investment. The biggest drawback to these plans is that they dont protect you if the cruise line defaults or goes out of business.

These plans have been customized for the cruise company and the coverage provisions can be narrower than a third party travel insurance policy. The plan pricing is generally not age-sensitive the price for a senior will likely be the same as for a teenager.

The Cancel For Any Reason benefit generally never gives you a refund of your cruise deposit, but instead allows you to reschedule the cruise within a limited time period, and doesnt reimburse any travel plan you have not purchased from the cruise company. Often this coverage is more expensive and more limited than what you get from a third-party policy.

2. From your travel agent

Most cruise-specialist travel agents offer travel insurance, but are legally prohibited from giving you insurance advice other than handing you the brochure for the policy. They cant give you the side-by-side comparison of rates versus coverage.

Most travel agencies work with a preferred insurance company or two because they will earn commission on the sale of the policies. The third-party plans they sell tend to be more comprehensive than those sold directly by the cruise lines, and can be a good option, as long as you do your own research to make sure the policies include everything you need.

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Protection For An Emergency Medical Evacuation

This benefit is a big deal. If you are in a location that cannot provide the medical care you need, the emergency medical evacuation benefit covers the cost to move you to a location where you can receive appropriate care.

Emergency medical evacuations vary a great deal in terms of cost because they can range from an upgraded airline seat to much more expensive options, due to the medical condition you have, and the cost can vary from $500 to $200,000 or more.

Without a trip insurance plan with an emergency medical evacuation benefit, you would be responsible for the cost.

Read about a real-life emergency evacuation story Seven Corners handled for a cruiser here.

When Should You Buy Travel Insurance For A Cruise

Travel insurance for a cruise should be bought as soon as the cruise is booked. The travel insurance comes into effect as soon as it is purchased. This means that if the cruise was canceled it would be covered by travel insurance.

The price of travel insurance doesnt get cheaper closer to the sailing date so there really is no reason to put of purchasing insurance.

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Should You Get Cruise Insurance Yes But

When Cruise Critic member Fran Combs arrived home from a recent cruise vacation, she noticed that one shoe was missing from her husband Harlan’s bag. They had been packed in the suitcase, which had been placed in the hallway of the ship the night before, had been picked up and transported to the airport, and had made the flight with the Combs back to Virginia. Fran was not only puzzled at the loss of the shoe, she was quite irritated, too, since they were brand-new and expensive.

She sent the purchase receipt to both the cruise line and her travel insurer and was fully reimbursed, for a new pair. Harlan now has three brand-new shoes.

While this isn’t the scenario that plays out in most people’s minds as they contemplate the purchase of travel insurance for their cruise vacation, it is an object lesson in how the insurance can be of value even if catastrophe doesn’t strike.

How to choose cruise insuranceThe first question, for almost everyone, is whether or not to buy travel insurance, and the second is: What kind?

Now, we’ll say outright that homeowner’s insurance will often cover losses experienced while traveling … but it’s not the best idea, because it could raise your premium well above the cost of the individual travel insurance premium if you make a claim — and it only covers losses of items in your possession, not anything having to do with medical issues or trip cancellation. So it really is better to purchase insurance designed for travelers.

What Is Not Covered With Travel Insurance

Consumer Reports: Should you buy travel insurance?

Though not an all-encompassing list, travel insurance policies rarely cover:

Bad Weather:Travel insurance is not a rain check. If you didnt get to participate in your shore excursion because it rained in port, your policy will not provide a refund.

Itinerary Changes:If your cruise line changes your itinerary for any reason and you miss a port or are taken to a different port, your travel insurance wont refund you anything.

Emergency Dental Care: Dental care is limited in many policies. Even if youve lost a tooth, are in extreme pain, or are otherwise in dire need of dental care, your travel insurance policy isnt likely to cover a lot of this bill.

In addition, if you purchase Travel Protection directly from your cruise line, you typically wont be covered if your cruise line financially defaults, goes out of business, or otherwise ceases operations. Most third-party travel insurance policies include this type of coverage.

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How To Be A Better Prepared Cruise Voyager

Here are other tips for cruise passengers from Schreier at April Travel Protection:

  • Check the expiration dates on your passports and be aware of possible travel insurance requirements in other countries well before you leave.
  • Get an international plan from your cell phone/data provider for the time youll be away. The cost for calls and data through the cruise lines are exorbitant, and this will allow you to operate freely when in ports, says Schreier.
  • Make sure youre up to speed on the entry requirements for the countries youll be visiting. This often includes vaccinations or inoculations required for certain places. You wont be allowed off the ship if you dont meet the countrys requirements, or in some cases you wont be allowed on the ship if youre missing certain requirements.
  • Leave the water bottles that arent filled with water at home. Most cruise lines are aware of this trick and will confiscate your liquid if its flammable, says Schreier.

Beware Of Swells And Waves On The High Seas

On a cruise ship, swells and high waves happen quickly and without warning. If youre climbing a staircase when it happens, or in a corridor with nothing to grab hold of, you face a real fall risk. These are less likely to occur on a plane, as youre seated most of the time .

And while it rarely happens, do remember the risk of falling overboard. This is a risk unique to travelling by ship, and some generic insurance policies dont cover it .

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How To Buy Travel Insurance For A Cruise

When purchasing travel insurance I always recommend using a price comparison website. This allows you to type in your details once but you get multiple quotes from different companies.

Without using a comparison website you would have to type in your details to multiple websites to compare quotes. This would be time-consuming and I doubt that anybody would try as many sites as a comparison site can do instantly.

What Can My Travel Insurance Policy For A Cruise Holiday Include


Having travel insurance can give you peace of mind that youll be financially assisted if things dont go as planned. Travel insurance for a cruises can provide cover for:

  • Overseas medical and hospital expenses
  • Medical evacuations at sea
  • Cabin confinement due to sickness
  • Cancellation costs for pre-paid travel arrangements
  • Trip delays and rescheduling fees
  • Missedcruise departure or pre-paid shore excursions
  • Lost, damaged or stolen luggage and personal belongings
  • Additional expenses

Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Be sure to check your policys PDS.

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When You Do Need It

The general rule is that you’ll need to buy emergency medical or evacuation insurance when going out of the U.S., Rick Garlick, a hospitality and travel expert with Magid Associates, tells CNBC Make It. “Insurance is much more necessary on international versus domestic trips, particularly ones you have to plan far in advance,” he says.

  • Buy It: For international trips

For the most part, international vacations are more expensive than domestic trips, typically because Americans stay longer. International trips last about 12 days on average and cost $3,242 per person, according to ValuePenguin.

Travellers also tend to book trips outside the U.S. much further in advance and for good reason. To get a good deal on an international flight, you’ll need to book almost five months beforehand on average, according to

Because of the advanced planning and the cost, you should definitely consider spending for comprehensive coverage that will cover you in a wide range of situations. “Personally, if I were paying for 70 percent to 80 percent of my trip upfront, I’d consider trip insurance,” Hart says.

  • Buy It: For medical reasons
  • Buy It: For cruises

Cruises hit all the major areas where comprehensive travel insurance is recommended: a big, upfront payment, international travel and higher risk of problems. So experts like Colleen McDaniels of Cruise Critic say it’s best to insure this type of vacation with a comprehensive plan.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost For A Cruise

Most travel insurance policies will cost between 5 to 8 percent of your cruise fare. So, youd expect to pay up to $25 per person for a three- or four-night cruise, and well over $100 per person for a 14-night vacation.

Again, though, prices can vary widely and a pricier policy isnt necessarily better. Just as its not always a good idea to book your cruise solely based on price, buying the cheapest travel insurance policy doesnt necessarily make it the best deal. Its important to understand what youre buying and that the coverage meets your needs. Buying the perfect travel insurance policy for you is well worth the additional cost.

Comparison websites like allow you to easily compare policies from a number of different insurers and see your costs upfront for easy shopping.

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Hurricanes And Other Bad Weather

Cruise ships are obviously especially vulnerable to the effects of hurricanes or other severe weather. While most comprehensive travel insurance plans will not offer coverage if your cruise departs as scheduled, the plan may cover you if the cruise is canceled or cut short. Trip cancellation coverage can help to recoup any costs that the cruise company will not reimburse. Some plans written for cruises do have coverage for itinerary changes or excursion cancellation due to weather conditions. There are also important travel insurance benefits available that are related to bad weather that causes damage to your home and renders it uninhabitable, such as trip interruption coverage.

You Want To Be Careful If You Have Pre

Should you buy travel insurance for your plane ticket?

When you travel, its important to be fully covered, which means having comprehensive medical coverage that includes any pre-existing conditions. Otherwise, if you head into a doctors office overseas, have any tests completed, or visit an urgent care center or emergency room, you might find youre not covered.

Here, timing is extremely important. Cruisers seeking coverage of preexisting conditions as well cancel for any reason insurance generally must book within seven to 21 days of the first payment they make for a trip. The timing various by insurer.

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More Cruise Insurance Advice

Schreier at April Travel Protection notes that travel insurance plans also generally cover your lost deposits if a travel supplier goes out of business. You wont find this in a travel insurance policy sold by cruise lines themselves, which also typically exclude pre-existing conditions from medical coverage, he says.

Rizvi at Nationwide Insurance recommends that you purchase your plan when you book your trip. One of the top benefits of this approach is the simple fact that coverage is locked in, and the traveler does not risk going without coverage altogether because they were planning on doing it later.

Do You Have Any Dangerous Allergies That Could Flare Up On Vacation

A simple allergy wont likely cause problems during your vacation, but some allergies with rapid, severe reactions could require more extreme medical care if there is a problem. Those medical expenses may not be covered through standard health insurance, but extra cruise vacation insurance may help.

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Do Consider Whether You Want A Standard Or Cancel For Any Reason Policy

A standard policy has good protection and comes with a list of restrictions on whats covered. If you want to make sure that you are covered for any reason, whether thats a pandemic or a last-minute change in plans, look into a cancel for any reason add-on to your policy. A CFAR policy is just what the name sounds like. You can cancel your trip for any reason you want and are restricted only by the timing of your cancellation notice .

CFAR insurance isnt free though, and comes with a few conditions. First, it can cost 40%-50% more than a standard policy, and it generally wont cover 100% of your uncovered costs. Youll find that 50%-75% of coverage is more common.

Its also important to note that you cannot simply buy CFAR by itself. You must buy a travel insurance policy that is eligible for a CFAR add-on. Many insurance sites will include a CFAR filter in their search tool. You’ll also need to buy the policy within a certain time frame after purchasing your cruise, which will vary based on the insurance company.

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