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Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70 For Sale

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Plate Number As Given By Lto

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series 30th Anniversary For Sale at Ron Hodgson Specialist Cars

Whether the pre-owned vehicles are sold by its previous owner or through a dealership, the original plate number as given by LTO should be attached to it.

Moreover, for new models released, you can check its registry by looking at the sticker placed on the upper-right corner of the vehicle’s windshield.

You can also verify with the LTO by texting: LTO Vehicle to 2600. The information that will be sent to you will include apprehensions, latest registration date, color, year, and model.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

The 70 Series is a family of Toyota Land Cruiser models produced from 1984 to the present day. It replaced the 25-year-old 40 Series as the off-road workhorse of the Land Cruiser heritage, while the 60 Series developed into more comfortable passenger off-road vehicles. Included in the 70 series range is the Land Cruiser Prado, until it became the Series 90 in 1996. Despite major changes in styling and numerous technological updates, the 70 Series was designed to retain the off-road capabilities and durability for which the FJ40 and its siblings had become known for. The 70 Series was marketed throughout the world, except for countries like India, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Korea.

Q: What was the most expensive Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series ever sold?

A: The top sale price was $75,900 for a 1992 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ75 on March 26 2021.

Q: What is the lowest sale price of a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series?

The Venerable Truck Is Getting An Update This Year To Comply With Stricter Safety Regulations

One of the oldest vehicles on sale, the Land Cruiser Series 70 was launched when many of us weren’t even born yet. The venerable off-roader came out in 1984 and it’s still going strong 38 years later. So much so that Toyota will be updating the truck yet again by the end of the year in Australia to comply with stricter side-impact crash regulations. Since the company is pouring money into the ol’ pickup, it means the J70 will be sticking around.

As a matter of fact, demand for the reputable Land Cruiser has generated a waiting list long enough to keep Toyota busy for more than two years. Indeed, Australian magazine Drive cites local dealers who have done the math based on the current production rate and projections and they claim existing orders will be fulfilled at some point in 2024.

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Certificate Of Vehicle Registration

This piece of paper is provided by the Land Transportation Office that indicates proper registration of the vehicle. When a private seller or a dealership presents this document to you, it signifies that the car is clean of any pending or unpaid fines or unsettled police obligations.

But be wary, some documents may look original when in fact it can be counterfeited. An original certificate of vehicle registration must show the model and year of the car, specifications, and color.

At the same time, make sure that the chassis number on your about-to-purchase second hand Toyota Land Cruiser car is reflected in the paper.

Another thing to watch out for is the word encumbered usually plastered on the upper right portion of the document.

When you see this, it is an indication that the owner has not yet paid the obligation to the financial institution or bank that paid for the car.

You can ask the dealership or the private seller of the Toyota Land Cruiser for sale if it’s already settled, and if it is, ask for the document Release of Chattel Mortgage.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series for sale in UK

The silver lining for those people is they might not have to wait until then provided Toyota finds a way to ramp up production of the Series 70. As with just about every other vehicle out there, global supply chain issues have slowed down production of the Land Cruiser. The all-terrain vehicle will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2024 when the latest orders received from Down Under will be completed.

Toyota Australia still sells an SUV version of the J70. It has a 4.5-liter turbodiesel V8 engine like the others, while the GXL trim level is a tad more luxurious without losing the 4×4 capabilities. There’s also the GX serving as the workhorse with a truck bed, so it’s safe to say there are surprisingly enough options to choose from given the vehicle’s age.

Ok, but why are some people still fascinated by a truck that came out in the first half of the 1980s? Well, it’s practically indestructible, and if something does break, the Land Cruiser Series 70 is easy to work on. Pricing is also a factor since it starts at a little over 100,000 AUD while the latest Series 300 begins from approximately 150,000 AUD.

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