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What Cruise Line Goes From Boston To Bermuda

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Ports Of Call For Bermuda Cruises

Bermuda Cruise – From Boston | Norwegian Dawn | First Time Cruise | What to expect

There are three principle ports of call in Bermuda. Because of the island’s distance from other destinations, most Bermuda cruises only call on this one nation, though they may visit more than one of the available ports.

Because of Bermuda’s small size , even if a cruise ship calls only at one port it is possible for passengers to arrange taxi rides to visit other areas. When doing so, however, it is important to note that taxi fares are metered and with winding roads, the total fare can be significant.

With luxurious pink sand beaches, calm tropical weather, dozens of historical sites, and incredible shopping opportunities, Bermuda offers a unique blend of luxury cruising with resort amenities on shore, perfect for an isolated getaway without sacrificing the excitement and enjoyment of a cruise vacation.

Boston To Bermuda Cruises: Ideal Voyages In Northeastern America

A very popular journey are Boston to Bermuda cruises. As mentioned earlier, the island lies closer to Massachusetts than to Florida, making Boston arguably the best port for cruises to Bermuda. This alone makes it ideal to hop on a ship in Boston.

Its the favorite holiday destination among New Englanders, who take advantage of the offerings by Norwegian Cruise Line to enjoy Bermudas pink sand beaches, vibrant town life, and wonderful nature.

From the history-lined Freedom Trail in Boston, to the cobblestones of Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, these cruises are totally recommended if you have a week or so to spare. Besides wonderful nature and beaches, Bermuda has more than its fair share of history. As a former British colony and current Overseas Territory, the island is filled with colonial architecture and historic sites.

A major highlight is St. George, which transports you 400 years back in time, to the early days of British colonization in North America. However, unlike Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, two of the youngest British settlements in America, St. George wasnt reconstructed.

Instead, St. George is pretty much original. You can see many authentic brick buildings and charming streets that date from the 1600s and 1700s. This historic town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What Are Popular Ports In Bermuda

There are three cruise ports across the nearly 21 square miles of Bermuda, but chances are your ship will be docked in a place called King’s Wharf. The Royal Naval Dockyard, located at King’s Wharf, is a historic military base that now houses dining, retail, handicrafts and the Clocktower Mall. A family-friendly beach and other amenities are within walking distance of the terminal.

Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, is an easy ferry ride away from King’s Wharf. Mega-ships aren’t able to dock here, though some smaller ships still do. Bars and restaurants are concentrated in Hamilton. Every Wednesday night during the summer, a street festival called Harbour Nights brings music, food trucks and entertainment along the city’s main drag.

Also accessible by ferry is St. George’s, the former capital of Bermuda and one of the earliest English settlements after Jamestown. Only the smallest ships are able to dock here, but it’s well worth a day trip to explore the pastel-hued homes and historic landmarks.

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Why Is The Bermuda Triangle A Controversial Cruise Destination

The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the devils triangle and hurricane alley. A number of places and ships have allegedly disappeared here over the years. Many people believe that the circumstances of the disappearances were mysterious however it is likely they were caused by severe weather.

The Bermuda Triangle has been a source of controversy since the 1950s.

Cruises To Resume From Boston And New York With Sailings To Bermuda

What Cruise Lines Go To Bermuda From Boston ...

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Add Boston and New York to the list of cities where cruising is resuming.

Crystal Cruises on Tuesday announced it would become the first cruise line to restart departures out of the two cities with sailings to Bermuda beginning in August.

The Miami-based luxury line said its 922-passenger Crystal Symphony initially would sail a series of seven-night voyages to Bermuda out of Boston starting on Aug. 22.

The ship then will reposition to New York for a series of seven-night voyages to Bermuda starting on Sept. 24.

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All of the voyages will bring two full days and two nights in Bermuda.

The voyages to Bermuda replace initial restart cruises that Crystal had planned to operate this summer in the Caribbean out of the islands of St. Martin and Antigua. Those trips recently were canceled.

Crystal suggested that U.S. cruisers right now are looking for voyages out of easy-to-reach, close-to-home ports such as Boston and New York City.

Crystal said the voyages would operate at a reduced capacity and only would be open to passengers vaccinated for COVID-19.

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What Are Tips To Find Cruise Deals To Bermuda

Here are our best tips for finding a cheap cruise or cruise deal to Bermuda. If you book a guaranteed cabin , a cabin on a lower deck or sail on an older ship from a brand you like, then you can get the best price for a specific cruise to Bermuda. Last minute cruises deals to Bermuda appear as you get closer to the sail date, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Taking a cruise to Bermuda in the shoulder season can also be a great way to find a cruise deal.

Freestyling Aboard The Norwegian Gem Bermuda Cruises Out Of Boston

Bermuda cruises from Boston on Norwegian Gem offer Freestyling cruising.

Freestyling means you pay for amenities and services a la carte if you want them so you save money by spending only on things you want.

One advantage of being on a huge cruise ship like the Norwegian Gem is that you can enjoy the cruise in lots of different ways.

Maybe you want to explore all decksor try every restaurant, and hang out in all the bars and lounges.

Or maybe your idea of a great time is floating the poolor trying your luck at the casinoor simply relaxing on the deck.

The key point is that on a cruise ship like the Norwegian Gem, you can have it all!

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Bermudas Ports Of Call

A warm Bermuda welcome awaits you at one of these ports of call:

  • Kings Wharf and Heritage Wharf, both located in the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island North at the western tip of the island.
  • Hamilton Harbour, located in the islands capital, the City of Hamilton.
  • St. Georges Port in St. Georges Harbour

Step right off the ship to explore historic towns, sample Bermudian cuisine, shop markets and boutiques, visit a huge variety of attractions, discover hidden natural wonders or head straight for our world-famous pink-sand beaches. The island is only 21-square miles, so anything you want to see and do should be within reach.

Best Time Of Year To Take A Bermuda Cruise

Bermuda Cruise – From Boston – Shore Excursions | What to do in Bermuda | Norwegian Dawn | Cruise

Bermuda offers rich history and pink sandy beaches. If you are considering a trip, we discuss the Best Time of Year to Take a Bermuda Cruise.

Bermuda is one of the top cruise destinations. It is a British overseas territory located in the north Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda actually consists of 181 islands. Most cruise ships dock in the Royal Naval Dockyard, but Bermudas capital city of Hamilton is easily reached by ferry for shopping, restaurants, and the famous Swizzle Inn. The historic St. George can also be reached via ferry for a day of exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bermuda truly offers cruisers a slice of paradise with beautiful weather, rich history, and pink sandy beaches.

Unlike the Caribbean or Bahamas though, Bermuda is a seasonal cruise port. The cruise season generally extends from late April to early November. Much like Alaska, WHEN you visit the area is important. There are actually several factors to consider when determining the Best Time of Year to Take a Bermuda Cruise.

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Embarkation Ports For Bermuda Cruises

The main embarkation ports for Bermuda cruises are in the northeastern United States because they are more convenient to the voyage than more southerly ports, where Caribbean itineraries are standard. Embarkation ports for Bermuda cruises include:

  • New York, NY: Convenient both for the northeastern U.S. as well as passengers with connecting flights, New York is one of the hubs for Bermuda cruises.
  • Boston, MA: Slightly less congested than New York, Boston also offers a variety of seasonal Bermuda cruises.
  • Baltimore, MD: Slightly further south, Baltimore is convenient for passengers connecting through Washington DC before their cruise.
  • Philadelphia, PA: Another northeastern port with less frenetic activity than any other choices, Philadelphia is home to a limited number of cruise ships with regular Bermuda voyages.
  • International Ports: Because Bermuda is often included on transatlantic voyages, a number of international ports may be the starting point for itineraries calling on Bermuda.

Departure ports naturally change as cruise lines adjust ships’ itineraries and home ports, and to insure that Bermuda cruises are offered from a preferred departure port, prospective passengers should contact a travel agent for the most current itinerary information.

When To Take A Bermuda Cruise

Bermuda cruises are only available during the summer months, from late April through October. Located in the western Atlantic, roughly parallel to the Carolinas, Bermuda is still susceptible to hurricane influences between June 1 and November 30, but the country is less often affected by the treacherous storms than more southerly destinations. The nation’s temperate climate and relative isolation make it a pleasant getaway for laid-back passengers, and Bermuda’s government strictly regulates the influx of cruise ships to control the number of tourists and avoid overcrowding. An additional ship is permitted to dock on weekends, making them slightly more crowded than weekdays.

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Bermuda Cruises Travel Tips

  • The main form of transportation in Bermuda is walking or by motorbike. Its impossible to rent a car when you visit the island because the government banned car rentals.
  • The island of Bermuda is most well-known for its beaches, so make time to visit at least one beach during your trip. You truly wont regret it because each beach is like paradise on earth. Keep in mind that some beaches are hidden-gems while others are a lot more popular!
  • Bermuda can be quite expensive, and you can quickly rack up a costly bill while youre out at a restaurant. Make sure you pay close attention to the cost of things when youre out and about!
  • Dont drink the tap water in Bermuda because the water isnt super clean or safe. Instead, be sure to purchase water bottles while youre out to have something to drink during your trip.
  • If you go swimming, make sure to be on the lookout for jellyfish that can sting and other animals that might cause you harm in the water. Its not likely that youll get stung, but its good to keep your eyes open just in case.
  • Make sure you pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Bermuda sees a lot of sun and youll want to protect yourself when you visit the beaches.

Bermuda Cruises From Boston Ma

Major Travel Plc :: Bermuda Cruise from Boston!!!

When many think about taking a cruise to Bermuda, they assume theyâll have to start somewhere in the South first. Yet, for part of the year, Boston is a popular port for beginning this itinerary, which lasts at least seven days and may include stops in Canada.

Bostonâs cruising season lasts from late April to October, and as of 2016, two companies depart from this port: Norwegian Cruise Line, which has been running trips from Boston for close to 20 years, and Holland America, which took advantage of the location fairly recently. Both present two cruising options to the island paradise: A classic contemporary cruise, or a more intimate, upscale trip. After this period, most cruise lines re-route their ships south for fall.

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Carnival Cruise Lines’ Seven

Family-friendly Carnival Cruise Lines currently offers seven-night cruises from Baltimore to Bermuda on the 2,667-guest Carnival Pride. The itinerary features two nights and two and a half days at King’s Wharf, which is part of Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard, and a total of three sea days. King’s Wharf, which is located near the Maritime Museum, is the gateway to such attractions as the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, pink sandy beaches and the Crystal and Fantasy Caves with their underground lakes and fantastic formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The Carnival Pride cruise ship provides plenty for cruisers to do on sea days. The ship, which features a world art motif, offers amenities that include extensive programs for teens and children, a basketball court, mini golf course, casino, spa and three pools. Guests on the Pride may opt for early or late assigned seating for dinner or “Your Time” open seating.

Boston To Bermuda Cruises

Bermuda cruises from Boston are available April to October. They are offered by Norwegian Cruise Line. See the full schedule of departures below.

Bermuda sand really is pink, and the lifestyle is fascinatingly British. Explore the islands on motor scooters or bicycles. Shop in the upscale stores for fine products from around the world. Try Bermuda’s spicy food. Snorkel or scuba-dive on the beautiful barrier reef. Play golf on one of the 8 world famous courses. It all adds up to a great vacation, which you can preview on this video.

At St George’s, Bermuda you’ll be taken back through 400 years of history. See the original masonry buildings and narrow streets from the 17th and 18th centuries. The United Nations named the Historic Town of St. George and related fortifications a World Heritage Site.

Hamilton is the entertainment and shopping center of Bermuda. The city’s focal point is Front Street, a harborfront road lined with turn-of-the-century Victorian buildings in bright pastel colors. Many have overhanging verandahs, where you can have lunch and watch the boats cross the harbor. Attractions include the Bermuda Cathedral, the Historical Society Museum, Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, and the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Fort Hamilton is one of a series of forts built in the 19th century during a period of tension between Britain and the USA.

Learn from our tips for what to pack for a cruise to Bermuda. Enjoy your trip.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go

  • Research the shore excursions and book them in advance, pre-cruise. The popular shore excursions sell out fast.
  • Bermuda, Newport, and Charleston all take U.S. dollars, and most places take credit cards.
  • Remember your sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, and bug repellant.
  • Have your documents protected and photocopied.

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Boston To Bermuda Cruise Reviews

Cruising to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise Line [CruiseWebinar]

There are some entertaining video reviews of cruises from Boston to Bermuda. A young woman posted Norwegian Dawn cruise Boston to Bermuda. It shows the recently renovated ship, their stateroom, the spa, leaving from the Black Falcon cruise terminal, dining at specialty restaurants, entertainment, the pool deck, casino, and many scenes from around Bermuda.

Heres a shorter one entitled Vlog: Cruise to Bermuda! She seemed to have a great time. What to wear. Sights in Bermuda. Snorkeling.

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Explore Cruises To Bermuda

Bermuda possesses all of the stunning attributes of a tropical paradise, with a unique mix of travel experiences. Youll experience island vibes, British charm, a temperate climate, palm trees, impossibly blue waterand its an easy island getaway for anyone who lives on the East Coast. In fact, one of the most popular departure ports for a Bermuda cruise is Cape Liberty in New Jersey, just across the river from New York City.

From relaxing on a pink sand beach to diving over one of the many shipwrecks to hiking through a jungle, there is something for everyone. You can descend into the incredible Crystal Caves, viewing the natural stalactites and stalagmites. Bermudas museums and art galleries add touches of urban sophistication. Its well-preserved forts surround you with its history. And, its natural island beauty makes it ideal for water sports, hiking, golfing, or just lazing on a picture-perfect beach. Our 7- and 10-night Bermuda cruise itineraries offer two overnights in Royal Naval Dockyard, so you have enough time to do it all.

Plus, starting in 2020, all of our Bermuda sailings will visit stunning Newport, Rhode Island, famous for its historic mansions of the Gilded Age and dramatic seaside cliffs. And, on our 10-night sailings, youll also enjoy an overnight stay in Charleston, South Carolina, a city thats equal parts southern charm and cosmopolitan excitement.


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Best Cruises To Bermuda In 2020

Thinking of taking a cruise to Bermuda? We have our updated list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. See which ship is perfect for your next trip.

Are you considering a trip to Bermuda this summer? If so, you will want to have a look at our list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. From brand new ships with innovative features to classic ships that have recently been refurbished, there is a cruise ship sailing to Bermuda that is right for you. Which one will you choose?

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