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What Cruise Line Has Go Karts

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New Cruise Ship Has Its Own Go-Kart Track, Virtual Reality Room – IGN News

The racetrack is by far one of the most popular parts of the ship. While your cruise may be different, wed highly suggest making some reservations for your spot the instant you get on the ship. You can reserve a spot via your stateroom television. You could also try to reserve during days in port when many people are off the ship .

Ice Bars And Snow Rooms

Sure, you might think of Caribbean beaches when you think of cruising, but a few ships offer the polar opposite experience onboard: snow- and ice-filled spaces that provide the ultimate chill.

Check out the Svedka Ice Bar on select Norwegian Cruise Line ships, where the room is kept at a frosty 15 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain everything inside the bar: the walls, glasses, seats and sculptures are all made of ice.

Another cool experience takes place aboard all Viking Ocean Cruise ships. There you’ll find a Snow Grotto, a snowy cave inside the ships’ thermal suite. Based on the Scandinavian ritual of “winter bathing,” you can go from a steam sauna to the snowy chamber and back again to wake up your senses.

The newest Norwegian Cruise Line ships, Escape and Encore, also both have similar snow rooms in their spas.

Be Dressed For Racing

Due to safety concerns, you need to be dress appropriately to race the cars. That means closed-toe shoes. As well, you dont want to wear anything loose or baggy that might catch on the wheels, such as a scarf or an open jacket. Also be sure to leave your bags in the room or with someone watching your race. There are no lockers available to store your bags while you drive.

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Epic Things You Can Do On Cruise Ships From Skydiving And Go

We look at 10 of the coolest things you can do on cruise ships from skydiving and go-kart tracks to waterparks with thrilling slides and rides

  • 10:55, 11 Jun 2021

Long gone are the days when cruise holidays sparked images of a slow-paced getaway at sea, with activities limited to shuffleboard or eating.

Nowadays, cruise ships have been given major upgrades with heaps of thrilling and bucket-list-worthy experiences for all ages, with some ridiculously cool activities including skydiving, go-kart tracks, ziplines and water parks jam-packed with adrenaline-inducing slides.

Even bars and lounges have been given their own twists whether that’s a sci-fi bar where your drinks are served by a robot bartender, or having cocktails on a platform that hangs off the edge of a ship.

We take a look at the top 10 coolest activities you can enjoy onboard…

Go Kart Track Being Added To 2nd Norwegian Cruise Ship

Drive 30 mph on the World

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that they will be adding a race track to their second cruise ship when Norwegian Bliss is launched in 2018.

The two level race track will feature electric go karts and the track will be 40% longer than the one currently on Norwegian Joy. This will be the first North American based cruise ship with a go kart track on board.

After burning rubber at the race track, guests can test their agility at the open-air laser tag course. Themed as an abandoned space station, the course comes to life both day and night as guests go into stealth-mode and compete against family and friends with state-of-the art laser guns.

After working up a sweat, guests aboard Norwegian Bliss can cool down at the ships expansive pool and sundeck featuring two spacious pools and six infinity hot tubs that scale the side of the ship. The ships Aqua Park also includes two multi-story waterslides. Not for the faint of heart, the high-speed Ocean Loops free fall slide includes two exhilarating loops, one that extends out over the side of the ship and a second see-through loop that stretches down to the deck below, sure to offer a wet and wild ride.

The tandem Aqua Racer slide allows guests to race side-by-side on inner tubes for more than 360 feet, with a translucent section that provides stunning ocean views as guests twist and turn to the finish line.

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Imax And Thrill Theaters On Carnival Horizon And Carnival Vista

Now that the two ships receive the newest blockbuster movies on the day they are released on land, the experience of sinking into a comfortable theater chair inside the beautiful only two IMAX theaters at sea is a truly special treat. The 187-seat theaters are part of the Carnival Multiplex, which also houses a multi-dimensional Thrill Theater.

On What Cruise Ships Are Go

At this point in time, youre able to experience go-karting on the Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy. Both of these cruise ships are part of the Norwegian Cruise Line. At sea, the Norwegian Bliss has the longest race track providing an unparalleled experience to anyone who loves motorsports.

If youre the type who likes quiet and peace while at sea, dont worry. The tracks are located towards the back of the ship so youll be able to enjoy and relax, as well as refuel your adrenaline.

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Seawalk On The Regal And Royal Princess

Its not a ride and there are no harnesses or special outfits to wear. But we think the SeaWalk on the Princess Regal and Royal is a pretty cool experience. Essentially, this is just a walkway, but the SeaWalk proves itself to be much more than that! Its a 60-foot long corridor that extends a mind-boggling 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship, putting the whole walkway over the sea and well over 100 feet above the water. Oh, yeahits all glass too !

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What Kind Of Race Tracks Are Available

Norwegian Encore – Largest Go Kart Track At Sea!

The race track featured on both cruise ships is named Encore Speedway and even for indoor karting standards, is relatively large. To be more specific, the race track is 1150 feet long and features a track width of 18 feet . There are also plenty of turns and straight sections built into it that provide plenty of overtaking opportunities. The tracks are also multi-level so you can expect some inclinations at certain points to get an even better view of the ocean! How cool is that?

To add to the racing experience, the electric go-karts produce sounds of race car engines while you drive, making it feel even more authentic. And with a crowd cheering you on from the stands, youre sure to get into the racing mood.

While the race track is 18 feet wide, overtaking can be challenging in certain areas, so youll have to factor that in. However, this also makes the overall experience more fun and challenging. Slower drivers may also be enjoying the ocean views while racing, so you should always be mindful of that.

But with a little bit of patience, a positive attitude and some racing skills, youll be able to overtake them at strategic sections of the race track. The races last for about 8 10 minutes, with each lap taking up around 30 seconds, depending on how fast you are. That means that if youre standing in line for your turn, you wont have to wait that long.

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The Carts Are Electric With Gas Engine Sounds

With cruise ships trying to more green you might be wondering about fuel for the go-karts. They are actually electric and dont emit exhaust as they zoom around the track. To help add to the ambiance, there are engine noises emitted by the cars to make them sounds like they are real race cars. Its a little funny at first but really does make it feel like you are going faster.

Take On Thrilling Slides At A Water Park

Cruise ships’ waterparks aren’t just splash zones for kids near the main pool . Nowadays, cruise lines are pulling out all the stops for thrill-seekers, and there are some epic slides for those ready for adventure.

For example, Royal Caribbean offers the likes of the Ultimate Abyss, the tallest waterslide at sea , or Riptide, which hurtles you over the side of the cruise ship as you race on a mat .

Meanwhile, Norwegian offers multi-storey waterslides on its Breakaway Class ships from the terrifying plunge on Free Fall, to the racing twister slides on The Whip. MSC Cruises also has Aqua Parks on a number of its Seaside and Meraviglia class ships, which boast heaps of water slides including racing attractions.

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A Helmet And Helmet Sock Are Provided For You

When you ride, you must wear a helmet. A helmet with a visor is provided to you, as is a helmet sock. The sock fits over your head like a thin ski mask. They are only worn once and then washed for the next person. This helps to keep things cleaner instead of peoples bare heads touching the actual helmet.

You Can Get Unlimited Rides For Your Whole Cruise

Five Things to Know About Norwegian Cruise Line

Whether you want to try the racing experience once, try an eight minute lap or have an unlimited weekly pass for your entire cruise on the Norwegian Bliss, then the options are there for you. The Norwegian Cruise Line offers cruisers the option to buy different grades of passes so that you can ride as many times as you want. The best bargain comes for the Unlimited Weekly pass, where youll even have access to a separate line, so you dont have to queue.

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Ifly On Royal Caribbeans Quantum And Anthem Of The Seas

Being dropped from an airplane and being on a ship surrounded by water seemed like two disparate concepts until Royal Caribbean installed an iFly skydiving simulator on its Quantum class of cruise ships . Now, you and your kids can pull on a flight suit and soar safely in a glass tube as your cruise vacation takes you to the next port of call. Better yet, each guests first flight is free!

You May Not Go Fast But It Feels Fast

Well be honest, you dont go that fast in absolute terms in the carts. Weve seen reports of up to 30-40 mph, but having raced on the ship firsthand, thats not the case. Wed estimate you go more 10-15 mph. While that may not sound fast, given how low to the ground you drive and the number of curves, it really feels much faster. There are definite times when you have to let off the gas to make a corner cleanly. Bottom line, you wont be disappointed with the speed.

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Cruise Line Offers A Shipboard Go

Norwegian Cruise Line’s electric karts can hit speeds up to 30 mph.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line will soon offer three ships with go-kart tracks on board, including a two-story track on its new ship Encore that goes into service in November.
  • The karts may not be the fastestthey max out at 30 mphbut there’s added excitement in that some parts of the track hang out several feet over the edge of the ship.
  • One of the tracks has a Ferrari theme. But this fun does not come cheap: an eight-minute stint in a kart will cost $15.

Good news for those who, like the staff of Car and Driver, appreciate a good go-kart experience. Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest recreational option is a 1150-foot long go-kart track onboard its new cruise ship Encore, which will go into service in the Caribbean in late November.

Called the Norwegian Encore Speedway, the 11,500-foot track covers two stories on the top deck of the ship and has enough space to let up to 10 racers drive at the same time. The all-electric go-karts can hit 30 mph on a track that features 10 turns and has four areas that actually hang over the side of the shipin one case, almost 13 feet over the edge. Each race session takes around eight minutes, and there is a viewing track where observers can use lasers to tag drivers and give them an extra turbo boost. Formula E, take notes.

This Cruise Ship Has A Ferrari Go

Norwegian Encore Features | Largest Go-Kart Track at Sea

Looking for a car-themed vacation? Look no further. No only does this Norwegian cruise ship whisk its passengers to the wide open sea, but it offers solace for those who can’t go a day without a bit of motorsport by housing a Ferrari F1 inspired go-kart track on the top deck.

Yes, you can race Ferrari go-karts on a boat. Out at sea. Awesome.

The cruise ship has been built specifically for the Chinese market and can hold up to 3,850 passengers. It’s also 3.6 times heavier than the Titanic, weighing in at 168,800 gross tons. But you need a big boat for the activities held on this particular ship.

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The Ferrari go-kart track was made possible by a partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. The track includes quick straights and plenty of corners for passengers to test their skills. Passengers who opt for the wealthier cabins get race time included in their voyage. All others will have to pay their way for a bit of track time.

China is a tad far for most of us, but there’s a closer option that may be even better. The second Ferrari Land theme park recently opened in Spain, offering Rosa-Corsa lovers a mecca for their favorite Italian supercar maker. The first park opened in Abu Dhabi in 2010, and there’s a silver of hope a Ferrari Land may pop up in our collective backyard here in the U.S.

In the meantime, you can see more of the coolest cruise ship sailing about China in the video above.

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Skyride On Carnival Horizon And Carnival Vista

Your family can pedal hanging recumbent-like cycles at speeds of up to 18 mph across an elevated 800-foot-long track around Carnivals two newest cruise ships while at sea or in port. A small portion of the SkyRide track isgulpactually hanging high over the water! Whether youre racing your kiddo or just taking a leisurely ride to see the sights from a new perspective, Carnivals SkyRide is easily one of the coolest experiences on any cruise ship in the world.

Which Norwegian Ship Has Go Karts

Asked by: Caleb Crist

Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest recreational option is a 1150-foot long go-kart track onboard its new cruise ship Encore, which will go into service in the Caribbean in late November.

the Norwegian Joyare notNorwegian Bliss and Norwegian JoyNorwegian Joy Ride

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A Cruise Ship With Go

When you think of cruise ships, you think of relaxation. You think of bars, lounges, shows and areas where you can spend the days with your loved ones or alone too, if youre traveling alone. Believe it not, there are two cruise ships that have something much more exciting and adrenaline-inducing than the usual activities or sipping a margarita overlooking the beautiful ocean a go-kart race track! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Go-karts feature speeds of up to 30 mph
  • Features custom-built multi-level race track
  • $15 per race or 199.95 for the Unlimited Pass
  • Safety gear provided by Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Amazing racing experience with an unbeatable view

Inspired by the grandkids of the companys CEO, these karting tracks are the first of their kind on any cruise ship. Its important to note that they are not just amusement-park karting race tracks either they feature an authentic racing experience similar to the one you can experience at indoor go-kart racing facilities on land.

Featuring a platform where people can sit and spectate, a covered pit lane, a system that times your laps, and even floodlights to let you race at night, this go-kart track on a cruise ship will give you an absolutely unique experience while being in the middle of the ocean! How exciting is that?

Brave A Go At Skydiving

The most exciting new cruise ship launches for 2019 ...

Always secretly wanted to try skydiving, but not swayed by the idea of jumping out of a plane?

Royal Caribbean has the perfect solution – a ride on the RipCord® by iFLY® simulator which lets you feel all the sensations of freefalling, without needing to leave the deck. Plus, it’s family-friendly meaning both adults and children can have a go!

You’ll find it on ships including Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas , Ovation of the Seas and Spectrum of the Seas.

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Getting Stuck Behind People Is An Issue

If there is one complaint about the racetrack on Norwegian, its that you can get stuck behind slow drivers. Given the turns and the width of the track, finding a spot to pass can be tough. If someone is going slow around the track, you could be going at a turtles pace behind them until things open up for passing.

You Can Drive Surprisingly Fast

The cars have four speed settings, for beginner, intermediate and advanced drivers that go up to 30 miles per hour, with a turbo boost on each lap for thrill seekers. With many track corners and every lap lasting around eight minutes, theres plenty of time for a boost of acceleration on your cruise.

Image credit to Norwegian Cruise Line

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