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What Cruise Lines Go To Bermuda From Boston

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Cruise Line To Begin Sailings From Boston And New York

Bermuda Cruise – From Boston – Shore Excursions | What to do in Bermuda | Norwegian Dawn | Cruise

Crystal Cruises to begin sailings to Bermuda from Boston in August and New York in September.

Luxury cruise operator Crystal Cruises will start sailing from Boston in August and New York in September of this year. Crystal Symphony will be the companies second vessel to commence operations after Crystal Cruises started operations from the Bahamas at the start of this month with Crystal Serenity.

Crystal Symphony will have Boston and New York as homeports, sailing from New Yorks Manhattan Cruise Terminal and Flynn Cruiseport Boston. She will be the first vessel to start operations on the Northern Eastcoast of the United States since the industry paused operations now more than 16 months ago.

Norwegian Cruises From Boston

Norwegian Cruise Line offers seasonal cruises out of Boston. Destinations include Bermuda or New England & Canada. See the full schedule of departures below.

Norwegian Cruise Line features casual Freestyle Cruising. Resort casual clothes are the rule onboard. There are lots of dining and entertainment choices. Activities are one of their strong points. Tours, demonstrations, shows and contests are available to liven up the trip. Get a spa treatment. There is a “kids crew” program to keep the children busy.

The Norwegian Gem is the ship sailing from Boston.

Churches And Other Places Ofworship

If your cruise ship will be inBermuda on a Saturday or Sunday or otherreligiously-significant day and you want to attend Mass or aservice ashore, expect the on-board cruise director staff to have fullinformation on what churches and other places of worship are nearby, with timesof services, and what public transportation or taxi services are available.

  • At King’s Wharf/Heritage Wharf/Dockyard, the nearest churches are St. James , and St. Joseph’s , both in Somerset, about 2 miles away from cruise ship berths for large ships.
  • In the city of Hamilton, the nearest churches are the Bermuda Cathedral on Church Street and St. Theresa’s Cathedral on Cedar Avenue, both within walking distance of the cruise ships’ berths for small to medium size cruise ships.
  • In the Town of St. George, the nearest churches are St. Peter’s Church and Stella Maris , both within walking distance of the town’s cruise ship berths for small to medium size cruise ships.

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On The Norwegian Dawn

The Norwegian Dawn sets sail at 4 p.m.on the Friday of your trip to Bermuda. While en route, you can enjoy an abundance of entertainment, international cuisine, nightlife, activities and services. The ship offers 14 different dining atmospheres and cuisines. Couples, families and singles will be entertained with the on-board casino, Broadway-style shows and comedy troupe. Unwind at the spa, multiple pools, wine cellar or cigar bar.

Where To Find Deals On Norwegian Gem Boston To Bermuda Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line Bermuda Cruise Deals from MA ...

Norwegian GemBrendan Purdy

Compared with other gateway cities, Boston usually offers the cheapest prices for cruises to Bermuda – so departing from here instead of another city can easily save you a few hundred dollars.

For rock-bottom internet prices, check Priceline – their cruise specials are tough to beat. They almost always throw in something extra to make a good deal great, such as free hotel nights and free spending vouchers.

Even though they’re best known for last-minute cruise deals, Priceline actually offers extremely competitive rates at most times. Plus, they offer a 110% best cruise price guarantee.

Cruise prices peak during summer months, when schools are on vacation and family cruises are popular, and then drop again in mid-August and September.

So to find the cheapest Bermuda cruises from Boston, check dates for the beginning and end of the cruise season when most kids are in school.

You can also compare available specials on Travelocity’s Cruise Deals page.

If you look at the per-day charge, you’ll see why cruises are such a great bargain. Cruise rates start at under $500 – that’s well under $100 per day – much, much cheaper than the cheapest Boston hotel, plus your meals and entertainment are included!

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A Bermuda Cruise Is A Breeze From The East Coast

By Heidi Sarna

A great cruise, without flying anywhere first, is my idea of travel nirvana. If you live near New York, Boston, Philadelphia or Baltimore, British-flavored Bermuda fits the bill.

It takes just a day and a half at sea to sail there, as Bermuda sits pretty out in the Atlantic roughly parallel to South Carolina, and unlike typical 7-night cruises to the Caribbean or Bahamas, generally ships stay docked at the islands for three full days before heading back home.

To the casual visitor, Bermuda is a pleasant paradox of sorts, mixing sane and proper, with a healthy dose of fun . But what really matters to the cruise passenger is that Bermuda is an orderly, beautiful, easy place to visit.

Here are the ships that will make at least 10 visits to Bermuda in 2006 .

  • Zenith : out of Cape Liberty, NJ
  • Empress of the Seas out of Philadelphia
  • Explorer of the Seas : out of Cape Liberty, NJ
  • Grandeur of the Seas : out of Baltimore
  • Norwegian Crown out of New York and Philadelphia
  • Norwegian Dawn out of New York
  • Norwegian Majesty out of Boston and Charleston
  • Norwegian Spirit out of New York
  • Crown Princess : out of New York

If you’re itching to see more than Hamilton, and beaches aren’t your bag, another great option is hopping on a local ferry . For just a few bucks, either ride just for the view of Bermuda’s colorful harbors and coastline, or head to the Royal Naval Dockyard on the island’s far west end, where you can tour the historic fortress ruins and excellent museums.

Best Time To Cruise To Bermuda From Boston

Although Bermuda is only 600 miles off the North Carolina coast, it enjoys a semi-tropical climate.

By the time the first cruise ship arrives from Boston in late spring, air and water temperatures will reach the mid-70s, so you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. During the evenings, you’ll enjoy the cool breeze that almost always blows at night.

During the summer, the outdoor temperature seldom goes above 85°, although the water temperature can be a degree or two higher. Temperatures begin to drop in late October and November, right after cruises from Boston have ended.

Hurricane season officially lasts from June through November, although Bermuda is much less likely to be hit than the Caribbean – or for that matter, Florida. If you’re concerned about trip disruptions related to hurricanes, you can buy reasonably priced insurance to protect you against this risk.

If you want to do everything possible to avoid a hurricane, select one of the earlier Bermuda cruises from Boston with April, May, or even early June departures.

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What To Pack For Your Cruise From Boston To Bermuda

Remember to pack your sunglasses, sun block, and beachwear!

If you want to try the cruise ship’s specialty restaurants, consider bringing a dressier outfit . Otherwise, casual clothes suit the ship’s relaxed ambiance.

Bermuda has a wide range of restaurants, from casual cafes to gourmet dining. A lightweight sweater or shawl can be useful in air conditioned restaurants.

Casual clothes are fine for exploring Bermuda’s tourist attractions.

Busy Week For Crystal Cruises

Bermuda Cruise – From Boston | Norwegian Dawn | First Time Cruise | What to expect

It has been a busy week for Crystal Cruises. While Crystal Symphony set sail from Boston, her sister Crystal Serenity has been successfully operating in the Bahamas for a while now. In fact, these cruises have been so successful that the cruise line announced Crystal Symphony will be joining her once she completes her New York-Bermuda cruises. Something that the Bahamian government welcomed:

Hon. Dionisio DAguilar, Bahamas Minister of Tourism & Aviation:

Crystal Cruises has proved to be a fruitful partnership not only for The Bahamas cruising industry, but also for the local tourism industry as it allows passengers to get off the ship and explore the business, tour operators and activities across our Family Islands.

The cruise line added several Bahamian cruises to Symphonys itinerary. Under the name Bound for Paradise, the first will sail November 26, 2021, from New York City to Nassau, calling on San Salvador, Great Exuma, and Bimini.

The second Bahamas voyage will be a New Years celebration voyage sailing from Miami, Florida, to Bimini, San Salvador, Long Island, and Great Exuma, with a final stop in Jamaica.

A third Bahamian cruise is scheduled for January 22, 2022, sailing to Bimini, Nassau, San Salvador, Great Exuma, and Long Island. Two more cruises to the Bahamas will sail on February 12 and March 5, 2022.

And if you like, feel free to cast your vote in the 2021 Cruise Ship Awards covering a range of categories, including best cruise ship and best cruise line.

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Bermuda Cruises Travel Tips

  • The main form of transportation in Bermuda is walking or by motorbike. It’s impossible to rent a car when you visit the island because the government banned car rentals.
  • The island of Bermuda is most well-known for its beaches, so make time to visit at least one beach during your trip. You truly won’t regret it because each beach is like paradise on earth. Keep in mind that some beaches are hidden-gems while others are a lot more popular!
  • Bermuda can be quite expensive, and you can quickly rack up a costly bill while you’re out at a restaurant. Make sure you pay close attention to the cost of things when you’re out and about!
  • Don’t drink the tap water in Bermuda because the water isn’t super clean or safe. Instead, be sure to purchase water bottles while you’re out to have something to drink during your trip.
  • If you go swimming, make sure to be on the lookout for jellyfish that can sting and other animals that might cause you harm in the water. It’s not likely that you’ll get stung, but it’s good to keep your eyes open just in case.
  • Make sure you pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Bermuda sees a lot of sun and you’ll want to protect yourself when you visit the beaches.

Cruise Ship Health And Travel Insuranceto Visit Bermuda

Bermuda hospital and emergencytreatment costs are higher than in the USA. Always prudently take out travelinsurance, spare money and have adequate hospital and medical health insurance to cope with possible unexpectedproblems in a foreign country, such as Bermuda. In emergencies, contact the KingEdward VII Memorial Hospital – note its rate of charges for visitors – in PagetParish. If you are hospitalized in Bermuda, you or your insurance will always be responsible. Unlike Canada, United Kingdom andIreland, Bermuda has no National Health Service and no freeclinics or free medical or surgical or prescription for visitors. Bermudadoes not give free hospital and surgical benefits to visitors from USA who claimthey have no health insurance. If you ignore warnings not tohire a scooter or moped unless you are thoroughly used to driving them on theleft hand side of the road and don’t have healthcare/major medical insurance, you will have topay and dearly. Affordable local accommodation in Bermuda forspouses or friends or families who come to visit you in hospital, is difficultor impossible to find, especially in thecruise ship or tourist high season from April to November.

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Is Bermuda A Good Cruise Destination

Bermuda is the perfect choice for the cruiser who does not like to be rushed or hassled. The sailings depart from a variety of East Coast cities, giving many travelers the option of driving rather than flying to their departure ports. Travel time to Bermuda is one day at sea on each end of the itinerary.

Cruise Ship: Norwegian Gem

Cruise lines competing for Boston

Currently, the Norwegian Gem is the only major cruise ship that sails from Boston to Bermuda. Recently refurbished , this huge ship has all modern conveniences, amenities and services youve come to expect from a 21st-century cruise ship.

The ship has a plethora of dining options as well as Freestyle Cruising, while accommodations range from affordable yet spacious staterooms to ultra-luxurious romantic and multi-room suites. Theres something on board for everyone, in other words. The ships total guest capacity is no less than 2,394 and there are more than 1,000 crew members on board, too.

These are some of the many highlights of the Norwegian Gem:

  • Mandara Spa and Body Waves Fitness Center with Thermal Suite and Vitality Pool
  • Bliss Ultra Lounge & Night Club
  • Specialty dining at venues such as Cagneys Steakhouse, Le Bistro, La Cucina and Moderna Churrascaria
  • Art Gallery

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Boston To Bermuda Cruise Reviews

There are some entertaining video reviews of cruises from Boston to Bermuda. A young woman posted Norwegian Dawn cruise — Boston to Bermuda. It shows the recently renovated ship, their stateroom, the spa, leaving from the Black Falcon cruise terminal, dining at specialty restaurants, entertainment, the pool deck, casino, and many scenes from around Bermuda.

Here’s a shorter one entitled Vlog: Cruise to Bermuda! She seemed to have a great time. What to wear. Sights in Bermuda. Snorkeling.

Other Bermuda Cruise Departure Cities

If you live in the Boston area, there’s nothing easier than choosing one of the Bermuda cruises from Boston.

But if you live elsewhere, keep in mind that cruises to Bermuda also depart from other East Coast U.S. ports, such as New York, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Liberty, Norfolk, Miami, and Baltimore, as well as ports in other countries. Some of these cruises give you several days in Bermuda, while others include Bermuda as just a 1-day port of call along with other Caribbean or even European destinations.

Want to see all these different options? Check Priceline

You’re sure to get some great ideas for your next cruise vacation!

Or, if you want to go on a cruise NOW, check out Priceline last-minute Cruises up to 75% off from $60/ night!

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Best Cruises To Bermuda In 2020

Thinking of taking a cruise to Bermuda? We have our updated list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. See which ship is perfect for your next trip.

Are you considering a trip to Bermuda this summer? If so, you will want to have a look at our list of the Best Cruises to Bermuda in 2020. From brand new ships with innovative features to classic ships that have recently been refurbished, there is a cruise ship sailing to Bermuda that is right for you. Which one will you choose?

Best Time Of Year To Take A Bermuda Cruise

Cruising to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise Line [CruiseWebinar]

Bermuda offers rich history and pink sandy beaches. If you are considering a trip, we discuss the Best Time of Year to Take a Bermuda Cruise.

Bermuda is one of the top cruise destinations. It is a British overseas territory located in the north Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda actually consists of 181 islands. Most cruise ships dock in the Royal Naval Dockyard, but Bermudas capital city of Hamilton is easily reached by ferry for shopping, restaurants, and the famous Swizzle Inn. The historic St. George can also be reached via ferry for a day of exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bermuda truly offers cruisers a slice of paradise with beautiful weather, rich history, and pink sandy beaches.

Unlike the Caribbean or Bahamas though, Bermuda is a seasonal cruise port. The cruise season generally extends from late April to early November. Much like Alaska, WHEN you visit the area is important. There are actually several factors to consider when determining the Best Time of Year to Take a Bermuda Cruise.

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Crystal Symphony To Sail From Nyc And Boston To Bermuda

Crystal Cruises announced that Crystal Symphony will re-deploy to sail from U.S. homeports in Boston and New York for its new Luxury Bermuda Escapes, a series of seven-night voyages to Bermuda beginning in August.

The first four voyages will depart round-trip from Flynn Cruiseport Boston beginning on August 22, 2021, featuring Sunday-to-Sunday itineraries, followed by nine voyages set to depart round-trip from New Yorks Manhattan Cruise Terminal beginning on September 24, 2021, featuring Friday-to-Friday itineraries.

When Crystal Symphony sets sail in August with reduced capacity, all guests and crew will be vaccinated as a requirement of the companys Crystal Clean+ protocols, a set of measures established in response to COVID-19. Additionally, Crystals guests and crew will follow all local health guidelines and protocols when visiting Bermuda, the company said, in a press release.

Crystal Symphonys Luxury Bermuda Escapes will feature two full days and two nights in Bermuda with the opportunity for travelers to enjoy the service and amenities of luxury cruise travel close to home. These new voyages will replace Crystal Symphonys previously scheduled 10-night voyages round-trip Antigua and St. Maarten, according to a press release.

According to Anderson, the line had to cancel Crystal Symphonys Caribbean voyages this year due to the redeployment.

In Bermuda, Crystal Symphony will call into the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Freestyling Aboard The Norwegian Gem Bermuda Cruises Out Of Boston

Bermuda cruises from Boston on Norwegian Gem offer “Freestyling” cruising.

Freestyling means you pay for amenities and services a la carte if you want them – so you save money by spending only on things you want.

One advantage of being on a huge cruise ship like the Norwegian Gem is that you can enjoy the cruise in lots of different ways.

Maybe you want to explore all decks…or try every restaurant, and hang out in all the bars and lounges.

Or maybe your idea of a great time is floating the pool…or trying your luck at the casino…or simply relaxing on the deck.

The key point is that on a cruise ship like the Norwegian Gem, you can have it all!

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