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What Is Cadillac Super Cruise

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Cadillac Super Cruise–WHAT IS IT, HOW DOES IT WORK?

Cadillac Super Cruise

Every end comes with another beginning. The earliest adopters of Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-free semi-autonomous driving system face that reality today, when the three-year trial expires and a monthly subscription fee begins.;

That was all part of the plan when Super Cruise launched for the 2018 Cadillac CT6 in September of 2017, Motor Authority;reported;last month.;Cadillac spokesman Stefan Cross explained that the disclosure always listed that Super Cruise users would need a subscription and an OnStar plan, in addition to the $5,000 package on Premium Luxury models. It was included on the 2018 CT 6 Platinum trim, and early adopters got a one-year extension.;

Cadillac Super Cruise with automatic lane change

Now, Cadillac is expanding Super Cruise to other vehicles as the company discontinues the CT6 full-size sedan. Super Cruise will be available on the 2021 Escalade full-size SUV, and the 2021 CT4 and CT5 compact and mid-size sedans.;

For the 2021 Escalade, Super Cruise will cost $2,500 and be available on Sport, Premium Luxury, and Platinum trims, but it will likely require additional content such as the Driver Assist package, Cross confirmed in an email.

For the CT4 and CT5, Super Cruise will cost $2,500 and be available on Premium Luxury and V-Series trims, and also require additional content.;

The system needs a connected service plan for over-the-air updates that continually add more mapped miles and expand the range for Super Cruise users.;;

How Does This Cadillac Hands Free Driving System Work

The Cadillac Super Cruise is a hands free, driver assistance system available on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways separated from opposing traffic. Cadillac hands free driving makes long drivers more comfortable. Handsfree driving is an extension of Adaptive Cruise Control, which controls acceleration and braking when its enabled. Cadillac hands free driving also uses OnStar® and precision LiDAR mapping along with in-car cameras, radar sensors, and GPS to know whats on the road ahead. Cadillac Super Cruise includes a three-year subscription to OnStar®.

How Does It Compare To The Competition

Other premium carmakers from Audi to BMW to Genesis and Mercedes each offer similar automated cruise systems, some even with similar automated lane changes, but none enable the same hands-free driving, at least in North America.

Tesla offers an optional version of its “Autopilot” system that will take things a step further than Cadillacs Super Cruise. With a destination programmed into the Teslas GPS, the driver can engage Autopilot and the car will not only manage its speed and lane discipline, but also execute lane changes to pass slower-moving traffic it encounters, and even move to an exit ramp and slow down. Tesla does require a driver to maintain contact with the steering wheel, although, as a recent Consumer Reports test indicated, it is startlingly easy to trick the system, and there are an increasing number of reports of Teslas involved in serious crashes because its drivers weren’t actually paying attention.

Cadillac takes a more responsible approach than Tesla and employs a sophisticated driver attention system to ensure the person behind the wheel is always paying attention. A sensor atop the steering column watches the drivers eyes and if it determines they aren’t watching the road, itll issue a friendly reminder. Cadillacs system doesnt care if youre approaching an off-ramp needed to reach a GPS-programmed destination and will cruise right past it if theres no driver intervention. If the driver moves to the off-ramp, Super Cruise shuts off.

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Precision Lidar Map Data

The precision LiDAR maps relay detailed information to the vehicle about the road ahead. In conjunction with real-time data from the cameras and GPS sensors, the precision LiDAR maps prevent Super Cruise from operating where it is not compatible. Cadillac emphasizes that Super Cruise works best on divided, limited-access highways, and other roadways with defined on- and off-ramps.;

American drivers travel twice as many miles on urban and suburban highways as they do on rural roads, Walkup explained. While it is technically possible for the technology to drive hands-free on other kinds of streets and roads, we feel strongly that this targeted approach is the best to build consumer and regulatory confidence and enthusiasm for advanced mobility.;

According to Cadillac, engineers mapped every mile of limited-access highways in the U.S. and Canada. When the precision LiDAR maps are combined with other incoming data from the cameras and sensors, Cadillac says Super Cruise is four to eight times more precise than traditional GPS. The influx of data also helps the vehicle better navigate hills and curves.

Cadillac Super Cruise Pricing

2021 Cadillac CT6 âSuper Cruise Editionâ? Revealed in China ...

Super Cruise is a $2,500 option on the Escalade Sport Platinum test vehicle I sampled, which might seem like a considerable sum, but its a drop in the bucket on that SUVs $113,065 overall sticker price . On a long road trip it would be an interesting driving aide. ;I wont necessarily call it something that eases stress or allows you to relax, as youre still sort of driving the vehicle without actually driving it. I found myself second-guessing what other drivers were about to do, and I still wasnt entirely comfortable with how the Escalade was being driven it eased into a bend later than I would have and was just a little too close to that semi in the lane over than I think it should have been. All in all, however, its a remarkable achievement and the next logical step on the path toward fully autonomous vehicles sometime this decade.

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But First Lets Talk A Little About The New 2018 Ct6 Platinum Super Cruise

Platinum Model

The attractively styled CT6 is Cadillacs rival to European luxury staples like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series. Its been on sale since 2016, starting at C$62,355. We drove the range-topping, C$100,795 Platinum model, which comes with Super Cruise as standard. The technology is also available on other grades as part of a C$5,750 Super Cruise package that includes additional driver-assistance technologies, 20-inch wheels, Magnetic Ride Control and active rear steering.

Under the CTS Hood: 404-hp V6

The all-wheel-drive CT6 Platinum is powered by Cadillacs excellent, 404-horsepower, twin-turbo V6 mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Its high-end interior boasts a Bose sound system, 20-way power front seats with massage function, attractive Sapele wood and twill weave carbon-fibre trim, and soft black leather.

How Does Cadillac Super Cruise Work

Cadillac Super Cruise is a semi-autonomous hands-free driving system for use on limited access highways. With Super Cruise, highway drivingor, ahem, cruisingis easier and more comfortable because the system automatically controls vehicle speed and steering. But if youre prone to distraction or encouraged to think you can be because you dont need to hold the steering wheel, the system wont work because it requires driver attention at all times.

Based on the Society of Automobile Engineers International classification, Cadillac Super Cruise falls under Level 2 , which means it provides partial driving automation. So, yes, a Super Cruise-enabled vehicle can drive for you, but, no, you cannot take a nap, check your email, or watch a movie while youre behind the wheel.

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Which One Is More Advanced

The answer to this question largely depends on who you ask, and how you define the term advanced. Whats certain is that Cadillacs system was designed specifically for hands-off operation, while Teslas wasnt.

With an attentive driver, and under the proper conditions, Super Cruise can be equipped to permit hands-free operation of the vehicle,according to Cadillac. Meanwhile, Teslas fine print claimsAutopilot is a hands-on driver assistance system that is intended to be used only with a fully attentive driver.

Simply put, you can take your hands off the steering wheel in a Cadillac but you need to keep both hands on it in a Tesla. Of course, the countless videos of motorists sleeping, eating, reading, putting on makeup, and crashing on Autopilot suggest these guidelines arent always followed.

With that said, Autopilot boasts a more robust set of features than Super Cruise. Theres no Cadillac-branded equivalent to Smart Summon, and the system cant automatically take an off-ramp . And, Autopilot can be engaged on more roads than Super Cruise because its not map-dependent. Its fair to say Super Cruise is more advanced, while Autopilot is more comprehensive. And both are extremely innovative technologies.

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Try Cadillac Super Cruise At Val Ward Cadillac

Cadillac Super Cruise review in the 2018 CT6 Platinum

Are you excited about trying the new technology of Cadillac hands-free driving? Contact Val Ward Cadillac for a test drive! Were excited to introduce Cadillac Super Cruise technology to more Fort Myers drivers! If youd like to learn more about Cadillac technology in addition to hands-free driving, take a look at our video series.

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New Features For 2021

Automated Lane Change, or Lane Change on Demand, is one of the biggest updates for 2021. It allows the car, when Super Cruise is engaged and if certain conditions are met, to change lanes automatically on the highway when the driver taps the turn signal indicator.

More broadly, Cadillac says the software is improved for better steering and speed control.

When Not To Use Super Cruise

These are some of the situations when Super Cruise should not be activated.

  • When youre not on a divided or compatible highway separated from opposing traffic
  • During difficult or uncertain driving conditions
  • When lane markings are poor or visibility is limited
  • In a tunnel or construction zones
  • In slippery or other adverse conditions, including rain, sleet, fog, ice, or snow
  • On a road shoulder or service drive
  • When towing a trailer
  • Super Cruise is not designed to operate in a freeway or highway exit lane

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Cadillac Super Cruise Vs Tesla Autopilot

Teslas Autopilot technology is one of the most-hyped and best-known suites of electronic driving aids, but its not the only system of its kind on the market. Cadillacs Super Cruise isnt as well known, yet its outstandingly safe and, in some ways, smarter than Autopilot. Join us for a look at how these rivaling systems work, the ways theyre similar, and the areas where they differ.

The Cadillac Super Cruise Ecosystem

What is Cadillac Super Cruise?

Super Cruise employs the aforementioned driver attention system, along with precision LiDAR map data and a network of cameras and sensors that use real-time information. The data from each of these points helps govern and control steering, braking, and acceleration. As it concerns Automated Lane Change, the cameras and radar sensors continuously scan around the vehicle to determine if an opening exists in the desired lane.

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Changing Lanes In Rush Hour

If the driver taps the indicator stalk for a three-flash merge, the system measures space in the adjoining lane, speeding up or slowing to create space when needed. Smooth and assured, the system was a match for afternoon traffic on Chicagos Dan Ryan expressway, lovingly called the “damned Ryan”;by commuters.

The system changes lanes to the left or right. If a gap isnt available, the maneuver is canceled until the driver tries again.

Super Cruise will read fast-closing traffic during lane changes, moving back into the original lane if necessary.

In addition to the map database and GPS thats accurate to less than 2 meters to position the car in lanes, Super Cruise sensors include:

  • Forward facing camera for lanes, vehicles, objects
  • Grille-mounted long-range front radar
  • Two short-range radars for lane changes and neighboring vehicles
  • 360-degree cameras for redundant lane-sensing
  • Four short-range rear radars for safety and lane-change on demand

Other improvements for 2021 include a driver-attention sensor and front camera that are less susceptible to being blinded when the sun is low in the sky, and smoother steering adjustments.

How Does The Cadillac Hands Free Driving System Work

In certain driving conditions, Cadillac Super Cruise allows you to enjoy hands-free driving. This innovative system works with Adaptive Cruise Control to scan for the right driving conditions. Using in-car cameras, radar sensors, and GPS, Super Cruise detects when youre driving attentively on a limited-access freeway, and that road conditions are stable. Additionally, the Super Cruise package includes 3 years of OnStar® for functionality support.

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In A Tesla Running Autopilot When Everything Lights Up Blue The System Is Active With Super Cruise Green Means Go

Cadillac and GM have used laser-radar mapping to suss out hundred of thousands of miles of highways, so Super Cruise is starting with a detailed digital landscape. For example, it won’t make itself available to the driver if the highway being used isn’t up to par, due to construction, for example.;

Once you have turned on adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance, and have set the cruising system a familiar process to any owner of a modern luxury vehicle with ACC Super Cruise will signal that it’s ready by bringing up a steering-wheel icon on the cluster. Then you simply push the corresponding button on the steering wheel, and the entire cruise-control system goes green and a green light bar at the top of the wheel illuminates.

Then you can safely remove your hands from the wheel, restrained only by your own lack of anxiety about a self-steering $82,000 sedan.

The actual steering is human-like in long, sweeping curves Super Cruise seems to plot a gradual arc but in tighter curves, the system shimmies its way through in a manner that’s similar to what Tesla’s Autopilot does.;

There’s an occasional wiggle when some lane-keeping calculations are underway, but otherwise, Super Cruise is pretty placid. Even being hemmed in by three semis at 65 mph on the Jersey Pike didn’t seem to perturb it, and that’s usually a white-knuckle situation that compels me to take back total control.

How Does Cadillac Hands

2021 Cadillac Escalade Super Cruise Test Drive with the engineer who created it!

No, you cant just lean back and let the Cadillac do all the work, but you can make your car do a lot of it. Cadillac Super Cruise combines with Adaptive Cruise Control that controls acceleration and braking while its operating. Super Cruise supports services through OnStar® and precision LiDAR mapping, and works with in-car cameras, radar sensors, and GPS to detect each curve and hill on the road ahead. Cadillacs handsfree driving system is there to make long drives more convenient and more comfortable. A driver-facing mirror verifies that youre alert and able to take the wheel when necessary. The Super Cruise package includes three years of OnStar® for functionality support, after which an OnStar® plan must be purchased.

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Which Models Are Available With Super Cruise

As of 2020, Cadillac is the only brand that offers Super Cruise. The CT4 and the CT5 , launched to replace the ATS and the CTS, respectively, will inaugurate the next generation of the technology when they reach American showrooms during the second half of 2020. The feature will be available on the fifth-generation Escalade, too. Note that its an extra-cost option, and its not included in any of the aforementioned cars base prices.

Looking ahead, General Motors will make Super Cruise available in 22 vehicles by 2023. The company hasnt detailed how it plans to roll it out yet, but President Mark Reuss revealed SUVs and full-size pickups will be available with the technology. Were rolling this out in a very big way, he told investors during a presentation.

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Will Super Cruise Steer To Avoid Safety Situations Objects Or Any Road Impediments

If equipped with Lane Change on Demand, you are able to prompt the system to change lanes for you. However, Super Cruise will not steer to avoid safety situations. You need to take control to steer around a traffic situation or object, merge into traffic, exit the highway, make a turn, or stop for crossing traffic or a traffic light, stop sign or other traffic control device. Super Cruise does not steer to avoid construction zones.

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Cadillac Escalade Esv Dominates The Seasons

Everything related to Super Cruise operation is clearly laid out in the Escalade’s digital gauge cluster with both images and text, including an explanation in the event of a disengagement. It tells me when the lane change starts and ends, and the speedometer has obvious markers that let me know when the vehicle is ready for the computers to take the wheel. It’s pretty idiot-proof.

That’s the beauty of Super Cruise right there: It’s just so darn easy to use, and in an overwhelming plurality of situations, it performs precisely as expected. Yes, there are a few edge cases, some of which are unique to the 2021 Escalade’s footprint, but by and large, adding this driver aid to Cadillac’s biggest SUV makes a serene highway cruiser feel even more effortless.

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