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What Time Is Main Dining On Disney Cruise

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Food Allergies And Intolerances

All About The Main Dining Rooms :: Disney Cruise Line

Disney is also well known for accommodating regional food needs for families traveling from abroad and has one of the best track records for accommodating customers with food allergies.

Its not uncommon for the Chef to come out personally to understand a food allergy and ensure that the guests needs are being fully met, or for kitchen staff to remake dishes to accommodate allergy needs.

Disneys food is generally regarded as on par with, and in most cases better than, food on comparable lines.

With little touches of Disney magic and very attentive dining staff, moving between restaurants is a fun experience that really adds to the overall value of a Disney cruise.

Final Review Of Disney Cruise Dining

I really enjoy the concept of rotational dining. Its nice to visit multiple dining rooms on your cruise, especially since Disney is so great at theming these spaces.

We also really enjoy the dinner entertainment that is provided at certain venues. The live music and dancing help keep the kids entertained throughout the meal.

How Do I Make Reservations For The Specialty Restaurants

As long as youve paid for your cruise in full, youll be able to make reservations in advance depending on your Castaway Club level. You can see what dates and times are available, as well as book your reservation, in your online cruise planner.

Heres how far in advance of sailing you can make specialty dining reservations:

  • Platinum Castaway Club : 120 days in advance
  • Gold Castaway Club : 105 days in advance
  • Silver Castaway Club : 90 days in advance
  • New DCL cruisers: 75 days in advance.

Guests staying in concierge level staterooms can always make reservations 120 days in advance. Just be sure to reach out to your shoreside concierge prior to that 120-day mark so they can help you with booking.

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Moving Your Dining Time On Disney Cruise Line

The how tos of moving your dining time on Disney Cruise Line. I also discuss your options if your move is delayed until after the cruise starts, or if it never occurs. You will never have to worry about not eating if you cant have your preferred dining time on Disney Cruise Line. This article specifically deals with going from late seating to first seating but it could be used in reverse if there was a need.

Ive been scheduled for late dining but needed early for 4 Disney Cruises within the past 2 and a half years. In all 4 cases Ive eventually been successful in my request to move to early dining. For the first 2 cruises I booked REALLY last minute- the week before for one trip, and 3 or 4 weeks before for the other trip. I put my request in my reservation both times to be placed on the wait list. Both cruises were 7 nights on the Fantasy. For the second cruise, which was this past summer, we were moved before we set sail! I was actually able to log into my account and see that I was moved several days before we cruised. What a nice feeling!

Those were our experiences. If you have any questions about how this works, feel free to ask me in the comments.

Eye Scream Frozone Treats

Disney Cruise Main Dining Time

Frozen sweet treats are available from two quick-service venues conveniently located near the Donald Family Pool on Deck 11. Frozone Treatsnamed after the ice-creating superhero in the DisneyPixar movie The Incrediblesmixes delicious fruit smoothies. Eye Scream Treatsinspired by the friendly, one-eyed monster Mike Wazowski from the DisneyPixar animated feature Monsters, Inc.offers soft-serve ice cream with plenty of favorite sundae toppings.

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Help I Wanted Main Dining But Was Told That It Was All Booked Up What Should I Do

Disney Cruise Line does give you the option of being added to a waitlist for Main Seating dining. I strongly recommend that you ask to be added to this list because getting bumped up to Main Dining isnt as impossible of you to think. There are lots of fluctuations, cancellations, stateroom changes etc. meaning that there may be room as you get closer to your sailing date. Once you are added to the wait list, if space is available you will be notified that your dining arrangements have been shifted to the earlier time. You can also feel free to contact Disney Cruise Line or your Travel Agent to check on the status of this request.

For guests that simply choose the wrong seating during your initial booking, you can make dining changes directly from your account. Simply go to Dining Preferences. If it doesnt give you the ability to switch it means that the seating your trying to book is currently full at which point you could call and ask to be added to the waitlist.

Order As Many Entrees As You Want

Ordering food on a cruise ship is no time to be bashful. The quality of food can vary from average to superb and you dont want to miss out on any of the finer dishes. You can order several entrees if you want, or even several appetizers. The wait staff will bring you anything on the menu in pretty much any quantity. If the dish you have been given is distasteful to you in anyway dont feel you have to eat it. The waiter will take it away and replace it with something else on the menu. Its kind of like eating at an all-you-can-eat-buffet without having to get up from the table. However, it is important to note that you dont want to waste any food.

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How Do I Know Which Seating We Have

You can select a seating time when you book your cruise, but its not guaranteed and based on availability.

In general, if you are traveling with little ones you may find the earlier seating to work better for their sleep schedules.

If sleep schedules arent an issue for your traveling party, the later seating may work better since it allows more time for afternoon activities.

You will have dining tickets delivered to your state room with an assigned seating time, restaurant schedule , and table number.

To be clear, you dont need to make reservations for any of the Main Dining.

Are Cabanas On Castaway Cay Included On A Disney Cruise

What is Rotational Dining on a Disney Cruise?

Cabanas at Castaway Cay are a luxurious experience for families or adults, but only for an added fee ranging from about $500 for the adult-only area to $750 or more for family cabanas.

Cabanas are highly sought after and extremely hard to come by, generally sell out at online check-in to those sailing in Concierge or who are Platinum status in Disneys cruise loyalty program.

So, expect prices to continue to rise over time. If you are unable to pre-book a Cabana online, you can ask to have your name added to a waiting list once onboard but chances are slim of getting one at that point.

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Disney Cruise Food: Castaway Cay

If you are traveling on a Bahamian or Caribbean cruise, chances are that the ship stops at Disneys private island Castaway Cay. In addition to the many things to do on Castaway Cay, Disney also provides free lunch while you are on the island, so you dont go back to the ship.

There are three BBQ locations on the island that serve delicious food and they are included in the cost of the cruise. Cookies BBQ and Cookies Too BBQ are located on the family beach, and Serenity Bay BBQ is the adult beach option.

Each of these locations serves almost exactly the same items, which are BBQ type fare, including ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish, salads, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, and self-serve soft serve.

Disney Cruise Food: Your Ultimate Guide To Disney Cruise Restaurants

Disney Cruise food is nothing like the food found at the Disney parks! While there have been notable improvements in Disney World and Disneylands dining menus, the Disney Cruise restaurants rarely fall short. The abundance of food, the quality, attention to detail, theming, and the variety found in the Disney Cruise restaurants are unparalleled! If you are looking for a Disney Cruise food dining guide that lists all the dining areas in the ships, menus, reviews, plus some frequently asked questions you have come to the right spot.

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Is Dining Included On A Disney Cruise

You can dine on a Disney Cruise without paying any extra at all. There are additional charges for Palo and Remy, but you really can very easily dine on a Disney Cruise without paying anything extra at all.

If you want to see more about all of the options for dining on your sailing you can go to Disney Cruise Food and this explains all the different options available to you.

One thing is for sure. You will never go hungry on a Disney Cruise! There are so many food options on a Disney Cruise you are sure to find many different things that you love.

The only problem might be dealing with the extra pounds that you put on during your cruise!

Rotation Dining On Disney Cruise Line

Dining on Disney Cruise Line®: Main Seating vs. Second Seating

We hope this guide gave you a better understanding of Disneys innovative Rotational Dining system. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about how it works! What restaurant are you most looking forward to on your next Disney Cruise Line vacation?

Need a travel agent to plan your Disney Cruise Line vacation? Reach out to Josh at Wish Upon a Star with Us. He specializes in Disney cruises and would love to help you plan your magical vacation!

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You Can Switch Tables If There Is A Problem

Many people do not realize that they can also switch tables. If you are not getting along with the people at your table or there is any other reason for wanting a different table just talk to the Maitre d and he will take care of it for you. I have found that its usually a pleasant experience meeting new people and getting to know them throughout the week, but if you are going to switch tables you should do it the first day if possible.

Learn the cruise secrets most people don’t know and cruise like a boss. Check out Intelligent Cruiser here for a better cruise vacation.

Family And Adult Activities

Disney offers several family-friendly and even adult-only entertainment and activities throughout the day.

The D Lounge for families, hosts everything from trivia to cooking demonstrations during the day.

You dont have to lounge by the pool all day if you dont want to! You can quickly fill a day with activities for all ages.

Families can play in Minute to Win It style games against other cruisers, or even watch Jack Jacks Diaper Dash in the main atrium .

At night, the adult area of the ship on Deck 4 really comes alive. You can enjoy some cocktails and chit- while playing fun games, like Match Your Mate, and then dance the night away or chit chat with new friends youve made on board.

One favorite onboard activity for people of all ages is the Midship Detective Agency a themed mystery that leverages themed paintings and other Disney magic all over the ship to solve one of three themed mysteries involving Mickey and his friends, or the Muppets.

Its a great way to stay active, and explore parts of the ship you might not otherwise see!

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How Does Seating Work

At each restaurant, you have an assigned table number. Someone at the front of the restaurant will help you find your seat. If you are a small party, you can opt to sit alone and not be clumped in with strangers . You may be able to check during online check-in, or you can call DCL and request that you are placed at a table with your family only and not with strangers. You can also do this on embarkation day if you forget to do it beforehand.

Are Disney Cruises Worth It

Answer Key for BREAKFAST and LUNCH in the DiNiNG ROOM on DiSNEY CRUiSE LiNEð

My wife and I rekindled our love for cruising in January 2018 with our first cruise in over a decade.

A seven-night cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy to the Eastern Caribbean. We even left our son at home for some adult time away .

Since then, weve been on six Disney cruises, and have four more scheduled over the next eighteen months. So, what has us returning to Disney cruises over and over?

Especially when Disney charges a significant premium for its cruises sometimes thousands more than a comparable cruise on another line. Well, part of that answer hinges on whats included in a Disney cruise.

Whether the premium will be worth it for you or your family will depend on a lot of factors.

But, before you dismiss Disneys higher than normal fares, know that Disney cruises include a lot more than some comparable lines in the fare, mix in some magic and amenities you can only find on a Disney cruise, and also come with a level of service that is aspired to and envied by many other companies.

Service, Attention to Detail + Disney Whimsy

One thing that truly sets Disney apart from many other brands is their dedication to service.

When something goes wrong, Disney will in all cases prioritize guest experience above all else.

Our family has experienced this on several occasions and in various ways. That level of service is not often found outside of truly luxury cruise lines.

Its exactly this kind of detail and whimsy that you can only experience onboard a Disney cruise.

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What Are The Dinner Times When Sailing With Disney Cruise Line

by Melissa Roden·February 4, 2019

Lets be honest! One of the reasons children and adults alike enjoy going on a cruise is all of the amazing meals that you get to enjoy that are already included in the cost of your sailing! Disney Cruise Line is no exception! Disney offers a nightly Table Service dining where guests get to visit a rotating list of restaurants offering an eclectic array of delicious treats. At the time of booking, Disney will ask you whether you prefer to enjoy your evening meal during Main or Second Dining.

Apart from selecting the all-important sailing and stateroom, choosing between Main and Second dining is one of the most important decisions youll make regarding your cruise. However, its not clear to a lot of first-time cruisers when these different seatings take place. Thats where we come in!

Royal Court Royal Tea

Type of Dining: Table ServiceIncluded in the price of your cruise? No Experience: Character DiningShip Location: Deck 3, in TritonsReservations: Yes

This is specifically for children ages 3 to 12 and all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, 18 years or older. Those who are 13 to 17 years old will be charged the adult price. Solo adults are not eligible for the experience.

In addition to story time, dancing, and singing, you can even meet favorite Disney princesses. There are also two courses served: one savory and one sweet. A selection of herbal teas are also served. Most dietary needs can be accommodated .

The Royal Tea also comes with an additional price:

  • $220 per child

Ship Location: Deck 4, Animators PalateReservations: Yes

The dining experience is only offered on select cruises 7 nights or longer. You must also have a valid ticket reservation to attend. Tickets are limited.

This character breakfast allows guests to meet both Disney and Disney Junior characters. During the breakfast, guests will enjoy breakfast and get pictures and autographs from characters.

Heres how you reserve tickets before your cruise begins:

Advance booking windows are determined as follows:

  • First-Time Guests: 75 days prior to sail date
  • Silver Castaway Club Member: 90 days prior to sail date
  • Gold Castaway Club Member: 105 days prior to sail date
  • Concierge Guests and Platinum Castaway Club Member: 120 days prior to sail date

What characters can you meet? Well, it depends.

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Do The Rotational Dining Venues Offer Entertainment At Dinner

Severalbut not allof the complimentary restaurants offer entertainment at dinner.

Inspired by Tangled, Rapunzels Royal Table on Disney Magic features lively singing and dancing from a band of musicians. Youll enjoy appearances from Tangled characters like Flynn Rider, the Snuggly Duckling Thugs, and of course Rapunzel herself.

At Tianas Place on Disney Wonder, the Crawfish Crooners perform New Orleans-style jazz numbers during your meal. Louis the trumpet-playing alligator joins in on the fun, and Tiana is on hand to greet her guests and sing a few of her favorite songs.

Animators Palate, inspired by animation from Disney and Pixar films, is available on all Disney ships. Depending on the ship, each Animators Palate features a different show during dinner. On Disney Dream, diners can interact with a digital Crush the sea turtle from Finding Nemo.

On Disney Magic, Fantasy, and Wonder, guests at Animators Palate are treated to a montage of Disney and Pixar clips. The shows finale features the theme song from Fantasmic, with a visit from Sorcerer Mickey who dances and mingles with passengers.

Disney Cruise Dining Time Selection

Disney Cruise Dining Rotation

Dining times are your choice, either 11:45 or 1:30 for lunch and 5:45 or 8:15 for dinner. You select either the early or later slot, and they become your dining times for the entire cruise. Take into account your childs ability to stay up late after running around all day and playing all day. Our daughter has the ability to stay up late, to 11:00 on weekends and is in bed by 8:00 on weekdays. But she was tanked out at 8:30 every night!

I picked the later time because you see the shows first, then enjoy dinner and the Oceaneer Lab / Club will pick up children at 9:00 from the dining rooms and take them to the clubs! Sounds perfect. My Mother and I could spend the rest of dinner with adult conversation and sneak in a dessert that our daughter could not eat, due to her dairy allergy. But, she didnt even make it to her meal. We were able to take someone elses table at 5:45 when the had reservations at Palo and this helped out tremendously. She ate, refueled, and was able to last until 10:00 PM to see the shows and characters in the lobby!

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