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What’s The Best Norwegian Cruise Ship

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Which Shows Are On Which Norwegian Cruise Line Ship

Norwegian Prima – Exciting Activities & Entertainment Reveals

A key piece of what makes a Norwegian Cruise Line vacation a great value is that all of the mainstage entertainment is included in the price. Shows that do cost money also include food , so you still get more for your specialty dining dollar. Big-stage productions range from Broadway hits to Las Vegas-style song and dance revues with songs you know by heart and Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic and aerialist acts.

But which ships offer which shows? To help you plan your evenings onboard and figure out whether you want to skip the theater for an evening, Cruise Critic has tracked down all the line’s production shows, including a brief description and which ships you’ll find them on.

Ncl Cruise Ship Weddings

Since 2016, Norwegian Cruise Line offers weddings at sea, including same-gender ceremonies. The weddings are performed by the ship’s Captain.

  • For now, these offers are only for the company’s newest vessels of the Breakaway- and Breakaway-plus classes.
  • Formerly, couples were not allowed to marry at sea, but only ashore . They also had to produce a marriage certificate before participating in an onboard ceremony. By the NCL’s new policy, cruise ship captains can perform the wedding ceremonies on the ship, with a Bahamas-issued marriage license.
  • NCL also offers absolutely legal same-gender ceremonies. However, these offers are only available in cruise port destinations where such marriages are recognized by local law. The list of such destinations in the USA includes Hawaii, Boston MA, NYC New York, Los Angeles CA, Seattle WA, Florida , also Vancouver BC .
  • NCL’s new package “Wedding at Sea” includes a bridal bouquet, 1 matching boutonniere, 1 wedding cake for 2, champagne toast. The company also provides an experienced wedding coordinator.
  • In addition to the “Wedding at Sea” program, Norwegian Cruise Line also offers harborside ceremonies , also destination weddings and vow renewals.

Which Cruise Ship Is Right For You

When choosing a cruise vacation, many people focus on the destinations and ports of call. Although these factors are undoubtedly important, another critical factor is the cruise ship’s size. Size does matter when it comes to your overall cruise experience.

Whether you book a large cruise ship or a small one depends on your personal preference. Large ships offer an array of activities to keep everyone in the family occupied from thrilling water slides to all your favorite casino games. Small ships, however, offer a more exclusive and intimate experience.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers an array of cruise ship sizes from large to small. Norwegian’s ships also feature The Haven, a special area that offers the exclusivity and privacy of a small ship with the entertainment options of a large ship.

Explore the following guide to help you choose the right cruise ship for you.

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What Does A Cruise Ship Cabin Look Like

  • All cabins have twin beds, usually convertible to create a queen bed, while suites may have king-sized beds. Family cabins may also have pull-down or bunk-beds , sleeper sofa or an additional twin bed.
  • All have a small safe to lock in it all valuables while onboard , at least 1 large wall-mounted mirror, individually controlled air conditioning.
  • All have private bathrooms with showers, basic bathroom amenities , ship toilets operate by power suction.
  • All have a phone . Nowadays all ship cabins also feature a flat TV and a DVD player, a mini-bar and a small refrigerator .
  • All have a reach-in closet, a shelf for life-vests, storage drawers . Higher categories cabins also have a desk with a chair.
  • Power outlets are minimized to avoid fire risk. Near the bed there are 1 or 2 low-wattage outlets for laptops.

A good cruise travel agent could be of great assistance to you guiding you through all the grades and deckplan codes for the nuances of features, best locations and the best-worst staterooms on a particular boat.

Sustainable Cruising In Norway


One hot topic all around the world right now is mass tourism. It’s definitely a big problem in Norway too. Local newspapers have been full of headlines through the summer 2019 season complaining about the impact of overtourism. Unfortunately, cruising is a big culprit.

The biggest problem comes in small communities like Olden and Geiranger. When hundreds of day trippers visit a village home to just a few hundred permanent residents day after day, the locals quickly feel overwhelmed.

My best advice based on what I’ve seen from cruise visitors in such destinations is simple: respect the locals. Don’t wander into their gardens to take photos, or peer through the windows. These villages may be pretty, but they are not museums.

There’s also the environmental impact to take into account, particularly in the fjord region. This is becoming such a problem that Norwegian authorities have announced plans to make the fjords zero-emissions zones within the next decade. This means only all-electric or hybrid ships will be allowed in the fjords, drastically cutting the availability of cruises in the most popular areas.

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List Of Norwegian Cruise Ships Newest To Oldest

Norwegian Cruise Line currently has 16 cruise ships in its fleet. In terms of passengers carried, it is the 3rd largest cruise line in the world, behind Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

With a majority Norwegians sailings travel to the Caribbean and Bahamas, Norwegian also offers cruises to Alaska and Europe and even has a dedicated ship for sailings in Hawaii.

Norwegians parent company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, also owns Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Here is a list of every ship currently sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line. The list will be updated as new ships are added.

Be sure to appreciate the unique paint jobs on the hull of each one of these ships.

Learn Aboutsail Away Staterooms

Norwegian’s Sail Away staterooms offer the Best Fares available for Inside, Oceanview, Balcony, Club Balcony Suite staterooms, plus all of the usual perks that are included with your cruise, like complimentary dining and entertainment. To book, simply look for “Sail Away” under “Stateroom Options” for your cruise.

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Norway Cruises: How To See The Best Of The Norwegian Fjords

How to see the best of the Norwegian fjords from the comfort of a cruise ship. Plan your trip here with our complete guide to Norway’s cruises.

Cruise ships offer a unique way of seeing the best of the Norway. You can see the stunning coastline, some of the country’s biggest cities, small coastal communities and the world-famous fjords, all without needing to worry about accommodation, food or transport.

Some of the world’s biggest cruise ships call at Norwegian ports from time to time. Whenever a large ship is in dock, locals tend to come out to greet the ship. When the Adventure of the Seas called at Trondheim recently, guests were greeted with cannon fire and a local band.

But increasing cruise traffic is also causing controversy in some communities. So what’s the best way to take a Norway cruise in a sustainable way? Pull up a comfy chair because we’re going to dive into some serious planning detail! Ready? Let’s go

I’ll start by talking about some of the reasons this kind of vacation is so popular. Then look at the types of cruise available, and some of the country’s most popular ports.

  • Is a Hurtigruten cruise right for me?
  • The Best Small Ship Cruises To The Norwegian Fjords

    Inside Cabins on Cruise Ships: Whose is Best? Video

    The staggering beauty of the Norwegian Fjords needs littleexplaining. This stunning landscape has been shaped over millenniaby powerful glaciers leaving rugged rock walls, overhanging cliffsand spectacular waterfalls plunging into the sea.

    The reasons for travelling Norway’s coastline by cruise ship areobvious. For those who are put off by the larger, brasher ships,here’s a round-up of the seven best luxury small ships that will becruising the Norwegian Fjords over the next year or so:

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    What Is The Best Norwegian Cruise Ship For You

    When it comes to choosing the best Norwegian cruise ship for you, your family, or your better half, size is a matter of importance. The reason is that a larger cruise ship will likely give you a complete holiday cruise experience with plenty of activities on board for both families or individuals alike.

    Thus, we named Norwegian Joy as the best Norwegian cruise ship on the list since it ticks all the right boxes for the best cruise ship according to its size, amenities, and activities on board.

    On the contrary, if you prefer more intimacy or to experience the feeling of a more exclusive cruise, settling for a smaller cruise ship might be for you.

    The Best Table On Board

    With so many specialty restaurants to select from, there are so many special ways to cherish your love with a romantic dinner for two. Savor some of the most romantic settings on the ship and sophisticated French cuisine at Le Bistro, the most elegant restaurant in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet. This specialty dining venue offers personalized service in an intimate atmosphere. Romantic oceanside seating is available at Le Bistro on Breakaway Class ships.

    For truly intimate dining, book a suite in The Haven on Norwegians ships and enjoy a romantic meal on your balcony. Start the day off right with a romantic breakfast. Order room service and enjoy fresh fruits, pastries, and more right on your balcony. The dramatic sunrise at sea is the ideal backdrop for romance.

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    More Space And Service

    Norwegian Prima will be the most spacious new cruise ship in the contemporary and premium cruise categories, offering guests approximately 150 to over 1000 more cubic feet per guest compared to comparable ships.

    The vessel will feature the largest Inside, Ocean View and Balcony Staterooms in the NCL fleet, with up to 50 percent more room. Premier Owners Suites in The Haven aboard Norwegian Prima will be 50 percent larger than the most spacious suites of the Breakaway and Breakaway Plus Classes.

    With up to 35 percent more staff than any other new cruise ship in its category, the ship will also offer the highest staffing levels .

    Other enhancements include:

    Why Its Important To Pick The Right Line For You

    7 Best Cruise Ships for Kids (rated by a 16 year old kid)

    Weve long said that no matter what type of cruise youre taking, its important to do a little bit of research or work with a travel advisor to make sure that you wind up with a vacation thats going to be a great fit. Yes, you can jump on just about any cruise ship and have an amazing time.

    And yes, the basics of a cruise will be the same on most lines. But the devil, as they say, is in the details.

    With that in mind, were going to look at each of the major cruise lines and give you an idea of what they have to offer adult travelers.

    From restaurants perfect for date nights to a ship on which no one under the age of 18 is allowed, weve got all kinds of options for you to consider.

    Think of this as a Beginners Guide to Adult Cruising. Lets dive in, looking at what they each offer, in no particular order.

    Keep in mind that in some cases, well be speaking about what a cruise line specializes in generalities. Not all of the mentioned restaurants or amenities will necessarily be available on every ship in the lines fleet.

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    Ncl Cruise Cancellation Policy

    Since January 2016, NCL adjusted the company’s final payment and cancellation policies. Under the new cruise cancellation policy, booked NCL customers will incur penalties further from departure date when canceling.

    Before 2016, NCL cruise itineraries 6 days or longer, canceled 56 to 75 days prior to embarkation date guaranteed full deposits back. Under the new cancellation policy, final payment for itineraries 6 or more days is due 90 days prior to departure date . Cancellation penalties start 89 days prior to departure date.

    NCL’s cruise deposit schedule also shifted. Previously, for itineraries 6 to 9 nights long, booked customers had to put down a USD 250 pp deposit. After January 2016, that was changed to USD 250 pp for itineraries 7 to 9 days, and USD 100 pp for itineraries 2 to 6 nights long.

    Final payments for holiday cruises are now due 120 days prior to departure dates, only excluding cruises on the ship Norwegian Sky.

    Who Sails Norwegian Cruise Line

    Norwegian appeals to vacationers who want a big-resort experience at sea with lots of options for dining and entertainment. In that, its similar to Royal Caribbean perhaps its closest competitor.

    But unlike Royal Caribbean, Norwegian hasnt retained any of the trappings of old-style cruising. There are no formal nights, as youll still find on Royal Caribbean ships, or dress codes. Norwegian also has thoroughly done away with the concept of big main restaurants with fixed seating.

    Because of that, Norwegian is popular with people who are seeking flexibility freedom to eat when they want, with whom they want and dressed however they want, for sure, but also more generally freedom to just set their own schedule day and night.

    Norwegian cruises are very unstructured vacations, and thats by design.

    Like Royal Caribbean ships, Norwegian vessels have an inordinate amount of teen- and tween-friendly attractions everything from some of the largest waterslides at sea to the only go-kart tracks at sea. That makes them particularly appealing to families, including multigenerational groups. Families are a big part of Norwegians business.

    But its not just families that flock to Norwegian. The lines ships are designed to offer a little something for everyone, and they thus appeal to a wide demographic, including couples of all ages and even solo travelers . They also draw customers from a wide range of the income spectrum.

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    Norway Cruise Deals: How To Find A Bargain

    There are websites, forums and books dedicated to finding the best deals on cruises. For that reason I won’t go into detail here, but I will share the most common bits of advice.

    Last-minute deals: If you are willing to risk missing out, waiting for a last-minute deal can land you with a bargain. Cruise ships absolutely do not want to sail with empty rooms, so big discounts can be had in the weeks and days before departure. Just factor in that the cost of flights may well be higher so close to departure.

    Travel off-season: Norway in high season is incredibly popular and the prices reflect that. High season is mid-June to mid-August. If you can travel in April-May or September-October, you’re more likely to find a deal. You’ll also see a more varied landscape at these times of the year.

    Types Of Cabins On Cruise Ships

    TOP 5 BEST NEW CRUISE SHIPS IN 2022! (ft Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, MSC, Disney, Virgin)

    Cruise ship cabins are often referred to as “staterooms” or “cruise accommodations”. Their furnishings can range from “comfy” to “luxurious”. The cheapest tend to be smaller than an ordinary budget hotel room. The largest staterooms rival many land-based luxury resort accommodations – both as sizes and amenities, but mostly as prices. Cabin rates are per person and usually based on double occupancy . Prices range widely by cabin types, sizes, deck location, amenities, company’s and vessel’s ratings, also by destination, season, itinerary, travel agency, inclusions, and bonuses, promotion deals, etc.

    On big ships, you’ll find a number of cabin categories within each cabin type. This is according to location, size, features, quality of view, etc. Cabin rates vary not only by type and size but also by category. For a particular cabin type, brochure/online prices usually apply to the lowest category. In your cabin, every square inch is usable since the price of ships is generally determined by the number of their beds/berths. So luggage fits under the bed, while the items you unpack will be stored in closets and drawers.

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    What Should I Pack On A Norway Cruise

    This could be an entire article in itself, in fact that’s probably something I will write in the future! But for now, I can say that you should prepare for varied weather throughout your trip, regardless of season. It can rain in the summer and there can be bright sunshine in the winter.

    Must-haves are wind-proof clothing thin outer jackets along with a hat and gloves/mittens. Sun cream is advisable all year round, bar

    Creation Of Outdoor Living Areas

    Rendering of Ocean Boulevard

    Norwegian Cruise Line

    Although the ship was in the making for some time prior to the pandemic, one striking design element is the innovative use of exterior deck space, which will encourage guests to spend more time outdoors and come closer to the sea. The new class significantly increases the amount of deck space, outdoor walkways and open-air experiences available to guests.

    • Ocean Boulevard, a 44,000-square-foot reimagined outdoor living concept located on Deck 8, will allow passengers to walk around the entire perimeter without obstruction. Two Oceanwalk glass bridges will offer a surreal feeling of walking on water.
    • The Concourse, an immersive, Instagram-worthy outdoor sculpture garden, will feature six dramatic installations designed by sculptor Alexander Krivosheiw.

    Rendering of a Krivosheiw sculpture on The Concourse

    Norwegian Cruise Line

    • Infinity Beach will offer opportunities to relax at either of two infinity pools located on each side of the ship that are close to the ocean surface.

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    Offers Plenty Of Accommodation

    When it comes to accommodation, the Norwegian Cruise Line provides one of the bests out there. With the Norwegian Joy, you can enjoy an exclusive around-the-clock butler service plus a private sundeck when you book The Haven suites.

    However, if youre on a budget and good with just the usual rooms, you can choose between balcony or oceanview staterooms. There are also suites available for booking. You may also want the Concierge Class, which includes a concierge service, of course, if you need one.

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