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When Is The Best Time Of Year For Alaskan Cruise

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Best Time For Alaskan Cruise

These Are Best Cruises To Go On By Month! See Why!

A few members of my family are interested in doing an Alaskan Cruise sometime in the next year or so. I was just wondering when is the best time of year to go? What time of year should we expect to find the best deals?

Best deals price-wise will be for May and September cruises. “Best time to go” – unfortunately that can’t be answered. Weather can be good the first week of July one year but terrible that same week the next year. Or great in one port one week and terrible in another port. If you want to cruiseAlaska, plan for wet weather, bring layers and hope for the best.

Winter In Alaskadecember Through March

Winters in Alaska can be harsh and beautiful. Weather is extremely cold and storms are severe. Winter activities such as dog sledding, snow shoeing and skiing are possible. A popular attraction during Alaskas winter is viewing the northern lights . Specialty lodges offer comfortable accommodations for hearty travelers willing to brave cold long nights to witness this spectacle of nature.

What Are The Best Months For Wildlife & Activities

Spotting wildlife is always unpredictable in Alaska, but your best bet of getting pics of wildlife ashore is probably late May and early June, when mothers and their calves or cubs tend to be out and about. One exception: If you want to do a bear-watching shore excursion, prime bear season is not until late June or early July.

Denali: If you want to do a land tour that includes the national park, dont come during the May shoulder season. Denali National Park doesnt open up until early June.

Want to fish ashore? Fishing is good during any monththere are just different species of salmon that peak as the weeks go by.

Summer berry-picking on shore is best late in August or early September.

If you want to see fall foliage ashore, wait until the first week of September. It remains good through the third week of September.

Hate mosquitoes? If youre doing a land tour, come during either shoulder season

See a full calendar of Alaskas natural events.

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Whens The Best Time To See The Northern Lights On An Alaska Cruise

Seeing the northern lights from the cruise ship is a rare occurrence, but if youd like to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from the balcony on your stateroom, then you need to book a trip in late September or early October.

To maximize your chance of witnessing the northern lights, get off the boat and join a land excursion to Fairbanks. The aurora season in Fairbanks lasts from the end of August to April and the lights can be seen 4 out of 5 nights .

Advantages Of Visiting Alaska In August

When is the Best Time to Take a Cruise to Alaska?
  • Warm weather, with temperatures between 45-65 degrees and 18 hours of daylight.
  • Abundant fishing opportunities, as halibut, northern pike, rainbow trout, and salmon are all in season.
  • Numerous cruise and land tour packages on offer, giving you access to the breathtaking fall foliage of the Last Frontier.
  • As for wildlife, August is peak migration season for songbirds and youll see numerous caribou, bears, beavers, orca, and loons on your adventure.

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Alaska By Month: When To Go & Why

Alaska is open for travel year-round, but the primary tourist season begins in June and ends in August. The Alaska by month travel season calendar below brings in April and early spring, because that is when the yearly travel season kicks off.

The guide below will help you determine the best month to visit Alaska. It will outline Alaska weather by month and answer questions such as When is summer in Alaska? and What month is the best time to visit Alaska? or When is the best time to go to Alaska? We strive to give you the information to answer these questions based on your own travel timing and interests. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your Alaska summer vacation. For even more information and detailed climate tables, view our Alaska climate page.

In the monthly guide below we refer to Coastal, Interior and Arctic regions:

  • The coastal region includes Southeast Alaska and the Alaska Inside Passage and Glacier Bay, Southcentral Alaska including Prince William Sound, Anchorage, Kodiak Island, as well as coastal Katmai National Park and the Aleutian Islands.
  • Interior Alaska is the region north of Anchorage up to the Brooks Range just north of Fairbanks and includes Denali National Park.
  • Arctic Alaska includes the Brooks Range north to the Arctic Ocean.

Best Time To Cruise Alaska

The Alaska cruising season begins in March and ends in October. The peak season with best weather and wildlife occurs during summer months. Its then that travelers will find the best combination of long days, good weather and abundant wildlife, including greater numbers of whales that congregate in predictable feeding pods putting on quite a show. But spring, when Alaska awakens from a long winter, is also another favorite time to cruise Alaska. Snow is present in the mountains, driving hungry bears down to the coast for a meal. Small ships, which can sail close to the shore, take advantage of these springtime encounters. April and May are the driest months along Alaskas coast and there are fewer crowds in both town and on the water. You will find the best prices of the year on small boat tours of Alaska as well at this time.

As Alaska small ship cruise experts, we advise clients that the best time to cruise Alaska is May 15 through September 1. If we had to choose one, the best month for an Alaska cruise is July.

Typically, there are no scheduled cruises from mid-October through February, but special Alaska charter cruises can be arranged during this time with advanced notice. Families typically visit mid June through mid August. View the best Alaska cruises for families. See our monthly Alaska weather tips and travel advice above to find your best time to take an Alaskan cruise.

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The Best Time To Cruise Alaska

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Alaska is a cruise destination with a limited season. Cruise ships arrive in Southeast Alaska in spring, stay the summer and linger only into the early fall. The 49th states snowy, cold and dark winters are not conducive to cruising.

Most cruise passengers will head to Alaska between Memorial Day in late May and Labor Day in early September, when temperatures range from slightly chilly to warm during the long daylight hours. Tourist attractions are in full swing, salmon swim upriver and bears have access to fishing.

Some adventurous cruisers will board ships when they arrive in Alaska in April to see the remnants of winter. A few big ships cruise into mid-October for those who want a peek at what life is like in Alaska towns when all the other tourists have returned home.

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Each month has its advantages, not the least of which is discounted pricing in the spring and fall shoulder seasons. Here is a guide to help you decide when to cruise in Alaska.

The Best Time To Take An Alaskan Cruise

Best and Worst Time to Cruise Alaska

The best time to go depends on whether you’re aiming for ideal weather or smaller crowds.

Alaskas tourism season is short, starting in mid-to-late May and typically buttoning up by the end of September. Volume peaks in June and July, with most destinations seeing the fewest crowds before Memorial Day or later in August.

The weather in Alaska is always unpredictable, but is generally at its warmest and sunniest during the peak months. May can be cool to mild, and chances of rain increase from mid-August onward as the days begin to rapidly shorten this time of year, temps also begin to cool.

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Take An Alaskan Cruise

We would like to start planning next yearâs vacation. What time of year is best for a cruise. We would like to be on a small ship, not one of the huge ships.

We want to see the wildlife and scenery, and arenât too into ships that main attractions are the buffets, disco and casino.

Any suggestions?

It depends. We already have tons of light in May which will be somewhat of an oddity to you I am sure, but that is good for activities. In May, many places donât open until the Memorial weekend. That will not affect you on a cruise. However, if you decide to extend your cruise with some land touring on your own, then you should just know this. May is also a good time, because many visitors donât arrive yet, so you would not feel the impact of the height of the tourist season . However, the weather will of course be a little cooler than it would in July.

I would say the peak is the 4th of July week and right around there. If you want to avoid the peak, Iâd say come before the 4th and after the 3rd week of July. In August, we start to get into our rainy pattern, then in September it cools off, but is still a great time to come. Again, like in May, many businesses start closing around Labor Day, but most linger to mid-month. It will also be dark at night, unlike in May.

Anytime during this entire period is good on a cruise. I was merely pointing out that the crowds are more of a factor at a certain time of the season. I hope this helps for a start.

Best Weather In Alaska

A foggy start to the day in Sitka, Alaska

One of the many misconceptions about Alaska is that its always cold there. However, the summer months see a temperature range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It does rain almost every day in mid-summer along Alaskas coast. It surprises some first-time cruisers that the southeast quadrant of the state is actually a coastal temperate rainforest. The wettest month is August.

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Late April to mid-May can be cool, with snow caps still visible on the mountain peaks, though each day it gets warmer. September is also cooler, but thanks to the rain and daily average temperatures starting to drop, it tends to feel much damper, colder, and less pleasant than earlier in the summer.

Pro Tip: For the best weather to cruise Alaska, youll want to consider mid-May to late July, with the late June to mid-July period being the ultimate choice.

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Wildlife Viewing During Alaska Cruise In July

In July, there are enough Salmon in the waters of Alaska to start attracting the bears.

Expect to see a lot of bears trying to get their share of Salmon.

You can also visit the seabird colonies from Southeast to Northwest Alaska.

In July, fur seal pups and Steller sea lions start giving birth to young ones, which is quite popular amongst the kids on Alaskan cruises.

In the North of Alaska, you can see a lot of walruses.

When Is The Best Time To Cruise Alaska: Ultimate Guide

Best Time of Year to Go on an Alaskan Cruise ...

If you are thinking about taking an Alaska cruise vacation or have already booked your trip, youll be happy to know that a cruise ship is the best way to explore Americas Last Frontier. If you havent taken an Alaska trip before, you may be wondering when is the best time to cruise Alaska?

Alaska is a unique cruise destination, unlike the typical Caribbean or Mediterranean getaways you might have sailed in the past. The remote location, picturesque landscapes, and abundant wildlife provide memories unlike anywhere in the world.

The long, cold winters and short summers mean that cruise ships only have a short window to sail the Alaskan waterways safely.

Alaskas cruise season is five months long, from May to September. Youll find noticeable differences in wildlife, weather, pricing, and crowds from one week to the next.

Whether youre looking to spot wildlife, catch a king salmon, or hope to see the northern lights, well help you find the best time to book your cruise to Alaska.

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Alaska Cruise Port Highlights

Ketchikan, Alaska: Creek Street one of the town’s main attractions. Built on pilings over the water, it once was the city’s red light district and now is lined with funky stores and restaurants overlooking canoeists and leaping salmon. Ketchikan is the gateway port for scenic tours of the Tongass National Forest, Misty Fjords, and Totem Bight State Park, as well as fishing trips and crab-feasts. Be prepared: It’s one of the rainiest cities in the U.S and proudly boasts a “rain gauge” on its main cruise dock.

In Alaska’s capital, you can kayak, canoe or hike close to nearby Mendenhall Glacier. In town, the Mount Roberts Tramway takes riders 1,800 feet up for gorgeous views and hiking trails. Or enjoy honky-tonk music and wholesome grub at the raucous Red Dog Saloon. The local culinary scene has been booming of late, and some solid breweries and distilleries are on hand, too.

Skagway, Alaska:Skagway came into being in the last part of the 19th century as the nearest port of entry for stampeders making their way into the Klondike in search of gold. Today, a train ride along the narrow-gauge White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad is a must for cruise passengers. The tracks follow the staggeringly photogenic route the gold-seekers took — on foot — over the pass to the Canadian border. In town, take a Gold Rush history tour, or spend your own gold at the various local shops, breweries and restaurants.

Alaska Cruises In June

Of the few warm summer months in Alaska, June has the longest days all year, with summer solstice falling on the 20th. Southeast Alaska experiences daylight nearly around the clock in June, making it a good time to see everything there is to see on an Alaskan cruise.

Wildlife is visibly abundant, with whales making their journey back into Alaskan waters from Hawaii. There is a heavy concentration of humpback whales in Southeast Alaskan waters during the summer months, and it is not uncommon to see them feeding with their young.

There are also grey whales, orcas, Dall porpoise, seals, sea lions and sea otters inhabiting the area where the Sikumi cruises. And look ashore for black and brown bears who are in full swing for summer, hunting and fishing for food.

Summer solstice is an exciting time all over Alaska, so make plans to visit a town or festival before or after your custom Alaska cruise on the Sikumi.

“Our adventure was close to its end… I could feel the nostalgia growing inside me. I would miss this boat and her crew. Our once-in-a-lifetime experience was their routine, and I couldn’t help but envy them.”

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When Is The Best Time To Go To Alaska

Although Alaska is a year-round vacation destination, the majority of cruise visitors arrive between mid-May and mid-September.

One of the best times to visit Alaska is in the shoulder seasons, May and September. Alaska has a short visitor season and availability is limited during the peak summer months, particularly in the popular destinations such as Denali National Park. Generally, the earlier you reserve space, the better. By reserving your space early, you are more likely to be able to choose the accommodations you really want to experience.

The advantages of early season travel are numerous. The weather is consistently good in May and drier throughout much of the state. Warm spring days aided by long hours of daylight bring Alaska’s wildflowers out in full bloom. The wildlife viewing is also excellent in May since the larger animals are migrating and in lower elevations where the snow has disappeared. Alaska is not as crowded and you are able to take advantage of early season specials and lower rates statewide.

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Q: How Do I Find The Best 2022 Alaska Cruise Deals Alaska Cruise Packages And Discount Cruises To Alaska

How to Cruise to Alaska 2021
  • A: We have the hottest deals on the 2022 Alaska cruise season and even offer select special promotions on certain sailings, such as onboard credits, shore excursion credits, free WiFi, beverage and dining packages, covered airfare and more. Simply book through us to get the best 2022 Alaska cruise deals and Alaskan cruise prices.If you’re looking for cheap Alaska cruises and discount cruises to Alaska, it also matters when you book your cruise. We’ve recently covered all about how to find cheap cruise deals here, tips that are also applicable when looking for your 2022 Alaska cruise.

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    Best Time For Alaska Cruises

    The Alaska cruise season typically runs from late April to early October, with high season normally falling between June through August. However, the best time to go is rather subjective.

    May and September offer cheaper cruise fares and fewer crowds however, due to more unpredictable weather, shore excursions have a greater chance of being canceled than they do in high season — especially boat and helicopter tours. May is one of the driest sailing season months in the Inside Passage region, but you may still find snow on the ground — great for scenic photos, less ideal for hiking.

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