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Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik Cruise Port

From Venice, Costa operates a busy calendar of three- to 11-night roundtrip cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean, with several different itineraries and departures from spring through fall. Three ships are on the Venice-to-Venice circuit in 2020: Costa Delizioza, Costa Luminosa, and Costa Mediterranea.

Is There A Bus From Gruz Harbor To Dubrovnik

Many cruise lines provide free shuttles between Gruz harbor and Dubrovniks Old Town. Passengers are normally dropped of at Pile Gate, the main city gate for pedestrians to the Old Town. Bus services runs from the cruise ship to the city centre. The following buses connect the port to the city centre: 1, 1A, 1B, 1C and 8.

Top Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Explore Dubrovniks Historic Placa

There are typically events and festivals held along Stradun, the main drag of Old Town. The Stradun is less than a quarter mile of limestone pavement, but youll find Onofrios Fountain here along with endless shopping and dining options for travelers. Foot traffic is heavy here and the promenade can be slippery after rainy weather, but its a must-see stretch on your Dubrovnik cruise.

See the Drawbridge at Pile Gate

The intimidating drawbridge and Gothic archway acted as an entry point to Dubrovnik long before Games of Thrones filmed critical scenes there, but the extra exposure didnt hurt Pile Gates appeal, either. As you explore the city on foot, enter through Pile Gate and imagine what things would have been like here during the 14th century.

Take a Quick Cable Car Ride to the Top of Srd Hill

A cable-car ride takes you nearly half a mile up to the top of Srd Hill in mere minutes. You can take the cable car back down or take a 30-minute hike back down into Old Town. This view is especially beautiful, because you can see more of the southern Dalmatian coast than nearly anywhere else in Dubrovnik.

Take a Ferry to the Island of Lokrum

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A Cruise Day In Dubrovnik Croatia

A gem in the Adriatic Sea, on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, sits the ancient city of Dubrovnik. Amid ancient winding streets, stone buildings and completely surrounded by a fortress-like stone wall, Dubrovnik is listed among UNESCOs World Heritage Sites.

Your ship may anchor off-shore or dock in the city. From where you touch land, its a very short walk into the heart of the old walled town. Though Dubrovnik is a thriving metropolis, youll probably spend your visit exploring the main promenade inside the walls, walking the complete circuit around the wall or simply exploring the many shops and narrow, sunlit pathways.

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After you enter the old city, take a walk along the Placa, the pedestrian promenade that runs from the entrance all the way to the end of the path. Fountains, cobblestone streets, cafés, shops and churches line the promenade and the tiny adjacent car-free streets.

Game of Thrones fans who decide to walk the wall will recognize the scenery from the TV series. Terracotta rooftops, steep drop-offs and sea views are all reminders from GOT as many of the scenes were filmed in Dubrovnik.

How Do You Get To Dubrovnik From Old Town

Dubrovnik deals with overcrowding problems by restricting ...

The public transport service in Dubrovnik is clean and well organised and most of the buses inside the city run a regular service. The bus ride from the Port of Dubrovnik to the Old City takes around 10 to 15 minutes depending on traffic. There is a bus heading to each part of the town every 10-20 minutes.

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How To Avoid The Cruise Ships Crowds In Dubrovnik

With almost a million cruise ship passengers arriving in Dubrovnik every year it can be a challenge to steer clear of the cruise ship crush. With the historic old city of Dubrovnik acting as a magnet for the thousands of cruisers your Dubrovnik Experience could easily be trampled under foot…thousands of feet. Through the summer months it isnt unusual that five mega-ships, or more, dock in the city unloading upwards of 7,000 guests. If you were thinking of sipping an al fresco coffee in the stone laden architecture of Dubrovnik whilst listening to the swallows twitter in peace, think again. Avoiding the cruise crush isnt easy, you are heavily outnumbered, but with a little help you can at least miss the peaks.

Three or more cruise ships means long delays

Here are our tips for evading the Dubrovnik cruise crush

Enjoying your day?

Now that could cause a traffic jam!

Cruising Companies Visiting Dubrovnik Cruise Port Of Gru

There is about 500 cruise ship berthing each year. All mayor cruise companies are scheduled for Dubrovnik Cruise Port like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, P& O Cruise, Costa Cruise, Norwegian Cruise, MSC Cruise, Princess Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Wind Star, Cunard Line, Disney Cruise Line, Azamara Club Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Pullman Tour, TUI Cruises, Holland America Line, Oceania Cruises, Silversea and others

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Dubrovnik Port Gru Harbour Guide

Dubrovnik port is situated at eastern Adriatic coast of southern Croatia. Ships usually approach from the south west through Velika Vrata and pass south of island Daksa and main land to the port pier. Port is situated at district of Gru about 3,5 kilometers from the Dubrovnik old town.Before war for independence of Croatia 1991 Dubrovnik Port was consist of facilitys for passengers, timber storage and refrigerated plants. During war these facilities were heavily damaged so 2009 big investment was placed to renovate and expand port. Now-days Dubrovnik Port is specialized as cruise port which can receive up to three mega and two middle size cruise ships.

Important facts for Dubrovnik port visitors:

What Can I Do In Four Hours Or Less

Cruise ships in Dubrovnik

Unless you are in Dubrovnik at the start or end of the cruise season, youre better off on your own unless you really do want a commentary on what you are seeing. Playing follow-the-guide in a group through the crowds is not much fun.

Enter the city across the drawbridge through the magnificent Pile Gate and you are at the start of Stradun, the emblematic main street. Now walk the ancient walls the entrance is on your left inside Pile Gate . The two kilometres of intact walls, towers and bastions surround the city, with epic views across red-tiled roofs to the green isle of Lokrum and the blue Adriatic. There are lots of steps, so youll need a good degree of fitness. Most cruise lines offer a guided wall walk but its preferable to set your own pace.

A short walk outside Pile Gate, the fortress of Lovrijenac, atop a giant rock, attracts surprisingly few visitors . There are sweeping views from the top ramparts. Almost as essential as exploring the citys remarkable palaces, churches and monasteries is a trip up the cable car the station is up behind the back of the old town. The vista down on Dubrovniks old town from a high ridge is worth the stinging £17.50 return fare. Most cruise lines will offer an organised Game of Thrones tour but youll save money by going direct to one of the independent operators.

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Game Of Thrones Attractions In Dubrovnik

Baroque Stairs – Game of Thrones

In fact, with the huge success of the Game of Thrones series, Dubrovnik has become a major attraction for those looking for the filming locations. If the cruise traveler is a fan of the Game of Thrones, there are a few locations not to be missed: namely, the famous steps and streets where Cersei Lannister is shamed and humiliated in the last episode of Season 5. But many other filming locations of the Game of Thrones season will be found in Dubrovnik and the cruise traveler will certainly recognize many whilst on a walk around the streets and squares of this spectacular city.

Getting To Zadar: Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Zadar

1) Smaller ships will dock at Zadar peninsula, at the Sea Promenade which is in the heart of the old town, just a stone’s throw from the church of St Donatus and all the other sights I described in Zadar Travel Guide: Attractions, Landmarks and Sights to See

2) Bigger ships will dock at the ferry port of Gaenica which is on the outskirts of Zadar, between Zadar and the village of Bibinje. That is where both ferries and cruise ships moved in 2014. The distance is some 5-6km .

If you are on a smaller ship and dock in the old town, you are very lucky, you will just get off the gangway and you are right there, ready to Do Top 10 Things in Zadar.

If you are on a bigger ship, you need to think about the way you will get to town as there is nothing there in the port of Gaenica, no shops and very limited shelter.

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Things To Know Before You Go

  • Dubrovnik Cruise Port has a visitor information desk, ATMs, restrooms, supermarket, bank, eateries, and foreign exchange kiosks.

  • If youre exploring Dubrovnik on foot, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared for some steep streets.

  • The steep, narrow, and often cobblestoned streets make travel by wheelchair or with a stroller difficult.

  • To eliminate the hassle of flagging down a taxi or navigating public transport, book a shore excursion that includes hotel pickup and drop-off.

Getting To Dubrovnik From Your Cruise Ship

Avoid Crowds With The 2019 Dubrovnik Cruise Schedule

If your cruise ship is one of those that anchor in this port, as mentioned above, they can do that at two completely different sides of the town.

1.Anchoring in front of Dubrovnik Old Town this is an amazing way to get introduced to this breathtaking port!

Get out on the open deck with your camera and enjoy the view the Old Town will almost be in the palm of your hand!

On the other side, there is the little island of Lokrum, a peaceful and lush oasis for those who want to enjoy a day of swimming.

Your tender boats will drop you right in the Old harbour from where you are only a few steps away from Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik, cafes, museums and shops!

2.Anchoring in front of the Gruz port – in this case your ship will anchor 2,5 km northwest of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

A five-minute tender boat ride will take you to the new, recently reconstructed port standing in the shade of the big white suspension bridge.

From here you will still need to get some kind of land transportation to the Old Town. For more info on that read the docking instructions below.

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Culture & History Of The Dubrovnik Cruise Port

Dubrovnik wasnt always its name, but the city was established in the 7th century as Ragusa. The citys fortifications and walled structures protected it from invasions, making Dubrovnik a site of refuge from invasions by outside groups. Dubrovnik was an independent republic that traded with major countries and whose significance in trade and commerce rivaled Venice at its heyday.

Dubrovnik was brought under the umbrella of the Byzantine empire during the 12th century, and later was occupied by the Venetians, who completed construction on parts of Old Town Dubrovnik that stand to this day. In 1667, the city was devastated by an earthquake and lost much of its strength. Unable to fight off the French invasion by Napoleon, Dubrovnik fell to the French, and then was bundled into Austria-Hungary in 1815.

The city became part of Croatia after World War I, and was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Then, in 1991, Dubrovnik was heavily attacked once Yugoslavia broke apart. This siege destroyed parts of Old Town, and the city struggled with getting tourists to return in light of the bombings. Today, Dubrovnik has to carefully manage its influx of tourists, as its grown in popularity as a tourist destination steadily throughout the 21st century.

Dubrovnik Port Facilities & Location

Where Ships Dock In Dubrovnik

One of the most wonderful cruise ship ports in Croatia, Dubrovnik is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic’ due to its location on the coast of the Adriatic sea formed by Italy and the Balkans. However, it must be pointed out that the main Cruise Port in Dubrovnik is around 2 miles from the Old Town where the top attractions are located, although sometimes cruise ships may also anchor. Find out more about where cruise ships dock.

The Port of Gruž

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How To Get To Dubrovnik From The Dubrovnik Cruise Port

The port in Gruz, a neighborhood about 2 miles north of Old Town, is the most common docking spot for arriving cruisers. Otherwise, the ship may dock in the Old Town harbor or anchor in the bay from there, passengers will be tendered into Old Town. Buses or taxis are available outside both ports, while shore excursions often offer round-trip transportation.

Overview To The Port Of Dubrovnik For Cruise Travelers: Where Ships Dock Top Things To See And Do Shopping Restaurants Beaches And Out Of Town

Shocking Things About The Dubrovnik Cruise Port

By: Editor-in-Chief | Date:

Dubrovnik is the most visited port in Croatia and one of the most popular cruising destinations in the Mediterranean cruise ship itineraries. It is located in the southern part of the country very close to the borders of both Montenegro and Bosnia.

The local population is very friendly and ready to help travelers find their way around or that special item to bring home with you. Dubrovnik has withstood a real test of time, with many invaders, conflicts and countries trying to take it over. Now that they are finally on their own, and Croatia is in the European Union, Dubrovnik is one of the most sought after destinations of Croatia, the Adriatic Sea and cruise ships on itineraries both in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean.

The Old Port in Dubrovnik

All major cruise lines include Dubrovnik on their Mediterranean itineraries and in particular on cruises departing or ending in Venice. However, Marella Cruise does fly on Tui directly from Britain to the Dubrovnik’s Airport and has a number of cruises starting and ending in Dubrovnik.

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What Are The Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik Croatia

Top attractions in Dubrovnik include the following: Visitors to Dubrovnik can enjoy a spectacular view of the city from the fortress situated a the top of Mount Srd. A cable car operates from the town to the mountain summit. For complete tourist information please visit the mobile-friendly Dubrovnik Croatia Travel Guide.

Restaurants And Coffee Shops Close By

Bistro 49

Cruise Travelers that do not want to miss the opportunity to savor real Croatian flavors and genuine cuisine have a great options in the Port of Gruž. Right across the street from the main gate, the Restaurant Bistro 49 is an excellent place to enjoy lunch. The modern decor and air-conditioned interior are inviting , the food is delicious and the Malvasia wine memorable.

Around 1/2 mile south of the main gate, next to the Travel Corner, there is a very nice al fresco coffee shop well know by Crew Members and savvy cruisers. Right across the street the Konoba Porat is one of the good restaurants in Gruž to taste delicious local and home made cuisine. The restaurant Amfora, close by, is the another highly recommended place to enjoy lunch. Learn More about Croatian Flavors and Top Restaurants in Dubrovnik.

Gourmet Lunch at Orsan

For a gourmet lunch in a more sophisticated ambiance, the cruise traveler will find on the opposite side of the bay where cruise ships dock, the Dubrovnikâs Yacht Club. As it is expected in a Yacht Club, you will find the Restaurant Orsan to be one of the best in Dubrovnik. Be aware that walking there is a bit of a stretch – close to 1.5 miles .

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Money Exchange And Atm’s

The best place to exchange money or cash kuna is at the Main Bus Station, where you will find both a Money Exchange Office and the ATM of OptaBanka. There has been conflicting reports about the use of money in Croatia, it is advisable to Learn More about Money and Basic Information before cruising.

Currency Exchange

Dubrovnik’s Beaches And Out Of Town

Dubrovnik to limit the number of cruise ships allowed to ...

For the most outstanding view of the city, mountains, and islands, the Srd Hill is a must go site that can be reached by the Dubrovnik Cable Car, built back in 1969.

Buza Beach

For a day on the beach or just for a dip in the Adriatic Sea after exploring the highlights of the Old Town, Dubrovnik has pristine beaches, some of which are pure hidden secrets. Be aware that most beaches in Dubrovnik are not sandy but with pebbles. Discover Dubrovnik Beaches and Outdoors.

KorÄula is a highlight close by

Most cruise travelers spend the day exploring the attractions of the Old Town but close by there are also a few hidden and very interesting treasures. These can be particularly interesting for cruise travelers that have-been-there-and-done-it-all. Among Dubrovnik’s famous surroundings, Cavtat, KorÄula, Lokrum, Mljet are highlights and destinations offered on shore excursions but that can also be explored on your own. Discover Out of Town Attractions.

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Getting To Dubrovnik From Your Cruise Ship Docking

If your ship is docking in Dubrovnik, it will always be in the port of Gruz.

This port is 2.5 km away from the Old town of Dubrovnik. So when it comes to getting to Dubrovnik you will need some kind of motorized transportation.

Here are your options:

1.Taking one of the organized tours. If this is your first visit to Dubrovnik, make sure you choose one of the tours that will take you to the Old Town and give you some time off here to walk around and explore! Really, this is where you want to spend your day! See some of our suggestions here…

2.Taking a taxi

there are always taxis available right in front of the cruise ship. They will charge you about $10 or 50 kn to Pile Gate, which is where you enter the Old Town. Split between up to 4 people its actually quite an affordable, quick and hassle-free way of getting to Dubrovnik Old town.

3.Taking the ship organized transfer bus some cruise lines will charge for this service and others will not. Inquire about your Dubrovnik transfers, once on the cruise ship, at the Tour desk!

These buses will also drop you off right by the Pile Gate where the pedestrian area of the Old town starts. The ride takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.

This is where you will catch them to get back to the cruise ship too. Just make sure you inquire what time the last bus back to the port is.

Most cruise lines will have organized a staff member to wait for the cruisers there and keep them organized in a line.

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