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Where Do Cruise Ships Leave From In Florida

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Royal Caribbean Allure Of The Seas

Norwegian Cruise Line threatens to leave Florida ports over vaccine passport ban, report says

Allure of the Seas will be reunited with her sister ship, Harmony of the Seas in Port Canaveral this coming May. She is considered one of Royal Caribbeans largest ships, accommodating up to 6,780 passengers. Popular among couples and families, Allure of the Seas is considered the most awarded ship to ever exist. Best Individual Ship, Best Large Cruise Ship, and Best for Entertainment are just a few of the titles shes earned over the years.

Some activities you can expect on Allure of the Seas are ziplining, rock climbing, simulated surfing, ice skating, and plenty of drinking since Allure of the Seas is said to have more bars than any other cruise ship. Feel free to also sing your favorite karaoke hits at On Air Club and dont forget to catch a show at the AquaTheaters outdoor pool stage.

With so much to do onboard, leaving the ship may not be your priority. However, youll definitely want to get off at Perfect Day at Coco Cay, which is Royal Caribbeans private island that underwent a $250 million makeover in 2019. Here youll have an opportunity to experience the tallest waterslide in North America, the largest freshwater pool in the Bahamas, and even a 459-foot high helium balloon ride.

For more information about Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruises out of Port Canaveral, as well as what hotel packages, transportation, and parking fellow cruisers are booking, click here.

Cruise Itineraries To And From Miami Florida

Follows a list of destinations visited by ships leaving out of Miami:

  • World Cruises – around the world voyages from Miami are offered in January, as well as shorter itinerary segments part of the main round-trip itinerary.
  • South America itineraries from Miami are operated by luxury lines or by budget lines ships on relocation routes to Brazil or Argentina . Round-trip itineraries usually visit ports in the Southern Caribbean, Brazil , then go back to Florida.
  • 8-day Southern Caribbean itineraries visit Grand Turk Island, Dominican Republic, Aruba , Curacao .
  • Panama Canal transits between Miami and California ports are offered with one-way itineraries . They include transition through Panama Canal and usually visit ports in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico .

Repositioning – Panama Canal transits from Florida to Alaska are offered in late Spring. The itineraries end either in California ports or in the turn-around ports for round-trip Alaskan departures – Vancouver BC or Seattle WA. The reverse routes are operated in early Fall.

Repositioning – Transatlantic crossings from Florida to Europe are offered in Spring. Ships on relocation routes from Miami usually include in the itineraries Canary Islands and Mediterranean ports, and often Bermuda . Longest relocation itineraries end in Baltic Sea turnaround ports .

Choose Fort Lauderdale For Breezier Transportation Options

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport is a busy international airport, but overall it’s less hectic than Miami. Choose to fly into or out of Fort Lauderdale if you want to avoid staggering wait times and find cheaper transportation options to the port. The Go Airport shuttle has a pickup location with a small stand in front of each airport. Shared rides in air-conditioned vans cost $11 and run every 15 to 20 minutes. Or, reserve the ride in advance to avoid the wait. Lyft and Uber also offer rideshare options in the area. Another possibility is driving yourself — driving to Port Everglades from the airport is about 5 miles and less than 10 minutes.

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Cruises That Leave From Florida

A peninsula state like Florida means the ocean is accessible from anywhere, and that means there are lots of ports to cruise from. If you live in Florida, you are fortunate indeed.

Bahamas cruises depart from Florida

Florida has more ports from which to cruise than any other state. In fact, there are five Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa and Port Canaveral. And with Miami being dubbed The Cruising Capital of the World, your options are extensive.

JoAnn and Kurt W.

Ready to cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean? Below weve listed all the cruise ship ports in Florida and helpful links including the cruises to the Bahamas or Caribbean destinations.

There are five cruise ports in Florida:

1. Port of MiamiIf youre sailing out of Miami, you can fly into either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. The closest airport to the Port of Miami is the Miami International Airport which is just a 17-minute drive away. From Ft. Lauderdale expect about a 40-minute drive. can arrange your transfers and reserve your shuttle from either airport and include it in your cruise package.

For directions using your GPS or map app enter the following address: Port of Miami, 635 Australia Way, Miami, FL 33132

Here are some of the cruises departing from the Port of Miami:

Caribbean cruises depart from Florida

For directions using your GPS or map app enter the following address: Port Everglades, 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Reaching The Florida Cruise Port Near Orlando

Cruise lines should ban passengers from freely roaming ...

If you fly into Orlando, the distance to Port Canaveral is 46 miles . Three other commercial airports service the area near Port Canaveral. Melbourne International Airport , Orlando Sanford International Airport , and Daytona Beach International Airport .

Miami Airport to Port Canaveral is 220 miles . And, the distance to Port Canaveral from Fort Lauderdale is 196 miles . The Tampa airport also provides another viable option. The distance from the Tampa International Airport to Port Canaveral is 136 miles .

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More Ships Coming To Get Crew Vaccinated

Meanwhile, more Royal Caribbean ships are coming to get its crew members vaccinated in preparation for cruises to sail.

The quick pace of approval with Florida’s ports means ships are coming to various ports for brief stops to get crew members inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Explorer of the Seas stopped in Port Canaveral on Wednesday to administer 210 vaccines, and Adventure of the Seas arrived on Friday morning to administer 1,050 vaccine doses. Explorer will return on Saturday for another 210 vaccines to be administered.

Cruise Ship Terminal Directions And Parking

  • From North – take I-95 South, drive eastbound I-395 . Continue driving on I-395 East . The entrance of Port Miami Tunnel is on the left. Follow the signs to your Cruise Terminal.
  • From North – take I-95 South. Exit 3B-Bayside. Drive south to Northeast 5th Street, turn left. 5th Str leads onto PortMiami Bridge. Continue over the bridge and follow the signs to your terminal.
  • From South – take SR-826 North to SR-836 East. Drive eastbound on SR-836 to I-395 East . Continue driving on I-395 East . The entrance of Port Miami Tunnel is on the left. Follow the signs to your Cruise Terminal. You can also take I-95 North and drive eastbound I-395 .
  • From South – take I-95 North. Exit at Northwest 2nd Street. Drive straight to NW 5th Street, make a right. 5th Str leads onto PortMiami Bridge. Continue over the bridge and follow the signs to your terminal.
  • From Miami Beach – take I-395 , drive westbound, exit on Biscayne Blvd ramp and make U-turn on North Bayshore Drive to enter MacArthur Causeway eastbound. Then continue on I-395 East .
  • Parking rates – USD 20.00 per day. All parking lots are outdoor and located in front their corresponding terminals. Special arrangements are offered for cruise passengers with disabilities.

Miami port, besides its 9 cruise terminals also has facilities to handle cargo ships and dry dock facilities for marine vessel refurbishments and repairs.

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Smaller Florida Cruise Ports

And, to complete the list, we should also mention that Florida hosts two smaller cruise ports with much more limited service. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Carnival Cruise lines had one ship sailing from the Jacksonville cruise port. And, the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line had short two-night cruises from the Palm Beach cruise port to the Bahamas.

The Jacksonville Airport is about 12 miles from the Jacksonville cruise port. The closest alternative city would be Orlando, where the airport is about 2 1/2 hours away from the Jacksonville port. Likewise, the Palm Beach International Airport is about 12 miles to the Palm Beach cruise port. But, since it is much farther south than Jacksonville, it is also readily accessible from Miami, which is about an 1 1/2 hour drive, and Fort Lauderdale, which is about an hour and 10 minutes.

Stunning Map Shows Dozens Of Cruise Ships Off Florida Coast

Cruise lines consider leaving Florida to enforce vaccine requirement

If you needed a visual of just how hard-hit the cruise industry has been, look no further than the map below.

This map, from the website, shows the current location of dozens of cruise ships off the coast of Florida near Miami and Fort Lauderdale. These ships are currently sitting idle as the entire industry has suspended sailings.

Because of a limited amount of spots to dock, cruise ships are taking turns. A ship will dock, get supplies it might need, and then head back to sea to bide their time and let another ship in its space. While they are sailing with no passengers, crew members are still aboard.

This is going on all around the entire country, in ports from Los Angeles to Charleston.

But when it comes to cruising, Florida is the king. Each year millions of passengers sail from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, and Tampa, and many ships homeport here.

Combined, these cruise ports have dozens of spots to dock and the facilities to handle multiple ships at once. For that reason, ships are staying in the region while cruises are suspended.

All told, we counted more than 40 cruise ships docked at the Port of Miami or Port Everglades or sailing in the area. This includes ships from all the major cruise lines, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian.

The map above is color coded, based on cruise line:

  • Red: Carnival
  • Purple: Celebrity
  • Blue: MSC

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Choose Miami If You’re Primarily Looking For Warm Weather

PortMiami continues to be a top departure port for cruises to islands and warm climes it almost exclusively serves warm-weather destinations. You’ll get great cruise choice out of this port if you’re looking to sail to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Central America or the Panama Canal. Unless you are setting off on a world cruise, you probably won’t hit any weather that could be considered “cool” unless you find yourself stuck in a storm or a freak cold spell.

Choose Miami If You’re An Art Or Design Aficionado

While Miami is well known for beaches full of beautiful people, sexy nightlife and an exuberant culinary community, it’s also home to a world of renowned art galleries and museums. The art scene is so thriving, that a worldwide gathering of artists, art dealers and collectors known as Art Basel, is held here annually. While there’s much to appreciate about the Magic City, those drawn to design of the art deco-era and modern art will especially appreciate the offerings.

Find things to do if you have just one day in Miami pre- or post-cruise.

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Choose Miami If You Prefer High

If you’re looking for a little atmosphere during your pre- or post-cruise stay, Miami offers a number of luxury and boutique hotel options in addition to the major chains. Along with the Hyatts and Hiltons, there’s Habitat Residences — contemporary condo-style accommodations in the Financial District — or Hotel Urbano, an artsy boutique hotel in the vibrant Brickell neighborhood of Miami. Both are located just about 2 miles from port, with endless more options in the surrounding areas of glitzy South Beach or historic Coconut Grove.

Check out the best hotels near Miami cruise port.

At Orlando International Airport

A glance at Florida

If you will be arriving at the Orlando airport the day before your cruise , you might want to consider spending the night before your cruise at Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport.

The Hyatt is an upscale hotel that is actually located in the airport terminal, so you dont have to worry about traveling any further. Just collect your bags, take them up on the elevator, check in and youre ready to start enjoying your vacation! Or, if you prefer, take advantage of their luggage retrieval service for a small flat fee , Hyatt staff will retrieve your luggage from baggage claim and deliver it to your room.

If you stay at the airport Hyatt instead of going all the way out to Walt Disney World, you are much closer to Port Canaveral. That means you can sleep in a little longer before heading off to the ship in the morning. You can choose from multiple dining options within the airport, or take a swim at the hotel. Its great way to start relaxing right away.

The Hyatt has a relationship with Disney, so you can arrange Disney bus transportation to the ship from the hotel . If you arrange your transportation through Disney, your luggage is transported directly to your stateroom on the ship. Talk about convenient!

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Themed Cruises From Florida

MSC Cruises hosts a variety of themed cruises that depart from Florida. The Holistic Holiday at Sea takes place aboard the MSC Divina, which departs from Miami, the port city thats often considered the cruising capital of the world. While the itinerary changes from year to year, the Holistic Holiday at Sea often goes to the Caribbean and Mexico, among other destinations. Its a dynamic vegan cruise that focuses on health and wellness, offering presentations from a variety of medical doctors, nutritionists, authors and animal rights activists. Three well-balanced, plant-based and creative meals are served each day for the duration of the cruise, and everything from morning massages to vegan ice cream parties are available for cruisers.

Weight Watchers offers cruises that depart from Miami through MSC Cruises, too destinations include the Caribbean islands. Along the way, guests are fed meals and snacks that adhere to the Weight Watchers program. They also can attend onboard meetings, attend lectures, go to social events, take classes and go to cooking demonstrations.

Another themed cruise that departs from Florida, the Rock Boat, was created for rock music fans, hosted by the Norwegian Pearl. This cruise leaves from Tampa, and its like a full music festival at sea with several bands performing every day. Rock fans have the chance to interact with band members onboard the cruise and participate in planned activities.

Unconstitutional Not Once But Twice

The other issue at play is the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution, which gives the federal government the right to regulate commerce among states and between the US and foreign countries and prohibits the states from interfering with that. Given that Norwegain’s cruise has an itinerary that includes visiting ports in US territories and foreign countries, it definitely includes aspects that fall under this clause.

Beyond that generality, Norwegian has made an agreement with the CDC in order to have approval to restart its cruise business that included vaccination plans. Many of the locations its cruises will be visiting also have entry requirements that include vaccination as an alternative to lengthy quarantines. So there are specific aspects of Norwegian’s national and international business that Section 381.00316 would interfere with.

That can still be constitutional if the law were to provide in-state benefits that outweighed the interference. But, as noted above, Williams was not persuaded that the Section 381.00316 provided any benefits, and the judge specifically indicated that the purported benefits offered by the state weren’t legitimate, as described just above.

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What About Port Liberty

With all of the news recently of Florida cruise ports working with Royal Caribbean to sign port agreements, many cruise fans have been asking about the state of affairs as it relates to Port Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey.

A spokesperson for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey issued a statement after reached out for an update.

“We are working closely with Cape Liberty Cruise Port in anticipation of the trial cruise required by the CDCs Conditional Sail Order to take place by mid-August, with a regular schedule of cruises expected to resume by the end of August.”

“At this time, there is no timeline for cruise resumption at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.”

Miami Cruise Terminals B C D E F G H J

Local officials worry about possibility of cruise lines leaving Florida
  • port address – “1741,1751 Africa Way, Dodge Island, Miami Florida 33132”
  • location – 8 mi / 13 km from Miami International Airport, 25 mi / 40 km from Fort Lauderdale International Airport
  • Port entrance is via Biscayne Blvd .
  • Terminal address – “zzz Cruise Boulevard, Port of Miami, Miami, FL 33132”
  • In the above address replace “zzz” with the corresponding address listed below:
  • “Terminal A” – here dock Royal Caribbean ships only. Berth length is 1300 ft .
  • Terminal B – here dock NCLH-Norwegian ships only
  • Terminal C
  • Terminal D – here dock Carnival ships only.
  • Terminal E – here dock Carnival ships only.
  • Terminal F
  • Terminal G – here dock Royal Caribbean ships only
  • Terminal H – for Resorts World Bimini .
  • Terminal J Terminal J is primarily for docking luxury cruise ships from the fleets of Azamara, Crystal, Oceania, Regent. This terminal underwent an USD 3 million refurbishment which upgraded the furniture, more lounge seating was added, along with new check-in counters.

Terminals D and E are the newest and can berth the world’s largest cruise ships with capacity up to 5000 passengers. Their buildings are 3-story facilities , airline counters, conveyor baggage system.

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