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Where Do River Cruise Ships Dock In Basel Switzerland

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Private Taxi Transfers To/from Basel Viking Port

Tauck Rhine River Cruise Amsterdam to Switzerland

You come the to the right place if you are looking for a taxi or private transfer from Viking river cruise port dock to any location in Switzerland, France and Germany. All inclusive prices for up to 6 passengers per transfer. Clean limousines and minibuses for a day trip from Basel? Or only a transfer to the Basel airport, Zurich airport or to your booked hotel? We are here to help with all your transportation needs and for transfers from and to Viking river cruise port, dock, terminal in Basel.

What Are The Closest Stations To Viking River Cruise Ship

The closest stations to Viking River Cruise Ship are:

  • Basel Kleinhüningen is 944 meters away, 13 min walk.
  • Basel Depot Wiesenplatz is 1447 meters away, 19 min walk.
  • Basel Wiesenplatz is 1449 meters away, 19 min walk.
  • Weil am Rhein Dreiländerbr. is 1737 meters away, 23 min walk.
  • Weil am Rhein Steinackerstr. is 2277 meters away, 30 min walk.
  • Huningue Place Abbatucci is 2583 meters away, 34 min walk.
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    Basel is pretty much divided into two main areas, , which are Grossbasel , the historic medieval town on the south bank, and Kleinbasel , situated north of the river, and where the nightlife action happens.

    Knowing that both areas are easily accessible from the cruise port terminal, the SBB train station, and the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport, you can choose among hotels based on your budget, available deals, and personal preference. Also, keep in mind that the bus and tram network is excellent, as could be expected from public transport in Switzerland. This means you will be able to travel between the port terminal and the wide majority of hotels quickly and easily.

    Hotels in Basel Switzerland near PortHotel, Port & Airport Transfers

    Basel River Cruise Port in Switzerland

    Ships dock at three different piers St. Johannspark , Dreiländereck or Klybeckquai

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    Basel Train Station To Port For Viking Cruise/what Tram Do We Catch

    We’re coming into Basel by train to catch a viking cruise. We plan on taking the tram to the port rather than a taxi which I understand are very expensive. We travel light so it’s not a problem hauling our luggage. Can anyone help me figure out which tram to take from the train station? Viking told me that the “ship” will be at the main dock: which they called: Deilandereck or at Klyberckquai. I was unable to find directions on google map nor were they able to help me figure out what tram to take.Any help would be appreciated.thanks!

    Sue,There are two possible places for a ship to dock, but you have told me which one. . You can pan and zoom this map.

    From the station :

    • Buy a 1 zone ticket from the green ticket machines outside the station, cost CHF 3.60.
    • Take tram number 8, direction “Kleinhünigen” or “Weil am Rhein”.
    • Get off the tram at “Kleinhünigen” , it is about 5-10 minute walk to the ship dock.

    . “Bahnhof SBB” is in square D4, Kleinhünigen is in square D2. A taxi would cost about CHF 30.

    P.S. Google maps is not very Europe-orientated!

    You got your “r” in the wrong spot. It’s “Dreilandereck” and “Klybeckquai”. They are on the east bank of the Rhine down river from the central district. Basel Bad is actually the closest station, so if you can get off there, you’d be close. They are in an industrial area, so it should not be very expensive cab ride from Basel Bad.

    Advice Requested For Few Days After River Cruise

    Disney River Cruises to Start in July 2016

    We are in the very beginning stages and planning a brief stay in Switzerland. Our river cruise will end in Basel on May 15. I am thinking off getting off the ship then taking a train to Lucern where we would spend 3-4 nights. We would tour around Lucern then train to Zurich and fly home.

    We have traveled in Europe many times but only used regional trains in UK and Italy. They were a bit confusing. We will be traveling with minimal luggage.

    Does my plan sound good Would there be a better option?


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    Cruising Down The Rhine River: Our Great Viking Longboat Experience

    • Cruising Down the Rhine River: Our Great Viking Longboat Experience

    In 2015, we traveled 820 miles down the Rhine River on an eight-day Viking River Cruise from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Basel, Switzerland. It was one of the best trips weve ever takenand we dont say that lightly, having logged more than 2 million flight miles across the world! The experience was simply outstanding, from start to finish. We enjoyed delicious, exceedingly fresh food fine wines tailored itineraries breathtaking scenery excellent customer service and modern, clean rooms. Dr. Gary Raymond, a friend who took the identical Viking riverboat cruise weeks before, echoed his satisfaction with the trip, commenting that out of 18 cruises he has been on, this was one of the best! He noted, Everyone from the captain down was open to taking care of any problem you could come up with.

    Viking is one of several major cruise lines, including AmaWaterways, Uniworld, Avalon Waterways, and Tauck, to run river cruises in a variety of countries. Taking a Viking cruise is a very different experience than being on one of the large cruise ships, however. Having only 190 passengers on board promoted a unique and relaxing atmosphere. There were a few teenagers, but most of the passengers were 50 or older. We did not see any children or loud, wild groups, as one would experience on the larger cruise ships, which carry thousands of passengers!

    What Hotel Does Viking Use In Basel

    Hyperion Hotel BaselHyperion Hotel Basel. When you book a pre-extension with Viking, they take care of all of your hotel arrangements. So we didnt choose the Hyperion Hotel on our own. If you want to learn more about the pre-extension process you can read our last post all about the Viking River Cruises experience.

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    Joining A Cruise Ship In Basel

    There are three possible places a cruise ship can dock in Basel: St Johann, Klybeck and Dreiländerecke.St Johann is the original location, by the city gate of the same name.Klybeck and Dreiländerecke are in the docks, further downstream and on the opposite side of the river.

    I was walking along the riverside footpath yesterday, past St Johann. There were 4 ships tied up. Only two landing stages, the other two were “double parked”.About 5 minutes later I came across a couple on the path, with 2 suitcases, a big 4-wheeler and a smaller 2-wheeler. rolling these cases with difficulty along the path away from the ships. One case had a large “Viking Cruises” label on it. I had to ask what they were doing.

    I hope those two found their ship OK.

    How To Get The Best European River Cruises

    Rhine River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel

    The purpose of this page is provide you a comprehensive guide of the available Europe River Cruise Routes, so you can decide on which route will be the best for your next Europe river cruise vacation.

    Europe has the distinction of the continent with the largest number of navigable rivers compared to other regions of the world. They are often devoid of major obstacles such as waterfalls and rapids, and are usually wide and deep enough to allow a steady passage of people and material on all types of sailing vessels. Combine the easy navigation with captivating sights such as castles, vineyards, capital cities and small, quaint villages and it is clear to me why folks would want to sail these amazing rivers!

    Europe Rivers Photo Map from AmaWaterways

    We are often ask Which river should we sail on for my first Europe river cruise? My short answer is take multiple trips–I would sail on all of them! However, the problem is that most of us dont have unlimited time and money to sail them all.

    So to solve this dilemma, here is our guide to the European River routes most available to you. I will describe the river, point out a couple of highlights and why you might consider sailing on this river. The routes may be very short or may cover larger distances. While there are some variations, many lines essentially cruise the same route on the most popular European rivers.

    Ready?Lets cruise together!

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    Frequently Asked Questions: Basel Rhine River

    Why should I choose a river cruise?What should I look for on a riverboat?RiverboatsShould I get a room with a balcony?What is dining like?Do river cruises ever visit destinations that aren’t on the river?Will my vessel have WiFi?What kind of power outlets are there? Will I need a converter?How can I save money on a river cruise?deals pageAre Rhine river cruises a good family vacation?Do Americans and Canadians need a passport and visa to travel to the Rhine River?European visa requirements

    Most Booked Car To Or From Basel Viking River Cruise Ship Terminal

    You can book from a sedan up to a minibus for 15 people with us. The most booked is definitely our minivan Mercedes V class 8 seater. This vehicle is great because you can travel with up to 6 or 7 people at the same time with plenty room for your luggage to or from the Viking rhine river cruise terminal in Basel.

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    The Rhine River & Its Tributaries

    Much of western European civilization developed around the Rhine River and its tributaries. The Rhine is the busiest commercial river in Europe, yet it is also famous for castles, and vineyards. The commercial boats, along with the local ferries and other boats all seem to work well with river cruise ships and do not detract from the iconic sites along the river, as the best stretches are often protected from commercial activity that could spoil the sights.

    The 820 mile Rhine actually passes through 6 countries, but most folks consider it a German River since so much of its banks are on German soil. The middle Rhine and especially the Rhine River Gorge, has the greatest concentration of scenic banks and castles in all Europe. It never gets old!

    There are three main routes:

    Lower Rhine Northern Loop Route of Tulip Time Map from AmaWaterways

    A Typical Rhine River Route. This is the second most popular route on Europe Rivers. Map image is from AmaWaterways

    The second route is usually from Amsterdam to Basel Switzerland on the Rhine, , using both the lower Rhine and the upper Rhine . This is the second most popular cruise route in Europe. This cruise begins with legendary canals and the colorful surroundings of Amsterdam, past the majestic Cologne Cathedral and on to the Black Forest region of Germany and the Alsace region of France. The best stretch is the Rhine River Gorge with its 40 castles dotting the hillsidesunmatched anywhere in the world!

    Docking Location: St Johann Pier 1

    10 day Amsterdam to Basel river cruise

    After 1.5 hours, our flight from London arrived in Basel, Switzerland. Since Crystal moved the departure time from 8 pm to 5 pm, there was no time for us to visit the Basel Old Town which was directly opposite the dock.

    We were the 1st ones to get to the passport control and got our luggage 30 minutes after arrival. Very impressed with the super fast service at Basel Airport!

    As soon as we stepped into the airport arrival hall after collecting our luggage, we were greeted by a Crystal rep who ushered us to the luxurious Crystal Coach. The 15-minute drive to the dock led us past the Old Town to our boat.

    When we arrived at the dock, we could only see the Crystal tent. Where was the boat?

    We had to walk down the ramp to get to the boat. Having a Deck 2 suite on the Starboard side of the ship, our view from the room was facing the dock. We booked too late last November so all rooms including the Petite suites on Deck 3 were sold out, so we had to take a less desirable room location on Deck 2.

    Suite #205 was quite spacious with a King bed, bathroom with double sinks and a walk-in closet. I loved the panoramic window that could be lowered to form a balcony. Its an extremely clever design. The lowering of the window took 39 seconds and as soon as the glass was touched, the window would stop moving as a safety feature.

    Bathroom with a big shower and Etro products

    After a quick cup noodle snacks, we attended the muster drill in the Palm Court with the new Crystal safety vest.

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    What Can I Do In Four Hours Or Less

    Discover Basels enchanting character on a walking tour, or mosey the streets alone. Start at Münsterplatz by the minster, where the observation platform looks across the Rhine to the Black Forest.

    Then descend Augustinergasse into the city centre, where you can admire the frescoes at the terracotta-red 16th century Rathaus or browse local produce at the weekday market on Marktplatz.

    Climb up Spalenberg into the honeycombed medieval alleyways, where colourful shuttered townhouses containing smart boutiques are juxtaposed with huge graffiti of world-famous musicians on Gerbergässlein.

    Emerge onto Barfüsserplatz, home to era-sweeping Basel Historical Museum in a bone-white Gothic church, then continue towards Tinguely fountain one of 140 in the city where nine lively iron figures toss water around.

    Round off with a stroll through St Albans Vorstadt, dubbed Little Venice thanks to its timber-framed buildings rising from the millstream. The Paper Mill Museum here makes a surprisingly fascinating visit.

    Fixed Prices For Local Taxi Transfers

    • Basel Airport 60
    • Transfer from Zurich City to Basel Rhine River Cruise Dock 280 Swiss francs
    • Transfer from Basel Rhine River Cruise Dock to Zurich City 280 Swiss francs
    • Transfer from Basel Rhine River Cruise Dock to Lucerne 280 Swiss francs
    • Transfer from Lucerne to Basel Rhine River Cruise Dock 280 Swiss francs

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    River Cruising To Basel Switzerland

    Basel, Switzerland, is a friendly and fascinating city located near where the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland meet. With the Rhine River flowing through the oldest part of the city, it is a fantastic port to explore. This museum-rich location truly has something for everyone, along with a population that loves sharing the treasures of their town. For those who enjoy museums and educational exhibits, the experiences vary from the Basel Paper Mill to contemporary art and natural history. There are many unique museums to consider.

    Basel has an excellent public transportation system, and its free to anyone staying in a local hotel. If you have a chance to arrive a day or two early before a cruises departure or stay a day or two after disembarkation, it is a great use of travel days. There are many trams and buses that cross the city and make site seeing easy. There are a few transportation hubs across the city, and one is the Spalentor that was preserved from the citys historic outer wall, built in the 14th century.

    Tinguely Brunnen Fountain | Photo: Basal Tourism /

    Around the corner from Tinguelys fountain is the Open Church Elizabeth . Theres a café with outdoor seating that gives you a moment to pause in the shadow of its 19th century neo-Gothic architecture and enjoy a café or light meal.

    Basel Minster Cathedral | Photo: Basal Tourism /

    Milkshakes at Mels | Mels Bar Diner & Play/Facebook

    A Short List Of Some Of Our Transfers

    Viking River Cruise On The Rhine

    Some of our transfers of passengers disembarking or embarking from the Basel docks: Viking River Cruises, Scenic Tours, Tauck River Cruise, Uniworld’s River Antoinette, Viking Sun, Diamond River Cruise, Alemania Cruise Ship, Uniworld Cruise Dock, Avalon Waterways, MS Alemannia, MS Scenic Opal etc. You are still not convinced? Contact us.

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    Punctual And Reliable We Are Getting The Passengers In Place And On Time

    Ask us for your personal transportation from/to major airports and hotels. Book your transfers with confidence: you pay the fixed transfer price displayed on your confirmation e-mail without surprises.

    Hi Patrick, thank you for a very smooth service on Sunday, with all the changes it wasnt the easiest of jobs.

    Claire D., Newmarket Holidays

    Sound Of Music Monarch Empress & Monarch Countess

    AmsterdamThere are several docks which are located within a 1/2 mile radius of the Central Rail Station, and all are located near the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. Docking locations vary by sailing date, and will be confirmed in your final documentation. The final docking location subject to change by the Amsterdam Port Authorities.Ports:Map

    ArlesThe port is located on Quai Lamartine, between Rue Marius Jouveau and Quai du 8 Mai 1945.

    BaselDocking locations vary by sailing date, and will be confirmed in your final documentation. The final docking location subject to change by the Basel Port Authorities.Ports:Map

    BudapestRiver Cruise Docking Locations – The Mahart Port is located on the Pest side of the city between the Elizabeth Bridge and the Lagymanyosi Bridge . The distance between the bridges is approximately 2.5 miles. The exact dock is not known prior to arrival as this is strictly controlled by the Budapest river authorities. The name of the ship should be clearly visible on the side of the vessel. If you are unable to locate the ship, please contact the ship at the telephone number provided in your tour documents to receive the most recent docking information.

    LyonThe port is located on Quai Claude Bernard, between the Pont de l’Universite and the Pont Gallieni , close to the University of Lyon.

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    Enjoy Affordable Basel Rhine River Cruise Terminal Taxi Services & Private Car Transfers By Limousine Van Or Minibus

    Basel Port Transportation offers taxi services to and from all 3 rhine river cruise terminals in Basel, St. Johann, Klybeck and Dreiländereck. Private Transfers with limousines, vans, SUVs, minibuses and dedicated drivers/ chauffeurs which will make your private transportation much more safe and relaxed. We cover all rhine river cruise ships, Viking, Crystal, Scenic, Uniworld, Tauck, Emerald, Amawaterways, Avalon and all other cruise ships which are not listed. Contact us right now and tell us how our private shuttle service can help. Be sure that you become a satisfied costumer too.

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