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Are There Casinos On Cruise Ships

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Are Drinks Free In A Cruise Ship Casino The Same Way They Are In A Land Casino

Cruise Ship Casinos: What to Know Before You Play

Drinks are only free in casinos on ships where drinks are always free, such as luxury lines including Crystal, Silversea and Regent. On most ships, you’ll have to pay for your drinks just like you do at the bar or in the dining room. Pit bosses do have the authority to buy a round for the table a couple of times a night, so make friends with the pit boss if you can. If you’re a member of a cruise ship’s casino loyalty program and have racked up enough points, you might earn free drinks but most programs require you to bet a significant amount of money before all drinks are on the house.

Types Of Casino Cruises

A wide range of casino cruises are available for the interested gamblers. These include river and sea cruises, luxury or budget cruises, day and night cruises and cruises depending upon the country. Gamblers can also opt for cruises that offer games of their interest. Most often than not, gambling cruises are luxurious in setting but offer food and drink at economical prices. This is done to attract customers on board and make them play at the casino. Cruises can be taken for specific hours or for the entire night or day as per the package. Many include a set number of coins that are provided with the booking costs that make the customers play the money out.

Booking On A Casino Cruise

Booking on a casino cruise is usually easy. First you need to find the cruises available at your city. Depending upon your budget you need to decide on an economical or a luxury cruise. Consider the factors of what all is inclusive on your ticket. If you do not drink then you may opt for a casino that does not charge for drinks on the ticket itself. Next you need to consider the games you are interested in playing and whether the cruise casino offers the games of your choice. Based on these factors, you can then go online and buy a ticket if required. You can also contact the casino through phone for more details.

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Gambling Vacations In 2020

Want your next trip to be a gambling one? It doesnt get much better than a cruise. Essentially luxury hotels that sail between one exotic destination after another, cruise ships mean: all-inclusive and endless buffets, cringey but fun cabaret acts, a new location every day or two and, of course, a casino. Maybe even a great one

Now youre all clued up about gambling on cruise ships and the laws at sea, you can get planning your next trip!

Count On A Bruising If You Gamble While Cruising

Enjoy a cruise vacation that includes a great casino ...

QUESTION: You’ve stated that casinos are regulated to make sure that slot machines are random and honest. Who regulates the casino slot machines on cruise ships? Phillip W.

ANSWER: Cruise ship gambling came about with the 1991 Cruise Ship Competitiveness Act, which gave U.S. ships the opportunity to offer games once they hit international waters.

The gambling laws for land-based casinos are clear. It is far more difficult to know who is setting and enforcing the laws at sea. There is an organization called the International Council of Cruise Lines that offers some regulatory control. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near the level of the control exercised over U.S. land-based casinos. Cruise ships operate in international waters and are not bound by land-based casino regulations.

If you happen to have a dispute, you won’t likely find an ICCL agent on board. Your alternative is to speak to the casino manager, or, if you’re still not satisfied, bring your concern to the attention of the hotel manager. Those are pretty much your resolution options.

Regulations or not, lack of competition gives casinos little reason to cheat the captive masses. Competition is what raises slot payoffs. On the open water, cruise ships have no competition, just a confined audience. The casino knows you’re a one-timer on a holiday and that your pockets are full of cash. It isn’t looking for repeat business because you’re probably never coming back.

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Whats The Gambling Age On A Cruise Ship

While there are some exceptions, the majority of places in the United States require you to be 21 to gamble in a casino.

On a cruise which heads to international waters the minimum age to gamble is 18 years old. If youve ever wanted to try your luck but havent been old enough to head to Las Vegas, a cruise ship might be your best bet.

Which Cruise Ships Have The Best Casinos

Casinos are pretty common on cruise ships nowadays. But while most cruise liners have a few video slots machines, a couple of poker tables, and maybe a blackjack table, a few notable ships have fully-decked out luxury casinos, complete with all the glitz and glamor youd expect from a land-based casino.

If youre a real gambling honcho and are used to the real casino experience, which cruise ships would appeal to your senses? With that question in mind, heres our list of the

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Cruise Ship Casinos Are Only Open Limited Hours

Head to a casino on land and it will always be open. Whether you want to gamble at 7 a.m. Christmas morning or 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, youll always find land-based casinos welcoming your business.

On a cruise ship, casinos offer limited hours. First, they are closed while the cruise ship is in ports of call, usually to adhere to local regulations. They are also closed in the mornings while the ship is underway. Most casinos will open late morning and stay open throughout the day and well into the next mornings hours. If youre an early-morning gambler then youll have to wait.

Also, if you like table games then you may have to wait to play, even if the casino is open. Games like craps where there arent always a large number of players often stay shuttered until later in the afternoon.

Mad About Myrtle: The Casino Cruise To Nowhere


Blog>Magazine>Mad about Myrtle: The Casino Cruise to Nowhere

Located on the east coast of the United States, in the middle of the mighty Grand Strand beach in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is one of the countrys most tempting tourist destinations.

A winning blend of subtropical climate, and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, make Myrtle Beach a winner for fun and sun loving visitors. In fact, it is estimated that more than 14 million people make the trip down South every year.

Theres one more reason why Myrtle Beach is such a crowd pleaser. Just three miles offshore, the casino cruise ships are open for business. In the last century, a three mile limit off the coast was set as the boundary of the United States. This was based on the distance a shore-based cannon could fire.

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General Cruise Lines Have A Loyalty Program

Not all cruise lines have a loyalty program, but those that do tend to shave this program with other ships. In the casino, you earn points every time you play, which can add up to drinks, as mentioned, or free cruise vacations. If you want to gamble just to earn rewards, youll likely lose more money than youll make, so focus more on getting that jackpot than earning free stuff.

Legal Gambling Ages On Cruise Ships

Again, this works on an international vessel basis and, of course, on whose water you are floating at the time.

If youre complying with US law, or are on specific ships that stop in US ports, you must be at least 21-years-old to gamble.

However, much like the rest of the rules, if the nation under whose flag you are sailing has a more liberal approach to gambling, then the age cut-off might drop to 18, as it is in the UK.

Even then, you could still be at the discretion of the cruise line, with some requiring that passengers aged between 18 and 21 be accompanied by a passenger over 21 if they want to gamble and drink.

If in doubtalways check before you book.

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Drinks Arent Usually Free

Unless youre on a luxury cruise line like the Regent, Silversea, or Crystal, youll have to pay for all of your drinks in the casino. Pit bosses can buy a round of drinks for passengers, so if you want free drinks, make friends with a pit boss immediately. Cruise ships have loyalty programs that could give you free drinks or other prizes once you rack up enough points.

World Wide Casino Cruises Casino Cruise Ships

Top 3 Best Cruise Ship Casinos in 2020

While casino cruises are extremely popular throughout the world, the best ones are found in the United States and United Kingdom. The cruise industry in itself is a huge and profitable one and is valued at over $15.3 billion a year. Also many people opt for cruises not just for the casinos, but find it as a great alternative to flying and bookings.

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Cruise Ship Casinos Dont Offer Free Drink Service

One of the hallmarks of gambling is the free drink service offered. As long as youre playing, then land-based casinos are happy to keep you drinking. Its totally different on a cruise ship.

Since alcohol is such a big revenue generator on cruises, there is no free cocktail service in the ships casino. There are bars, but youll need to buy your drinks unless youre a pretty big player.

Things You Need To Know About Casino Cruises

Özgür Töre
04 April 2021

While a regular cruise wont guarantee a casino parlor, casino cruises are designed to cater to customers who want to gamble on vacation.

Famous cruise ships like Royal Caribbean International feature blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots, but others add even more games like Princess Cruises. However, you can come to expect these 8 things on every casino cruise.

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Cruise Ship Casinos Actually Have Windows

Ever gambled in a casino with a view? Of course not. Its an age-old tactic used by land-based casinos to limit the amount of natural light coming in to keep people playing longer instead of thinking about the time. Many cruise ship casinos offer plentiful windows running down the sides of the ship. And if you get a seat near one, you can have a great view of the passing water while playing. Its a unique view for a casino and actually makes us want to stick around longer!

Do All Cruise Liners Offer Casinos

Cruise Ship Casinos…How The Cruise Lines Trick You!

Most of the cruise lines offer gambling facilities on at least some of their ships. The only big-name exception is Disney. None of their huge ships have any form of casinos or gambling on board. That makes a lot of sense since Disney would want to keep things as kid-friendly as possible.

On all other cruise ships, gambling is very much on the cards. The simple rule of thumb is the bigger the ship, the bigger the casino on board. The Royal Caribbean line is famous for its Oasis-class ships, the biggest cruise liners in the world.

They have absolutely massive casinos on these ships, with over 450 slot machines and numerous game tables spread across thousands of square feet. The Oasis of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean vessel, holds the record of having the largest Vegas-style casino on the water.

The other cruise lines are not far behind either. The bigger ships from lines like Holland America, Norwegian, and Carnival Line all offer large casinos. Mid-size ships from companies like Oceania have smaller casinos with less than 50 slots machines. Windstar and Seabourn are examples of lines with the smallest ocean casinos, often having just a handful for tables and slot machines.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cruise Ship Casinos

While some cruise lines offer more games than others, blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots are standard on all ships except Silversea Cruises, which doesn’t allow poker. Heres what cruise lines offer in their casinos so you can take a gamble on your next cruise:

Cruise Line

Blackjack, roulette, three-card poker, slots.;

$3-$5 for table games; penny slots.;

Gaming lessons available.

Age: 18; 21 on Alaska sailings.

Payment: Cash, onboard account, or pre-approved line of credit.


Blackjack, roulette, three-card and electronic poker, craps, bingo, slots.;

$5 for blackjack and craps; $1 for roulette; penny slots.

Card tournaments on select sailings.

Age: 18

Payment: Cash or onboard account.

Smoking is permitted; there are non-smoking areas.

Blackjack, roulette, three-card and electronic poker, Texas Hold em, , craps, slots. Baccarat and let it ride are available by request on Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Equinox, and Celebrity Solstice. Number of tables and slots varies by ship.;


Varies for table games; $5 for blackjack; penny slots.

Age: 18; 21 on Alaska sailings.

Payment: Cash or onboard account.

Smoking is not permitted.

Costa Cruises

Blackjack, three-card and five-card poker, fun 21, roulette, slots.

$5 for card games $3 on port days from 8-9 pm and sea days 2-6 pm; $1 for roulette.

Age: 18.

Can I Use Cash In The Casino Or Is Everything Charged On My Cruise Card

On most cruises, you’ll be able to use both cash and your cruise card. At the tables, your cash will be turned into chips or you can charge the price of the chips on your cruise card. Most slot machines will just take your cruise card, but some will also take cash. Very few cruise ship casinos are cash-only but a few do exist. Though most big ships will have an ATM, the fee to withdraw money is usually pretty high; bring some bills if you’re unsure of how the casino on your chosen ship works.

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Ways Cruise Ship Casinos Might Change

As the cruise industry works to figure out exactly what the future will look like aboard ships, one space in which theyll be making major changes is the casino.

Table games and slot machines are major money-makers for most cruise lines, but also potentially problematic in the age of social distancing.

All You Can Eat Action

Norwegian Cruise Line Returning to Australia

The Big M is a slightly smaller boat that claims to pay out more jackpots than any other casino in South Carolina. Games on board include Let It Ride, 3 Card Poker, and the loosest slots. All it costs to enjoy a five hour trip is $25 and there is an all you can eat buffet on board.

Frequent Myrtle Beach visitor and casino cruise fanatic Todd Jones is a regular daytripper on the Big M Gambling Boat.

Me and my family have been coming to Myrtle Beach for as long as I can remember. We live in Columbia and it takes less than three hours to get to the beach, he said.

The kids are grown up now so now my wife and I can do exactly what we want. The Big M is the third boat that Diamond Management have owned. The first time we tried a casino cruise, we sailed on the Southern Elegance. That was eventually replaced by the Diamond Girl Two and now the Big M.

We enjoy the actual cruise as much as we enjoy ourselves playing at the casino. Its a lot of fun and the staff are very patient. They are friendly and helpful because there are a lot of novice players to consider.

I do remember one time when the surge was quite strong and the roulette chips flew all over the table. It definitely adds another dimension to the game, he said.

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Card Sharks Are A Rare Species At Sea

Professional gamblers tend to focus their energies on the land-based casinos that are open around the clock, without the distractions of a cruise from buffets to deck parties and those pesky ports of call. Plus, according to Paul Jarvis, vice president of casino operations for Carnival Corp., card sharks seek anonymity, and passengers need to provide the cruise line with their passport details before boarding.

Casino Limits For Table Games And Slot Machines

If youre a low-stakes gambler, then youll feel right at home on a cruise ship. Minimums across games are low, making it affordable for any level of player to enjoy themselves.

Of course, there are penny slots as youll find in any casino . On table games you will find minimums starting at $5 for many games.

This makes sense considering the potential customer base on a cruise. With only a few thousand people on the ship the cruise needs to be sure to appeal to the most people possible.

That said, we have seen table games starting to creep up to $10 minimums instead of $5.;

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Countries To Keep An Eye On

Gambling laws can change quickly, so the above list is not exhaustive.

Always remember to do your research on local gambling laws before you roll the dice, but keep your eyes peeled for developments in some of these countries

In some nations such as North Korea and Cambodia, land-based gambling is illegal for natives yet legal for visitors, which has led to a casino-tourism boom for the latter.

Its reported that in Lebanon there is only one licensed casino on land. But this just means that inventive locals and tourists board a cruise ship from Beirut, Abou Merhi Cruises: Orient Queen, where you can gamble to your hearts content off-shore.

Youll find a similar situation in Israel, where casino betting on land is illegal, but there are a number of cruise ships with casinos in the major ports, that will allow you spin the roulette wheel in international waters.

Bermuda and Malta are two more nations where the waters are muddied, as gambling is permitted only in ports on overnighting cruise ships that have had a license approved, and between set hours.

While Japan has finally given the green light to the construction of three integrated casino resorts its first ever. But the news hasnt been a hit with large swathes of the public with many people wondering whether casinos will increase crime levels in Japan.

Still, if youre planning a cruise in Asia, these developments are worth keeping tabs on.

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