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Best Cruise Ship For Teens

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Best Ship For Families With Older Kids: Odyssey Of The Seas

10 Best Cruise Ships for Teenagers!

Let’s say you have tweens or teen in your family and want to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise that caters more to them than younger children.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships have always been the best choice for families with older children because of the more sophisticated offerings onboard.

Just like Wonder of the Seas, Odyssey of the Seas is the newest ship in its class and has the latest offerings available. Moreover, Odyssey is a very new ship too, which means you’re going to find lots to enjoy.

If you have a teen, be sure to start off by showing them the teen club and teen sun deck. Teens not only have an indoor area for them, but they have a reserved area of the pool deck just for them.

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Then there’s the SeaPlex on Odyssey of the Seas, where throughout the day activities are swapped that include bumper cars, roller skating, basketball, and more. Parents can “observe” from the nearby Playmakers sports bar located on the upper level of the SeaPlex.

Something to do with your teens would be Zone Zero, an immersive virtual reality experience where you put on a full virtual reality suit.

Everyone will be able to also check out North Star observational pod, which is a glass capsule that takes you 300 feet above the ocean.

If your teens ever wanted to try skydiving, Odyssey has a sky diving simulator too!

Fun Isn’t Just For Adultsteens & Tweens Program

Whether hanging out with other cruisers or checking out games, sports and parties are on your tween’s agenda, our teen-only spots are the places to go. Our Teen program also allows older kids the freedom to come and go as they please. They’ll love it so much the only thing you might wish for is a little more time with your kids.

Royal Caribbean: Oasis Of The Seas

On Royal Caribbean’s newly revamped Oasis of the Seas, line up for the Ultimate Abyss, the tallest dry slide at sea. As in, 10 stories of twisty, turny fun. On the top deck, a trio of wet and wild multi-story water slides, including Typhoon, Cyclone and Supercell, wow thrill-seeking teens. Sidle up to Portside BBQ, Royal Caribbean’s first-ever barbecue concept. Yum-o. Teens can lounge at Social298, a new youth-centric space with video games, music, movies and a private outdoor deck. Get in a game of glow-in-the-dark laser tag before disembarking at Royal Caribbean’s private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay. Here teens will be awed by the tallest water slide in North America and the largest freshwater pool in the Bahamas.

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Great Cruises For A Family With Teenagers

Anyone who has ever traveled with teenagers knows that the process can be exciting at best and terrifying at worst. Because of this, it’s important to consider your teen while planning a family cruise. There are many cruises available throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean and, while cruises offer a wide variety of exciting activities for travelers, some are specially tailored toward accommodating families with teens. Check out one of these great cruises when it’s time to plan your next family vacation and don’t forget to visit Allianz’s cruise portal page for plenty of cruise-related ideas and inspiration.

The Best Cruise Lines For Teenagers

Best Cruise for Teenager

Every parent knows that teenagers can be a tricky bunch to please. And a grouchy teenager does not make for a happy family holiday, particularly if youre altogether on a ship at sea.

In recognising the influence of the teenager on parents choice of cruise holidays, Cruise Lines have got creative in designing activities, facilities and events to make sure they can enjoy themselves.

However, of course, teenagers are not all the same, each having their own interests, from sports to technology or creative activities. So, to help you find a cruise line that will keep your teenager entertained, weve selected some of our favourites.

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Final Thoughts On Best Cruises For Teenagers

Well there it is, the best cruises for teenagers!

As someone whos cruised throughout my teenage years, I can say that cruising is the ultimate vacation. I mean, its hard to complain when youre traveling to cool destinations, meeting new people and eating unlimited pizza on vacation!

Whats your favorite cruise line for teenagers? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Cruising!


Ethan Schattauer writes about fashion, travel and college advice on the website WhatToWearMen.com. As a frequent cruiser, Ethan shares his unique perspective on what cruising is like for teens and young adults.

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Are Cruises Safe For Teenagers

Cruises are very safe for teenagers. Cruises give teens their freedom to explore and have fun, while still being confined to a cruise ship. The teen club is a great place to hang out safely, and meet up with friends.

As with any vacation, talk with your teen about the rules and general safety precautions before your cruise. As long as the teenager is responsible, there is no reason to be worried about their safety on a cruise ship.

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Youth Facilities & Amenities

Adventure Ocean youth facilities are designed to meet the needs of younger guests. Kids will have a blast at our complimentary, award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program. We break kids and teens out into age groups so that they can enjoy specialized programs made to expand their imaginations in interactive, multi-room spaces designed just for them. Its an awesomely fun, totally edu-taining adventure.

Top 10 Best Party Cruises For Teens And Young Adults

10 Best Cruise Ships for Teens in 2020 | Family Vacation Critic

Are you in the mood to party? We have ideas to keep teens entertained for hours and perfect party cruises for young adults.

With the weather warming up and restrictions lifting, many people are looking to book cruises for their upcoming vacation. For those who want to keep their teens entertained or indulge in a weekend of partying, we highlight the best party cruises.

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Norwegian Cruise Line: Norwegian Encore

Chart a course for Bermuda from New York onboard the 4,000-passenger Norwegian Encore, which was Cruise Critic’s pick for best new ship in 2019. Teens navigate hairpin turns and race laps at speeds up to 30 miles per hour at the Encore Speedway, the largest race track at sea. There’s also an open-air laser tag arena, virtual reality, simulator rides and an escape room. At the Aqua Park, teens can chill with a frozen drink or take on the Aqua Racer, a tandem water slide. In Entourage, teens find a dedicated adult-free zone where they can play video games, listen to music and watch movies with other teens. Order up an over-the-top milkshake from Coco’s on deck six. Delicious.

Our Picks For The Best Cruise Lines For Young Adults

Millennials tend to spend their money on experiences instead of on material things. The following best cruise lines for young adults know this and have catered their ships and activities to this. On their ships, youll find nightclubs and concert venues, along with things to do like bar crawls, hiking excursions and onboard zip lining.

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Dining And Entertainment For The Family

Your teens won’t go hungry either. They can access main dining rooms for family meals or hang out at casual buffets. If your teens get hungry late at night, they can also enjoy 24-hour room service as well.

Every evening, plenty of family-style entertainment takes place. Depending on the ship you book, entertainment can range from acrobatic shows to Broadway productions.

While you’re deciding on the best family cruise to book for you and your teenage children, you and your family can enjoy an awesome cruise experience with Norwegian. Sign up with your email to get Norwegian cruise deals delivered straight to your inbox.

Picking The Best Cruise For Teenagers

RCL Oasis of the Sea

If you have teenagers and are planning an upcoming Norwegian cruise, you may be wondering whether you can keep your teens busy an entertained during your vacation. Norwegian Cruise Line has you covered with a special teens’ youth program, plenty of outdoor activities, and no shortage of adventurous excursions to book.

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Best Educational: Princess Cruises

  • Ship Name: Emerald Princess
  • Itinerary: Ketchikan, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Skagway, Alaska Sitka, Alaska Hubbard Glacier, Alaska Seward, Alaska

The 3,080-passenger Emerald Princess doesnt have as many over-the top amenities as other vessels do, but it does have a solid program for teens. The teens club on Emerald Princess is called The Beach House and has a modern, chilled-out vibe. The club hosts movies, hip-hop classes, video game competitions, and sports contests. Plus, teens have a separate sun area and hot tub. Princess also hosts the Voice of the Ocean, modeled after the popular talent show. The cruise line also has a partnership with Discovery, so inquisitive young minds can go stargazing or learn about the destinations from educational speakers. Outdoors, theres a nine-hole miniature putting course, a sports court with basketball hoop, and movies under the stars out on the pool deck.

Recomendations For Best Cruise Line For Teenagers

|We are thinking of taking our 2 teenage girls on a cruise next year. I see that the main cruise lines offer teen clubs, but has anyone got any recommendations? or any to avoid. They are both quite outgoing friendly young people. but would like to stay together

Also any ships with adjoining cabins, I would like to be able to get into the bathroom now and then


You don’t have your home location listed under your screen name so hard to know which cruise lines would be possibly perfect for you to start off near your home.

There is not one “perfect for teens”cruise line.

Most families decide on a destination and then compare prices to see which line offers cabins they like at a price they can afford.

Cabins can be next to one another but not necessarily with doors that go between them. The balconies often can be joined but you cannot go through a door from one to the next. You’d need to go out in the hall or across the hall. Some cruise lines have large family suites. It really depends on where you want to go more than which would be best for teens!

All ship will cater to kids/teens.

We used MSC couple of years ago and our kids had a great time…especially enjoyed the nightly shows

Virtually all ships have teen clubs and teen activities. And virtually all ships have adjoining cabins available.

Best is wildly subjective – so we’d either need a lot more info, or you’ll need to start doing a lot more research.

Research is key

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Best Cruise Lines For Young Adults

For decades, the ocean cruise industry catered toward either retired travelers or young families. Those days, however, are long gone. Nowadays, going a cruise is incredibly popular among the younger crowd as well. Its not unusual at all to go on cruises as a 20-something year old. In fact, many cruise lines now have plenty of amenities and facilities that focus on young people. In this post, we focus on the millennial audience, and have made an overview of the best cruise lines for young adults.

Important: Keep in mind that most cruise lines have minimum age requirements. Similar to renting a car, most cruise lines require that you be at least 21 years old. Make sure to ask your travel agent about any restrictions. If you decide to book with us , our agents will work with you to identify the best cruise line for you.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Top 5: Things You Need to Know About Oasis Class

Make the best of your holidays on the, Symphony of the seas by Royal Caribbean Cruise line. Being a floating playground for children, there are numerous features that suit every age group. The ship shows large interests for teen with its ice-skating rinks, rock-climbing walls, full-sized basketball courts, golf courses and more. There are two dozen dining options apart from this, there are Flow Rider Surf Simulators, karaoke, open mic nights, toga parties, sports tournaments and more.

Best Features of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: Glow in the dark laser tag, Aqua theatre, water slides, Rubicon, 10-story Ultimate Abyss water slide, video arcades and more.

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Carnival Cruise Lines Mardi Gras

Passengers and crews on Carnival Cruise Line ships come ready to meet new friends or share a laugh, a story and a drink with their shipmates. Social kids will fit right in and will love the lines huge, new ship . They can make friends at the Family Harbor Lounge, Camp Ocean and Dr. Seuss Bookville, or the teen and tween clubs conveniently located near Guy Fieris burger stand and the video arcade.

Kids who love a good food court can meet up with friends or family at a number of no-fee, casual eateries, including Shaqs Big Chicken restaurant and a trio of Street Eats venues, featuring dumplings, meat on a stick and loaded French fries. All-hours pizza and ice cream will keep the whole family fueled up for the interactive “Family Feud Live” show.

Best Cruise Ships For Kids

Cruising is often compared to a dinner wine the wrong one can spoil your whole experience!

With over 50 cruise lines operating, youre probably wondering what are the best cruise ships for kids, and its essential you pick the right one!

You want to pick one of the best family cruises that will keep the kids entertained, but also allow you to have some time to relax. After all, everyone should enjoy the experience, not just the kids.

Oh, wait. I havent introduced myself. My name is Lewis Nunn and Im a luxury cruise and travel blogger, at The Luxury Traveller.

You might be thinking, how is a luxury cruise & travel blogger knowledgeable on cruise lines for families? Well, aside from my passion for luxury cruise and travel, Im also sixteen years old!

Over the years I have grown up exploring the best cruise ships for kids, with holidays often consisting of all twenty members of my family.

And so, Ive developed a wide amount of knowledge on the topic of family cruises, based on my own experience.

So what you will read in this article will be straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Without further ado, here are my top 7 best cruise lines for kids.

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Can 18 Year Olds Cruise Alone

Most major cruise lines departing from the United States and Canada have minimum age requirements that state at least one person in the stateroom must be at least 21 years old. Some require the accompanying person be 25. Check with your travel agent or on the cruise lines website for specifics.

Royal Caribbean has a different policy for cruises departing from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Cruises departing from these international ports have a minimum age of 18 to cruise alone.

To summarize, in our opinion, and in no particular order, the best cruise lines for 18 year olds are:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Norwegian Cruise Line

If you are planning a family cruise vacation with your older teens, my best advice is just go. The sad reality is that you probably dont have many family vacations left. As the kids get older university and their work schedules get in the way. Travel as a family while you can.

Disney Cruise Line: Disney Magic

Family Friendly Cruise Lines

After a five-year hiatus, the 2,700-passenger Disney Magic returns to Greece this summer with three Mediterranean voyages departing from Rome. Port stops include Santorini, Mykonos and Piraeus . Teens can marvel at archaeological wonders like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Parthenon. Back on ship, teens can sing along to live Broadway-style musicals, such as Tangled: The Musical and Frozen, A Musical Spectacular. The AquaDuck is another fan favorite among teens. This heart-pounding three-story body slide drops riders into a watery tube through a trap door over the side of the ship. At Vibe, kids can chill out, watch television, play video games or simply socialize with other teens.

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The 7 Best Cruises For Teens Of 2022

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Why Royal Caribbean Is Good For Families

It’s important to talk about why Royal Caribbean is the best cruise line for families before we pick a ship. Someone new to cruising may not be aware of how Royal Caribbean separates itself from other lines in the family travel market.

Royal Caribbean is known in the cruise industry for building cruise ships that are floating destinations, with lots of amazing things to do onboard.

Every Royal Caribbean ship has a supervised kids club, fun activities on the pool deck, and visits to private islands in the Caribbean. Many ships have babysitting for younger children, water slides, surf simulators, bumper cars and more.

Royal Caribbean doesn’t put things on its ships justfor kids, rather, they design experiences that kids and their parents can enjoy together. FlowRider, bumper cars, carousels, laser tag are all things guests of all age can find fun.

If getting your adrenaline pumping isn’t your idea of fun, Royal Caribbean also has Broadway musicals on select ships, parades, ice skating shows, and expansive pool decks.

Arguably as important for parent and child alike is Adventure Ocean. Every day of your cruise there’s a kids club where kids can go to meet other kids and play together in a supervised environment. Adventure Ocean isn’t just a large room that kids get put in. There’s activities, art, games, video games, and books for kids to enjoy.

Adventure Ocean is included in your cruise fare, with the exception of late night , so your vacation budget won’t break.

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