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Can You Smoke On Norwegian Cruise Ships

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Which Cruise Lines Allow Smoking In The Casino

New Smoking Policy on a Cruise Ships – Now STRICTLY enforced!

Smoking in cruise ship casinos varies by cruise line, by ship and even by the day of the week. Some ships have smoking areas or smoking rooms within the casino, some allow smoking throughout the casino and some ban it altogether. See the table below for more details on which cruise lines allow smoking in casinos.

When I cruised on MSC Preziosa, I noticed that most peoplein the casino seemed to be smoking and it did put me off staying in there toolong. At the roulette table, the etiquette seemed to be that players wouldoffer a cigarette to each person at the table before lighting up themselves.

Can You Bring Cigars On A Cruise

Yes. Just like cigarettes, cigars can be brought onboard and smoked in select areas, although those areas tend to be more limited than those in which you can smoke cigarettes. Some ships even have designated cigar lounges, reminiscent of those found on 20th-century ocean liners.

Generally styled with dark woods, jewel tones and cushy chairs, these venues are usually outfitted with humidors and a selection of cigars for purchase , and there’s almost always a bar nearby. Cruisers can head there for a post-dinner smoke and scotch.

Cigars are also sold in the duty-free stores on most ships, in the same section where you’ll find alcohol and cigarettes.

What Happens If I Am Caught Smoking On A Cruise

As you can see, the cruise lines are pretty stringent on their smoking rules. According to their written policies, each cruise line has a $250 cleaning fee that will be automatically assessed to your onboard account if caught smoking. If you are found smoking in a public area where it is not allowed, expect to be given a warning by the crew. Smoking is a serious safety issue on a ship and with so many other passengers in close proximity, it also affects the enjoyment of other guests.

Oceania has a much more serious tone, warning that they will disembark the passenger if found smoking. We think that would be highly unusual without a warning first, but dont recommend you risk it!

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Smoking On Cruise Ships

The major cruise lines have already tightened their rules for cigar and cigarette smoking policies and this includes the mainstream lines Carnival, NCL Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and MSC, to the mid-market leaders Celebrity, Disney, Princess, Holland America.

Smoking on cruise ships has been an important issue since the 2006 fire which broke out aboard Star Princess. The fire was started after a passenger flicked a lit cigarette over the balcony railing. It landed on the balcony below, setting on fire the balcony partition and the furniture. Eventually, the fire spread and destroyed 238 staterooms. A man lost his life, the ship suffered huge loses.

Fire is the second-rated among the most disastrous cruise ship accidents – right after ship sinking, which is in true connection with the “Smoking on cruise ships” theme. Still, many passengers want to smoke in their cabins, on their balcony, in dining rooms, all around the pool deck areas.

In an effort not to repulse smokers and to please non-smokers, the major cruise lines had to rewrite their rules for smoking on ships. As part of the effort, most of them are now banning cigar and cigarette smoking on cruise ship balconies.

Royal Caribbean Smoking Policy

Which cruise ships can you smoke on? Information about ...

On Royal Caribbean cruises, smoking is permitted indesignated outdoor smoking areas. The rules about smoking in the casino variesfor different regions of the world. On cruises departing from China and HongKong, smoking is allowed throughout the casino. On cruises departing from theUK and Australia, smoking is not allowed in the casino. On all other cruises,the casino will have a designated smoking area. Cigars are not allowed in the casino, only in designated outdoor smokingareas. Freedom class and Voyager class ships feature cigar bars where cigarsand pipes are allowed, but no other types of smoking.

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Is Smoking Allowed On Cruise Ships

  • 04 August 2021 10:50

You may find some cruise lines provide an area on an open deck for smokers as well as designated cigar lounges inside.

Its important to note that failure to follow the cruise line smoking policy can result in a charge to cover cleaning costs as well as a fine for disposing of your cigarette anywhere but the designated bin.

Non-smoking areas usually cover cigarettes, cigars, pipes and electronic devices but more extensive information can be found on each cruise lines website.

Heres a summary of most cruise lines smoking policies.

Celebrity CruisesNo smoking is allowed in any inside space, be it public or private, including devices such as e-cigarettes. There are often smoking areas at designated sections on the port side of the pool decks. Outdoor smoking is restricted to these designated areas.

MSC CruisesWhile smoking is not permitted in cabins , there may be areas located indoors where smoking is permitted.

Norwegian Cruise LineSmoking is not permitted in cabins or on balconies but is permitted in the casino and in the cigar bar. Smoking isn’t allowed in any other indoor area. Smoking is also permitted in designated areas on the open deck.

P& O CruisesSmoking is not permitted in any part of the ship’s interior. There are areas on the open decks where you will be permitted to smoke.

Princess CruisesSmoking is not allowed in cabins or on stateroom balconies. Dedicated smoking areas will be provided on outside decks.

For Those Who Smoke And Are Curious What The Policies Are On Cruise Ships Weve Outlined Them Here

Smoking on cruise ships is a controversial topic and can get people on both sides of the issue quite upset. Each cruise line has different policies relating to smoking on the ship. Non-smokers are clearly the majority, but when you ask Can you smoke on a cruise ship? youll find that cruise lines have made arrangements to accommodate their smoking guests as well.

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So where is smoking allowed on cruise ships? Weve put together a guide for you to follow for cruise line smoking areas including electronic cigarettes unless we have noted otherwise.

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Smoking Is A Fire Hazard

Cruise ships have also had to adapt their safety measures throughout the years. Many cruise lines cite the fact that cigarette smoking, pipe smoking, and cigar smoking all present fire hazards aboard their vessels.

Every cabin bedroom is filled with:

  • Curtains
  • Clothes
  • Towels

This does not include the furniture in each room. It is too much of a risk to allow smoking within the guests rooms. It only takes one stray, burning ash to cause major problems.

Cruise ships take health and safety very seriously. They are each committed to providing the best experience for everyone on board, and they are aware that to accomplish this, they need to be vigilant with their safety measures.

Oceania Cruises Smoking Policy

Cruise IQ – Where can you smoke onboard a cruise ship?

Smoking is considered a fire hazard in most places. This explains why it is normally prohibited in staterooms and indoor areas on cruise ships. Oceania Cruises takes this into account with their smoking policies.

When travelling with Oceania Cruises, you will find that smoking is only allowed in outdoor, designated areas. Smoking outside these designated areas is not allowed.

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Understanding Why Cruise Lines Have Smoking Policies

Each cruise line is unique. Each makes policies according to what they believe is best for their customers. Their policies are put in place to create the best experience for every person on board.

There are, however, two big reasons why cruise ships have smoking policies that may seem limiting to smokers.

Can I Bring Marijuana On A Cruise Ship

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If you plan to smoke marijuana or ingest cannabis in any form on your cruise vacation, there are a bunch of things you should know.

Most importantly, cruise ships operate under federal jurisdiction. While you may light up legally in some states and some countries its illegal to have cannabis on a cruise ship, so you cannot get high on the high seas.

Does that mean you cant smoke marijuana on your cruise vacation? Not exactly. It depends on where you are cruising.

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Cruise ships visit some states where private use of cannabis is legal including Alaska, California, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts and New York. You may have an opportunity to indulge on land. But that does not mean you can walk right off the ship and light up.

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Rules For Smoking & Vaping On An Alaskan Cruise

It seems that smokers are getting it from all angles. Between cigarette taxes that continually rise to strict anti-smoking laws, there is little good news for those who want to light up.

To make things easy, weve hunted down the smoking policies of each cruise line that sails from Seattle to give you a better sense of the rules.

One thing to keep in mind is that vaping usually has the exact same rules that apply to smoking. Even though you arent actually producing smoke, the cruise lines dont want people to complain that think you are smoking. It simply makes things easier to have one set of rules.

Can You Vape On A Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship Smoking: Is Smoking Allowed on Cruises ...

The general rule regarding electronic cigarettes on cruiseships is that they are treated in the same way as cigarettes and so are onlypermitted in designated smoking areas. There are three cruise lines Costa Cruises,Holland America Line and Princess Cruises, which allow e-cigs to be smoked incabins.

Its important to note that electronic cigarettes are illegal in many countries including the United Arab Emirates, India and much of South America and Southeast Asia. You should check before you travel as you may have to leave your e-cigarette on the ship. Punishment for possession ranges from confiscation to a fine or even up to ten years in prison.

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Taking A Cruise: Recommendations And Resources

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Bluetooth Speakers and Cruises How and When to Bring One Onboard Emma Cruises

Sunday 6th of June 2021

On the majority of cruises, its unlikely that youll notice the other guests at all when stood on your balcony. There are a couple of cruise lines where smoking on the balcony is allowed but this is very rare. To learn more, click here: Cruise Line Balcony Smoking Policies On These 4 Lines You Can Smoke on Your Balcony.

Can You Smoke On A Cruise Ship What You Need To Know

There are a lot of questions that arise when travelling and vacationing. You want to make sure that every aspect of your trip is accounted for, and this is especially true on a cruise ship. Whether you smoke or not, you will probably want to know if smoking is allowed on your chosen cruise ship.

Smoking is permitted on a cruise ship. However, different cruise lines have different restrictions as to where exactly on the ship you may smoke. While all cruise ships allow smoking, it is important to remain mindful of where the designated areas are. They are usually located in open-air areas.

Cruise ships understand that every one of their passengers is different and that some folks will want to have a place they can go to smoke. Yet, each cruise line handles the issue differently. Read on to learn more about different cruise lines smoking policies so you can find the one that aligns most with what you want from your trip.

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Carnival Cruise Lines Changes Smoking Policy Offenders Could Be Kicked Off Ship

Carnival Cruise Line is cracking down on smokers with stiffer penalties to offenders.

Carnival Cruise Line is cracking down on smokers.

The cruise line, which counts Mobile as one of its home ports, has changed it tobacco and marijuana smoking policy. The change was first reported by

Under the new rules,, passengers caught smoking in non-specified areas will be fined $500 and face the possibility of being removed from the ship at the next port of call. All guests staying in the same cabin could also be removed, according to the policy.

Guests who are disembarked for violating our policy will be responsible for all financial charges and expenses to return home, and no refund of their unused cruise fare will be provided be prohibited from sailing with Carnival Cruise Line in the future, the policy notes.

The previous policy stipulated violators would be fined if they were caught smoking in their rooms, with the money going towards the cost of cleaning.

The smoking ban includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes and electronic cigarettes. Carnival also prohibits the possession or use of marijuana.

Tobacco smoking is allowed in designated areas, including the exterior decks of its ships, in casinos and nightclubs. It is prohibited in all staterooms, including outside balconies.

Where Can You Smoke On A Cruise Ship

You Can’t do THIS on a Cruise (Normally)

Cigarette, cigar, e-cigarette and pipe smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas of the starboard side of all ships with the exception of Oasis-class ships that will allow smoking on the port side of the ships. Visible signage is posted within all smoking areas and ashtrays are provided for use.

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Where There’s Smoke There’s Ire: Where To Smoke On Cruiseships

Once upon a time, all the cool kids smoked — Sinatra, JFK, even Joe DiMaggio. Smokers ruled the world and could light up pretty much anywhere: train cars, restaurants, offices, shops, and of course barrooms. It was an era when life was seen through a swirling bluish haze, and, at least in the movies, nobody ever coughed.

Today? Not so much.

Check the stats: Around the country, some thirty states have banned smoking in many public places, and nearly twenty even have no-smoking rules for bars, or will soon. Across the pond, England, Ireland, and Norway have banned smoking in most public places nationwide, including pubs. It’s enough to make a smoker want to run away to sea . . . except that won’t necessarily work anymore either.

In the following sections, I’ll give a gold star to cruise lines that are on the leading edge of current trends — good for non-smokers and bad, bad, bad for smokers — then run through the smoking rules at all the major cruise lines in the North American market, and some of the smaller contenders too.

The Best Ships for Non-Smokers AKA The Worst Ships for Smokers

Celebrity Cruises

Costa Cruises

Disney Cruise Line

Holland America Line Smoking is prohibited in all dining areas and in showrooms during performances. Smoking is permitted in designated areas of most bars/lounges, in cabins, on cabin balconies, and on the open decks.

Lindblad Expeditions

Oceania Cruises

Royal Caribbean International

Seabourn Cruise Line

SeaDream Yacht Club

Costa Cruises Smoking Policy

Costa Cruises have a relaxed smoking policy that does allow guests to smoke on their balconies.

Smoking in cabins is not allowed and there are other smoking areas around the ship.

I took my first Costa cruise in 2018 and was surprised by the number of smoking areas on the ship. We cruised on the Costa Luminosa and on the top deck a lot of the bars had ashtrays.

Smoking is not allowed in cabins but is permitted outdoors on private balconies. In order to avoid a fire hazard, it is very important to always extinguish and dispose of cigarettes in the appropriate ashtrays and never throw them from the ship when still alight.

In addition to the balconies and top deck space guests are also permitted to smoke inside in the area marked Cigar lounge. In the cigar lounge passengers are able to smoke cigars, cigarettes and pipes.

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The Ultimate Guide To Smoking On Cruise Ships

Smoking is somewhat of a controversial topic when it comes to cruising. Should you be allowed to smoke on your balcony? How many designated smoking areas should there be on cruise ships? Should lighting up a cigarette be allowed in public areas onboard? are always intrigued to know where you stand on this, whether youre a smoker or non-smoker, and every poll we run has resulted in some seriously shocking answers. Take a look here to see where your fellow cruisers stand!

Having said that, we thought it was about time we provided you with the information youll need before deciding who to cruise with so here is your definitive guide to smoking on cruise ships

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