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Cruise From Montreal To Boston

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Shore Excursion: Sydney Ns To Bird Island

HAL Montreal to Boston Cruise

We booked an all-day excursion through the Tour Desk for our stop in Sydney, a former steel-and-coal town on Cape Breton Island, the eastern part of Nova Scotia. One of several on-shore excursions offered by HA from Sydney is the Bird Islands tour, offered by Bird Island Boat Tours, a small company run by Vince Ven Schaick and his son Ian Van Schaick, whom we met after an hours drive in a modern coach/bus. Puffin Express is both their logo and the name of their purpose-built boat. Being a home-made craft, it lacks somewhat in polish, but thats more than made up for by the Schaicks knowledge of Cape Breton history and culture as well as the information they presented on the birds we saw on and near these two small islands off Cape Breton. The day we went out, the sky was clear and the winds low, so we had very good viewing. We saw Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Black Guillemots, various gulls, Great and Double-breasted Cormorants sunning themselves, Great Blue Herons strutting about, northern gannets, ruddy turnstones, spotted sandpipers, and over a dozen Bald Eagles, including young. We also saw quite a few Grey Seals in the water, though they didnt come out to sun themselves while the boat was near, so we only saw their heads. If youre into birding, or just want to see birds like Puffins in their native habitat this tour is for you. The guide on the bus was also knowledgeable, imparting information about the community as we rode.

Down The River To The Sea: Montreal To Boston By Cruise Ship

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is Ocean Arthur C. Clarke

The deep, dark and endless sea. Just as many city dwellers never really see the Milky Way overhead until theres a province-wide power failure down here, so too you cannot really fathom the vastness of the oceans without experiencing them up close. A photo from a cruise ship or even from a spaceship is to the endless sea as a description of stomping grapes is to a bottle of Dom Perignon. That near-mystical experience of the sea, which I first experienced as a child, is one of the things that keeps me coming back to cruise ships.

But cruising isnt just about the endless sea. Its also about luxury. The luxury of having the great cities of the world appear outside your floating hotel room, usually a different one each morning, and not having to unpack and repack every day. The luxury of being pampered. The luxury of fine dining. The luxury of great onshore experiences.

Does this count as luxury? It sure does. Let me count the ways. Of course, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, and Boston are some of the great cities of North Americas northeast. Charlottetown, Sydney and Bar Harbour are smaller centres, but each offers something you probably wont find elsewhere.

Shore Excursion: Cruise Line Or Diy

Like most cruise lines, H-A offers many optional on-shore experiences. You are by no means required to buy these from the cruise line. But think about what happens if you take a bus or boat excursion to some place far from the pier, and the operator fails to get you back to to the ship in time for its departure . Flat tire? Engine breakdown? Driver took a wrong turn? Well, the cruise ship will leave on time, even if youre not back. If you booked it on your own, either online or dockside, well, youre still on your own! But if you booked your shore excursion through the cruise line, the cruise line will either delay departure by a little bit, or will look after getting you to the next port of call to resume the cruise. This policy is pretty standard across the cruise line industry.

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Are You Ready For A Vacation This July What About This 7 Night Cruise From Montreal To Boston

Book your cabin on the Holland America Zaandam and get ready for seven days of exciting cruising through the sea from Montreal to Boston!

This sailing is noteworthy because you will exclusively tour through rare cities such as Charlottetown, Sydney, and Bar Harbor. This route is a common one for the Zaandam, But this is the most popular month to sail it.

The price is the total you pay, no surprises.

Entertainment Shopping And More

ms Maasdam

There is always something going on aboard ship, from the early morning to well past midnight. The piano bar offers classical music in the evening. The Mix bar offers, of course, mixed drinks, and also has wine tasting events. The Hudson Cafe offers a variety of coffees such as Lattes, Cappuccinos, and the like. There are trivia games most days, seminars on topics like digital photography , bingo events, wine tastings, poker , and more.

There are two theatres aboard Maasdam. The smaller Wajax offers cooking shows in the afternoon , and feature films just past their cinematic release . The two-story Showroom At Sea theatre offers live entertainment including comedy, magic, song/dance shows and more, all included in your fare. The larger theater is also used for presentations on the history, culture and excursions of the following days time ashore.

Showroom at Sea

Some people love the luxury world of fancy jewelry and art. There is a jewelry counter on the same deck as the casino and some of the other shops, as well as a more upscale jewelry boutique with limited hours. And there are two art auctions a week at which you can bid on original modern paintings.

The fitness center offers the expected machines, as well as fitness classes for all shapes and sizes.

We arent into the whole spa thing, but if you are, theres a full-service spa onboard with all the expected services: various massages, facials, and exfoliation.

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Cruises Out Of Montreal Qc Canada

There are 9 cruises that depart from Montreal, Canada in the year 2022. Just two cruise lines offer cruises that leave out of Montreal in 2022 – Seabourn and Holland America .You can see Montreal cruise schedule for 2022 in the table below. Be sure to look at the $/Day column to find cheap Montreal cruise deals in 2022.

Autumn In New England & Canada: Montral To Boston

Montréal 10-night small ship cruise with Québec, Baie-Comeau, Gaspé/Percé, Îles de la Madeleine, Charlottetown, Pictou, Halifax, Lunenburg, Bar Harbor Boston
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What About: Staying In Touch

If youve not been on a cruise before it might not occur to you that you will usually be out of cell phone coverage while the ship is at sea. No text, no email, no calls. Well, many of us view that disconnection as a benefit of cruising, but some may not be comfortable with it. There is a satellite internet available , but its rather pricey, starting at $0.75 US per minute until you log out there are bulk purchase plans that bring the per-minute cost down. Its mainly aimed at web browsing it is not suitable for streaming video or video calling!

Also, your Canadian cell service may not work in the US ports of call, or may work with a roaming add-on, or may charge exorbitant roaming charges . This is one thing you need to check out with your carrier before you go. Or, if cost is no object and you really need to be in touch 24/7, you could buy or rent a satellite phone from Iridium or one of its competitors. But dont, really. Just be on vacation!

If you just want to stay informed of whats happening in general in the outside world, no matter how depressing that may be at times, there is an 8-page daily summary edition of the New York Times for US readers, and similar summaries for Canadians, UK readers, Spanish and a news summary in Dutch. You also get When & Where, a daily schedule of all the next days presentations, and the useful Port Shopping Information flyer listing the top recommended jewelry, souvenir and shopping sites, maps, and useful trivia.

Cruise From Montreal To Boston

Port of Montreal Visit

cruise info for Boston to Montreal

Look at Holland America Line as I think they have the only cruise that goes as far as Montreal.

Thanks for th tip….we will check it out

I will say that yo should look around so that you get cruises that makes port of call stops in Ville de Saguenay, Halifax and Bar Harbor, these are certainly the best stops that you can get from the different cruiseships companies.

But this will happen only if you start your cruise from Québec City, not Montréal but it is not such a problem as both cities are only 3 hours from one tot the other and. of course, you can transfer at Montréal or Toront airports to an inter Canada short flight.

We have not been happy with Holland America. The final morning is always bedlam. Can anyone recommend another cruise line that travels from Boston to Montreal or Quebec?

Hi Susan

Rather than resurrect an old post, proper forum netiquette would be to post your question by starting your own topic so as not to confuse the replies to the original poster who sometimes has also opted to receive email notifications when replies are posted to “their” topic.

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You might want to check Seabourn. Were booked on a 10-day Boston/Montrealcruise with them in October. Not sure what current availability looks like.

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Canada & New England Cruises From Boston Massachusetts

At certain times of the year, New England and eastern Canadaâs landscape transitions from the tranquil green of summer to an autumn scene of burning reds, oranges, and yellows. Leaf season further frames the local culture, influenced by the English and French, offering a glimpse into early American history, and capturing quintessential regional aspects.

Because of these factors, many travelers in the U.S. and across the globe decide to embark on a Canada and New England cruise in the spring, summer, and fall. These trips, many leaving from Boston, travel up the New England coast, stopping at a few towns and cities by the shore. Then, once in Canada, the ship sails around Nova Scotia and down the St. Lawrence River, taking you past unique Canadian landscapes, through history, and to two of the countryâs major cities.

What are your traveling options?

Holland America Cruises From Quebec To Boston

Holland America offers cruises from Montreal Quebec to Boston. The Holland America Veendam, Maasdam and Rotterdam are the luxury ships that make this trip. The cruise begins with cruising the Gulf of St Lawrence, which covers more than 90,000 square miles. The coastlines and islands are beautiful, and it’s a good place to spot birds, whales, porpoise, and seals.

Charlottetown, the largest town on Prince Edward Island, is the second stop after Quebec City. Stroll the historic waterfront and Victoria Row, ride bikes, shop, eat seafood, take a harbor cruise, see the house that inspired Anne of Green Gables, or explore Prince Edward Island National Park.

Next stop is Sydney on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Learn about the island’s Gaelic and Acadian cultures. Take the Cabot Trail scenic drive along the coast and the Cape Breton Highlands. Tour Fortress Louisbourg, the largest French fortified town in North America.

On to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Take a walking tour of the famous Public Gardens, Town Clock, Grand Parade, and shops. See historic landmarks like the Citadel fortress and Pier 21. Go on an excursion to the Bay of Fundy or the restored German village of Lunenburg.

The last port on the cruise before Boston is Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island. Go to Acadia National Park, climb Cadillac Mountain, or ride bikes on carriage trails.

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Sidebar How Do They Do That

An Old Ship and True

Maasdam entered service around December, 1992, making her about 25 years old as of this writing. Cruise ships usually have a longer lifespan than, say, automobiles, or cargo container vessels . Cruise ships are kept longer, undergo continuous maintenance . Cruise ships also undergo refurbishment several times over their lifespan to keep them up-to-date and viable. That said, H-A does not keep its ships forever eventually each cruise ship will be decommissioned and, after a decent interval, its name will be assigned to a brand new ship of a similar size. The Nieuw Amsterdam that I sailed on as a child with my parents has long ago been broken up for scrap and replaced by another ship with the same name, and then another . Confusingly, HA has both an Amsterdam and a Nieuw Amsterdam in service, which would be like having a York and a New York, I guess.

Disclosure: Mr. Darwin and his family paid for their cruise and most side trips they were hosted by Holland-America only on the Bird Island excursion.

Bio: Ian Darwin is a freelance computer software developer, trainer and author who loves to travel and tell stories about where hes been. See

A differently-edited version of this story was published at in 2017.

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