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Does Disney Cruise Have Drink Packages

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Food Allergies And Intolerances

Are Cruise Line Drink Packages Worth It? | Bringing Alcohol Onboard a Cruise Ship

Disney is also well known for accommodating regional food needs for families traveling from abroad and has one of the best track records for accommodating customers with food allergies.

Its not uncommon for the Chef to come out personally to understand a food allergy and ensure that the guests needs are being fully met, or for kitchen staff to remake dishes to accommodate allergy needs.

Disneys food is generally regarded as on par with, and in most cases better than, food on comparable lines.

With little touches of Disney magic and very attentive dining staff, moving between restaurants is a fun experience that really adds to the overall value of a Disney cruise.

Disney Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

If you are 21 years or older you can bring a maximum of 2 bottles of unopened wine or champagne or 6 beers on board at the beginning of the voyage and at each port of call. These beverages must be packed in your carry-on bags. All alcohol brought onboard must be in an original unopened container. Partially used bottles and those in which the seal has been broken will be destroyed and no compensation will be offered.

Any alcohol packed in checked luggage will be removed and stored until the end of the cruise. Along with any wine or champagne in excess of 2 bottles or beer in excess of 6 beers will be stored until the end of the cruise. You MUST retrieve any stored alcohol at the end of the cruise. If not, they will be destroyed and no compensation will be offered.

You can not bring on liquors and spirits . These items will be stored until the end of the cruise. If you purchase liquors in a port to enjoy when you get home, you check them in with cruise staff when you get back on board and pick them up at the end of the cruise.

If you want to drink the wine or champagne that you brought on board in one of the dining rooms you will be charged a corking fee of $25.00 per bottle. Alcohol that you bring on board may not be consumed in any lounge or public area. Drink it in your stateroom.

The Cheapest Drinks Package

Fred. Olsen Cruise Line offers the cheapest cruise drinks package at just £19 per person per day. Thats less than a quarter of the price of Norwegian Cruise Lines package. So, why is it so cheap?

For one thing, Fred. Olsen and Norwegian Cruise Line attract very different crowds.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Line attracts British pensioners who tend to enjoy half a bitter, a small sherry and then head off to bed at 9 pm.

At the other end of the scale is NCL. This trendy cruise line is popular with millennial cruisers who love to drink cocktails all day and stay up late in the on-board bars and nightclubs.

As well as attracting different clientele, these polar opposite cruise lines also have large differences in the prices of individual drinks. On Fred. Olsen cruise ships, drinks when bought individually are around half the price as on NCL ships. Youre looking at £4.35 for a glass of wine rather than $10.

What this means is that whilst some drinks packages are cheaper than others, to work out which drinks package is the best value, you also have to think about how many drinks you need to break even.

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Disney Cruise Beer Mug

If you enjoy a beer once in a while this is a great deal. You pay $16.95 for a Disney Cruise line glass beer mug. This includes 22 oz of whatever beer you want. Once you have paid for this you can get it refilled for the cost of a 16-ounce beer. So you are getting a free 6 ounces every time.

Dont worry. You dont have to carry around your beer glass. You have a token which you show at the bar so they know you bought the deal.

The glass mug makes a nice souvenir.

Whats Included In The Ncl Open Bar Drinks Package

Is There a Disney Cruise Drink Package?

The NCL Open Bar Drinks Package allows you to enjoy a wide selection of soft drinks, beers, a vast selection of cocktails, spirits and 20 different wines by the glass. Additionally bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 USD. The package also includes fountain soda, juice, and non-alcoholic beer.

The Open Bar Drinks Package On NCL costs $99.00 USD per person per day, plus 20% service charge. .

20% discount on bottles of wine, champagne and sparkling wine. Wine and Spirit Experiences, tastings or Flights purchased on board. Check out our in depth post on all NCL Drinks Packages.

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Eligibility For Free Drinks Packages

For some of these offers, you need to book an oceanview or a balcony stateroom, rather than the cheapest inside cabins, to get the free drinks. These cruises are often cold-weather cruises where people are less bothered about having a balcony. Cruise lines use free drinks with balcony cabins as a way to entice people to go for the cabin upgrade.

For others you can book an upgraded experience which gives you perks such as the best cabin locations, first choice of dining times and free room service, as well as free drinks.

Cruise promotions change all the time, sometimes as often as every few days, but certainly every couple of months. For this reason, I wont list the exact free drinks promos that each cruise line is offering in 2021.

The Non Alcoholic P & O Drinks Packages

The P & O non alcoholic drinks package costs £19.95pp per day. If alcohol isnt your thing, this package includes unlimited draught soft drinks, selected juices and mocktails. Also teas, coffee and hot chocolate and small bottles of water. Giving you a varied and indeed unlimited supply of non alcoholic drinks to enjoy.

Whats Not Included?

The non alcoholic drinks package doesnt include large coffees and hot chocolate, large bottles of water, canned and bottled premium soft drinks, juices and smoothies. Alongside drinks from room service, the mini bars and self service vending machines.

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Play To Win Free Alcohol On A Cruise

There are always a number of contests and competitions held on board cruise ships. Youll find anything from karaoke to the newlywed game to craft competitions. Smaller activities like daily trivia may only reward winners with a trinket like a keychain. But the larger game-show style events dole out much better prizes, and almost always give away free bottles of champagne!

For example, the Newlywed gameshow always rewards participants a free bottle of bubbly. This game is played across every cruise weve been on and even the losers have been rewarded with champagne. Really, theyre rewarding participants for embarrassing themselves on stage. And what better reward than a bottle of bubbly!

Weve also seen champagne be rewarded for progressive trivia competitions and virtually every gameshow style event requiring participants to get up on stage. So participate, bring your A-game, and you just might get rewarded with oh-so-precious free booze on a cruise!

Once youre gifted a bottle of sparkling wine from the cruise, youre welcome to drink it anywhere on the ship without a corkage fee. Personally, weve won a few times and have brought our free bottles, into the main dining room and to drink poolside.

First Time Cruisers: Comparing Royal Caribbean To Disney Cruise Line

Worth It? Cruise Line Drink Packages Explained (Including Fine Print!)

For many families, they have to pick the right cruise for their vacation and there’s no doubt two of the titans of the family cruise market are Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line. We get so many questions about this topic that we wanted to look at how they compare to each other.

It should be noted right away that picking a cruise line over another is quite subjective and there’s always going to be differing opinions on this, but we try to remain as objective as possible.

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Gratuities Are Not Included On Your Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line expect you to pay gratuities to your dining room staff and your stateroom attendant. Youll be automatically charged for the gratuities at the end of your cruise on your folio.Gratuities are one of those things that are not included in your initial price, but you can opt to pre-pay for them before you go, saving you the cost at the end of the cruise.

The current amount Disney Cruise Line charges for the recommended gratuity $13.50 per passenger/per day. You can modify or make changes to the gratuity amounts or if youd like to pay in cash, you can stop by the Guest Services desk at anytime during your sailing. You can also add cash to the envelopes delivered to your stateroom on the last night of your cruise.

A 15% gratuity is automatically added to bar, beverage, wine and deck service tabs. All gratuities can be charged to your stateroom folio. This is something not included in the option to pre-pay, so just be aware this is added on top of each drink you purchase.

Royal Caribbean Beverage Package

Royal Caribbean International offers two new convenient, all-inclusive beverage packages to keep you refreshedthroughout your voyage. Pay just one flat price and enjoy a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits,plus non-alcoholic beverages, for the duration of your cruise.

CLASSIC PACKAGE* $45 USD Per Person/Per Day Includes:All Beers, $6.25 or lessHouse wines by the glassNon-alcoholic cocktails

PREMIUM PACKAGE* $55 USD Per Person/Per Day Includes:All well, call, and premium-brand cocktailsAll beersHouse wines by the glassNon-alcoholic cocktailsFountain soda and juices

Other details:Must be purchased onboard, on the first day of the cruise. Must be purchased by all guests in the stateroom, 21 years of age or older. Package prices already include service charges. Any additional gratuity is at the guest discretion.

Both passengers in cabin over 21, then must purchase 2 packages.

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Your Cabin Mate Is A Teetotaler

Or at least is not a big drinker. Some cruise lines impose the stipulation that if one adult in a cabin purchases a beverage package, all other occupants 21 and over must purchase one as well. Cruise Critic members suspect the rule is in place because many have been known to “share” packages in order to save money. Nevertheless, if you sail with a cruise line that enforces this, and your cabin mate doesn’t drink much, you’re far better off paying for drinks individually.

How Much Are Drinks On Cruise Ships

Is There a Disney Cruise Drink Package?

Cruise ship drinks prices vary depending on the cruise line and sometimes depending on the ship. The most expensive drinks are on Norwegian Cruise Line, where beer or wine will cost $8-$10. The cheapest drinks are on P& O Cruises where beer or wine will cost around $5 .

As a general rule, the drinks on British cruise ships and European cruise ships are cheaper than on American-owned ships.

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What If My Drink Is More Than The Limit On The Package

Some drink packages have dollar limits on what you can get with them. For instance, the Easy Package is good for beverages up to $6 per glass. If you order a drink more than the limit, then you are responsible for the full cost of the drink.

For example, say you purchase a $10 cocktail with the Easy Package, which has a $6 limit. In this case youd have to pay the entire $10 out of pocket plus the service charge. The package limits dont subtract from the drink prices if its more than whats allowed.

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When To Buy Your Drinks Package

Should you buy your drinks package when you book your cruise, before you sail or on-board the ship? Youll probably see that different prices are available depending on when you purchase the package.

The best time to buy your drinks package is after you book your cruise but before you sail. Buying it on the ship is almost always more expensive.

After you book your cruise, you may receive emails with special offers on drinks packages which can include a discount of up to 30%. Cruise lines may also offer drink package promotions to encourage you to get one, particularly at times such as Black Friday.

When you board the ship, you may see offers such as buy one get one half price on drinks packages. But look closely at the original price. Youll see that its much higher than it is if you pre-book before you cruise. So, even with these offers, youll still get a better price if you buy the package before you set sail.

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Everything You Need To Know About Msc Cruises

If MSC Cruises has its way, itll eventually be as well known in North America as brands like Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean.

MSC Divina docked at Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

Although MSC is far better known in European markets, they have slowly but surely been grabbing the attention of American cruisers, especially since the splashy arrival of MSC Seaside back in 2017.

With prices that are often considerably lower than the competition and ships which have significantly raised the companys profile, MSC is definitely making a splash with North American cruisers.

Its worth noting, however, that the Italian line has encountered a few growing pains along the way, especially in regard to the differing needs of an American audience.

MSC Seaside was a game-changer for the cruise line, making it a much bigger presence in the North American market.

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Disney Cruise Wine Packages


Choose from one of the Disney Wine Packages below for a savings of up to 25%. A 15% gratuity is added for the servicing of all Disney Cruises wine packages.

For example, a 3-night package would be 3 bottles of wine. If you dont drink all the wine, you can take it home. If you like, you can drink more than one bottle per evening – you have purchased a package and are free to order more than one bottle per evening. If you dont finish a bottle in one evening, you can take it back to a stateroom or your server can rotate it to your next dining.

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Drink Charges On Cruise Ships: The Big Picture

The cost of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks varies significantly from ship to ship.

Many higher-end lines that play in the luxury travel space dont charge a single dollar for most drinks on their vessels. Even premium liquors and wines are included in the fare, with just a few ultrapremium spirits and rare wines coming with an extra charge. Among cruise operators that take such an all-inclusive approach are luxury operators Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Silversea, Crystal Cruises and Seabourn.

Other high-end cruise sellers that have an all-inclusive formula when it comes to drinks on ships include tour company Tauck, which markets a number of river ships Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, which operates both river and ocean ships and river cruise-focused Uniworld.

There also are several cruise lines that include complimentary beer and wine with lunch and dinner, but still charge for drinks ordered during the day and evening at bars. Viking is one example. It has such a policy on both its ocean and river ships. River cruise line Avalon Waterways has a similar policy.

Some lines offer a slight variation on the drinks-with-lunch-and-dinner theme. River line AmaWaterways, for instance, has begun including select alcoholic drinks at no extra charge during predinner happy hours on its ships. Thats on top of beer and wine with lunch and dinner.

Can You Share Drink Packages On A Cruise

Its tempting with unlimited drinks to do what weve all thought one person buys the package and just gives a drink to the person they are traveling with.

Every cruise line has rules against this. If you are caught, you could lose your drink privilege.

That said, unless you are blatantly ordering drinks and then handing off to other people, its almost impossible for you to be caught sharing drinks. If you are discreet, the chances of your being caught are minimal.

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Top Reasons To Cruise

  • Italian Heritage MSC embraces its Italian heritage and stylenot to flaunt it, but to share it.
  • Sophia Loren An Italian treasure, the iconic movie actress serves as godmother to MSCs ships.
  • Affordability MSC affords a contemporary cruise experience at favorable price points.
  • Family-friendliness With a kids-sail-free policy, MSC Cruises ships are ideally suited for family cruise vacations.
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    Do Disney Cruises Have Fast Internet

    Is There a Disney Cruise Drink Package?

    While some other cruise lines have really pushed forward with onboard Internet and technology offerings this has been a place where Disney frequently lags and, in most cases, truly disappoints. Onboard Internet is slow and expensive. And while the parks have moved toward app-based offerings and magic bands for lots of things, Disneys cruise line app has been a slow adopter. Although more recent upgrades to the DCL app have given enthusiasts hope.

    Many are expecting DCL to accelerate its onboard technology in the wake of COVID as touchless and self-serve interactions become the norm. Guests were also surveyed recently about their tech habits and interest in voice assistants, presumably as research for development of the Disney Wish so, there may be a glimmer of hope there. But for now, Disneys onboard tech is pretty lackluster as compared to what it offers at its theme parks, or what other lines offer like the Ocean Medallions on Princess Cruises.

    For more information about what IS included in a Disney cruise, check out this post next:

    Whats Included on a Disney Cruise? Food, Activities and Exclusions

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