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What Cruise Ships Go To The Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos Islands Cruise Ships

Bucket List Cruise To The Galapagos Islands

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Travel to Galapagos Islands Ecuador is actually a truly Eden, some of the more incredible wildlife on the earth can be found over the Galapagos Islands. A vacation to the Galapagos is the visit of their existence for the majority of tourists. The wild animals in Galapagos that youre going to encounter cannot be located any place else, but here ocean and land animals and birds are more approachable.

You will find Boobies, giant tortoises, iguanas among others, will probably be noticed near during your activities. If you are into scuba diving or diving, sea lions will be trying to play with you and beneath them, turtles and could be found.

Does Your Galapagos Cruise Provide You With The Exploration Tools Youll Need To Properly Experience Galapagos

Because it just so happens that only 8 cruises in Galapagos provide their guests with the full list of exploratory tools, such as glass-bottom boats, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. Dont forget: the Galapagos Islands are an EXPEDITION DESTINATION that is meant to be experienced in as many different ways as possible! This hack actually ties in quite nicely with our first hack, given none of these activities would be as enticing as they are if you didnt have the freedom to pick from the numerous different ways that these vessels offer for exploring the islands. Not in the mood to get wet, but still curious about the underwater world of Galapagos? Glass-bottom boats are here to save your visit! All while other guests are equally free to plunge into the water and snorkel around, or glide above it on a kayak in their own group with a guide!

Choosing A Galapagos Cruise: The Most Important Things To Know

There was one small box left under the Christmas tree, addressed to my husband, my son, and me. Inside was a tiny globe from the dollar storea symbol, my mother explained, of the trip that she and my father would take us on together. The destination: TBD.

Its part of my job here at to read every trip review that we receive, so I knew immediately that the Galapagos Islands were a multigenerational crowd-pleaser: The low-effort/high-payoff wildlife sightings were sure to appeal to both my 7-year-old son and my 82-year-father, who bracket our small family, as would the unpack-once ease of a cruise.

The tougher decision was which of the 77 licensed vessels to book for our voyage. Hotels are becoming more and more common on the Galapagos four inhabited islands, but we knew that we wanted to visit a wider range of islands than we could see on day trips from land. After all, its how species change from island to island that steered Darwin to his theory of evolution, and that has attracted awe-struck visitors ever sincethose finches and their multitude of beaks, if you remember a little of biology class. And Im so glad we went by sea: The moments when we, our shipmates, and a colony of bold sea lions shared an empty beach, with not a single other ship on the horizon, were my favorites of the trip by far, and the time we spent in a handful of towns I found the least enjoyable.

  • Length of cruise
  • 2. Itinerary/combination of islands

    3. Size and features of the ship

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    Wildlife Spotting On Remote Nature Trails

    Each day trip is different and full of encounters with unique creatures you cannot see anywhere else on the planet. As you explore the visitor sites by foot, you will have the opportunity to walk alongside endemic species like the Galapagos tortoise, the flightless cormorant, the colorful blue footed booby, Darwin’s finches, marine iguanas, nesting frigate birds, the curious Galapagos mockingbird. The main quality of the wildlife apart from being so unique is that the animals do not fear humans.

    Who Discovered The Galapagos Islands

    Luxury Galapagos cruise Celebrity Xpedition

    The Galapagos Islands were discovered in 1535 by Tomas de Berlanga. This Spanish Bishop happened to stumble upon these islands by accident as he was traveling to South America.;

    The Galapagos islands are in a unique position because they converge along three different ocean currents, Equatorial Counter-Currents, as well as the North and Equatorial Currents and the South Equatorial Currents. The total landmass of these islands is about 3,000 square miles that are spread out among 17,000 square miles of ocean!

    The highest point of elevation can be found at 5,600 ft. atop of Volcano Wolf on Isabela Island. According to geologists, the first islands may have formed up to 90 million years ago. The history of the land itself is so interesting to me.

    Learn the Science behind the Galapagos Islands Natural Selection

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    Southern & Central Route

    This route will start off in San Cristobal and then take you to the islands of Espanola, Floreana, Santa Cruz, Bartolome, and then back to San Cristobal. You are sure to see some unique places during your trip and that may include the following: El Junco Lake, Wizard Hill, the lava tunnels at El Mirador and Los Gemelos , and Pinnacle Rock.

    Galapagos National Park Rules

    There are common sense rules that we should follow all the time, not only in the Galapagos National Park. I was happy to see that these rules are strictly implemented with a lot of controls, with the help of the local nature guides and people involved in conservation.

    Among others:

    • Dont touch the animals
    • Dont litter
    • Stay at about 6 feet from the animals
    • Dont feed the animals.
    • Dont use flash when photographing

    To know about all the rules you can check out this official website on Galapagos conservation.

    It would be great if we get the habit and will continue to follow these instructions on how to respect the environment and live in peace with nature.

    • The Marine Iguana they are everywhere. Here is in Playa Alemanes in Santa Cruz

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    A Crucible Of Evolution

    Hidden away in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Archipelago formed millions of years ago when subsea eruptions pushed up a group of volcanic islands. These remote islands were at first arid and barren, but rainforest animals from Central and South America soon colonized them after floating across the ocean aboard rafts of vegetation. Only the birds and reptiles could survive such a long voyage. Thus, the Galápagos became seeded by new arrivals, free from mammalian predators. Each species was forced to adapt to the different island environments, making natural selection apparent to Darwin when he arrived. Youll learn about this and more from your knowledgeable onboard Expedition Team, who will inform and educate you in onboard lectures and guided nature walks.

    Charles Darwinstheory Of Evolution Began Here

    Luxury Galapagos Islands Cruises Aboard Celebrity Flora

    Since the islands of Galapagos are considered approximately 97% National Park, the diverse species of animals isnt the only important part of them. Like Charles Darwin, the famous 19th-century biologist and author of the On the Origin of Species spent much of his time here studying the inhabitants of the Galapagos. He contributed to many theories and ideas about how natural selection occurs. It was in the Galapagos Islands that Darwins theory of evolution was literally born.

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    Best Time For Galapagos Islands Cruises

    The Galapagos is a year-round destination, and nature-loving visitors can expect to be stunned by the flora and fauna in any month. Still, there are two main “seasons,” each of which has its draws and drawbacks.

    High season, when families often push occupancy levels to the max, is considered mid-June through early September and mid-December through mid-January. From June through November, the Humboldt Current brings colder, nutrient-rich water and cooler land temperatures. Average highs are typically around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds and seas tend to be a bit rougher. Skies are often overcast, but rain is uncommon. The change in water quality attracts fish and sea birds, making this a fantastic time to snorkel. Given the colder water temps — sometimes in the low 60s — wearing a wetsuit is a smart move for snorkelers hoping to stay in the water longer. This is also the mating season for the blue-footed boobies and waved albatrosses.

    El Nino, a weather phenomenon made famous on SNL by Chris Farley, can upend weather-related expectations, bringing a tropical feel to the surroundings at unexpected times.

    Celebrity Cruises Officially Returns To Galapagos Islands

    Cruise lines are once again welcoming passengers back on board, as the return to sailing continues.

    After more than 15 months, Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Flora returned to service with a seven-night sailing around the Galapagos Islands on Sunday. The Celebrity Flora mega-yacht was built specifically to navigate the waters of the archipelago.

    From hiking otherworldly volcanic landscapes to snorkeling alongside sea turtles in their natural habitat, guests can also partake in twice-daily shore excursions guided by Galapagos National Park certified naturalists or stay onboard be treated to locally-sourced cuisine crafted by a Michelin-starred chef.;

    ;The Galapagos Islands are a treasure and a destination that is incomparable to any other in the world. We couldnt be more excited to welcome guests aboard the most special ship in this region for the very special, bucket-list voyage they have been dreaming of for so many months, said Celebrity Cruises President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo.

    Celebrity Flora is the first of the cruise lines three ships to resume sailing around the Galapagos Islands. It will be followed by Celebrity Xpedition departing on July 24 and the 16-guest Celebrity Xploration on Sept. 18. They will both equally explore the Galapagos with Northern and Southern Loop itineraries.

    Other Celebrity ships that have resumed operations this year include Celebrity Millennium’s return out of St. Maarten and Celebrity Apexs debut in Athens.

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    Three Great Reasons To Visit The Galapagos

    Once in a lifetime, you can walk in the footsteps of Darwin, getting closer to the natural world than you ever have or ever will, coming home with a radically new understanding of the planet. With us, you’ll encounter flora found nowhere else, come face to face with fauna that has not learned to fear humans, and hike moonscapes that barely resemble Earth.

    The Flora

    While the animals of the Galapagos Islands get the glory, the evolution and adaptation of plant life here is equally important. Check out the beautiful lava Cactus, which only grows on barren lava fields. The Prickly Pear Cactus found only on these islands. And, the magnificent Scalesia, which grows up to sixty feet tall.

    The Fauna

    Since the animals here dont fear humans, you can truly get up close and personal, looking into the eyes of a Galapagos marine iguana, and walking among penguins the only penguin species north of the equator. Here, youll discover creatures whose very existence forms the basis for one of the most famous scientific theories in history.

    The Adventure

    Nature lovers flock to this exotic terrain born of fire. Once, volcanos spat and lava flowed, creating an archipelago of 19 islands with a marine reserve that serve as a living museum of evolution. Extreme isolation and the convergence of three ocean currents developed the most unusual wildlife.

    The Nemo Ii Galapagos Cruise

    Cruise Ships

    The Nemo II is a motor-sail catamaran offering an island-hopping cruise of the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy a cruise of the northern or southern islands over either 4, 5 or 8-days.

    The Nemo II offers double cabins with a personal bathroom. In the dining room, you will then enjoy 3 meals each day prepared freshly by talented chefs. The rooms on the Nemo II are air-conditioned to keep you comfortable on your cruise.

    You will then enjoy guided tours around the islands themselves to find fantastic wildlife, beautiful bays and enjoy stunning scenery.

    On your Nemo II Cruise, you can choose between two itineraries that visit either the northern or the southern islands.

    To provide an example, heres a summary of the 8-day northern itinerary aboard the Nemo II Cruise:

    You will begin your cruise on Baltra Island where you will first cruise to Seymour Island. Here, you will find a diversity of Galapagos birds, including the royal frigates.

    The next day, you will visit the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, which offers a fascinating landscape and viewing the famous giant tortoises. You will also visit the Charles Darwin Research Center in the afternoon to learn a little more about the Galapagos and the wildlife.

    The evening will be spent on cruise to Isabela Island ready for the following morning.

    The next day, you will enjoy some beautiful scenery with a visit to Punta Moreno with its fascinating volcanic landscape. Enjoy spotting different birds, marine iguanas and see the coral reef.

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    Activities While On Theory Ship

    • Guided walks or hikes alongside the cliffs, lava fields, and beaches with professionally trained Naturalist who are certified
    • Snorkeling at the Marine Reserve
    • Paddleboarding or kayaking
    • Soaking in the warm sun in the onboard the magnificently-placed Jacuzzi tub by the sundecks bar.
    • A small tour on a glass-bottom boat along the shores of the Galapagos Islands for those who prefer
    • You can get up close to the sea turtles and other marine life animals while out in the ocean on your many excursions each day.

    In the evenings you can lounge on the sundeck at dusk because the sunsets are not to be missed.

    The frigate birds often chase each other overhead, frequently landing on the ship. There is also a jacuzzi to relax in while sipping your favorite Pisco Sour or any other drink you deem necessary!

    A Family Cruise To Antarctica For Older Kids

    The 12-day Antarctica cruise is scheduled to stop at 16 sites in Patagonia, the Drake Passage and the Antarctic Peninsula.

    The tour begins with two nights in Argentina first in Buenos Aires, followed by a flight to the town of Ushuaia, on the southern tip of South America. From there, guests explore Patagonia’s Tierra del Fuego National Park by train and Patagonia’s waterways via catamaran.

    Once aboard Le Boreal, a ship operated by French cruise ship company Ponant, cruise passengers will cross the Drake Passage to reach the Antarctica Peninsula. This crossing ranges from smooth to terrifying, depending on the weather.

    Like most Disney tours, the cruise is marketed to families, albeit ones with older children. Adventures by Disney recommends kids be 12 years and older to join and doesn’t allow children younger than 10 years old due to “the duration of the trip, potential for extreme weather or sea conditions and the amount of physical activity involved,” according to the company’s website.

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    Cruising In The Galapagos

    Theres no denying that cruising around the Galapagos Islands is the best way to really explore, feel and inhale the true essence of these islands, their pristine condition, the unspoilt wilderness and the sheer array of all its incredible wildlife. The wonderful thing is that Galapagos cruises come in all shapes, sizes and budgets: no matter what youre after, there IS a boat thatll fit your bill.

    Galapagos Islands Cruise Itineraries

    Galapagos Islands Cruise Vacations | Avalon Waterways®

    Every licensed vessel sailing the Galapagos follows a 15-day route established and approved by Galapagos National Park. During that period, a boat may not visit the same site twice, with the exception of the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz. How lines segment the 15 days can vary, but four-, five- and eight-day options are the norm. Passengers can often combine these segments into 11-, 12- and 15-day cruises.

    All boats basically follow the same protocol, regardless of itinerary: Island visits and water-based activities are done during the day, and the majority of navigation is done overnight.

    All cruises begin or end at one of two islands with an airport: Baltra, a U.S. military outpost during WWII turned Ecuadorian air base, or San Cristobal, the Galapagos’ second most populated island and home to the capital of the province, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

    Because the approach to cruising has been standardized, picking the right itinerary has a lot to do with cruisers determining which visitor sites are on their must-visit lists. Port research — particularly photo searching — is key. Keep in mind that the longer the cruise, the farther west the ship will reach. That’s not to say the western islands are better — it’s a matter of personal preference. When you cruise is also an important consideration .

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    Each So Unique No Visit Is The Same

    Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, this archipelago of unspoiled, isolated islands will welcome you with its rugged charms and evolutionary wonders. Consisting of 19 islands and 42 islets that all rose from the sea as the product of volcanic eruptions, these islands are between 3 million and 4 million years old.

    Completely oceanicmeaning theyve never been connected to the mainlandthe Galapagos Islands are truly a world apart. Settlers have carved out their lives on the lava rocks, pirates have profited, and scientists have explored. The history of the Galapagos is rich and diverse, with tales of basic survival and extraordinary discovery. For almost any modern adventurer, a journey through time to the Galapagos is a dream vacation.

    Islands And Spots That Are Reachable Only By Cruise

    While we were already on the islands and were touring around travel agents to see how to reach our favorite places, we realized that there were many spots that you can reach only by cruise. Each boat has its own itinerary on specific dates.

    In fact,;as I was mentioned before there are many different itineraries covered by different boats. This is why, before deciding which cruise you book, you need to know which spots you really want to visit and which ones you are ok to give up.; Its very difficult to find a cruise that covers everything you really want.

    For example, we wanted to see Rabida Island and Genovesa Island and Canal Bolivar but there is no cruise that includes the three spots in one itinerary.

    Here I will tell you what are the islands and spots that you can reach by cruise only so that you know what Galapagos cruise you should look for.

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