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Holland America Transatlantic Repositioning Cruises 2021

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More Disadvantages Of Repositioning Cruises

10 Must-Know Tips About Repositioning and Transatlantic Cruises
  • Fewer sailings to choose from. While turnaround cruises go back and forth thus offering many sail dates, each repositioning cruise schedule happen only once per year per ship. And, they are typically off-season.
  • More days at sea often means more spending at sea. If you gamble, play bingo, drink without purchasing a drink card, indulge in fancy coffee, eat in speciality restaurants, spend time in the spa, or attend and shop at art auctions, more time onboard can equal more spending. For us, we tend to spend more money onshore, so we find sea days to be less expensive.
  • People with certain medical conditions might not want to be away from a shore for so long.
  • Weight gain from too many days at sea. Really, this one is on you.
  • Environmental responsibility. Today, many cruise lines have made vast improvements in this area.

Holland America Smoking Policy

Implemented in January 2017, Holland America Line has a new cruise ship smoking policy banning smoking on all cabin balconies. As previously, in-cabin smoking is also not allowed. Smoking E-cigarettes and vaping devices is permitted in designated areas, as well as inside passenger staterooms .

Passengers who violate the company’s ship’ smoking policy will be fined a cleaning fee USD 250 per day.

There are smoking-allowed areas for active slot machine players located in all HAL cruise ship casinos – excepting on MS Oosterdam and MS Eurodam, which casinos are entirely smoke-free. Follows the list of Holland America ships’ designated smoking-allowed areas:

The other itinerary is roundtrip from Vancouver Canada.

HAL liners in Alaska offer cruisetours with lengths 10-13-14-15 days. They are inclusive of 3-day cruising plus scenic train travel on the White Pass-Yukon Route Railway.

  • 10-Day Yukon+double Denali
  • 13-Day Yukon+triple Denali
  • 14-Day Yukon+triple Denali
  • 15-Day Yukon+triple Denali .

Through The Panama Canal

Another of Holland America’s repositioning cruises takes its theme from the famed waterway it crosses: the Panama Canal. In the fall, you can depart Vancouver, British Columbia, for Fort Lauderdale, navigating via the canal over 19 or 20 days. Ports of call include San Diego, Puerto Vallarta and either Aruba or the Bahamas. However, at the time of publication, Holland America did not offer any repositioning cruises in the opposite direction.

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How To Find A Repositioning Cruise

Royal Caribbean offers a search filter on its website to specify just the repositioning cruises. In addition, a good travel agent can assist in locating the right cruise for you.

Each year when new cruises are announced, there is usually a smattering of repositioning cruises announced as well, as new deployments create opportunities for a repositioning.

It should be noted that not all ship movements necessarily include a repositioning cruise, but it is commonly offered as a way to generate revenue for a necessary operation.

The most common types of repositioning cruises offered by Royal Caribbean are:

  • Between North America and Europe
  • Between North America and Australia
  • Between Australia and Hawaii

Unusual Or Offbeat Ports Of Call

World Dream 2020 / 2021

A repositioning cruise across the Atlantic will more than likely stop at one or more of the exotic islands off the coast of West Africa.

Possibilities include the Island of Madeira, a floral wonder with unusual hiking trails and watercourses the Azores known for whale-watching and pineapple plantations or one of Spains seven Balearic Islands where the weather seems stuck in an eternal spring, and dormant volcanoes add to the natural beauty. Other common ports include Malaga and Cadiz on Spains southern coast and Moroccan cities like Tangier and Casablanca.

Many times the ports of call during your repositioning cruise are a little more off-the-beaten-track than standard ports, meaning you can often visit regions a little more exotic and varied when compared to previous voyages.

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Ms Nieuw Statendam Transatlantic

  • 2022 April 17 14-day Transatlantic from Fort Lauderdale FL to Barcelona, visiting Ponta Delgada , Cadiz , Gibraltar , Malaga , Alicante prices from $1120 pp.
  • 2022 May 29 12-day from Barcelona to Copenhagen, visiting Valencia , Cartagena , Gibraltar , Cadiz , Lisbon , Vigo , Portland , Cherbourg from $1510 pp.
  • 2022 July 16 18-day from Copenhagen to Boston, visiting Alesund , Akureyri , Isafjord , Reykjavik , Grundarfjordur , Qaqortoq , Nanortalik , St Johns , Halifax 3280 pp.
  • 2022 October 2 6-day from Boston to Quebec City, visiting Bar Harbor , Halifax , Sydney , Charlottetown from $650 pp.
  • 2022 October 8 14-day from Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale, visiting Saguenay , Gaspe , Charlottetown , Sydney , Halifax , Saint John , Portland , Boston , Port Canaveral from $1400 pp.

Repositioning Cruises & One Way Cruises To/from Australia

One way cruise deals and repositioning cruises 2022, 2023 are win-win voyages for both the cruise line and cruise passenger. Cruise lines use these repositioning cruises to relocate their ships between destinations once they have completed, or are about to start, the Australian cruising season. For the traveller, these repositioning cruises 2022, 2023 are the perfect opportunity to eliminate at least one tiresome international flight and introduce you to unique ports and captivating countries along the way. Book with Cruise Guru to enjoy exclusive discounts* on a huge range of one way cruises. Dont forget to ask our friendly team about our fantastically priced airfares and hotel deals to complete your cruise holiday.

Typically, repositioning cruises from Australia to Asia depart in February or March of each year, while cruises from Australia to Hawaii depart in March or April. Coming home, cruises from Hawaii to Australia sail in either September or October, while cruises from Asia to Australia are usually in October, November and into December, however, you can also find a small number of repositioning cruises that depart throughout the end of the year. Whether you are searching for Royal Caribbean repositioning cruises from Australia or are looking into Princess repositioning cruises from Singapore to Sydney, well undoubtedly have a sailing just right for you. Compare cheap repositioning cruises and find yourself a bucket-list adventure today!

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What Is A Repositioning Cruise

A repositioning cruise is a one-way cruise voyage in which a ship is being relocated from one region in the world to another. Cruise lines regularly reposition their fleets annually based on seasonality, as weather conditions and travel patterns change across the globe.

Since these ships are being moved from one part of the world to another, repositioning cruises do tend to be lengthy voyages with a higher amount of sea days. As a result, these lengthy, off-season, one-way cruises can have low demand. So repositioning cruises are often priced dramatically lower to entice passengers to come aboard these unique, intercontinental itineraries.

Repositioning cruises are sometimes also referred to simply as repo cruises or relocation cruises . Its all the same.

So thats a brief primer on repositioning cruise. For more detail, open our separate article in the link below, and continue reading here for more info on how to score the best repositioning cruise deals.

Before revealing where to find the best repositioning cruise deals, its important to have an understanding about

  • when repositioning cruises are relocated, and
  • where repositioning cruises actually go.

Repositioning Cruises: Are They Right For You

Booking a Cruise in 2021? Avoid These 5 Types

Turning fantasy into reality, we boarded a ship and sailed away. Traditional turnaround cruises bring us back to where we started. Repositioning cruises take us out into the world.

What are repositioning cruises?

Cruise ships generally sail in warm weather. Therefore, at the end of a season, they often move from their home port to one in a warmer region. The cruise ship lines take passengers and call these one-way sailings repositioning cruises or relocation cruises.

With more days at seas, few stops, and different start and end ports, they often are harder to fill than traditional cruises, so the price is generally substantially less.

To make them more attractive to passengers, repositioning cruises offer all the same amenities as turnaround cruises and usually stop at several exotic and less-visited ports between the two host cities.

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Ready To Check Out Repositioning Cruises For Yourself Start Here:

Nearly every cruise line out there has repositioning cruises, as they dont want their ships to sit idle in the off-seasons. To date, we have thoroughly enjoyed three Princess repositioning cruises, and have had great experiences sailing with Azamara, Royal Caribbean, and NCL. If you are ready to give them a try:

Booking A Repositioning Cruise Deal

The above listed deals are the cheapest repositioning cruises out there, at the time of last update . Weve meticulously combed through all repositioning cruises for each route to identify the best deals.

If you want to see what additional repositioning cruises are out there currently listed at higher prices, you may want to do some additional sleuthing on your own.

You can search and sort through all of the repositioning cruises listed on CruiseDirect. Youll likely stumble across some great deals that include some additional routes, such as shorter repositioning cruises between European countries. But just realize that their list can also be incomplete, as some repositioning cruises arent labeled as such within their search system. Its also not organized, which is why weve taken the time to show the best deals for each repositioning cruise route, above.

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Repositioning 2022 / 2023 / 2024 Cruises

Options removed due to no results:

Cruise and Stay

These include several nights stay in a hotel or a land tour before or after your cruise.

Fly Cruise

These cruises require a flight. On some of these cruises you have the option to book just the cruise only.

No Fly Cruise

No Fly Cruises start and end in the UK. No flights are needed.

Know The Best Time To Book Cheap Repositioning Cruises

Genting Dream 2020 / 2021

Trying to book the cheapest price on any cruise can be tricky and is always a bit of a gamble. It can be difficult to predict price fluctuations. Yet over the past decade, weve carefully tracked repositioning cruise price trends to discover common patterns on when to book.

So heres what weve noticed over the years to now help you score the lowest price on repositioning cruises.

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Holland America Transatlantic Cruises

The Transatlantic Holland America cruises are long voyages with distinctive itineraries. For people who love the sea, an Atlantic crossing on Holland America Line recalls classic cruising at its best – days of peace and nights of fine dining and dancing.

The cruise line specializes in trips to northern Europe. Explore exotic ports on Africa’s western coast and remote islands in the Azores. Or take a northern route to Newfoundland, Iceland, Scotland isles and Norwegian fjords. Holland America offers several Transatlantic cruises from Florida.

Holland America Line offers about a dozen Transatlantic voyages annually. Sail between the US and Europe. Departure ports include Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Rome, and Barcelona.

Cheapest Transatlantic Repositioning Cruise Deals: Between Europe & Us

Transatlantic repositioning cruises are a classic repositioning cruise route to embark on. Theyre the most common and often the easiest to get a great deal on an inexpensive voyage.

The itineraries range from fairly barebones direct sailings across the ocean to port-intensive voyages with only a few sea days in between to break up the trip. Some transatlantic itineraries include Caribbean islands on the eastern side, an abundance of European ports on the Western Atlantic, and far-flung islands in between. Stops into Atlantic Ocean islands such as the Azores, Canaries, Madeira, and Bermuda help to break apart the lengthy ocean crossing.

Last-Minute Transatlantic Repositioning Cruise Deals for Fall 2020

Most Fall 2020 transatlantic repositioning cruises have been outright canceled. Only Norwegian cruise line has one late-season transatlantic itinerary that prospective passengers can still book.

2021 Spring Transatlantic Repositioning Cruise Deals: US to Europe

There are already some unusually low rates for 2021 transatlantic repositioning cruises, well in advance of the deals that tend to emerge in the last-minute. In fact, weve already spotted a dozen 2021 transatlantic repositioning cruises within the $50 per night range! Theres even this 16-night Royal Caribbean cruise thats down to a mere $35/night!


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Cruising With Holland America Australia

Established nearly 150 years ago, primarily as a transatlantic service, Holland America has built up an impressive repertoire of itineraries and destinations. They open the door to a whole range of amazing destinations around the world the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mexico, South America, and all over the South Pacific. Check out the below to see what your Holland America cruise includes.

Review Of Holland America

Holland America Line Voted Best in Alaska

HAL-Holland America Line is a Seattle-based cruise shipping company owned by Carnival Corporation.

HAL’s current President is Gustavo Antorcha who was previously the COO of CCL-Carnival Cruise Line. Holland America Group’s current President is Jan Swartz who was previously the President of Princess Cruises. The Group combines and manages the subsidiaries Princess Cruises, HAL-Holland America Line, Seabourn, P& O Australia, HAP-Holland America Princess Alaska Tours, as well as all inter-group operations.

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Ms Eurodam Panama Canal Alaska

  • 2022 April 10 15-day Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego, visiting Cartagena , Panama Canal , Puerto Caldera , Puerto Quetzal , Puerto Chiapas , Huatulco , Puerto Vallarta , Cabo San Lucas from $2250 pp.
  • 2022 April 25 4-day from San Diego to Vancouver, visiting Victoria from $340 pp.
  • 2022 April 29 1-day from Vancouver to Seattle from $80 pp.
  • 2022 October 8 1-day Alaska from Seattle to Vancouver from $100 pp.
  • 2022 October 9 4-day from Vancouver to San Diego $410 pp.
  • 2022 October 13 16-day Panama Canal from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, visiting Puerto Vallarta , Huatulco , Puerto Chiapas , Puerto Quetzal , Corinto , Puerto Caldera , Panama Canal , Oranjestad prices from $2300 pp.
  • 2023 April 9 15-day Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego, visiting Cartagena , Panama Canal , Puerto Caldera , Puerto Quetzal , Puerto Chiapas , Huatulco , Puerto Vallarta , Cabo San Lucas from $2200 pp.
  • 2023 April 24 4-day from San Diego to Vancouver, visiting Victoria from $460 pp.
  • 2023 April 28 1-day from Vancouver to Seattle from $120 pp.

More Time On The Ship For Relaxing And Exploring

With more consecutive sea days, youll be spending a lot more time on the ship. Its the perfect time to relax, unwind and forget about your cares. Instead of long days in port or spending days jam-packed with onboard activities that leave you worn out at the end of the trip, you wont feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

Insider Tip: Packing for a cruise that crosses the Atlantic means bringing clothing for both warm and cool weather, as it can be unpredictable, and wardrobe for any occasion. Cunard includes several formal nights, so know the dress code before you go, as you wont be able to go shopping in any port.

On a transatlantic cruise, youll have the time to sleep in as long as you want to, catch up on reading, learn a new skill, catch up on a craft and get pampered in the spa. With more time on the ship, you can do lots of exploring while onboard, meaning no missing out on any of the ships included amenities like their wellness options, shops, activities and restaurants.

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Nothings Perfect: Disadvantages Of Repositioning Cruises

Now that we have been on three repositioning cruises, we find it difficult to find true disadvantages. In reality, it depends on who you are and what you want. Here is a list of complaints we have heard.

  • The longer voyage may be difficult for people with a limited number of vacation days. However, many people, myself included, find a longer cruise to be an advantage.
  • Repositioning cruises often attract an older crowd. Similar to the above, this is often because retired passengers have more free time. While some find this a disadvantage, I dont agree. In fact, we meet fascinating people of all ages on cruise ships. With age comes experience, and well-travelled people often have the best stories.
  • Too many sea days. Again, a negative to some and a positive to others. Either way, there is not much to see on the water. . . except for the sunrise, sunset, and occasional dolphins.
  • Sunrise from the Golden Princess

Eastern Seaboard And Southern Cone

Holland America

In the autumn, Holland America brings some of its ships from the eastern United States coast down to the southern cone of South America, delivering passengers in Argentina, Chile or Brazil. For a shorter journey, opt for a 14-day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Santiago, or the 18-day version, which starts in Boston. Longer cruises southward include a 31-day trip from Boston to Buenos Aires and a 27-day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Buenos Aires. In early spring, the ships make the return journey, a 31-day voyage from Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale or a 34-day trip all the way to New York City. Ports of call vary but may include Montevideo, Cape Horn, the Straits of Magellan, Ushuaia, Lima or the Cayman Islands.

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