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Lewis And Clark Riverboat Cruise

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On Board American Queen

Lewis and Clark Riverboat back for voyage on the Missouri River

When it comes to river ships, American Empress is hard to beat. The ship features a classic red paddlewheel that seems straight from the pages of a Mark Twain novel. It also has a collection of artifacts from historic river ships all over the world. Modern amenities and world class dining make the ship one of the top river cruise ships operating in America today.

Follow The Trail Of Lewis & Clark On A Columbia & Snake Rivers Cruise

Embrace the pioneering spirit of Lewis and Clark on a riverboat cruise along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Visit stunning ports such as Astoria, OR, The Dalles/Hood River, OR, and Clarkston, WA on this breathtaking expedition into the West.

*Featured Ports*

Astoria, OR Located at the western end of the Lewis & Clark trail, Astoria is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies. While in port, visit Fort Clatsop, the site where the Lewis & Clark Expedition Team wintered in 1806. After exploring this historic landmark, visit the revitalized downtown for shopping and dining.

The Dalles, OR Explore The Dalles, the last stop on the historic Oregon Trail. Overlooking the Columbia River Gorge is the Maryhill Winery, where you can sip the finest local varietals as you take in the scenic views of the Columbia Valley. While in the area, embark on a guided kayak excursion and explore Hood River, a sleepy little town at the base of Mount Hood.

Clarkston, WA End your journey in Clarkston, named for William Clark of the historic Lewis & Clark Expedition. To extend your journey out West, we offer a selection of Post-Cruise Packages, including a 3 or 7-night National Parks Package, a Hells Canyon Flightseeing Package, and a Hells Canyon Jet Boat Adventure Package.

Find your cruise on the Columbia:

Ss Ruby Boat Tours Fargo Nd

The S.S. Ruby is a pontoon boat that offers tours for groups of two to eighteen people. The boat departs from Convent Landing in scenic Iwen Park in Fargo and can go as far north as River Oaks Point or as far south as Wild Rice. Tours are available from May through October, and is also available for custom special events. The rates are very reasonable, starting at only $150, a great deal for up to 18 people!

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A Lewis & Clark River Cruise You Have To Take

While most planning a cruise vacation are checking out itineraries involving the ocean, river cruising is growing in popularity as evident by new expanded cruisings from the American Queen Steamboat Company. In order to meet demand from cruisers, the cruise line has added three new fall cruises on the American Empress to the vessels 2018 schedule with five-day sailings leaving from Portland, Oregon.

Exploring The Palouse River

Lewis &  Clark Riverboat Cruise

The still water of the Palouse River is the perfect mirror for the surrounding basalt cliffs as we set off cruising on our Zodiac and kayak adventures . Visit Palouse Falls, where cascading waters plunge 198 feet into the pool below. These falls and the canyon are an important feature of the channeled scablands created by the great Missoula Floods that swept periodically across the region. Afterward, sail up the Snake River, enjoying a taste of local specialties.

Day 7

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Follow In The Footsteps Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

There are several ways to take a vacation. You can book it and go. Or you can do what many American Queen Steamboat Company guests do: book it and then dive into the history of the places youâll be visiting. For those who travel with us on the grand American Queen for the first time, we always suggest that they pick up a copy of the immortal Mark Twainâs fascinating Life on the Mississippi. While many of his other books such as the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn give a brief peek into small town life and what it was like grow up along the banks of the Mississippi River, his Life on the Mississippi takes a broader view. Though the book is about his experiences as a riverboat cub pilot, it encapsulates the details of sailing the river in the 1800s both is beauty and its perils. Because of its detail, the book has become much more than just the amusing tales of a humorist on the river and is now a historical reference to how certain riverboat procedures were performed.

Transferring, interpreting and translating the handwritten journals into online text and readable documents were no easy tasks. The University of Nebraska in Lincoln has undertaken a monumental project that is best described by the projectâs co-director, Katherine Walter.

Consider this entry from March 20, 1806 and you can see why a review of the journals makes for interesting reading and puts a voyage on the American Empress into perspective :

Popular Restaurants In Bismarck

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Lewis And Clark Riverboat Cruises

Riverboat cruises are fast becoming the most popular types of cruises for visitors to exotic destinations and historic destinations alike. A riverboat cruise is a form of travel that typically takes place aboard a small vessel that navigates the inland waterways of the world. Unlike large cruise ships, riverboats allow the passenger to get up close and personal with the countryside, and historic sites.

While riverboats tend to be smaller than bigger ships, many have some of the same amenities as a larger ship and they can be just as elegant as some of the larger, high-end vessels. Some riverboat cruise ships may even look like a luxurious hotel with accommodations as well as passenger sun decks, dining rooms, lounges, fitness facilities, swimming pools, casinos, and other entertainment facilities. In addition, many riverboats offer both onboard and off board tours of everything from museums and galleries to dozens of other historical and exotic points of interest.

Lewis and Clark Riverboat cruises typically run from Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend. Prices for Saturday evening cruises range from $31-$41 per person. Other cruises range from $11-$31 per person. Charter and group cruises are also available during the spring, summer, and fall months. Lewis and Clark will host everything from meetings and customer appreciations to weddings, anniversaries, proms and reunions for groups ranging from two to 150 people.

Portland Oregon / Embark Ship

Lewis and Clark Riverboat tour on the Missouri River, Bismarck, North Dakota

Arrive in Portland located on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers in the shadow of snow-capped Mt. Hood. The city is known for its eco-friendliness, microbreweries, and coffeehouses. This afternoon board our ship and discover why Portland is nicknamed Bridgetown as we sail under eight of the citys 12 eclectic bridges along the Willamette River, the first of five rivers you will encounter on this voyage.

Day 2

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Lewis And Clark Riverboat Bismarck Nd

The pearl white, authentic steamship is a merry ship that looks like it came straight out of a history book. The ship cruises along the Missouri River, showing passengers the many beautiful sights along the way! Adventure tours are available from May through September, and the ship is also available for private events like weddings, family reunions, and business events. Reservations for public cruises can be made on their website or by calling the company. There are also special cruises available, like the brunch cruise, the sunset cruise, the pizza dinner cruise, and many more.

Gates Of The Mountains Boat Tour

The evening of July 19, 1805, was a hot one in the wilderness that would later become Montana. On the Missouri River, not far from present-day Helena, the hardy members of the Lewis and Clark expedition toiled to move upstream. Rock embankments made towing from shore impossible, and the deep channel forced the men to row rather than pole their boats forward.

Suddenly, there loomed before them towering rock formations unlike any they had ever seen. From both sides of the river, limestone cliffs rose to a spectacular height of 1200 feet. In many places, wrote Meriwether Lewis, the rocks seem ready to tumble on us. At each bend in the waterway, great stone walls seemed to block passage, only to open like gentle giant gates as the expedition drew near. In his journal, Meriwether wrote: I shall call this place: GATES OF THE MOUNTAINS.

The name stuck, and for nearly two centuries travelers have ventured down this stretch of Missouri to marvel at its natural wonders. Today, most visitors enjoy the beauty of the Gates of the Mountains from aboard a tour boat the Canyon Voyager or the Sacajawea . Aboard a comfortable open-air boat , youll glide through magnificent country Meriwether Lewis would still recognize if he could return.

Near Mann Gulch the pilot will hug the shoreline to give you a look at Indian pictographs painted on the rock wall. Proof that indigenous people lived here long before Meriwether named it the Gates of the Mountains.

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Lewis And Clark Riverboat

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  • lewis and clark river boat bismarck & #149
  • lewis and clark riverboat bismarck & #149

What Is There To Do

Lewis and Clark Riverboat 2021, #3 top things to do in bismarck, north ...

When you think of the mighty Missouri River in the 1930s, you think of the proud tradition that is the riverboat!

The Lewis & Clark Riverboat is located in that historic port of Bismarck, and keeps up this tradition that has been an iconic of the American river system for so many years. Did you know they used to come all the way from St. Louis to the trading ports in the great northwest, nearly a century ago?

Now you can follow in their footsteps and travel along this amazing stretch of water!

There are a number of tours with the Lewis & Clark Riverboat that you can pick from. This makes sure you can find something perfect for your family! With a first come, first serve seating plan, it pays to be keen!

The week starts with the Monday Madness Cruise. Why is it madness? Because you get a super discount! This 90 minute cruise takes you along the water in an evening where kids can check out the sites that pass them – maybe some wildlife!

Tuesday brings you…wait…what’s that delicious smell? It’s the pizza cruise! Yum! A favorite for kids! Wednesday there are two options, with the evening cruise and that beautiful sunset cruise. It’s nice to have a chance and experience something a little more magical!

Thursdays offer you what we know the kids will love – the Smokin’ BBQ Dinner Cruise! Yum! 90 minutes of delicious flavors and amazing views!

Friday, Saturday AND Sunday bring you lunch cruises, pizza cruises, and sunset cruises…so you certainly have plenty to choose from!

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Fin Hunters Guide Service Valley City Nd

For those serious about finding the best fish in North Dakota, Fin Hunters Guide Service is a must. They are the best guide service in the Devils Lake area and have proven their abilities time and time again. But their services arent only available in Devils Lake. Guide services are also available in Glacial Lakes in South Dakota, Central North Dakota, Western Minnesota, and the Missouri River system. While Fin Hunters Guide Service isnt a traditional boat tour, it is a fishing boat expedition that you wont want to miss!

River City Star Riverboat Tours

The River City Star Riverboat offers Public Sightseeing Tours offering guests a truly unique, fun and memorable experience! Enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Missouri River on this 1 hour Cruise. Take in sights such as Freedom Park Naval Yard, the Illinois Central Swing Bridge, the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, and the banks of Omahas Riverfront and Council Bluffs Rivers Edge Park.

Bring the entire family or a fun group of friends out to enjoy this relaxing cruise featuring a short Captains Narration & Music. Most Sunday Sightseeing Cruises feature Park Rangers from the National Park Service offering interesting facts on Lewis & Clarks expedition on the Missouri River! Appropriate for all ages.

The River City Star Riverboat is a 1940s era Paddlewheel style Riverboat. Featuring a fully enclosed lower deck with viewing windows, a full bar, seating, and restrooms along with a canopy covered upper deck, the River City Star holds up to 145 passengers, offering public and private cruises that truly capture the personality of a great river cityOmaha. Come Cruise with Us!

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Hooked Up Guide Service Devils Lake Nd

Hooked Up Guide Service is another of Devils Lakes amazingly talented guides that take guests out onto their boats and show them the ropes of North Dakota fishing. These guided trips mostly focus on walleye, northern pike, and perch, but who knows what youll catch! Both full day and half day tours are available.

The Best Boat Tours In North Dakota

American Cruise Lines – Columbia and Snake River Cruise

There is no better way to celebrate nice weather than by taking a relaxing boat tour! North Dakota has plenty of scenic waterways and pristine lakes, making boating a fun hobby for locals and a big draw for tourists. For an unbeatable afternoon on the water, take a trip on one of these boat tours in North Dakota.

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Columbia River Gorge / Hood River

Spend your morning visiting the stunning Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center in Stevenson, Washington, featuring 15,000 years of cultural and natural history of the Columbia Gorge with displays both inside and outside. Or trek up the iconic Beacon Rock, the 848-foot basalt column that once formed the core of an ancient volcano. Lewis and Clark camped here on their way west, and it was at Beacon Rock that they first noticed the tides affecting the water levels in the Columbia River, more than 120 miles from its mouth.

Continue through the Gorge to Hood River, located in the shadows of majestic Mount Hood, where you will enjoy a farm-to-table orchard lunch overlooking the golden Hood River Valley. The valley is known for its fruit-growing orchardsincluding one of the worlds largest pear-growing areas. After lunch youll have the option to visit the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum and explore one of the largest collections of still-functioning antique cars and planes in the country, or trek through the Twin Mosier Tunnels on the old historic Columbia River Highway.

Day 5

The Footsteps Of Lewis And Clark

The Pacific Northwest is one of Americas hidden gems. The natural beauty, coupled with the regions history of exploration makes it a unique place to take a cruise without going too far from home. The Columbia River, where famed explorers Lewis and Clark, completed the final leg of their great journey, is one of the most picturesque in the region and is the focal point of American Queen Steamboat Company Pacific Northwest cruises.

Ted Sykes, President and COO of American Queen Steamboat Company explained why a river cruise makes so much sense for those with a lot going on.

Liberty Theatre in Astoria, Oregon | Photo: American Queen Steamboat Company

Fall is a special time in the Pacific Northwest, and were happy to offer more sailings this year aboard the American Empress, he said. These five-day voyagers are perfect for travelers with busy schedules who may be looking to sample river cruising for the very first time, and they also offer excellent value.

The new cruises offer unique activities and events like an evening with the Columbia River Symphony at the famed Liberty Theatre in Astoria, Oregon during the November 24th voyage. Another event garnering interest is an old-fashioned sock hop at the National Neon Museum in The Dalles, Oregon, during the November 28th and December 2nd voyages an unforgettable evening of music, dancing, and fun with one of the biggest collections of neon signs in the world.

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