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What Is The Best Danube River Cruise

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Similarities Between Rhine River And Danube River Cruises

A Viking River Cruise on the Danube River through Europe

Both the Rhine and Danube meander through large cities and small towns on either river cruise, you’ll have a mix of big city culture, small town sleepiness and a few stretches of genuine rural scenery. On the Rhine, the big cultural capitals are energetic Amsterdam and Cologne, with Strasbourg and Basel also providing European city experiences. On the Danube, you have Budapest, with its castle on the hill, along with Vienna, where you can catch a classical music performance or opera almost any night.

Both rivers also provide some flexibility, in terms of time spent on the water. Most lines offer seven-night cruises on the Rhine or Danube, where you catch the highlights. If you have more time to spend, both rivers have itineraries that stretch 10 nights or even longer, particularly if you add the Mosel or Main to your Rhine cruise or travel the entire length of the Danube through Eastern Europe to the Black Sea.

Both rivers are also prime locations to explore Europe’s Christmas Markets, with traditional markets in ports big and small. Although Rhine cruises go farther north, expect cold weather on the Danube, too, a byproduct of Austria’s mountainous terrain.

More river cruises are carrying bikes onboard to use in port, and active cruisers are seeking out bike-friendly routes along the rivers. While the Danube is a little more scenic than the Rhine, particularly along Austria’s Wachau Valley, both rivers have relatively flat bike paths that stretch for miles.

Emerald Waterways Review Which Recommended Provider

If you like the sound of Scenic’s river cruises but are put-off by the cost, you’ll want to consider it’s more cost-conscious sister, Emerald Waterways. All its ships have been built within the last 10 years, so it’s no wonder they were highly rated for spaciousness and facilities. The food is top-quality, too, making Emerald Waterways a great option for a slightly more wallet-friendly European river cruise.

, or read our full Emerald Waterways review for more information.

Adventures By Disney River Cruise

Typical starting price: $4,599 for 7 days

Where they sail: Danube, Rhine, Seine

Duration: 8 days

Specialty cruises: Danube Christmas markets, Oktoberfest, Rhine food and wine, Seine National Geographic photography

Amenities : High-speed Wi-Fi, gym, sun-deck, walking track, bikes for shore use, pool or whirlpool, fitness classes, salon, massage

Inclusions: All meals, unlimited beverages , daily excursions, all gratuities onboard and at restaurants, daily cocktail hour, select meals off the ship during excursions, onboard entertainment

Pros: Adventures by Disney guides add a wonderful touch to each journey with storytelling, educational information, and goes above and beyond to ensure every guest has a great time.

Cons: The ships aren’t “Imagineered.” In other words, if you are used to the added magic that occurs on a Disney Cruise Line, you won’t find that here.

Adventures by Disney, the guided, family vacation arm of the Walt Disney Company, offers unique journeys sprinkled with signature Disney magic. Each day, you’ll receive an enamel pin reflecting the day’s adventure such as Mickey dressed as Mozart or Donald cooking goulash.

The Adventures by Disney river cruises are designed for families, and their itineraries, both onboard and onshore, have something for every age group. Kids love the Junior Adventurer dinners or Disney movie nights, and there is also a Just Teens program with dinners and separate tour groups at various destinations.

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When Is The Best Time To Go On A Boat Cruise In Budapest

We always recommend taking an evening tour. The way the banks of the river Danube lit up is incredible. It is also recommended that you take the tour during summer or warmer months. We were here in early spring.

Although the skies were clear and we could capture all the amazing sights, it was very COLD in the evening. . Carry a scarf or wear full sleeve tops and bottoms to fully enjoy the views .

Viking River Cruises Review Which Recommended Provider

The Best Danube River Cruise with AmaWaterways

Viking River Cruises may be the largest river cruise line in the world, but don’t assume that means large ships packed full of people. In fact, the complete opposite is true, with the self-styled ‘small ship experts’ earning full marks for its on-board passenger to space ratio. Customer service, food and drink and port excursions are also rated highly by guests, making this a great way of visiting Europe, Egypt or Asia.

, or read our full Viking review for more information.

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Danube River Cruise Pricing Charts 2022

July 8, 2021 By Britton Frost

Danube River Cruise Prices 2022 is part of a continuing series of comparison charts and articles featuring European River Cruises offered by world class river cruise lines. Our goal is to provide a True Per Diem for each cruise, or the daily cost breakdown of the trip once all extra fees are added to the cruise fare.

Illumination tour of Budapest at night

Comparison charts serve as a guide and attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions from our readers:

  • What is a Danube river cruise going to cost me?
  • How does the cruise I am looking at compare to Danube river cruises offered by other companies?
  • What is the price for an entry-level cabin?
  • Whats the price for an upgrade?
  • Whats included in a 2022 Danube River cruise?
  • What Danube river cruise incentives are there for 2022?

Our goal is to provide a True Per Diem for each cruise, or the daily cost breakdown of the trip once all extra fees are added to the cruise fare.

Few Rivers Can Match The Sheer Variety That The Danube Has To Offer

Take a journey through unique countries, and discover the breathtaking sights of Europe. Travel from Prague to Budapest, Vienna to Budapest, or perhaps explore the Black Sea Coast. Saga is proud to showcase a wide range of Danube river cruises, designed to suit every occasion and price range. Read more about our Danube river cruises for 2020, and book your next adventure.

The River Danube is Europe’s second longest river, flowing for more than 1700 miles across the heart of Europe, from the Black Forest of Germany to the iron gate and the Black Sea in eastern Europe. Along the way, you can see some of the continents most stunning landscapes and beautiful cities, such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

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What We Like About Danube River Cruises

Companies Offering Danube River Cruises

Danube River Cruise In Central Europe

This information is intended to give you an overview and a general idea of what different river cruise companies offer. With regard to itineraries they change from year to year and sometimes within a year. The number of itineraries listed for some of the companies does not include reverse itineraries. For example, a reverse river cruise from Passau to Budapest would be Budapest to Passau.

Most of the ships that are listed also cruise on other waterways that are connected to the Danube. You might notice a ship youre familiar with that cruises on the Rhine River, too.

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Experiencing A Danube River Cruise

Out of all the European river cruises, the alluring Danube River will take you through three central European capitals, while gracefully descending towards the eastern side of the continent.

A Danube River cruise will include a mesmerizing course that starts in Germanys Black Forest Mountains and makes its way through cities such as Ulm, Regensburg and Passau.

There is so much to love about the picturesque city of Passau, Germany. In a single afternoon you can tuck into the opulent St. Stephens Cathedral to hear a pipe organ concert, follow the painted cobblestone corridors of Art Alley to discover dozens of artisans workshops and galleries, and climb the overgrown steps to the Capuchin Monastery to find an excellent view of the city. Its a town famous for its numerous floods, so you might want to consider packing a sturdy pair of rubber boots! Rain or shine, Passau is a must-see city in Bavaria. Dana & Lindsay, FEAST

You can then visit Albert Einsteins hometown and the Gothic church in Ulm, known for having the tallest steeple in the world.

Next you can expect to walk the streets of Regensburg and head to the Old Town. The 1,500 historic buildings with an imposing Gothic architecture make this city the largest of its kind in the Alps.

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It Fits Into A Short Trip Itinerary

If you are in Budapest for 1-3 days, adding a sightseeing river cruise will allow you to experience more of the city in daytime and night.

Also if you missed exploring all of the tourist hot spots, you can easily do that on a cruise. We have taken many similar rivers and canal cruises in Paris and Bruges

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Riviera Danube River Cruises

UK-based Riviera River Cruisesoffers a wide variety of competitively-priced river cruises on the Danube, including seasonal Christmas Markets departures, itineraries designed for solo travelers, and an 11-day cruisetour that offers a land-based extension in Budapest.

  • Packages: 6 to 15 days
  • Danube River Only: 6 to 15 days
  • Danube and Other Waterways: 8 to 15 days
  • Number of Itineraries that Include Danube River: 7
  • Danube River Only: 5
  • Danube + Main-Danube Canal: 1
  • Danube, Main and Rhine: 1
  • Interesting to Note: Riviera is one of the few river cruise companies to offer Danube voyages shorter than one week in duration.

    Danube August 2022 Tour Reviews

    The Romantic Danube River Cruise: A Day by Day Tour Guide ...
    • “We took a Danube tour in Aug 2017 and had a fantastic time! Great staff, well organized,…”

      The Beautiful Blue Danube

    • “Our first cruise – we are Australians who speak a little French and quite happy to…”

      The beautiful blue Danube

    • “Super Kreuzfahrt. Alles bestens organisiert. Nette Crew, zuvorkommende Bedienung,…”

      6 days Passau-Vienna-Budapest-Passau

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    Who Should Go On A Cruise On The Danube

    A river cruise down Budapests part of the Danube is a treat for anyone.

    Couples in love, families traveling together, groups of friends, and even solo travelers. You can pick the tour that suits you. If you have small kids with you, the dinner cruise probably isnt the most exciting. But the floating bus sure will be!

    If youre looking to create a romantic evening perhaps even an engagement? you cant go wrong with a candlelit dinner river cruise.

    Floating Bus Tour River Cruise In Budapest

    Duration: 95 minutes

    Cost: ± US $30

    This is a tour with a twist. Initially, youll hop aboard a normal-looking tourist bus, which will take you to see some of the captivating Budapest attractions. Enjoy sights of the streets and the many landmarks from the comfort of the air-conditioned bus.

    And then, when you least expect it, the bus will drive straight for the water. Your 4-wheeled tour coach will become a water-riding cruiser in just a few seconds. This is delightful, if somewhat scary at first, and is great to do if you have kids with you.

    Duration: 1 hour

    Cost: ± US $10

    For a simpler, but still stunning, evening river tour, you can book this hour-long sightseeing trip down the river. Its a more budget-friendly option but doesnt include a meal or a live show.

    It does, however, include a welcome drink, and the same magnificent views over the city at night. This is great if youre on a budget, or dont have hours to spend on the river. Although you may be sad when the trip is done.

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    When To Go And What To Expect

    Always the best time to visit Europe is in the summer as well as late spring and early autumn. The winter can be a bit dreary. In general, the only reason to visit in the winter is if you are going skiing in the Swiz Alps or to see the Northern Lights in the far north.

    • Record: The Danube River Runs Through 10 Countries – The Nile Is Next With 9
    • Length: The Danube Is 1,770 Miles or 2,850 KM Long
    • Number Of Capital Cities: 4

    Those capital cities are predictably some of the most beautiful cities to see in the world. And so if you take a cruise down the Danube you can see old city after picturesque city.

    For thousands of years, the Danube has been the traditional trade route deep into Europe and a highway for travel. That is why cities in Europe are traditionally built on navigable rivers.

    • Length Navigable: 1,501 Miles or 2,415 KM

    In fact, it is possible to navigate all the way through Europe from the Black Sea to the North Sea via the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal.

    Take a cruise down the Danube and you will find much more than European cities. You will find a host of national parks, river wildlife, scores of castles and fortifications, and much more.

    Some of the greatest tourist attractions along the Danube are the Wachau Valley in Austria, the Iron Gate in Serbia and Romania, the Danube Delta in Romania, the Naturpark Obere Donau in Germany, and more.

    Day Danube Tour Reviews

    The Best Things on AmaWaterways AmaMagna
    • “We took a Danube tour in Aug 2017 and had a fantastic time! Great staff, well organized,…”

      The Beautiful Blue Danube

    • “Super Kreuzfahrt. Alles bestens organisiert. Nette Crew, zuvorkommende Bedienung,…”

      6 days Passau-Vienna-Budapest-Passau

    • “Our first cruise – we are Australians who speak a little French and quite happy to…”

      The beautiful blue Danube

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    Why Is A River Cruise Great Value

    With amazing extras and unrivalled luxury, an Emerald Cruises river cruise guarantees exceptional value.

    With Emerald Cruises there is so much included in the price of your river cruise, offering you great value for money with tips, selected drinks, food, excursions and transportation, all in the price of the journey.

    Given the wealth of inclusions youll receive as part of an Emerald Cruises river cruise, youll soon appreciate just what excellent value our river cruises are. With very little need to bring additional spending money, and all excursions and activities included in the total price, you can relax and enjoy your time without worrying about overspending.

    Cities Along The Danube River

    As one of the longest rivers in Europe, The Danube flows by some truly incredible cities and towns. Because of this, you can expect a lot of variety when it comes to routes, port calls, and excursions. Youll be sure to find the right Danube cruise itinerary for you interests though a love of European history is fairly common among those who choose Danube river cruises.

    1. Budapest – Almost every Danube river cruise stops in Budapest. This city is a delightful hodgepodge of edgy youthful bars, classic museums, active outdoor options, historical sites, and family friendly activities. Dont miss Great Market Hall, especially if youre shopping for gifts and souvenirs, and many shore excursions will include Gellert Hill – a short but very uphill walk – for wonderful panoramic views over the city.

    2. Vienna – Beautiful Vienna has everything you could be looking for from a classic Western European city. With buildings awash in white and gold, palaces, parks and tree-lined cobblestoned streets, and known for opera, theater, and classical music, Vienna is like a fairytale. Danube river cruise excursions in Vienna may often include concerts.

    4. Belgrade – Serbias capital, Belgrade is an ancient city with a lively nightlife, edgy art scene, and many unique historical sites. Belgrade may not be everyones cup of tea, but it sure is an unforgettable destination.

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    Sailing The Danube In Far Eastern Europe

    But dont overlook the possibility of exploring deeper into Eastern Europe. Beyond Hungary, the Danube flows through or past Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine, before emptying into the Black Sea. The Danubes Iron Gate, a series of narrow, steep gorges bordering Serbia and Romania, rivals Austrias Wachau Valley for sheer scenic glory.

    Its also possible to explore a number of less-traveled small towns as well as big cities including Belgrade and Bucharest in this emerging region of Europe.

    Apt Luxury River Cruises Review Which Recommended Provider

    Best Danube River Cruises

    Like Scenic, APT is another Australian river cruise company offering luxury river cruises in Europe and Asia. But in addition to the luxury cruises, APT also has an essential cruising tier for those wanting to see the sites for a little less expense. It didn’t rate poorly in a single part of our survey, but customer service and the quality of food on offer are really where it really stands out.

    , or read our full APT Luxury River Cruises review for more information.

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    Nuremburg Main Danube Canal Germany

    The most popular shore excursion in Nuremburg is a walking tour. This includes a visit to the Old Town, where you will see the place that was once the centre of a powerful medieval imperial city. You will also see its Gothic churches and medieval ramparts that surrounds this city.

    Cruise lines that Visit Nuremberg:

    Get More For Your Money: Here Are The Best Times For A European River Cruise

    February 10, 2020 By Britton Frost

    Are you planning a river cruise in Europe on your upcoming holiday? Before you book your flights, know that some months are better for river cruising than others. You need to consider factors like water level and temperature. By choosing the right month to cruise, you can save money. Plus, youll likely have a better experience when the weather and crowd levels are optimal.

    Ready to plan your river cruise in Europe? Keep reading to learn which months are best for sailing some of Europes most popular rivers.

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