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Should I Purchase Cruise Insurance

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Can You Buy Cruise Insurance After Booking

Should I buy Cruise insurance?

You can buy cruise insurance after booking your trip, right up until just before departure. The downside to waiting is that you likely wont be able to cover pre-existing medical conditions, and youll lose the option to add cancel for any reason coverage.

Buying right after you book also lets you lock in trip cancellation coverage right away.

When Can You Buy Travel Insurance

Generali Global Assistance travel insurance can be purchased up to 18 months before the trip departure date and up until the day prior to departure.

Often times travelers will pay for a trip in installments, and they wonder when they can buy travel insurance, since they haven’t paid fully yet. Rest assuredyou can. When getting a quote, simply enter the total trip costs that you will be paying and you can modify the plan if those costs change, as long as you have not left on your trip or incurred any losses.

When is it too late to buy travel insurance?

You cannot buy a Generali travel insurance plan on the day you are leaving on your trip or once you are on your trip. At 12 a.m. the day you depart for your trip it becomes too late to buy travel insurance.

Can you buy travel insurance after booking a flight?

Yes, you can buy travel insurance once you’ve booked your flight. In fact, you should wait to buy travel insurance until you book your flight and know the ticket price.

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There Are Three Primary Ways To Purchase Travel Insurance For Your Cruise:

1. Directly from the cruise line

Every major cruise line offers Trip Protection or similar coverage to protect your investment. The biggest drawback to these plans is that they dont protect you if the cruise line defaults or goes out of business.

These plans have been customized for the cruise company and the coverage provisions can be narrower than a third party travel insurance policy. The plan pricing is generally not age-sensitive the price for a senior will likely be the same as for a teenager.

The Cancel For Any Reason benefit generally never gives you a refund of your cruise deposit, but instead allows you to reschedule the cruise within a limited time period, and doesnt reimburse any travel plan you have not purchased from the cruise company. Often this coverage is more expensive and more limited than what you get from a third-party policy.

2. From your travel agent

Most cruise-specialist travel agents offer travel insurance, but are legally prohibited from giving you insurance advice other than handing you the brochure for the policy. They cant give you the side-by-side comparison of rates versus coverage.

Most travel agencies work with a preferred insurance company or two because they will earn commission on the sale of the policies. The third-party plans they sell tend to be more comprehensive than those sold directly by the cruise lines, and can be a good option, as long as you do your own research to make sure the policies include everything you need.

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Can You Buy Travel Insurance The Day Of

At 12 a.m. the day you depart for your trip it becomes too late to buy travel insurance. Can you buy travel insurance after booking a flight? Yes, you can buy travel insurance once youve booked your flight. In fact, you should wait to buy travel insurance until you book your flight and know the ticket price.

Quick Answer: Should You Buy Travel Insurance For Cruise

Should I buy cruise insurance? Insurance for your cruise ...

When to Buy Travel Insurance For Your Cruise You can purchase insurance plans up to 24 hours before your trip departure date, but we dont recommend waiting that long. If you want to be covered for pre-existing medical conditions, you should buy insurance at the time you make your final cruise payment.

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When Is Travel Insurance Not Necessary

Travel insurance primarily covers two aspects of your trip your reservations and your medical expenses while traveling.

If all of your reservations can be canceled without penalty, then trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage isnt necessary. But even if your trip isnt 100% refundable, insurance may not be necessary. For example, a cheap flight and hotel stay may not be worth covering, though you may still want to purchase travel insurance for medical situations.

Medical coverage typically is not necessary if you have a U.S.-based health insurance policy and you’re traveling within the U.S. In those cases, you probably already have adequate coverage for illness or injury.

Dont Automatically Buy Coverage From Your Cruise Line

Your travel insurance may end up costing up to 4%-8% of the cost of your trip, so it’s a good idea to comparison shop to make sure that you are getting the best deal. You could also check with your travel agent or an independent site, such as SquareMouth or InsureMyTrip, which compares policies from several providers. A little bit of research can frequently get you better benefits for less money. And finally, make sure that your cruise insurance is primary coverage, which picks up the cost before forcing you to go through your homeowners policy.

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Cruise Insurance For Health And Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cruise trips pose potential health hazards and staying informed and prepared for those dangers can help travelers fully enjoy their vacations. Cruisers might encounter viral illnesses or seasickness, and respiratory illnesses are reportedly common aboard cruise ships. Chronic conditions could also unexpectedly worsen as a result of cruise-related stressors such as changes in diet or climate variations.

Cruise travel insurance can offer a unique global solution if your health insurance provider doesnt extend coverage outside of the United States. Note that Medicare, in particular, may not provide coverage internationally. If an insured experiences a sickness or injury on their trip they can utilize their cruise travel insurance plan to seek reimbursement for otherwise potentially burdensome medical expenses.

Many cruise insurance plans can also help in the event of a medical emergency. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medical evacuations by air ambulance can cost $50,000-$100,000 and must be paid in advance by travelers who dont have insurance. Such travel insurance plans, like those offered by Generali Global Assistance, provide travelers with access to a 24/7 international emergency hotline and coverage for emergency medical evacuations.

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Your Policy Could Prove Worthless If The Cruise Line Goes Out Of Business

Why you need to purchase travel insurance for your cruise

Until recently, it was almost unthinkable that a major cruise line such as Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean might simply close up shop. But it was equally unthinkable that all of the major brands would simply stop sailing for an extended period of time.

But were not living in normal times, and financial concerns in the entire travel industry are very real. Most travel insurance sold by the cruise lines doesnt protect you if the supplier aka the cruise line itself goes out of business.

For this reason alone, an independent insurance policy, like those sold by travel insurance comparison site, might be a better investment, as those policies typically include bankruptcy protection, allowing you to recoup your money if the company goes out of business.

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Do You Need Special Insurance For A Cruise

Due to the unique nature of traveling by cruise ship, travel insurance is strongly recommended for all travelers. Depending on the plan, cruise travel insurance can protect against missed connections, an emergency evacuation, unexpected medical issues, baggage loss, and more.

As of July 2021, some cruise lines now recommend or require unvaccinated American passengers to show proof of valid travel insurance as a condition of boarding. InsureMyTrip offers cruise travel insurance plans that meet and/or exceed such requirements.

You Want To Be Careful If You Have Pre

When you travel, its important to be fully covered, which means having comprehensive medical coverage that includes any pre-existing conditions. Otherwise, if you head into a doctors office overseas, have any tests completed, or visit an urgent care center or emergency room, you might find youre not covered.

Here, timing is extremely important. Cruisers seeking coverage of preexisting conditions as well cancel for any reason insurance generally must book within seven to 21 days of the first payment they make for a trip. The timing various by insurer.

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How Far In Advance Can I Purchase Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance before your trip is a smart move, but how long before your trip can you buy it?

Typically, you can only buy coverage up to 12 months in advance. This gives you protection should you need to cancel your trip for any covered reason during that year. Buying coverage sooner than that probably isnt necessary.

When you buy coverage in advance, you wont have to worry about cancellation fees if you end up cancelling the trip. Your policy will likely cover up to 100% of your trip cost as long as youre cancelling for a covered event.

Travel Insurance Is There When You Miss The Boat Literally

Should I Buy Cruise Insurance? Complete Guide to Coverage ...

Time and tide wait for no one. Neither do cruise ships. That’s why missed flights and missing bags become big problems when you’re beginning your cruise vacation. If your flight to Miami is canceled due to weather, causing you to miss embarkation, you’re out of luck and out that snorkeling excursion you were really looking forward to unless you have travel insurance

Trip delay benefits can reimburse you for eligible hotel stays, meals and lost prepaid expenses if your trip is delayed by more the amount of time specified in your travel insurance plan for a covered reason. Missed connection benefits can reimburse you for the cost of transportation to your cruise’s first port of call, where you can catch up with the ship. And Allianz Global Assistance’s 24-hour hotline assistance can help you make the needed changes to your travel plan.

With the right travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance, you dont have to sweat unpredictable delays and missed connections. Youll get there in fact, just think of it as making a grand entrance.

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What If I Miss My Cruise

Generally, the Missed Connection and Trip Interruption benefits may help cover expenses so you can rejoin your cruise ship at a later point. However, as of July 2021, some companies – such as Royal Carribean and Carnival – may not allow travelers to join a cruise if they miss the initial embarkation at the departure port. This is due to health screenings that take place only upon embarkation and cannot be performed later. In this case, the Missed Connection benefit would not be able to apply. Be sure to review the policies and understand the restrictions for your specific cruise line before purchasing insurance.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus

In most cases, no. Many travel insurance policies specifically exclude claims related to coronavirus. However, some insurers are making exceptions for policies already in effect. For example, Allianz will cover medical expenses for existing policyholders who get sick with COVID while on a trip. Additionally, they will cover trip cancellation or interruption if you get sick with COVID before or during a trip. But if you havent purchased travel insurance yet, the policy youre considering probably wont cover you for COVID.

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What Is Excluded From Travel Insurance

Incidents not covered by your travel insurance vary by policy and provider.

Pre-existing medical conditions are often excluded from coverage, meaning your benefits dont apply to claims related to that condition. Some policies cover pre-existing medical conditions if you meet certain criteria, for example if you purchased the policy within 14 days of paying for your trip and if you were well enough to travel when you booked your trip.

Plan on mountain-climbing or engaging in other dangerous activities on your trip? Many policies wont cover you if something goes wrong. Other incidents excluded from your policy may involve war, acts of terrorism and the use of alcohol, which can cause your injuries to be designated as self-inflicted, or the use of drugs, which may be illegal.

If you want full flexibility to cancel your trip you’ll need to find a policy that allows you to purchase a Cancel For Any Reason add-on. This additional benefit does exactly what the name implies and allows you to cancel your trip for any reason. Typically, you’ll get around 75% of your prepaid nonrefundable trip expenses back, although exact timing and percentages vary by policy.

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What Does Cruise Cover Include

Cruise Tips: Should you buy Travel Insurance

What does cruise travel insurance cover? A standard policy will cover lost and stolen belongings, trip cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation. But there are extra levels of cover designed for cruise holidays including cabin confinement cover, airlifts to hospital, missed ports and unused excursions.

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What Is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, purchased within a certain time frame after a travel booking, is coverage that protects travelers — in this case, cruisers — and the vacation-related financial investments they’ve made in the event something on their trip doesn’t go as planned.

However, that doesn’t mean you can file a claim because you had issues with your cabin keycard or you didn’t particularly like the meal you ordered in the onboard steakhouse. Policies are specific in what they cover, so it’s important for anyone considering travel insurance to read the fine print carefully.

Add-ons are available to cover select items that aren’t listed in your base policy. We’ll dive more into the details in the sections below.

The Possible Risks On A Cruise

You can be subject to a series of unexpected mishaps while on a cruise. Some of them have been listed below.

Missing the ship This can be a common occurrence owing to multiple reasons like meeting with an accident or getting stuck in traffic end route to the port. Bad weather, missing documents or luggage, being delayed at one port and failing to reach another on time can also be various factors which can lead to you missing the ship. In case you do and have to cancel your trip, a cruise travel insurance can cover you for it.

Delay or loss of luggage Though this situation is not as prevalent as the ones at airports, luggage is still sometimes routed incorrectly even in a cruise. This can lead in a significant delay in you getting your luggage or losing your luggage completely. There is also a possibility of damage of your luggage or its contents. A comprehensive cruise travel insurance policy helps you track your missing luggage , or covers you for replacing the items you have missed and need urgently.

Medical emergency at sea Medical emergencies at sea are a common phenomenon. Most people are extremely susceptible to getting sea sickness. Apart from this, you and your family are prone to a wide array of illnesses and injuries while on the cruise. Irrespective of the cruise having a medical team or not, you must be protected against these situations. Cruise travel insurance policies provide medical coverage while you are on a holiday.

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Real World Travel Insurance Example

For comparisons sake, lets look at the cost of two different policies covering a 40-year-old passengers seven-night Caribbean cruise costing $589 per person.

For the example below, we compared Carnivals Vacation Protection policy with what our passenger would be offered via a price comparison search at

While the Carnival Vacation Protection premium is the better bargain at $79, it also proves to be a case of you get what you pay for.

The coverage and benefit amounts almost across the board are substantially lower than whats offered by shopping travel insurance yourself.

The cruise lines policies will vary in regard to coverage for pre-existing health conditions. Many of them have a 60 day look back period to determine if pre-existing health issues will be covered.

So if you have had any new diagnosis of a health issue, changes in diagnosis for an existing condition or any changes in medications or treatments for a condition, then a claim made on the policy can result in a denial if the reason is related to that health condition.

How To Buy Travel Insurance For Your Cruise

Why You Should Buy Cruise Travel Insurance

You can purchase travel insurance through your cruise line, travel agent, a specific insurance provider or even a travel-insurance aggregator site like

Third-party insurance providers and aggregators can often help you with coverage that is specific to cruise travel Ask your travel agent for guidance he or she will have knowledge of a variety of insurance company policies and can help match the best policy to your needs. Always comparison shop, looking at what amounts of coverage you get for what price.

No matter which policy you select, you want to be sure that it is underwritten by a reputable and licensed insurer companies are regulated by state insurance departments. The U.S. Travel Insurance Association is a good place to start to research licensed insurers in your state.

It’s also easy to search online for feedback on particular insurance providers. Travel-insurance aggregators like SquareMouth will show you the underwriter for each policy and how it is rated by the A.M. Best Company , as well as provide reviews from previous purchasers.

When checking for the details of what is covered, it’s best to look at the actual policy documents or coverage details. Links to these are often found within or at the end of comparison charts or broad policy descriptions and may involve downloading multi-page PDF documents to read through.

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