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What Are Luxury Cruise Lines

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Price Of Luxury Cruises Vs Other Types Of Cruises

Unique luxury cruise ship docks in Norfolk

Its true – luxury cruises come at a premium. While we dont want to suggest that its impossible to find discounted fares or affordable luxury sailings , its far more likely to find fares up to 5 times as expensive as mainstream cruise prices. While these prices can seem sky-high, it’s important to bear in mind that most luxury cruises are all-inclusive. This means that you pay more for upfront , but you avoid the nickel-and-diming that happens on standard or mainstream cruises. From specialty restaurants to gratuities, costly cocktails, and shore excursions, standard cruises can quickly add up extra fees that can leave a sour taste at the end of your cruise.

Don’t believe us? Check out this price comparison of three Caribbean cruises – one on a luxury line, one on a premium cruise line, and one on a standard cruise line:

Luxury Cruise Tourism Market Growth Report 2021

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An in-depth analysis of past trends, future trends, demographics, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements for the Luxury Cruise Tourism market has been done in order to calculate the growth rates for each segment and sub-segments.

Get Sample Copy of this report with latest Industry Trend and COVID-19 Impact

Global Luxury Cruise Tourism Market Drivers:

Main Differences Between Luxury & Mainstream Cruises

When it comes to the main differences between luxury and mainstream cruises, things usually break down in terms of quality vs. quantity. For example, while you may have an abundance of dining and entertainment options on a Royal Caribbean mega-ship, the average quality of each restaurant, class, spa, or excursion will be lower than on a luxury ship. Here are some of the biggest differences between luxury and mainstream cruises.

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What Does Luxury Mean

Different travelers define luxury in different ways. It may mean the highest caliber of gourmet food, the finest wines and spirits, sophisticated entertainment, and superb yet unobtrusive service. Luxury is the ultimate opportunity to do whatever your heart desires, without the limitations of scheduled activities, assigned dining seating, or standardized menus. In the cruise travel industry, luxury is synonymous with sophistication and dignity, and luxury cruises operate with a more formal atmosphere than other cruise ships.

Best Luxury Cruise Ships

2018 Editors

The moment you step aboard a luxury cruise ship, a hostess is at your arm proffering a glass of bubbly while a capable room steward offers to heft your carry-on as he escorts you to what will be your home-away-from-home for the next few days. You stow your things and then emerge from your suite to get the lay of the ship. As you walk the decks, friendly crew members greet you … by name. How can that be? You just set foot onboard!

First-class, personalized service is just one of the hallmarks of luxury cruise lines. You can also expect exotic itineraries, varying degrees of inclusivity in pricing, fine wines and gourmet cuisine as well as universally high crew-to-passenger ratios.

That being the case, you might think any old luxury cruise ship will do, but that’s not quite true. Like people, cruise ships have their own unique personalities — and some will be more suited to your vacation style than others. Lines like SeaDream might not offer the most spacious suites, but their intimate yachts can stealthily visit ports that large ships can’t manage. Regent Seven Seas and Oceania Cruises are owned by the same parent company but Regent offers a completely inclusive vacation experience, while Oceania draws travelers with a more independent streak.

Take a look at Cruise Critic’s list of best luxury cruise lines and ships to see which one resonates with you.

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The Best Of The Best: Our Top 6 Luxury Cruise Lines

At Mundy, we focus on the finest luxury cruises at sea, sellingproducts generally accepted to deliver the best in terms of food,service, operations, planning, itineraries, or whatever it is theyneed to be the best at in their chosen sphere of operation.

This is because we have chosen to specialise in a particularrange of holidays at sea. We strongly believe you cannot be allthings to all people, so like any high street store, we specialisein a specific area.

Within our niche, we identify six companies as our Best of theBest. But how do you choose between them? Here is our guide to theworld’s best luxury cruise lines:

Luxury Cruise Lines In The World Luxury With A Difference

Sailing the seas with the choicest of luxuries onboard, how does that sound? Cruises are known for offering standard luxury services, but how about cruise lines that take it an extra notch further? Exquisite accommodations, refined cuisines, exotic locations and outstanding service, these are all the components for a luxury cruise vacation.

However, some cruise lines are a class apart. Some recreate the very meaning of luxury for their customers. At these cruise lines, you enjoy the privilege of almost no crowds, complete privacy and trips to exotic locales with meticulous attention paid to every detail onboard. In this blog, we tell you about the top luxury cruise lines in the world that show what a luxurious experiences on the sea looks like.

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Crystal Serenity Crystal Cruises

Passenger-to-Crew Ratio: 1,070 to 655

About the Ship:Crystal Serenity offers a solid enrichment program that regularly hosts well-known authors, politicians and other experts and luminaries Anthony Zinni) as guest speakers. American Contract Bridge League instruction is available on all sailings, and many tournaments take place throughout the year. PGA golf pros are also onboard many sailings to share their expertise. Travelers get the sense that Crystal Cruises will do all it can to provide access to the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the world.

The ship also excels when it comes to its entertainment options. If you love listening to music in the lounge or enjoying a show, Crystal Serenity will thrill you. You’ll come across performers all over the ship — from a classical quartet playing during afternoon tea service to a jazz or Broadway singer in the lounge as you sip a pre- or post-dinner cocktail. After dinner, there’s karaoke and dancing at Pulse Disco. And if you love ballroom dancing, you can do so at Palm Court and even find a gentleman host dance partner if you’re traveling alone or with a companion that has two left feet. Broadway-style productions are staged at the Galaxy Lounge, and the casino — conveniently located on the way to the theater — has a respectable number of gaming tables and slots.

Sailing To The Most Desirable Ports

Luxury cruise ship passengers await results

Offering guests the chance to explore some of the most amazing destinations, SeaDream carefully crafts its yachting itineraries to ensure there is always somewhere new and fun to sail. Those looking to sail the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on a luxury cruise line can enjoy yacht voyages from November through April. From May through October, enjoy the jet-set ports and rivieras of the Mediterranean. There, you can explore the dynamic world history and experience some of the most iconic ports and waterways in the world. Transatlantic voyages set sail in the Spring and Fall, transiting the yachts across the Atlantic.

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Ms Liberty Of The Seas

MS Liberty of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean International Freedom class cruise ship which entered regular service in May 2007. It was initially announced that she would be called Endeavour of the Seas, however this name was later changed. The 15-deck ship accommodates 3, 634 passengers served by 1, 360 crew. She was built in 18 months at the Aker Finnyards drydock in Turku, Finland, where her sister ship, Freedom of the Seas, was also built.

Here Are The Best Luxury Cruise Lines

The cruise market becomes more and more saturated each year. However, in this varied industry with numerous competing companies, there are still several that manage to keep raising the bar. These are the best luxury cruise lines, companies that consistently offer high-quality accommodation, memorable activities and excursions, and world-class service. Theyre in no particular order.

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Better Service Before During And After The Cruise

It goes almost without saying that the onboard service of luxury cruise lines is excellent, with personal touches that exceed expectations being the norm. However, even before you board or after you disembark, these cruise lines go above and beyond with their standard of service. Airport transfers are often included and are just the beginning – many lines also offer pre- and post-cruise accommodation in luxury partner hotels or superb, stylish shore experiences . These extra perks may cost extra, but for many cruisers, the peace of mind is well worth it.

On many luxury cruises, the staff-to-guest ratio is a mere 1-to-2, meaning that attentive service is available day or night. Staff and crew also undergo rigorous training, and the butler service offered by many luxury cruises anticipates needs and handles requests without passengers having to ask.

Crystal Esprit Crystal Cruises

Carnival Takes Delivery of Fourth New Cruise Ship Across ...

About the Ship:Esprit is Crystal‘s first yacht, and while it’s not new, the line did an amazing job refurbishing the ship before launching it in 2015. It’s now one of the most contemporary and comfy ships at sea, feeling much more like a boutique hotel than a yacht. Even the smallest suites — which range from 223 to 280 square feet — feel spacious, and all accommodations feature an interactive bedside iPad that lets you set an alarm, order room service, learn about the ship and more. Even though the ship only caters to 62 passengers, there are several dining venues, including The Yacht Club, Patio Cafe and Terrace for alfresco breakfasts. Each restaurant offers dine anytime open seating.

For sun worshippers, Esprit offers a beautiful sun deck as well as a retractable marina that’s stocked with water skis, wakeboards, paddleboards, ocean kayaks , Skidoo Jet Skis and snorkel gear.

About the Cruise Line: This foray into ultra-small ship cruising allows Crystal to focus on some of its strengths: customized but unobtrusive service, and incredible cuisine paired with the world’s finest wine. They’ve translated the traditional Crystal experience and improved upon it for individuals that love attentive service on a very small ship. Esprit is getting rave reviews and it paves the way for Crystal’s first new-build yacht, Endeavour, which will start sailing in 2020.

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Discover The Ultra Luxury Side Of Cruising

How different is it really to be on board an ultra luxury cruise line compared to a regular mainstream cruise or indeed an ocean liner?

The ship you choose will still have the same type of facilities that you find on the larger ships, for example a gym, spa, lounges, formal dining rooms and buffet style dining, promenade decks and sports activities.

There will also be the tradition elements of a regular cruise such as gala evenings or dinner at the Captains Table.

And even though you travel luxury, outside influences can still affect your cruise experience, such as poor weather conditions minimising time on deck or even affecting port calls and excursions.

The big different you will notice on your ultra luxury cruise is the exclusivity. This is what you are paying for. Forget value for money in the traditional sense. But when spending all that extra money on an ultra luxury cruise, you should expect the following as a step-up from the ordinary.

What To Expect From A Luxury Cruise Line

The general boat cruise market is a personal treat. Disney, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean are just a few cruise line names that cater to the general market. In general, these larger ships are designed for families or at least cater to a broad range of ages.

Premium and luxury cruises tend to focus on a more adult market. The boats, ships, and yachts generally have smaller capacities, gourmet and Michelin-star cuisine options, and luxury level accommodations.

In some cases, the vessels are also smaller, allowing them to visit places that larger commercial ships cannot. Some luxury ships advertise one crew member for every two passengers. Thats a focus on attention.

Another difference in detail is the itineraries. Luxury and premium lines may offer more detailed and longer itineraries a lot like luxury train lines and even curated excursions as part of the packages. Here are the best of those lines, in no particular order.

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Silver Muse Silversea Cruises

Passenger-to-Crew Ratio: 596 to 411

About the Ship:Silver Muse is the largest luxury cruise ship in Silversea‘s fleet. It’s also the newest as well as the line’s flagship.

Food is one area where this cruise ship excels. Its approach to dining is unique to Silver Muse, which lacks a traditional main dining room and instead has eight smaller restaurants at which passengers can dine any night. Two of them — Kaiseki and La Dame by Relais & Chateaux — require a $60 per person per meal surcharge, but the other six are complimentary . Japanese-themed Kaiseki serves complimentary sushi at lunch, and becomes a swanky teppanyaki joint by night. Serving traditional French dishes with ingredients sourced from France, La Dame is an exclusive venue thanks to Silversea’s partnership with Relais & Chateaux. Kaiseki and La Dame are the smallest restaurants onboard.

Complimentary choices on Silver Muse include Asian-fusion Indochine, Italian La Terrazza, seafood grill Atlantide, tapas restaurant and bar Silver Note, pizza place Spaccanapoli, and Hot Rocks, a grill-your-own meat venue. During the day, La Terrazza is the ship’s buffet, offering breakfast and lunch. Likewise, Atlantide is the closest to a main dining room you’ll find, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who prefer a sit-down option.

Regent Seven Seas 769%

Indias first luxury cruise line service between Mumbai-Goa to begin soon

Regent Seven Seas travels all around the world, with ships that go to nearly every continent.

The company also offers round-trip flights with various airlines, unlimited shore excursions, beverages, open bars and lounges, and unlimited WiFi as part of their packages.

Crystal Cruises travels to 818 different locations and offers 2,000 different excursions.

The cruise line also offers a butler service in each Penthouse suite, with 24-hour room service. There’s also a 360-degree Promenade Deck, which, their website notes, is rare to see on cruise ships today.

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Best Yacht Cruise: Seadream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club

For a yachting experience, SeaDream Yacht Club operates two ships carrying from 94 to 112 guests to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Transatlantic crossings plus dedicated wine-themed voyages. In addition, a third yacht, the Seadream Innovation, is planned to complete in 2021 with three marinas and wave runners, sailboats, and kayaks. Suites feature gorgeous wood furnishings, soaking tubs, living and dining areas, flat screen televisions, and 24-hour room service. For active adults, theres a golf simulator, mountain bikes , water skiing, and snorkel gear. Enjoy a movie under the stars or relax in the Balinese spa. All meals, beverages, and gratuities are also included in the fare.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Unlimited shore excursions in over 450 ports of call are part of your fare on a Regent Seven Seas Cruise. Formal nights are optional here, and only hosted on longer cruises, so suit those preferring to pack lightly and focus on the sightseeing. Indeed many choose this line for the relatively off the beaten track itineraries such as ports in South America, the South Pacific, Bermuda and Arabia. A high space to passenger ratio makes these ships feel larger than they actually are, with a sense of tranquillity that particularly appeals to couples and singles.

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The 8 Best Luxury Cruise Lines Of 2021

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Best Overall: Regent Seven Seas“For an ultra-luxurious yacht voyage, Regent Seven Seas features all-inclusive pricing and premium service.”

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Seabourn“From Alaska to the Amazon and the Mediterranean to Arabia, Seabourn sails exotic itineraries with experts onboard.”

Best Luxury Expedition:Ponant“The French-influenced cruise line blends modern technology with traditional French luxury.”

Best Excursions: Crystal Cruises “The company offers an impressive 2,000 excursions to choose from in ports all over the world.”

Best Small Ships: Silversea“If youre ready to be completely pampered, Silverseas five-star service, smaller ships, and all-inclusive pricing is difficult to beat.”

Best Yacht Cruise: SeaDream Yacht Club“For active adults, theres a golf simulator, mountain bikes , water skiing, and snorkel gear.”

Best Tall Sailing Ships: Windstar Cruises “For a combination of traditional sailing and five-star service, consider Windstar Cruises, a luxury tall-sailing ship cruise line.”

Best for First-Time Cruisers: Oceania Cruises “For guests who enjoy deluxe cruise lines like Celebrity or Holland America, Oceania is a perfect stepping stone into luxury cruising.”

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