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What Cruise Lines Go To Norway

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What Should I Pack On A Norway Cruise

Stranded Norway cruise ship towed to port | Al Jazeera English

This could be an entire article in itself, in fact that’s probably something I will write in the future! But for now, I can say that you should prepare for varied weather throughout your trip, regardless of season. It can rain in the summer and there can be bright sunshine in the winter.

Must-haves are wind-proof clothing thin outer jackets along with a hat and gloves/mittens. Sun cream is advisable all year round, bar

No Packing And Unpacking

One of the advantages of a cruise is that you only need to unpack once. Traveling in Norway by car or by train, youd have to stay in many different hotels in order to see the most beautiful places. That means several rounds of unpacking and packing again, with a suitcase which seems to get fuller each time.

On a cruise, however, you can relax knowing that your accommodation and wardrobe will move with you as you tour the country. If you opt to stay in a luxury suite, youll even have a butler on hand to unpack for you.

Also if the weather unexpectedly changes , you can easily adapt to that because you always have your luggage at hand.


Is A Hurtigruten Cruise Right For Me

I can’t answer this for you as people’s expectations differ wildly. You won’t get a luxury experience, but you will get to spend time in more communities and get closer to the coastline than with any traditional cruise line. But if you want to be entertained in an evening lounge bar and spin the wheels at a casino, you should definitely look elsewhere. You should also think carefully if you have kids, as facilities for children are limited.

That’s all for now! I hope this guide has helped you plan your dream trip to Norway. If there’s something missing, feel free to ask a question in the comments. I want to keep this guide as complete and as updated as possible. Happy sailing!

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What Procedures Are In Place At Embarkation Ports

There is a pre-embarkation health screening and temperature check, and guests undergo a Covid-19 antigen test organised and paid for by the cruise line. If they test positive, they undergo another test and medical screening. If the result remains positive, they will not be permitted to board the ship.

The New Option From Havila Kystruten

Norwegian Cruise Line launches new Caribbean package

The Hurtigruten offer has remained broadly the same for many years, but things are about to change.

From summer 2021, new operator Havila Kystruten will take the place of Hurtigruten on some of the daily departures from Bergen. Four brand new environmentally friendly ships are under construction to service the route.

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Disney Cruise Of Norway

Last but definitely not least, this special cruise came as a result of the success of the movie Frozen. With a setting based on many famous Norwegian landmarks, the Disney movie was given as the reason for a rapid rise in tourism in the years after its release.

To capitalise on the popularity, a couple of Frozen-themed cruises took place. I can’t find any information on future cruises. However, with the upcoming release of Frozen II, keep your eyes open!

Best Time For A Norwegian Fjords Cruise

The Norwegian cruise season runs from May into September, with the peak months being June through to August. If you travel in the peak of summer you’ll be rewarded with long summers days and warm weather, although you can also expect more crowds. If you’re looking for lower fares and something a little quieter, you should choose to cruise outside of the peak months. However, if you travel outside the height of summer, you’ll experience cooler weather so make sure to pack appropriately!

Alternatively, if seeing the Northern Lights are on your bucket list, make sure you cruise in November, December or January as they are best seen in the dark.

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What About The Caribbean

Despite recent instances of cruise ships being turned away from some islands due to the omicron outbreak, the Caribbean is seen as a fairly safe bet. CLIA UK & Ireland director Andy Harmer stresses that only a small proportion of cruises were affected by itinerary changes.

People can book with confidence and understand that cruise lines are working very closely with the ports they visit, he says. It is a situation that is constantly evolving and updating. If itineraries do change, guests can still continue to enjoy their holiday on board and visit other ports.

Norway Cruise Deals: How To Find A Bargain

Family Cruising on Norwegian Cruise Line

There are websites, forums and books dedicated to finding the best deals on cruises. For that reason I won’t go into detail here, but I will share the most common bits of advice.

Last-minute deals: If you are willing to risk missing out, waiting for a last-minute deal can land you with a bargain. Cruise ships absolutely do not want to sail with empty rooms, so big discounts can be had in the weeks and days before departure. Just factor in that the cost of flights may well be higher so close to departure.

Travel off-season: Norway in high season is incredibly popular and the prices reflect that. High season is mid-June to mid-August. If you can travel in April-May or September-October, you’re more likely to find a deal. You’ll also see a more varied landscape at these times of the year.

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& 2023 Cruises From Southampton

Norwegian Cruise Line Your holiday, your way

Sail onboard the the Norwegian Star in 2022 from Southampton recently refurbished as part of The Norwegian Edge programme. She features 15 delicious dining options, 10 bars and lounges, a sprawling spa, an always-exciting casino with VIP area, plus tonnes of fun for kids of every age.


When you cruise with NCL, you get more whether youre daydreaming of touring ancient ruins in the Greek Isles, whale watching in Alaska, or exploring one of our top destinations. Book today and enjoy 35% Off* all cruises and fly-cruises, plus Feel Free to receive all applicable upgrade packages from just £99 person*. Indulge in ship-wide Open Bar, Speciality Dining, Shore Excursion Credit for every port, Wifi & Extra Guests pay taxes only when you book by 28 February 2022.Theres never been a better time to book the holiday of your dreams!

But act fast! This is a limited time deal!

Finally Leaving The Gem

After noting that all the other passengers had already departed the Gem, the Cottos finally had enough. They told the two guards they were leaving and moved past them. Cotto says these two continued to shadow them, and in fact, one of the NCL crew members tried to physically stop her from going anywhere by blocking her with his arms.

One of the guys in the hallway proceeded to put his arm in front of me in an attempt to block me from exiting the cabin. He then did this to me again when I got to the staircase.

Finally, we were placed into a van to take us to our car at 9:53 a.m. The trip from hell was finally over!

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When Trolls Dance Through Fjords And The Northern Lights Shine

There is something mystical about spending the Summer evenings on your cruise ship in one of Norway’s many fjords and looking up to the sky. There are rarely stars to see, because the further North you come, the shorter the nights. At the North Cape, the sun does not set any more between late May and mid-July. This unique natural spectacle is hard to beat and yet the colourful, often blue-green coloured northern lights – Aurora Borealis – are certainly just as spectacular. You can see them especially well in the Spring and Autumn times as no ships visit Norway in the Winter.

Most Norway cruises offer a stop in the famous Geiranger Fjord. Get off the ship in Hellesylt and go kayaking on a discovery tour of the UNESCO World Heritage. Almost vertically falling waterfalls are fed by the snow-capped mountain peaks. And with the appropriate position of the sun, the cascades of the “Seven Sisters” provide a rainbow-like illumination of the rocks. On a spectacular trip over the Trollstigen you drive on a mountain road that winds along the steep cliffs and provides unique views on the way. At the same time, you can get an idea of the amount of work involved in road construction at this point in 1936.

On an excursion to the Alnes lighthousein the fishing village of the same name, you will get to know Norway’s lighthouse construction and you will be able to hear some of the history of the Vikings, who once were masters of the Northern seas.

The Best Small Ship Cruises To The Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Bliss cruise ship

The staggering beauty of the Norwegian Fjords needs littleexplaining. This stunning landscape has been shaped over millenniaby powerful glaciers leaving rugged rock walls, overhanging cliffsand spectacular waterfalls plunging into the sea.

The reasons for travelling Norway’s coastline by cruise ship areobvious. For those who are put off by the larger, brasher ships,here’s a round-up of the seven best luxury small ships that will becruising the Norwegian Fjords over the next year or so:

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Norwegian Fjords Cruise To Oslo

Perfect for those with a keen interest in culture, Oslo has more than enough attractions to keep you occupied during your time at this wonderful port of call. Including the Nobel Peace Center, a sculpture park, nautical museums and art galleries, your time here will be packed with things to do. However, if you’d prefer to get out there and explore nature, there’s also plenty of opportunity to head to the forest for a hike.

Cruising Norway: 12 Great Reasons To Visit Norway By Cruise Ship

Posted on Last updated: January 27, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, for qualifying purchases. More info: Disclosure.

Norway is a beautiful country with a coastal perimeter that stretches over 2.650 km . If you count all the fjords, bays, and islands, the Norwegian coastline is tens of thousands of miles long. In fact, Norway has the second-longest coastline in the world, after Canada

So it will come as no surprise that many visitors opt for a Norway cruise as the best way to explore the country. But is it indeed?

We have been to Norway several times. Our first visit was this Norway road trip exploring the nicest towns and fjords in the south-west of the country. We also visited Tromso in winter and even the Arctic region of Svalbard.

But cruising Norway and seeing its stunning coastline from the water is still on our bucket list In fact, Norway is one of the few places in the world that we consider visiting by cruise because you get to see places that are inaccessible otherwise.

Our fellow blogger Jenni Fielding who runs the family cruise blog CruiseMummy has recently planned a Norway cruise. After thorough research, shes convinced that the best way to visit Norway is by cruise ship. In this article, she tells us why.

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Norwegian Jewel Sailing Canceled

Guests booked aboard the March 20, 2022 sailing of the Jewel-class Norwegian Jewel will be disappointed to learn that their cruise has now been canceled. That voyage was to have been a 9-day roundtrip sailing from Panama City, Panama, visiting Costa Rica, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, and Colombia.

This cancelation is described as due to revitalization of the cruise ship, but details of that project have not been released or clarified.

Guests are understandably upset, as this cancelation comes the day after final payment for that sailing was due. While cruise lines often need to make sailing adjustments at the last minute, the timing of this announcement seems unclear.

Booked passengers will receive full refunds back to their original form of payment. If a future cruise credit was used for the booking, that FCC will be returned to guests Latitudes account.

What Are The Highlights Of A Norwegian Cruise

Concern Grows In South Florida As Norwegian Cruise Lines Threatens To Sail Away

Youll tour your way up the coastline of Norway during this type of cruise, usually starting with the port of Bergen. Bergens highlights include its famous fish market, bevy of museums, and a funicular taking you up to the peak of Mount Floyen to admire the views below. Visit the Nobel Peace Centre and Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo, or cruise along the Aurlandsfjord in Flam. Stavanger is another hotspot for outdoor recreation, most famous as being the gateway to the spectacular scenery of the Lysefjord. Old Stavanger is a treat to explore on foot, with its beautiful harbour and traditional wooden homes.

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Youll Get Great Photo Opportunities

Norway has stunning landscapes. However, often, youre just too close to the scenery to get it all in the picture. As the cruise ship gets closer to the coast or leaves the port, you have plenty of opportunities to photograph the scenery from various distances and angles that are simply impossible to get from land.

Also, you can head to the top deck of your cruise ship and get some stunning high-angle shots of the surroundings.

Up to 70 meters above the water and far enough from the shore to get the scenery in shot, the top deck of a cruise ship is one of the best places for taking photos of Norways beautiful scenery. So make sure to be out on the deck when your ship sails into port or navigates the narrow fjords!

Arctic Cruise To Svalbard

Arctic cruise tourism is a growing market and Svalbard is a popular destination given its relative accessibility from mainland Europe. The glacial scenery is simply spectacular, and of course there’s an opportunity to see Arctic wildlife. While far from guaranteed, the possibility to see a polar bear is an undoubted draw on these trips.

In addition to their coastal voyages, Hurtigruten offer sailings to more remote places. These include Antarctica and Greenland, but also Svalbard.

In addition to the major cruise companies, many smaller companies run multi-day boat trips around the archipelago. This could be a great solution if you are prepared to fly to Svalbard independently. For an idea of what to expect, you can listen to an episode of the Life in Norway Show all about adventure tourism in Svalbard.

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Norway Extends Cruise Restrictions To May 1 For Reassessment

The Norwegian government has extended its restrictions for coastal cruises and Svalbard and said it will reassess the situation by May 1, 2021.

Basically, the restrictions include a ban on cruises in Svalbard, except day trips with up 30 people, including passengers and crew.

Coastal cruises that start in Norway and only call at Norwegian ports with Norwegian or foreign ships are limited to 50 percent of their passenger capacity and to no more than 200 people onboard, including passengers and crew.

Coastal cruises starting in a foreign port are also limited to a maximum of 200 people onboard, but passengers and crews are not allowed to go ashore. However, crew may go ashore in conjunction with crew changes in order to travel home.

Companies wanting to operate cruises must submit plans to Norwegian authorities demonstrating their health and safety protocols and compliance with current legislation and regulations.

The current travel restrictions do not allow tourists to enter Norway.

Mostly, Norwegians and foreigners with residency in Norway can travel to Norway but must have a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours of arriving, then undergo another test upon arrival, followed by a 10-day quarantine period.

Planning To Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary With A Norwegian Cruise Line Adventure

Norwegian Cruise Line extends suspension of voyages ...

Last month, the Cottos decided to take a cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. It was a last-minute decision and one theyre now regretting.

We had never taken a cruise before and we wanted to try something different to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We had heard good things about Norwegian Cruise Line.

They began browsing NCLs website, looking for an itinerary that would leave from their home state of New York. They zeroed in on a 5-night closed-loop cruise from New York to Bermuda and back.

The path of this couples Norwegian Cruise Line sailing on the Gem. They spent most of this cruise confined inside their cabin.

After confirming their reservation directly with a Norwegian Cruise Line consultant, the couple read through all the documentation provided.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Linx Legal Timeshare Cancellation

Having seen previous cruise fiasco stories on our site, the Cottos knew they had some research to do. They didnt want to end up being denied boarding their cruise as others have been.

In hindsight, it might have been better if they had been denied boarding this cruise.

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Norway Cruises: How To See The Best Of The Norwegian Fjords

How to see the best of the Norwegian fjords from the comfort of a cruise ship. Plan your trip here with our complete guide to Norway’s cruises.

Cruise ships offer a unique way of seeing the best of the Norway. You can see the stunning coastline, some of the country’s biggest cities, small coastal communities and the world-famous fjords, all without needing to worry about accommodation, food or transport.

Some of the world’s biggest cruise ships call at Norwegian ports from time to time. Whenever a large ship is in dock, locals tend to come out to greet the ship. When the Adventure of the Seas called at Trondheim recently, guests were greeted with cannon fire and a local band.

But increasing cruise traffic is also causing controversy in some communities. So what’s the best way to take a Norway cruise in a sustainable way? Pull up a comfy chair because we’re going to dive into some serious planning detail! Ready? Let’s go

I’ll start by talking about some of the reasons this kind of vacation is so popular. Then look at the types of cruise available, and some of the country’s most popular ports.

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