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Why Are River Cruises So Expensive

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Asia River Cruise Prices

9 Reasons To Do A European River Cruise

The biggest difference in river cruising in places like China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar is that the trip also includes a land component that’s often longer than the cruise itself. For instance, a typical three- or four-night Yangtze cruise is generally wrapped in a tour that lasts 10 or more nights. There are additional costs associated with Asian travel that the passenger should consider, as well. Unlike in Europe, visas are required for entry to places like Southeast Asia and China. Visa services generally range from $60 per person up to several hundred dollars, but tend to be easier to acquire now that many countries are issuing electronic visas.

Depending on where you reside, airfare to Asia may also be more expensive, though for those residing on the west coast of North America, fares to Asia may actually be more affordable than European airfare.

However, there are “value” seasons associated with the weather and, consequently, limited demand periods. The most affordable time to cruise the rivers of Asia is between June and August. Yangtze and Mekong river cruise tours can be had for as low as $300 per person, per night, during the low season, climbing to $350 during peak travel times. Trips on the Irrawaddy in Myanmar runs about 20 percent more.

How Do The Accommodations Compare

Smaller ships equal smaller accommodations except for maybe an Owners Suite and a handful of Junior-type suites. ;But even in a top suite, they arent;condo-size like on ocean cruise ships. Rather than those;1,500+ square foot luxury suites on cruise ships, river ship suites are traditionally closer to 500 square feet. ;The majority of cabins;average about 175 225 sq. feet while;some are as small as 100 sq. feet or less.

Why Are River Cruises So Expensive

Answer itAmerican Cruise Linescruiseline

Consequently, what is the average cost of a river cruise?

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Also, are river cruises better than ocean cruises?

river cruisesocean cruisesocean cruises

What is the least expensive river cruise?

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Why are river cruises more expensive than ocean cruises?

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Taking A Cruise: Recommendations And Resources

Book a Cruise:Have a specific cruise you want to book or just need some help and inspiration? Get a cruise quote through us: Cruise Quote Form.Not Sure What to Book?Learn everything you need to know to find and book the perfect cruise in my How to Cruise For Less cruise course.Dont Forget Your Travel Insurance:You could be stranded abroad, lose your entire cruise fare, or be hit with MASSIVE medical bills if you dont have cruise travel insurance. I use comparison websites to compare quotes: Compare Quotes Here.Our full list of travel recommendations can be found here.

I Thought River Cruises Were All

Why A River Cruise?

Be careful when you read full-board or even all-inclusive because the list above is the most common description of what is included in a river cruise!

HOWEVER .. YES you can book an all-inclusive river cruise, but of course for a slightly higher price. Tauck or Scenic River Cruises are the best options for an all-inclusive river cruise there isnt a single thing they ask you to pay for, they even challenge you to leave your wallet at home!;

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Amawaterways Has Their Own Motor Coaches In Many Cities With Qualified Drivers

This is a safety issue first, comfort second. Ive been on many shore excursions with other river cruise companies. On one particular trip as we headed back to the boat, the coach driver played chicken with an oncoming local bus on a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere Serbia. He probably did not have a job the next day.

The interiors of the coaches can vary as much as the skills of the driver, too. ;AmaWaterways owns coaches which helps ensure consistency and safety for all.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Like Amawaterways

There are river cruisesand then there are river cruises. Just like Caribbean cruises, Europe river cruises visit most of the same ports and cities.; With so many similar itineraries on the rivers of Europe, what makes AmaWaterways river cruises stand out from the rest? ;

Every river cruise line has their high points that distinguishes them from the pack. So what makes AmaWaterways different?

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On A River Cruise Get Off The Boat

Courtesy of Viking Cruises

Given the luxurious nature of the Viking vessels, its easy to understand why a traveler would want to stay on the boat. Thats fine if youre on an ocean cruise, but for river cruises, make sure youre taking advantage of the local culture.

Sailing down rivers puts you in the heart of many of the cities you visit, our source tells us. During each port of call, guests can explore the destinations with a short walk from their ships dock. Plus, the ships sail smoothly down Europes waterways, meaning, no waves for those who get seasick.

This is where a carefully planned travel itinerary can really elevate your trip. Of course, if you miss a stop, you can still enjoy the cities: Vikings Culture Curriculum program provides onboard performances and lectures from artists, musicians, and historians, along with authentic culinary demonstrations.

In other words, youll have plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge of world cultures. Just make sure to make an effort!

Before Shopping For A River Cruise Consider Creating A Checklist

10 Things You Shouldnt Do On A European River Cruise. And Why

“Price is clearly a part of it, but within that price are a lot of things that can add value,” observes Patrick Clark, managing director of Avalon Waterways. “I would look at the age of the ship, the size of the cabin. A lot of prices starting at the lowest category look very similar, but on a newer ship you may be getting 35 percent more space in your cabin.”

Other questions to tick off: Are there nice bathroom amenities? What is storage like? Can you fit luggage under your bed? What are the optional tours, and how much do they cost?

“If you don’t have a list of things to ask about,” Clark adds, “you may get a similar price at two operators, but one of them may be giving you a lot more in terms of value.”

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Ask For A Discount When The Fare Changes

Its feasible to take advantage of a reduced cruise cost if it changes after youve booked but before youve completed your final payment. Enlist the assistance of a travel agent who can keep an eye on prices after youve booked and request a re-fare at a cheaper rate.

If the fare drops, you can ask for a rate modification, cancel and rebook at the reduced cost, or seek an onboard credit for the difference. The benefits youre entitled to vary by cruise company, but they all add up to extra money in your wallet. Its worth noting that certain lines may have nonrefundable deposit policies; always read the small print before canceling and rebooking.

Whatre The Top Attractions To Visit Through A Nile Cruise

The Nile River is located between the two ends of heaven of Luxor and Aswan where you will visit and explore all the famous immortal wonders such as the Holy Valley of the kings, the divine Karnak temple, the mesmerizing Hatshepsut temple, the majestic Philae temple, the glorious Edfu temple, the unique Kom Ombo temple, the unfinished obelisk and many more.

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River Cruise Lines Dock Centrally And Pay For The Privilege

On ocean cruises, youll often find that the port where you dock is miles away from the place that you want to visit.

For example, if you are visiting London on a cruise youll probably be visiting Southampton which is around 90 minutes on a train away from London.

Actually getting into the city can be an added expense that can really add up, especially if there are multiple people in your family or group.

One of the main advantages of river cruising is that the ships dock right in the center of the town or city.

You very rarely have to commute to visit your destination and youll usually be able to just wander off the ship and wander back whenever you wish.

Food Costs And Choices

Amsterdam 2013

As with all cruises, river voyages typically include most of your meals as part of the total costs. Meals tend to be served at one sitting, with open seating. Every table has a view.

Unlike many ocean-going trips, some river cruise lines often include beer, wine or soft drinks with dinner at no added charge. These offers vary, sometimes widely, by line.

Breakfasts and lunches are often served buffet-style, although a chef will prepare cooked-to-order omelets or sandwiches at one end of the buffet table.

Fixed food costs are a bonus for budget travelers since these expenses often are unpredictable on many trips. Train travelers usually eat in the cities they visit and sample local cuisine. On river cruises, you will miss out on this essential part of learning a new city’s ways.

Cruise lines might serve goulash in Budapest and apple strudel in Vienna.;But if you are intent on sampling these local specialties at local restaurants in port, you’ll need to put forth extra money and effort.

If lavish shipboard entertainment is your chief priority, river cruises probably won’t satisfy.

Unlike ocean-going cruise lines that stage Vegas-style shows and provide floating casinos, the river cruise entertainment is limited to far more basic offerings.

You can visit the galley for a look at how more than 400 meals a day are prepared in a relatively small space.

You might see a folk dancing exhibition one night, or watch the crew become the cast in a talent night presentation.

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Major Differences Between River Cruises And Ocean Cruises

At Cruzely, we spend much of our time focused on ocean cruises those trips that criss-cross the Caribbean headed to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and more on some of the largest ships in the world.

But over the past decade or so there has been a dramatic rise in interest of river cruises. Instead of sailing across the open water to warm-weather getaways, these trips take a different route through inland waterways to spots that are very different than the widely-visited Caribbean ports.

Truth is, if you are used to ocean cruising on mass-market lines, then river cruising is a completely different experience. And in fact, many people simply love the different way to sail and much prefer it to cruising on larger ships.

If youre interested in knowing more about river cruises, here are several ways they will differ from ocean trips

You Aren’t Vigilant About Tracking Cruise Fares

Everyone will guarantee you have the best cruise deal … that is until a better deal comes along. If you monitor cruise fares after you put down a deposit, you can adjust your cruise rate when prices fall. The magic period lies between booking and final payment, which is normally 60 to 90 days prior to departure. If your cruise fare drops before your final payment is made, there is a good chance you will be able to have the price adjusted in your favor.

A travel agent can certainly take the hassle out of this process, but it never hurts to be your own price-drop advocate. Any time before final payment is fair game to peruse other website offers or take advantage of the perks and value-adds of a new promotion from your cruise line. Checking in once in a while can lead to savings on your next cruise.

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Big Ship Vs Little Ship

Most European river ships have four decks that includes an expansive sun deck. Any higher and the ships wouldnt squeeze underneath the;low;bridges along their path. Too wide and they cant fit in locks designed;hundreds of years ago. Maximum passengers on a European river ship;may range from 85 to;200 guests.

Compare that to 5,400+ on the biggest ocean cruise ships. River boats;can be quite small, too, more like private yachts and as tiny as;8-passenger luxury barge boats. ;If small and cozy is for you, consider a luxury barge on narrow;canals in France or the Netherlands, mysterious;Scottish lochs or Botswanas exotic Chobe River. ;Cruise aboard small boats;on Alaskas Inland waterways, experience the eastern seaboard or the lengthy;Intercoastal Waterway in the USA, with only a few dozen guests.

The wedding cake design of river ships that ply the Columbia and Mississippi rivers in the USA;may have four;or five;decks and a bright red paddle wheel. ;Some are replicas of old time steam boats. ;These may accommodate from 200 to 450 passengers.

Do River Cruises Have Entertainment

European River Cruise Watch Outs. 14 Things Brochures Don’t Warn You About!

Many cruise lines also welcome guest performers on board, with entertainment reflecting the destinations of your itinerary. Most river cruise lines offer comprehensive information and entertainment facilities in staterooms, with some guests choosing to simply relax with on-demand movies between ports.

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Europe River Cruise Prices

If price is an important consideration, look at Europe first. Fares start at about $200 per person, per night, for budget-priced river cruises and range up to $500 per person, per night, for an all-inclusive luxury experience. Cruise tours typically span seven to 21 nights. Seven-night Rhine or Danube cruises are the most affordable. It’s worth noting that France has the highest Europe river cruise prices.

Europe also has shoulder seasons when cruises can be had — if not on the cheap, then at least more cheaply. Hands down, mid-May through late September are the most popular months for European river cruises, and sailings during that time are usually 15 to 20 percent higher in price. Business slacks off a bit in the heat of July and August, as do prices by as much as 10 percent.

Price-sensitive travelers should consider late March and late fall, when cooler temperatures prevail and crowds thin out — shoulder-season river cruising is one of Europe’s best-kept sercrets.

Holiday Christmas market cruises in November and December are priced lower than those during any other time of the year, offering the best deal in Europe overall — though these are also becoming more expensive as they gain in popularity. There are no sailings in Europe in January or February.

River Cruises Vs Ocean Cruises

In general, river cruises are priced higher than ocean cruises. But this is only because most of whats included in the fare is considered as additional costs when on an ocean cruise.

Another reason why river cruises are more expensive than ocean cruises is the fact that ocean cruises can hold up to 6,700 passengers. This number of people can significantly decrease the experience of the guests as the staff can only accommodate several people at times, unlike in a river cruise where the staff can focus on individual passengers.

Lastly, staff on river cruises are generally paid better than those on ocean cruises, not to mention the multitude of things the staff in ocean cruises needs to do in order to keep the cruise going and its passengers happy.

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River Cruise Lines Have High Crew Costs Due To High Standards Of Service

River cruise ships typically only have around 100-150 passengers.

For a ship of this size, there will be around 50 crew members which mean that the crew are able to give a very high standard of service to all guests.

On some of the most luxurious river cruise lines, each cabin will have a butler who is on call for guests whenever they need anything.

On a river cruise, the same crew members may have multiple jobs to complete.

For example, the waiters in the main bar may also work as waiters in the dining rooms during dinner. This is one of the reasons why you really do get to know the crew on board, you see them all day every day!

River Cruise Prices Are More Inclusive Than Ocean Cruise Prices

What To Expect On A CroisiEurope Cruise

In 2011, Tauck became one of the first river lines to go all-inclusive, including beverages and tips. Others have followed suit, though “inclusive” doesn’t always mean that all extras are included. Some lines include port charges, gratuities and alcohol in their base fares; others do not. Still, ocean cruisers will likely be surprised at what river cruise fares do include.

“The biggest difference between ocean and river cruising is that daily shore excursions are included,” says Richard Marnell, senior vice president of marketing for Viking. “You do not get nickeled and dimed once you are onboard. The vast majority of what you are going to do is paid for, so you can budget well in advance.”

Wine and beer included with dinner? Imagine that. Complimentary airport transfers? Free Wi-Fi? On river cruises, these are staples.

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Which Is The Best Company

Both companies appear to be well run and provide a memorable experience. According to US Today, both companies are solidly in the top ten.

Id feel comfortable booking with either company. Your decision may be influenced by the itinerary or being on a specific boat .

On a side note, if youre a Viking fan, the Viking Mississippi will be launched in August of 2022. This will also be a modern river boat hosting 386 guests.

River Cruise : Whats A River Cruise Going To Cost Me

October 14, 2018 By Ralph Grizzle

When planning a big trip, budget is always important. We know that some of River Cruise Advisors readers have the resources to take multiple river cruises, but we also know that some readers are looking to plan a special, once-in-a-lifetime trip that they have saved up for.

River cruising generally is more expensive than ocean cruising. A 7-day ocean cruise can cost as little $900 per person. A 7-day river cruise? Expect to spend $2,500 and up per person. But while river cruises are pricey, they can be quite a bargain when compared to other means of exploring Europe. No having to rent a car, book hotel rooms and pay for meals and tours. Nearly all river cruises include these components. No need to pack and unpack each time you change locations. Your floating hotel moves with you or rather, you with it.

What we find is confusing to most readers is whats included in a river cruise. Were here to shed some light on the subject of costs and inclusions.

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