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What Is The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World

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What Is Thelargest Cruise Ship In The World

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Has Made Its Way To The United States

By grosstonnage, the largest cruise ship in the world is Royal Caribbeans Symphonyof the Seas. The megaship has a gross tonnage of 228,081, is 1,184 feet long, and has a maximum passenger capacity of 6,680 people.Interestingly, its predecessor, Harmony of the Seas, retains the largestcruise ship capacity title, with the ability to hold 6,687 people at maximum,seven more than Symphony. Royal Caribbeans Freedom-class and Oasis-classships have held the title of largest passenger ship continuously since 2006.In 2021, Royal Caribbean is projected to retain the title with the launchof Wonder of the Seas, which will become the new largest cruise ship inthe world once construction is completed.

The biggest Carnival ship, Carnival Panorama, palesin comparison at a mere 1,055 feet in length, a gross tonnage of135,225, and maximum passenger capacity of 5,146 people.

List Of Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships

Take a look at the current largest cruise ships in the industry, as expected it will keep changing as newer more advanced ships are built. Here is a quick list of the top 10 largest cruise ships in the world:

  • Symphony of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas
  • Allure of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Costa Smeralda
  • P& O Iona
  • AIDAnoa
  • Why A Smaller Cruise Ship Will Steal Your Heart

    Well freely admit it: We used to be big ship cruisers.

    Wed stand on the railing of our megaship, cocktail in-hand, and watch as a ship less than a quarter of our size pulled up next to us. The size differential was so great that we could actually see into the funnel of the ship, and peer down at the passengers on the deck scurrying around in anticipation of their arrival into port.

    Of course, the natural reaction to a sight like that is to develop a sense of smug superiority. Little did we know, however, that the guests on the small ship had a smug sense of superiority too because they knew what we didnt.

    With their more intimate atmosphere, increased levels of service, flexibility in their itineraries and unique personalities, small ships have a tendency to win cruisers over almost instantly. Even experienced cruisers arent immune to their charms including us. After sailing on big ships dozens of times, our first small ship cruises were genuinely surprising experiences that raised the bar for what we could expect from an oceangoing cruise.

    So why do cruisers flock to small ship cruising time and time again?

    Theres a number of reasons.

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    Small Cruise Lines List

    The following small ship cruise companies are well-known brand names. Some of them operate locally, others operate expedition ships. Most companies are in the “small ship luxury cruise” business.

    Company Cruise brand information
    Birka Cruises , ship Birka Stockholm operates one ship for the Baltic Sea departing from Stockholm. This line has a cargo-shipping subsidiary, and today Birka Line is part of the Rederiaktiebolaget Eckero’ “Eckero Line”
    Blue Lagoon Cruises

    The Allure Of The Seas

    Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in 2019

    Allure of the Seas

    The Allure of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship that was built by STX Europe for Royal Caribbean International. It was ordered in February 2006. The construction began at the STX Europe shipyards in Turku, Finland. It was launched in 2009 but was declared as complete and delivered on 28 October 2010. At the time of its launch in November 2009, it was the largest passenger ship surpassing the Oasis of the Seas.

    The ship is equipped with telescoping funnels so that it can pass under bridges like Storebælt Bridge. It is 1,187 ft tall and has a gross tonnage of 225,282. The famous Anglo-Italian muralist Clarissa Parish decorated vast parts of its interiors.

    The Allure of the Seas was fitted with 80 kW solar energy by the Miami based photovoltaic system installer BAM Energy Group. The total installation cost amounted to $600,000. The 2000 m2 area is laminated by Uni-Solar BIVP to hold strong against the 5,400 pair of feet.

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    Cruise Ship Capacity Growth Over Time

    Cruise lines are well aware that more passengers equals more profit. Using “economies of scale,” these companies have been able to grow revenues disproportionately to the associated increase in costs. In nerd speak, the marginal returns can increase at a rate greater than marginal costs.

    Consider this. Royal Caribbean decides to add their magnificent Central Park feature. That’s a fixed cost and occupies a fixed space. Whether the vessel has 100 guests or 1,000, the marginal expense is essentially $0 for each additional passenger taking advantage of that space. Adding more passengers adds a clear impact to the bottom line. RC is going to optimize for the greatest number of people feasible in the available space.

    The Worlds Biggest Cruise Ships

    Jeannine Williamson

    Monday November 1 2021, 19:37pm

    The past decade has seen a massive growth in every sense in cruise ships. Vessels are getting bigger and bigger with mega-ships accommodating nearly 7,000 passengers and 2,300 crew members. As well as carrying more guests, the other reason is that cruise lines provide amazing attractions such as theme parks, race tracks, waterslides and even a rollercoaster, which take up a lot more space than the deck quoits of old. Weve taken a look at 15 of the biggest ships on the water including a couple of unusual ones and their maximum passenger capacity.

    Main photo: MSC Virtuosa

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    World’s Largest Cruise Companies

    The biggest cruise companies – they all are very big, some are bigger big, one is the biggest. They all are very very very much rich!

    Carnival Corporation & plc is the world’s largest cruise shipowner, with 1/2 share of the market. The company is dual-listed , Southampton-headquartered, has a combined fleet of 100+ ships, 160,000+ berths, 10,000+ employees, ~75,000 crew, USD 38,9 billion in assets, USD 16,4B revenue . Carnival owns the following brands – AIDA , CCL-Carnival , Costa , Cunard , HAL-Holland America , Ibero , P& O UK and P& O Australia , Princess , Seabourn . Carnival’s major stock-holder is the company founder’s Arison family .

    Royal Caribbean Group – 1997-founded as an American-Norwegian cruise company. RCG is the 2nd largest cruise shipowner in the world, controls over 1/4 of the cruise market, with 58,000 employees, nearly USD 20 billion in assets, and almost USD 7B in revenue . The combined fleet includes the brands Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity, Pullmantur , CDF Croisieres de France . RCG also fully owns Air Pullmantur, and 50% of TUI Cruises .

    Mediterranean Shipping Company SA – the 2nd largest shipping line in the world , with more than 555 vessels of almost 2,2 million TEU . The MSC shipping line serves 270 ports worldwide, with over 29,000 employees.

    Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd ownership is 43,4% Genting Group, 32,5% Apollo Management and 10,8% TPG Capital . NCL controls ~8% of the global cruising market.

    Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships In The World

    Inside The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World

    Cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger and by the time a new worlds largest cruise ship is built an even bigger ship is already being planned. Cruise Hive looks at the top ten biggest cruise ships in the world by ship size and weight, not by passenger capacity.

    The list is also changing as new vessels enter service so hopefully, well be able to keep up with all the new mega-ships that are currently on order. So whats the largest cruise ship in the world right now?

    Its currently Royal Caribbeans Symphony of the Seas and shes set to remain number one for many years to come. There are new ships that will come near and enter into the 200,000 gross ton club such as MSCs new World-class ships, Royal Caribbeans own Icon-class ships and Gentings Global-class.

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    From Luxury Ocean Liners To Megaship Cruising

    With the advent of large passenger jet aircraft in the 1960s, intercontinental travelers switched from ships to planes sending the ocean liner trade into a terminal decline. Certain characteristics of older ocean liners made them unsuitable for cruising duties, such as high fuel consumption, deep draught preventing them from entering shallow ports, and cabins designed to maximize passenger numbers rather than comfort.

    Queen Elizabeth 2

    Ocean liner services aimed at passengers ceased in 1986, with the notable exception of transatlantic crossings operated by the British shipping company Cunard Line, catering to a niche market of those who appreciated the several days at sea. In an attempt to shift the focus of the market from passenger travel to cruising with entertainment value, Cunard Line pioneered the luxury cruise transatlantic service on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner. International celebrities were hired to perform cabaret acts onboard and the crossing was advertised as a vacation in itself.

    Sovereign of the Seas

    Until 19751980, cruises offered shuffleboard, deck chairs, drinks with umbrellas and little else for a few hundred passengers. After 1980, they offered increasing amenities. As of 2010, city-sized ships have dozens of amenities.

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    Small Ship Line #: Seabourn Cruise Line

    Seabourns five ships feature fewer than 300 suites eachbut they leverage that small size into access at some of the worlds most beloved yacht ports: St. Tropez in the south of France the Greek island of Kos and popular large ports like Dubrovnik and Monte Carlo. Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller designs specialty menus on the ships, and a partnership with UNESCO ensures shore excursions and sustainable tourism practices at some of the wildest and most wonderful destinations around the world. In 2021, the line will debut its first expedition ship, Seabourn Venture.

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    Norwegian Bliss Norwegian Cruise Line

    Passengers 4,903Norwegian Bliss incorporates the thrills and entertainment that are synonymous with Norwegian Cruise Lines and a new Observation Lounge comes into its own during Alaska sailings. Then theres the exhilarating Aqua Racer: a two-level electric car racing track located at the top of the ship on deck 19. Always a hit after dark is the Cavern Club that pays homage to the Fab Four with Beatles tribute bands.Sails Alaska and Caribbean

    The Piazza on the Sky Princess

    List Of Largest Cruise Ships

    Photos: World

    Symphony of the Seas

    Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacationing. Unlike ocean liners, which are used for transport, they typically embark on round-trip voyages to various ports-of-call, where passengers may go on tours known as “shore excursions”. They can carry thousands of passengers in a single trip, and are some of the largest ships in the world by gross tonnage , bigger than many cargo ships. Cruise ships started to exceed ocean liners in size and capacity in the mid-1990s before then, few were more than 50,000 GT. In the decades since, the size of the largest vessels has more than doubled. There have been nine or more new cruise ships added every year since 2001, most of which are 100,000 GT or greater. In the two decades between 1988 and 2009, the largest cruise ships grew a third longer , almost doubled their widths , doubled the total passengers , and tripled in volume . As of June 2020, the largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, has a gross tonnage of 228,081, is 361 metres long, 65.7 metres wide, and holds up to 6,680 passengers.

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    Popular Small Ship Cruise Destinations

    • No-Fly Cruise

    Itinerary: Southampton Amsterdam, Netherlands Antwerp, Belgium Southampton

    Includes: Earn Cruise Miles® with every booking*, Pound sterling on board*, Incredible late deal*, No-fly small ship cruising*

    • Ship: Borealis
    • No-Fly Cruise

    Itinerary: Liverpool Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Arrecife, Lanzarote Puerto Del Rosario, Fuerteventura Santa Cruz, Tenerife San Sebastian La Gomera, Canary Islands Santa Cruz, La

    Includes: Earn Cruise Miles® with every booking*, Pound sterling on board*, Incredible late deal*, No-fly small ship cruising*

    • Ship: Bolette
    • No-Fly Cruise

    Itinerary: Southampton Las Palmas, Gran Canaria Santa Cruz, La Palma Santa Cruz, Tenerife San Sebastian La Gomera, Canary Islands Funchal, Madeira Lisbon, Portugal Southampton

    Includes: Earn Cruise Miles® with every booking*, Pound sterling on board*, Incredible late deal*, No-fly small ship cruising*

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    Are Cruise Ships Bigger Than Aircraft Carriers

    But which is bigger, an aircraft carrier, or a cruise ship? In fact, they are roughly the same size. The largest aircraft carrier at sea in 2020 is the Gerald R Ford Class aircraft carrier which has a length of 1,106 feet. Therefore, the worlds largest cruise ship is 82 feet longer than the largest aircraft carrier.

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    Th Position: Quantum Of The Seas

    The spectacular one of a kind Quantum of The Seas has been excluded from the podium by a nose:

    Quantum of the Seas – North Star and its amazing 360º panoramic views

    Innovation, design and a combination of unconventional areas and on board activities make the experience on board this ship of well 167,800 tonnes, 348 meters and 4,180 passengers capacity unique!

    If you are seeking an unforgettable experience, the Quantum of The Seas is the right ship choice! Some recommendations: the RipCord skydiving simulator and the amazing 360º panoramic view sfrom the North Star.


    The Oasis Of The Seas

    How The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 Meals Every Day

    The Oasis of the Seas is the worlds largest cruise ship. It can carry up to 6,200 passengers, who are served by over 2000 crew members. The vessel is 40% bigger than any other cruise ship in the world , has a weight of 225,000 tons and is five times the size if the Titanic. It has a total of 15 decks and is as high as a twenty- storey building.

    The ship was built in Finland and is owned by Royal Caribbean International. Its maiden voyage is scheduled for early December 2009. The ship is stationed in Fort Lauderdale Florida, from where it will go on week-long cruises of the Caribbean Sea.

    The Oasis of the Seas has virtually everything a tourist can dream of. Biggest attraction is a giant open-air theatre for 750 passengers that is a swimming pool by day and an entertainment arena at night. Passengers can wander through a park full of real trees and exotic plants, eat and drink in 24 restaurants or travel up and down between decks in a movable bar. There is something for everyone: a small golf course, a basketball court, an ice rink and two rock-climbing walls for those looking for athletic activities. Mothers can leave small children in nurseries while they go shopping in the ships boutiques.

    The best and latest technology makes the Oasis of the Seas one of the most modern ships on the seas. But, the captain says, its very easy to manoeuvre because everything is automated and runs with computers.

    The Oasis of the Seas – Baldwin040

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    A Look Inside The Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship

    As one might expect of a ship of such great size, The Symphony of the Seas has a huge variety of dining options, including 20 restaurants as well as plenty of bars and lounges. It also boasts multiple theatres, an ice-skating rink, a rock-climbing wall and a zip line, and guests can enjoy a wide variety of pools, surf simulators and water slides. There is also a central park with over 20,000 tropical plants, and a spa where guests can relax.

    The Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship

    To some, cruises sound like nightmares: hundreds of people trapped on a ship in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do. But what if your cruise ship was large enough to accommodate a nine-story-tall zip-line, a boardwalk with a carousel, three stages for performances, and a 150-foot tall slide? This seems like a lot, but theres plenty of room for all this and more on the worlds biggest cruise ship: the Royal Caribbeans Symphony of the Seas.

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    That’s not even counting the various bars, restaurants and lounges that will be on offer for guests with heaps of international cuisines on offer, whether they fancy fine dining or a burger in a diner.

    Unfortunately for Brits, a trip may not be on the cards just quite yet. Wonder of the Seas will be making her debut in March 2022, and will be homeporting in China. You can find out more about the ship on

    At the time of writing, the Foreign Office continues to advise Brits against cruise holidays. However, domestic UK cruises are set to restart this summer , so there are a number of cruise lines offering UK sailings this summer for those who have missed cruises.

    To give you a helping hand, we’ve also put a guide together on what UK cruises will be like during the pandemic, from what will be open onboard to cruise lines’ vaccine policies for being allowed to embark.

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