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What Is The Dress Code On Silversea Cruises

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Silversea Cruises Silver Muse. The 10 Key Things You Need To Know!

Every Silversea cruise passenger gets a butler. Crew members know your name before you’ve met them. Restaurant staff will escort you to your table and carry your plate at the buffet. Your butler will stock your suite with your choice of beverages and pillows, and set even your ensuite breakfast table with a white tablecloth and full silverware. Crew members escort shore excursions to solve problems and make sure the experience meets Silversea’s standards. Laundry is returned to you wrapped in tissue paper. Everyone onboard wants you to have the perfect vacation.

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Broadway shows, dancing till dawn and big-name comedians or magicians are not a hallmark of this cruise line. You’ll get the ship’s team of singers and a couple of pianists on cruises shorter than two weeks book a longer sailing, and you’ll find a guest entertainer and maybe an expert lecturer. Longer cruises also employ gentlemen hosts to ballroom dance with the ladies, but you won’t have a lot of entertainment venues or options on Silversea ships.

Silversea Silver Spirit Dress Code

Daytime attire is casual both onboard and ashore. Passengers usually wear jeans or slacks with a collared shirt or T-shirt. Sneakers, sandals and other comfortable flat or low-heeled shoes are typical daytime footwear.

In the evening, the dress code varies between casual, informal and formal. Your cruise documents include a dress code schedule, and a reminder is included in the Silversea Chronicles bulletin that’s delivered nightly to suites for the following day.

Embarkation and debarkation nights are always casual dress, and although jeans and shorts are no-no’s in the dining rooms in the evenings, many passengers wear both these two nights. On other casual nights, women wear sundresses or low-key pants outfits, and men wear slacks and open-neck collared shirts. “Informal” evenings translate to women wearing dresses or silk or linen tops and pants, and men wearing dressier slacks and a jacket .

On formal nights, men are expected to don tuxedos or dark suits, while women wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses. That said, tuxedos and evening gowns are rarely seen. Generally, women wear cocktail dresses or dressy slacks outfits, and men wear dark suits with ties.

If you want to skip the formal dress code, La Terrazza and Seishin both allow informal attire on formal nights. Dining at The Grill is always casual. However, if you want to visit the bars and lounges later that evening, you must wear an outfit adhering to the night’s dress code.

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About The Silver Muse Cruise Ship

Silver Muse was built and launched in Italy in April 2017. She is the ninth ship in the Silversea Cruises fleet. Silver Muse is also the first in a new, more spacious Muse-class of ultra-luxury cruise ship.

The Silver Muse cruise ship is bigger than most of the other vessels in the Silversea Cruises fleet. In fact, she is 212 m. / 698 ft. in length with room for 596 guests. That is 56% more than the intimate Silver Whisper, but about the same as Silver Spirit.

This beautiful cruise ship has a sense of understated luxury. Indeed, Silversea call it whispered luxury. That is to say it is refined, but never pretentious.

As you will see from this Silver Muse review, everything about the cruise ship has an unmistakable Silversea style. The decor has Italian sophistication and there is modern artwork at every turn.

Guests enjoy all-suite accommodation and almost every suite has its own private veranda. The larger suites even have separate bedrooms and spa-style bathrooms. There are nine room types to chose from. The largest of these are the Silver Suites, Royal Suites and spacious Grand Suites. In addition, there are the top of the range Owners Suites.

However the Veranda Suites are the most popular. These include Classic, Superior and Deluxe categories. Its worth noting that they are all the same size, only their location on the ship varies. This Silver Muse review includes a video tour of a Veranda Suite. There are also Panorama and Vista Suites which do not have verandas.

Food On The Silver Muse

What Should I Wear on a Cruise? A Guide to Cruise Line ...

There are eight different restaurants to choose from, so the toughest decision of the day is likely to be where to dine. This Silver Muse review details each of the restaurants.

Indeed, Silver Muse is a haven for foodies. The quality and presentation in all the restaurants is generally excellent. And now caviar is back on the menu too.

Interestingly, there is no main dining room. However, the Atlantide restaurant seems to have assumed this mantle. In fact, the popular venue has become pivotal to the onboard dining scene. The menu is mostly European and changes every three days.

There is also La Terrazza, Silverseas iconic Italian restaurant. On the Silver Muse cruise ship it continues to produce some of the best pasta dishes anywhere.

La Dame is one of two specialty restaurants. The intimate venue has a mouthwatering French menu which is not to be missed. The other specialty restaurant is Kaiseki where master chefs serve exquisite Japanese teppanyaki.

Indochine is a new pan-Asian offering. It serves some delightful dishes from across the Asian continent.

There is also Silver Note, a jazz-style supper club that pairs small-plate dishes with great music until late.

The dining repertoire is rounded out by two al fresco venues. There is Spaccanapoli an authentic Naples-style pizzeria as well as the poolside Grill where guests can BBQ food on hot lava stones.

My Silver Muse review rates each restaurant. I also include video tours so you can see what they are really like.

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What Should I Wear On A Cruise A Guide To Cruise Line Dress Codes

Few issues create as much confusion among cruisers as what to wear to dinner. Some cruise line dress codes accept a clean T-shirt and jeans as acceptable evening attire, while others require a jacket and tie if you want to dine in the main restaurant. If you’re wondering what you should wear on a cruise, especially onboard at night, here’s how each major cruise line would like you to dress.

Do Silversea Cruises Include Airfare

Silversea Offers Inclusive Airfare, Excursion in Each Port on all 2022 Cruises. Rather than being a special perk or a promotional offer, roundtrip airfare and transfers from airport to ship will be provided standard with all 2022 and 2023 cruises, along with at least one shore excursion in every port of call.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The Dress Code: Attire ranges from casual to formal on Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “Casual” wear is appropriate for daytime, and it consists of resort-style attire. The dress code is almost always “elegant casual” after 6 p.m., with the exception of the final evening of each cruise . Men should wear slacks and collared shirts skirts or slacks paired with blouses or sweaters, pantsuits or dresses are acceptable for women.

Jeans, T-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes are not allowed in any public area, apart from the pool area, after 6 p.m.

Longer cruises have optional formal or semiformal nights. On these evenings, passengers can either wear elegant casual attire or opt for a more formal look .

Number of Formal Nights: Voyages of 16 nights or longer have two or more formal or semiformal nights, but these are optional. Shorter cruises are always “elegant casual.”

Nightly Casual Option: The outdoor Pool Grill is the only public area onboard that does not subscribe to the evening dress code.

The Discerning Guide To Cruising Part : Packing For Your Cruise

What to Wear on a Cruise Ship | Cruise Outfits Tips

For some people packing for a vacation is a task to get over with as soon as humanly possible. For some others of us its a real pleasure to think about the very best of our wardrobes and essential stuff that well live with for a week or two, or three.

Were just about to bring those well- traveled suitcases up from storage for another outing this coming weekend. Were getting readying to pack for our Caribbean vacation and not a moment too soon since weve been dropped in a frigid deep-freeze up here in our neck of the woods. Well begin with almost a week in Barbados and end with a week in St. Maarten, with a week-long Seabourn yacht cruise to Caribbean yacht harbors sandwiched in between. After eleven cruise vacations, experience tells us that packing for a luxury cruise has a few peculiarities. Here are some truths about cruising that we will use this weekend as we pack those suitcases.

1. Cruise ships do not have irons and ironing boards in staterooms. Ever. And you cannot bring one. They are a fire hazard, and unless you want to schlep to the communal laundry cum ironing board cubby that may be available on your particular cruise ship, then possibly wait in line for the privilege of ironing, this fact will guide your clothing choices. We have two words of advice for you: No linen.

For more information and a few relevant stories, you might want to red our post on dressing for dinner on a cruise and on what the heck smart casual means.

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    Not All Cruise Lines Share The Same Dress Code Policies

    Silversea Cruises are by far one of the most luxurious cruise lines as far as dress code is concerned. Suitable attire is expected regardless of whether you are visiting the onboard casino or enjoying dinner in one of the ships restaurants.

    On formal nights, women are required to wear cocktail dresses or evening gowns while men should be clad in dinner jackets or dark suits with ties or full tuxedos. On casual evenings women can wear trouser suits or dresses while men can wear jackets with optional ties.

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have the same dress code for their formal evenings although sundresses, blouses, jeans and polo shirts are allowed on casual nights.

    Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruises have both adopted a very laid-back approach to their casual nights, allowing shorts and t-shirts to be worn.

    As with everything else in life, cruise ship dress code was destined to evolve over time. While passengers may still not be able to attend dinner in the beach-wear, they can at least relax knowing they dont have to pack countless formal outfits leaving very little space in their luggage for anything else.

    Feel free to discuss this topic and all things cruise at our new boards. A place where readers can ask questions, help their fellow cruisers and general cruise discussions on cruise lines and ports.

    What To Wear On A Luxury Cruise: Dress Codes Decoded

    Cruise line dress codes are a fabulous exercise in makingsomething that should be quite simple into an unnecessarily complexaffair.

    In reality, it is simple. There are casual clothes that you wearout and about during the daytime , and those that you wear to dinner in the evening. Theonly caveat is that some ships have formal nights and some ships have nice pools . Simple,right?

    But what does ‘casual’ actually mean?

    Ah, yes: that is the question. The main problem is that cruiselines think that theirclientele can’t be trusted to understand what the word ‘casual’means, and so they have introduced all sorts of adjectives toqualify what they mean. The result of this has been an almost comiccollection of parallel dress codes: can anyone tell me, forinstance, the difference between Smart Casual, Country Club Casual,Resort Casual, and Elegant Casual ?

    So, bearing all of that in mind, let us introduce you to theshortest and the only dress code guide you will ever need…

    Formal dress

    If your cruise has formal nights, you may want to check how manyevenings this will involve. It is a time for the ladies to weartheir most glamorous dresses and their most fabulous jewellery. For gents, black tie.And don’t do what I once did, and forget your cufflinks – not everyship sells them!

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    Dressing For Dinner: An Eye On Cruise Line Dress Codes

    Some people like a kind of laid-back beach holiday that finds them schlepping around in a T-shirt and shorts with a cold brew always at hand. Others have to sky-dive or parasail or bungee jump every day. We are travelers of a different stripe. We like to drink great wine, walk for miles and miles exploring new and now-familiar cities, have new experiences, sample a new cocktail or two and dress for dinner.

    Theres something just a bit sad about how people dine out these days. Just recently, we read a blog where the writer suggested that dinner is really only about the food. Well, we respectfully disagree. Dinner is about dining, and dining refers to a whole lot more than eating. You can eat anywhere, including your couch. Discerning travelers are also discerning diners. We are interested in the whole experience. Where we eat and the surroundings are as important as the food, and part of those surroundings focus on what you wear when you eat. Cruises are a prime example of what, where and how one can eat.

    This past weekend, we took some time to make a few decisions about what to pack for the upcoming vacation that will put us on land in Puerto Rico for a few days and then at sea through the Caribbean, up to Bermuda and then farther up to New York. Packing for a cruise has its special considerations as we peruse the various dress codes that cruise lines use.

    General Cruise Information And Guidelines

    Decoding the New Dress Codes as Cruise Lines Continue to ...

    Whether your first Silversea cruise or your tenth, you will naturally have questions about various cruise policy regulations and what to expect onboard and ashore. Silversea has compiled some essential cruise information regarding preparation and packing for your voyage, as well as descriptions of certain onboard services and facilities. This is only a general summary of helpful information. For complete details, please refer to Silverseas Terms and Conditions and the Passage Contract downloadable in PDF in the Passage Contract section below. If you have additional questions or a special request, please contact your travel professional or Silversea Reservations.

    Final Documents will be mailed/posted approximately 21-30 days prior to the sailing date, provided Silversea has received all necessary information. Please review all Silversea cruise documents carefully, and ensure a smooth sailing by reading through the helpful cruise information and cruise policy regulations in the Setting Sail Guide.

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    An Introduction To: Silversea Cruises

    Launched in 1994 by the Lefebvre family in Rome, Silversea aim to create the highest quality and most luxurious cruises. They offer cruises to all 7 continents and over 900 destinations, so wherever you fancy, Silversea has got you covered.

    Read on to discover what to expect from Silversea, and why you should consider an ultra-luxury cruise for your next voyage

    What To Wear On Silversea Shore Excursions

    What you should wear on a shore excursion will depend on the activity and climate. However, the rule of thumb is to keep your clothing comfortable. Also prepare for unexpected changes in the weather.

    Warm weather shore excursions generally call for light fitting clothing. It is also wise to wear a broad brimmed hat for protection from the sun.

    Cool weather shore excursions require more clothing. This usually includes long pants, sweaters or knits, as well as scarfs and even puffer jackets.

    Its worth remembering cultural sensitivities when dressing for a shore excursion. Some religious and cultural sites have strict dress codes. This might mean wearing clothing that covers your arms, legs or head. Consult the Silversea shore excursions desk if you are unsure of what to wear.

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    Silver Muse Review Conclusion

    Silver Muse has a sense of understated Italian luxury, with elegant public areas and incredibility spacious suites. The eight restaurants offer outstanding dining, the entertainment is superb and the extra-long pool is like an oasis at sea. Combined with the all-inclusive lifestyle and outstanding service its the perfect cruise experience.

    Read the accommodation section of this Silver Muse review by clicking the button below.

    The author sailed as a guest of Silversea.

    About the Author: Jason Kerr

    Silversea Silver Galapagos Dress Code

    Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition Ship. What You Need To Know Before Cruising

    Daytime clothing is about protection from the equatorial sun and excursion safety hats, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, non-slip water shoes for wet landings, hiking or tennis shoes for dry landings.

    Eveningwear is casual, anything but jeans or shorts in The Restaurant. Women don sundresses, or blouses and pants with minimal jewelry. Men wear polo shirts and slacks. Sports jackets are rare. Diners can wear shorts at the Grill.

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    A Significant Change Was Noted In The 1990s

    The biggest change in cruise ship dress code came about in the late 90s and early 2000s when an increasing number of industry leaders became more relaxed as far as their prescribed dress code was concerned.

    While the majority of cruise operators implemented these changes only in the main dining halls, others started to experiment with varying dress code policies applicable to all areas of the ship, excluding the cabins.

    Regardless of the extent of the revised dress code guidelines, the subsequent variations for cruise ship staff members as more and more passengers either misunderstood what was expected of them or simply did not bother to adhere to the rules and regulations.

    Is There A Typical Silversea Passenger

    So who can you expect to join you on your quest for luxury? Due to their high quality, youll usually encounter incredibly classy people, who appreciate fine arts, comfort and gourmet dining. Because of the unique cultural experiences and incredible onshore excursions your fellow passengers will typically be well travelled professional couples that have a taste for adventure.

    Did you know? Silversea were named best cruise line for romance by U.S News & World Report!

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