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What Is The Most Beautiful River Cruise

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Hooghly: History And Tigers In Indias West Bengal

9 Best River Cruises In The World

Length: 260km

Timing: Year-round October to April brings milder temperatures.

The river: This West Bengal tributary of the Ganges embraced river tours, after its once dried up flows were bolstered by a diversion from the main stem. Since then, shallow-draft ships have opened up the route, with week-long cruises from Farakka to Kolkata ploughed by a handful of luxury craft, pushing deep into West Bengals storied fringes.

The sights: Indias imperial west is the incentive here, with visits to Murshidabad and its impossible Palace of 1,000 Doors, which was the seat of the Murghal nawab , as well as the Battlefield of Plassey, where the last independent ruler of the region was defeated by the British in 1757. Stops at the ruined city of Gaur and terracotta temples of Kalna delve even further back into an era and region little explored by visitors.

Detours: Trips upstream along the Ganges from Farakka are possible in August/September, when the high waters allow you to journey to the holy city of Varanasi, spying gangetic river dolphins and pilgrimage sites en route.

The Rhine Flows Through Europe

The most picturesque river of Europe flows through six countries Austria, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Thanks to its beautiful waterways there are numerous cruise companies offering various kinds of cruises to showcase the beauty and history lined up on the banks of river Rhine.

This river eventually empties itself in the North Sea in the Netherlands. Self drive holidays in Europe

Li River Bamboo Raft Trip

  • Pick-up point: Xingping Pier
  • Drop-off: Xingping Pier
  • Average price: Dependent on the raftsman, but typically 40 CNY per seat
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Amenities and notes: The bamboo raft trip is generally considered more intimate compared to the cruises, as travelers raft through villages alongside the Li River, occasionally stopping on the riverbank for local snacks. Though the scenery is guaranteed to be beautiful, this option is sometimes not recommended. Quality of service and pricing is not guaranteed and is decided by your individual raftsman.

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Second Section: Ox Gorge To Water

Nine Horse Fresco Hill : Also called Mural Hill or The Painted Hill of Nine Horses, this is a large stone cliff that is clearly visible from the decks of passing boats on the Li River.

The exposed rocks on the cliff face resemble nine horses in various poses. Legend has it that the mischievous Monkey King, a character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, was in charge of watching the horses in heaven when they escaped. A painter spotted the horses drinking water beside the Li River.

Intending to paint the scene, he startled the horses, which ran into the waterside cliff and remained etched there for eternity. In the past, it was said that a person who could spot all nine horses on the cliffside was destined to achieve the highest score on Chinas ancient imperial exam.

Yellow Cloth Shoal : Located near Xingping Town, the scenery in the area around the Yellow Cloth Shoal is certainly the most famous and arguably the most spectacular of all the breath-taking sights the Li River has to offer.

The scenery here is featured on the back of Chinas 20 CNY banknote. The Yellow Cloth Shoal gets its name because of a large, yellowish rock which lies flat under the water like a piece of cloth. This part of the river is particularly well-known for the way the seven peaks on either side of the shoal cast reflections on the water.

When it isnt raining, the water here is usually calm and flat like a mirror, making the reflections especially clear and impressive.

Bad Wimpfenmooring : 00 Amcasting Off 1: 45 Pm Guided Tour Through Bad Wimpfen

Mississippi River Boats  USA River Cruises Official Site

The Celtics, the Romans and even the Staufer had an impact on the history of Bad Wimpfen. The city used to be an important strategic location on the Roman defensive wall . It blossomed again during the Imperial Age. Our guided walk shows you the romantic town centre with its many half-timbered houses in the Franconian and Alemannic styles.

Trip duration:

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Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a modern architectural marvel, dominating the Persian Gulf. Flashy skyscrapers and five-star resorts along the coast draw eyes from every direction, while more traditionally designed features like the Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Grand Mosque offer a breathtaking insight into the country’s Islamic roots.

Learn more about cruises to Abu Dhabi.

When To Go And What To Expect

Always the best time to visit Europe is in the summer as well as late spring and early autumn. The winter can be a bit dreary. In general, the only reason to visit in the winter is if you are going skiing in the Swiz Alps or to see the Northern Lights in the far north.

  • Record: The Danube River Runs Through 10 Countries The Nile Is Next With 9
  • Length: The Danube Is 1,770 Miles or 2,850 KM Long
  • Number Of Capital Cities: 4

Those capital cities are predictably some of the most beautiful cities to see in the world. And so if you take a cruise down the Danube you can see old city after picturesque city.

The Capital cities along its banks include:

  • Vienna: Capital Of Austria
  • Belgrade: Capital Of Serbia
  • Bratislava: Capital Of Slovakia

Other countries it passes through include Germany, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine. Other cities are linked to the Danube by their tributaries including Bucharest and Munich of Bavaria . There are numerous other non-capital European cities lining its banks including Novi Sad in Serbia, Drobeta-Turnu Severin of Romania, Linz in Austria, Passau in Germany, and many more.

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For thousands of years, the Danube has been the traditional trade route deep into Europe and a highway for travel. That is why cities in Europe are traditionally built on navigable rivers.

  • Length Navigable: 1,501 Miles or 2,415 KM

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Guadalquivir Flows Through Spain

A different perspective of Seville

The Guadalquivir starts from Seville, one of Spains most enchanting cities, and merges with the Atlantic Ocean. In the past, the river served as a major import/export point for the city, and today it happens to be one of the greatest tourist attractions of Spain since the beauty of its embankment is escalated by various lovely landmarks as Plaza de Espana. The river cruise journey on the Guadalquivir lasts for about an hour starting from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Most of the cruises provide audio tour, narrating stories of the monuments youll sail past.

Distance covered in cruise: 657 km

Attractions en route: Monastery of Santa María de las Cuevas, Plaza de Toros, Barrio de Triana, and Towers of Plaza Espana

S Of The 22 Most Beautiful Cruise Destinations

RARA Lake | Most Beautiful Lake in Nepal | Travel Video

One of the beauties of cruising is the opportunity it affords to visit the world’s most scenic cities and islands, sometimes several of them in a single trip.

In the spirit of wanderlust, we’ve compiled a list of the 22 most beautiful cruise destinations offered on oceangoing ships’ itineraries. See how many you’ve visited, and click the links for more info — including which ships sail there and the best times to go.

Disclaimer: Viewing these photos might result in an unplanned cruise booking.

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The Danube Flows Through Europe

The beautiful Danube is celebrated as one of Europes greatest rivers.

As it flows along the sides are rolling hillsides, lush vineyards and medieval castles which add to the charm of the Danube.

It isnt without reason that this European river has been an inspiration for music, novels and poems.

Centuries-old towns along the banks of this beauty add to the allure of Danube, which flows through nine European countries.

One Of The Best European River Cruises

No, its not a Danube River cruise. Or a Rhine River cruise. Or even a Douro River cruise in Portugal.

Its a Seine River cruise in Normandy, France.

Lets travel back in time to France. The year is 1883.

Claude Monet was clickety-clacking on a train through the quaint village of Giverny when he spotted a charming two-storey house through the window. He instantly fell in love with its pink crushed-brick façade and jaunty green shutters and moved in.

Here he gardened and painted, and in time created his celebrated water-garden. It served as the inspiration for his series of masterpiece Impressionist paintings on water lilies.

For some 40 years , Monet continued to live and paint in this enchanting little slice of Normandy.

Monet picked well.

We too were enchanted by Giverny when cruising the Seine River one of the best river cruises in the world for a destination-rich itinerary.

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Seine Flows Through France

A Parisian journey

The Seine River is the heart of France. It flows within the Paris Basin, and indeed a cruise tour on it is considered one of the best things to do in Paris. This one, unlike other river journeys in Europe, lasts for about an hour, sailing past the remarkable landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, and Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can opt for sightseeing cruise tours, sunset cruise tours, dinner cruise tours, or combine activities with a cruise tour for a complete Parisian experience.

Distance covered in cruise: 776 km

Attractions en route: Notre-Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Grand Palais, and La Conciergerie

Rhine River Netherlands/germany /france/switzerland

The Romantic Danube River Cruise: A Day by Day Tour Guide ...

AMA Waterways offers a 7-night cruise through four countries: The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, offering a great overview for first-time river cruisers starting in the legendary city of Amsterdam, renowned for its magnificent architecture and picturesque canals. It covers a ton of cultural ground, including a stop in Cologne, Germany to see its famous Gothic cathedral and wine tasting in Rudesheim. Passengers can also explore the historic city of Heidelberg with its often photographed red-brick bridge. The cruise is followed by two nights in Lucerne, where passengers enjoy a walking tour and lake cruise before heading on to Zurich to take in a tour of the city in the final two nights.

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Day 7trier / Riolmooring : 00 Amcasting Off : 00 Pm City Tour By Bus And On Foot Of Trier Excursion Package

Germanys oldest city was founded in 16 BC by the Roman emperor Augustus. The coach tour takes you to the Roman remains including the 2000 years old Porta Nigra and the imperial baths. Then during the guided walk, you will visit other important sites such as the impressive cathedral, the Roman palace and its garden.

Trip duration:

Danube: Waltz Across Eastern Europe

View of Belgrade city from Danube river

Length: 2,888km

Timing: Year-long summer can leave water levels low, so avoid the hotter months to skip potential cancellation disappointments.

The river: Veining nine countries , the Danube stumbles over more borderlines than a four-year-old attempting an MC Escher colouring-in book. Nineteen nations in total share its basin and, from the Germanys Black Forest to the Black Sea, it seeps through a spectacular array of landscapes, from the vineyards of Austria and Soviet-era architecture of Belgrade to the gorges and peaks of Romania.

The sights: Typical trips last around eight days, starting in Nuremberg, Germany, and drifting through Austria to finish in Hungarian capital Budapest. The more adventurous will likely be drawn to the rivers eastern fringes, where cruises usually depart the Baroque Austrian streets of Linz for the Little Carpathians of Slovakia and on through Serbias Iron Gates, the clawed gorges that mark its border with Romania. These trips tend to culminate in Tulcea, which has good links to explore the dramatic Black Sea delta.

DETOURS: For those inclined towards the epic, 24-day cruises incorporate the waterways of Amsterdam and parts of the Rhine and Main rivers before linking up with the Danube Canal in Nuremberg and pushing on to the Black Sea.

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Europes Most Beautiful River & A Look Inside Crystal Bach

November 12, 2019 By Britton Frost

This week on River Cruise Advisor, Ralph gives you a . After sailing on the Moselle with Crystal for just over a week, Ralph has come to the conclusion that the Moselle River might just be the most beautiful river in Europe well, at least in the fall. Lastly, we share some news about Taucks upcoming Douro river ship, ms Andorinha, which has some really cool featuresincluding a pop-up restaurant. Thank you for being loyal River Cruise Advisor readers. Ralph Grizzle & Britton Frost

They Differ From Ocean Cruises

6 Best European River Cruise Lines. Which One Is Right For You?

The majority of river cruises are a week long — typically taking in three countries — with some lines offering longer trips from 10 days to two weeks or more. They almost always start in fantastic cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Budapest, and most itineraries include an overnight onboard. Companies also offer pre- or post-cruise stays so passengers can spend more time in these cities.

It should be noted that virtually all ships on the Rhine and Danube are exactly the same size in order to fit into locks and pass below bridges. Price differences in fares reflect the number of passengers , onboard facilities such as massage rooms and gyms, plus inclusions .

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The Wine Regions Of Washington And Oregon

Un-Cruise Adventures offers the chance to explore the wine regions of Washington and Oregon aboard the turn-of-the-century-inspired S.S. Legacy. The boat sails round trip from Portland, Oregon on the Ameritage! Four Rivers of Wine & History itinerary along the Columbia, Snake and Willamette rivers, as well as featuring excursions to Multnomah Falls, Palouse Falls canyon and the beautiful coastal towns of Astoria and Cannon Beach, renowned for its dramatically picturesque shores. It includes tastings and tours at nine wineries, along with local wine experts who join passengers for the week.

A World Of River Cruises Beyond Europe

But, of course, the world is larger than just Europe.

When you think river cruise, Europe probably springs to mind first. Europe is, in fact, the biggest destination for river cruising.

Yet its also possible to drift on inland waterways in many different countries, including in Egypt , China, the U.S., India, the Far East and South America.

You can sail on everything from a six-person luxury barge to a floating river hotel.

Weve been fortunate to enjoy several of the worlds best river cruises in China, Egypt , Namibia, Myanmar and our most recent, in France on the Seine River .

Indeed, ever since our first river cruise, weve been hooked on meandering slowly along rivers, soaking up some of the worlds most historic and cultural sights.

Were pretty sure that once you take your first river cruise, you too will be seduced by river cruising.

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Why Take A Europe River Cruise

European river cruises are a fantastic way to soak up culture, history and the beautiful, varied landscape that surrounds that part of the world. In just a few short miles, you can cruise from bustling, modern cities to quaint, charming villages. Overnight, youll see architecture change from intricate, 18th century buildings to classical Roman monuments. Thats the beauty of Europe, especially when experienced on a river cruise.

Ive profiled five popular European river cruise itineraries that give you a rich and varied look at the tapestry that forms Europes past and present. Read on to find out which cruise might be your idea of a perfect vacation.

European River Cruises Tips

How to Find the Best European River Cruise for You
  • Choose from the delightful Danube for cultural immersion, the relaxing Rhine for an enchanting adventure or the stunning Seine for an intimate tour of Paris, there are many possibilities to ensure that you have the best river cruise experience.
  • Get up at least once to watch the sunrise! Remember to wear warm clothes as it can be chilly as the mist rises up from the river and the sun peeks over the hills to wake up all the birds along the banks.
  • It would be a crime not to sample the delicious flavours on your cruise ship! Indulge in a sweet stroopwafel in Amsterdam, a tasty trdelník in Prague, or a mouthwatering macaron in France.
  • There is a wide range of cruises to choose from. Lueftner, Regina, or Nicko offer cheap and cheerful comfort cruises, or if you like living the life of luxury, AmaWaterways, Scenic and APT are for you!
  • Make the most out of your river cruise by bringing some binoculars. They will help you zoom in on those fairytale castles scattered throughout the landscape. If you forget, the boat might have extras.
  • Dont hesitate! European summer is prime-time for cruising so make sure you grab our last-minute 2019 deals so you can spend your days cruising on tranquil waters. Its pure bliss!

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Best Time Of Year To See The Li River

The best time of the year to visit the Li River is in early fall, from September through October. This is due to Guilins gorgeous fall weather which is usually cool and dry with some sunshine. Although cruises are also possible in late fall, theyre sometimes cut short when the water level is too low for the boats to operate.

Late summer is also a good time to take a cruise since its typically possible to enjoy sunny weather, but keep in mind that travelers may experience some downpours due to the monsoon season, which runs from April through August and typically peaks in May and June.

Visiting during the rainy season isnt all bad, however. Guilins spring or post-rain summer is misty, so the rivers water and the karst mountains lush peaks will appear to be shrouded in a veil of mist as if they were part of a traditional scroll painting.

Regardless of the weather, the pictures taken while visiting the Li River are sure to mesmerize.

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