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Which Cruise Line Is The Most Expensive

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The World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

Life On The Worlds MOST EXPENSIVE Ship | Billion Pound Cruise

The idea that there is such a thing as ‘the world’s mostluxurious cruise ship’ is a little problematic, not least becausethe definition of ‘luxury’ is so subjective.

On top of this you have the many different types of cruising toconsider: there are classic ocean cruise ships, but also river andexpedition cruise ships, along with ships that specialise inspecific destinations, and there is huge variation in the size ofthese ships. At Mundy Cruising we firmly believe that a smallership offers a more luxurious experience, and while there are manysuperb vessels that fit into this ‘small ship’ category, there area few that really stand out as contenders for the title of ‘world’smost luxurious’

Royal Caribbeans Wonder Of The Seas

Royal Caribbeans newest and largest ship, Wonder of the Seas, will first debut in March with a Caribbean focus, followed by a season in Europe.

Wonder of the Seas will offer eight distinct neighborhoods aboard the vessel, with an AquaTheater entertaining travelers of all ages. Fan-favorites like the FlowRider surf simulator will be on deck, as will a new Wonder Playscape, an underwater-themed world with slides, games and climbing walls.

Kids of all ages can spend the day slipping down three distinct waterslides, playing mini-golf or taking in a stunning ice skating show. Family dining ranges from a refined steakhouse and traditional dining room to sushi, a bistro, Italian eatery and quick bites for fussy youngsters.

During Caribbean itineraries departing from Fort Lauderdale, Wonder of the Seas will visit port destinations including The Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Summer cruises will then transition to the Western Mediterranean with destinations such as France, Italy and Spain.

Best Luxury Cruise Lines

Luxury cruise lines allow travelers with enticed seeking and superior experience. However, some of the cruise lines offer exotic voyages for the visit of faraway destinations. Other cruises also attract travelers with comfortable cabins as well as stimulating enrichment programs. There are a lot of luxury cruise lines that allow you to get a fantastic experience of traveling. Lets have a look at some of the most expensive and luxury cruises.

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Best Luxury Cruise Lines Ranked

We all need to relax and take a cruise once in a while, but these ultra-high-end trips are extremely luxurious and incredibly expensive.

When it comes down to picking a holiday destination, we never really know where to turn. There are so many options out there, so many incredible places to visit, so many beautiful hotels and rooms to stay at… and, because there’s so much choice, we inevitably get stuck and end up taking the same old trips we’ve been taking for the past few years.

This is where cruise lines can really be a game-changer. If you pay enough money, you might just get the vacation of a lifetime. Everything from personal butlers to the finest meals in the comfort of luxurious room while you sail along unknown seas and make a few stops in stunning placesall of this is only a cruise line away. Just in case you’ve been looking for the ideal luxury vacation, here are the ten best cruise lines you can pick and choose from!

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Large Ship Line #: Celebrity Cruises

15 Most Expensive Cruise Ships

Celebrity Cruises currently sails around the world with a fleet of 14 ships, ranging in size from its petite Xpedition-class vessels, which carry 16 to 100 passengers, to its large 2,800- to 3,100-passenger Solstice class and 2,900-passenger Edge class, which debuted in late 2018 with Celebrity Edge. This edgy ship was designed to appeal to a non-cruising clientele with innovations like Eden, a three-story hybrid experiential restaurant, craft cocktail lounge, and performance venue and Le Petit Chef at Le Grand Bistro, a dinner restaurant that features a 4D animation projected on your plate throughout your meal. Celebrity Edge was later joined by its sister ship Celebrity Apex in 2020, with Celebrity Beyond to follow in 2022 .

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Affordable: Vision Of The Seas

Last but not least, yes it is another Royal Caribbean cruise ship. This time it is the amazing Vision of the Seas. The second oldest cruise ship in our list, the Vision of the Seas was first launched in 2008 and holds 2,514 passengers. If youre looking for entertainment this is the place to come, with a gym, spa, pools, outdoor movie screen, hot tubs, rock climbing wall, jogging track, arcade, Broadway theater entertainment, casino and plenty of shopping.

For on-board meals look no further because the Vision of the Seas has its main dining room with breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It also offers cafes, an ice-cream bar, steakhouse, Asian-fusion and Italian restaurants. Sounds extremely tasty to us and we can get our tickets on-board the Vision of the Seas for between $474 $3,674. Happy cruising everyone!

Large Ship Line #: Princess Cruises

Part of the Carnival family, Princess Cruises has a fun claim to famethe TV show The Love Boat was set on its Pacific Princess ship. If youve never seen an episode, youre in luck, as one of the onboard TV channels airs reruns around the clock. But you wont want to stay cooped up in your stateroom when you discover all the activities on board its 14 ships. Its special Seawitch craft beer program sees the cruise line partner with breweries around the world, while Discovery at SEA offers a series of activities based on TV shows from the Discovery, Inc. family of networks, including Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and the Science Channel. In 2020, Princess Cruises newest ship, the Enchanted Princess, set sail, and its next ship, Discovery Princess, is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2022.

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Carnival Versus Royal Caribbean: Total Price And Price Per Day

So how do the cruise lines stack up?

In total, the average price of all Carnival cruises was just $458 for the base fare across all cruises. Royal Caribbean was about $200 higher, coming in at $666. As you would expect, fares increase the longer your trip.

Here are the average totals of both cruise lines, based on number of nights:

On a price per night basis, Carnival also comes in cheaper on every single length of cruise. Its cruises range from an average low of $84 per night for a four-night cruise to $95 per night for a six-night cruise. Cruise lengths of 4 and 5 nights offer the best value on a price per night basis.

Royal Caribbeans cruises are more expensive across the board. This doesnt mean there arent occasional trips that will be cheaper than Carnival, just that they are typically more expensive.

Royal Caribbean cruises range from $97 per night for a four-night cruise to a high of $131 per night for a seven-night cruise. Like Carnival, youll get the best value with a four-night cruise:

St Position: Seven Seas Explorer


And the first place in the most luxury cruise ships in the world rank is for the Seven Seas Explorer.

It has been sailing since 2016, it has 375 suites. The most luxurious? The Regent Suite, the biggest, with 360 square meters, and also the most expensive, 4,300 per person per night.

There is also a unique theater, Vintage Hollywood styled, with embroidered swans in the seats, a complex mosaic and Murano-glass chandeliers. There’s more: a private car with driver, a limousine service, Versace cutlery, Murano glass, golf courts and a jogging lane.

Sea view from the Regent Suite – picture by Norvegian Cruise Line

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Expensive Cruise Ships That Will Set You Back

When it comes to cruising, the cruise price can be a major drawback. Some of the most luxurious and expensive cruise ships on the planet really can set you back a pretty penny.

However, the thought of relaxing on board a stunning cruise ship in the heart of the Caribbean is too much, and its essential to make it work. Of course, one of the plus sides is you can really rack up the air miles when traveling to the cruise port.

The most expensive cruises in the world will set you back tens of thousands of dollars. For many who do enjoy this life of luxury, are a must and can save you a small fortune upon your travels.

Funding can be an issue for many, but if you want a taste of glamour, then here are the most expensive and luxurious vessels currently sailing the seven seas

What Is The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World

Symphony of the SeasAt 236,857 gross tons, Wonder of the Seas is the fifth Oasis Class cruise ship and takes the title from Symphony of the Seas as the biggest in the world. Wonder of the Seas is 1,188 feet in length and has a maximum passenger capacity of 6,988 passengers, in addition to 2,300 crew.Nov 5, 2021

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Nd Posizione: Cristal Symphony

The Cristal Symphony is one of the most awarded ships ever, one of the reasons why it ranks second. It has been sailing the seas for almost 25 years and it can host up to 848 people.

After a deep restyling, it is now shinning brighter than before: a wide culinary choice with the opening of new restaurants, including a Brasilian steakhouse and the Waterside, a fish restaurant with vegetarian options. Of course, there are also Prego, the Italian restaurant, and the Vintage Dining Room.

In addition, there are spacious and ultra luxury cabins, and a Penthouse suite with butler service, wi-fi, entertainment and news on demand. Last but not least, Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World plays in every cabin every time the ship sets sail.

Of The Most Expensive Cruise Ships In 2018

10 Of The Most Expensive Cruise Ships In 2018 (10 Of The ...

Cruises have rooms that are nicer than hotels, and crazy fun activities.

Who doesn’t want to go on a cruise? Seriously, everyone wants to go on a cruise at least once in their lifetime. Well, maybe people with a fear of the ocean and/or boats. Sadly, not everyone can afford to relax and enjoy the sea because of seasickness. But also, cruises are some of the most expensive vacations ever. If you’re rich and can afford to throw away money like it’s nothing then we suggest finding a cruise to a destination you love, and blowing way too much money on a suite. Cruises have rooms that are nicer than hotels, and crazy fun activities. It’s more like walking around on a floating island of fun then going on a boat ride.

For those of you who haven’t cruised , cruise ships not only allow you to visit multiple countries in one trip for a smaller price than flying, but also keep you entertained on board. Personally, we would be more the ‘stay in the room and order room service the whole time’ type, but there are people who like to socialize and do things. Different cruise lines and ships have different activities, so we’re here to discuss the top 10 most expensive cruise ships of this year , and the top 10 that are amazing for you and your budget! It’s time to start saving guys, because after this all you’re going to think about is going on one of these ships.

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Medium Ship Line #: Seabourn

Dont think of Seabourn as a typical cruiseits ships are much more akin to megayachts, with ultra-luxurious decor, service, and dining. The fleet currently has five vessels, the two largest of which carry 600 passengers each. Their small size allows the vessels to dock in small ports all around the world . Many of the cruise lines guests are lifelong learners, and they flock to the nightly Seabourn Conversation program, which brings all sorts of intriguing figures, from Steve Wozniak to Elaine Paige, on board for lectures and casual chats. In 2015, Seabourn announced a partnership with celebrity chef Thomas Keller, who crafted new menus for the three existing ships and spearheaded new restaurants on the two newest ships, Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation. In December 2021, Seabourn Venture is due to join the fleet, with a not-yet-named sister arriving in 2022.

Cruising With Regent Seven Seas

It is fascinating to know that Regent Seven Seas Cruises receives high marks from travelers worldwide. It is famous for its all-inclusive approach as well as a commitment to luxury service.

How long you are on the board, a ship can vary greatly and range from nine to 131 nights. The cruise allows the guests to explore new places along with complimentary shore excursions. Moreover, there is also plenty to do without leaving the ship that comprises onboard entertainment, Spa, and Wellness Center.

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Expensive: Seven Seas Explorer

This majestic beauty is the Seven Seas Explorer. Although it was first christened and sailed in 2016, it remains one of the most luxurious and popular cruise ships out there. It can hold 752 passengers which were guessing adds to the exclusive feel of a trip on it. It has over 500 staff on board, meaning anytime you need something theres always someone waiting to serve you. Which sounds really bad but hey, they get paid to travel around on a cruise ship so theyre not doing too bad.

The on-board amenities include a casino, connoisseur club, theater, three exclusive lounges, eight different places to eat, a spa, a business club and of course super expensive shopping. What are the rooms like you ask? Well, theyre all suites so that should explain everything. From $7,699 to $88,000, you could be on your way to a luxurious destination, and be broke when you get back!

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Most Luxury Cruise Ships In The World

The Most Expensive Cruise In The World

Top 10 2019 of the most luxury cruise ships in the world with all the characteristics, curious facts and a fantastic photo gallery.

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  • After the 10 Biggest Cruise Ships in the World, here’s a top 10 most luxury cruise ships in the world. Of course, the common factor is the extreme lluxury of all these cruise ships, as well as cutting edge technology and unique innovations. Let’s find out

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    Top 10 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships In The World

    Everyone wants to go on a cruise at least once in their lifetime.Maybe people who have ocean and/or boat anxiety may not aspire.Sadly, because of seasickness, not everyone can afford to relax and enjoy the sea.Yet cruises are also some of the most lavish vacations ever.If youre rich and can afford to throw money away like its nothing, then we suggest you find a cruise to a place you love and blow up too much cash on a suite.We call this type of cruise line, which provides extravagantly 5-star level suites as luxurious cruise lines.In Luxury ships, the moment you step onboard, a hostess will be on your side offering a bottle of champagne, while a professional room steward will offer to raise your carry-on as he will lead you to what will be your home-away-from-home for the next few days.Here in this post, we will explore & compare the 10 most luxurious cruise ships in 2021:

    Most Luxurious Fleet: Seabourn

    Seabourn currently operate the most modern fleet of all theclassic ultra-luxury cruise lines, and we particularly love theirtwo newest ships, Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation.

    Building on the successful Seabourn style and sophisticationthat makes their three ‘Odyssey class’ ships so popular, theseslightly larger vessels have interiors by designer Adam D Tihanyand a speciality restaurant in collaboration with Michelin-starredchef Thomas Keller, which has since been rolled out across thefleet. On the top deck you’ll find The Retreat, where 15 privatecabanas, each with flat screen TVs and a refrigerator stocked witha personalised selection of beverages, surround a centralwhirlpool.

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    Most Luxurious Icebreaker: Le Commandant Charcot

    Very few ships can truly reach the ends of the earth, butPonant’s icebreaker Le Commandant Charcot is no ordinary ship, ableto reach the geographic North Pole and parts of Antarctica that areway beyond the reach of other expedition ships. Until now, the onlypassenger vessel regularly offering such remote expeditions was theformidable Russian nuclear icebreaker 50 Years of Victory, but thehybrid LNG/electric-powered Le Commandant Charcot brings a newlevel of luxury to polar travel.

    The ship’s high-tech features go well beyond the propulsionsystem, and there is even a scientific research laboratory onboard. The ship’s 270 lucky guests can enjoy French culinary flair,spacious guestrooms with private balconies, indoor and outdoorpools, a wellness area, fitness centre and even a winter garden.This promises to be the most exciting addition yet to the Ponantfleet.

    Australia: Kimberley Ultimate Cruise On True North

    Most Expensive Cruise Ships in the World (Image and Price ...

    Consider 14 days exploring the remote Kimberley coast onboard yacht-like True North the ultimate Australian adventure. This northwestern region’s iconic attractions astonish you’ll see King George Falls , giant estuarine crocodiles and the spectacular Bradshaws . Hiking, swimming, fishing and helicopter rides over waterfalls and for Champagne sunrises on mountaintops will fill your days.

    True North is more experience-driven than showy. The 36-passenger yacht bets its sublime reputation on delivering the best of the best, complete with passionate, charismatic onboard biologists, unparalleled service, exquisite modern Australian cuisine and Oz’s finest wines.

    Passengers adore the yacht’s design. Whether in the forward observation lounge, alfresco bar, sun deck or dining room, uninterrupted vistas guarantee spectacular views. Camaraderie abounds, from sunset drinks on the beach with fellow passengers to onboard sampling straight-from-the-sea oysters, washed down with Champagne toasts.

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